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【红对勾】(新课标)2015届高考英语二轮专题复习 名词性从句课时作业

专题十二 高考精萃 名词性从句 1.(2014·大纲全国卷)Exactly ________ the potato was introduced into Europe is uncertain, but it was probably around 1565. 2.(2014·北京卷)The best moment for the football star was ________ he scored the winning goal. 3. (2014·北京卷)Some people believe ________ has happened before or is happening now will repeat itself in the future. 4.(2014·天津卷)I think ________ impresses me about his painting is the colours he uses. 5.(2014·山东卷)It is difficult for us to imagine ________ life was like for slaves in the ancient world. 6.(2014·重庆卷)—Is it true that Mike refused an offer from Yale University yesterday? —Yeah, but I have no idea ________ he did it; that's one of his favourite universities. 7.(2014·福建卷)Pick yourself up. Courage is doing ________ you're afraid to do. 8. (2014·浙江卷)“Every time you eat a sweet, drink green tea.” This is ________ my mother used to tell me. 9.(2014·江苏卷)—What a mess! You are always too lazy! —I'm not to blame, mum. I am ________ you have made me. 10.(2014·湖南卷)As John Lennon once said,life is ______ happens to you while you are busy making other plans. 11.(2014·陕西卷)__________ the delayed flight will take off depends much on the weather. 12.(2014·四川卷)Grandma pointed to the hospital and said, “That's ________ I was born.” 13.(2013·新课标全国卷Ⅰ)Police have found __________ appears to be the lost ancient statue. 14 .(2013·北京卷 )________ makes the book so extraordinary is the creative 1 imagination of the writer. 15. (2013·北京卷)Experts believe ________ people c

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