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it用法教案 (1)

A Worksheet For The Usage Of It Teaching Aim:
use it. to help students master the usage of it and teach them how to

Teaching Important Points:
1. it is used for subject i

n form 2. it is used for object in form 3. it is used for the emphatic pattern

Teaching Difficult Point:
and use it consciously.

how to help students master the usage of “ it ”

Teaching Procedures Step 1 Greeting and lead in (Appreciation)
1. ____is never too old to learn. 活到老, 学到老。 2. ____ never rains but it pours(泼水). 不鸣则已, 一鸣惊人。 3.____ takes three generations (代) to make a gentleman. 十年树木, 百年树人。

Step 2 Observe and summarize Situation 1 用作__________,代表前面提到的人或事物
1) Who?s it? ________ me. 2) My key is missing. I can?t find _____anywhere.

Situation 2

用于代替指示代词 this 和 that。

---What?s this? ---_______ a mouse.

Situation 3 Read and analyze the sentences.
It is Wednesday today. It was very cold last Monday. It is about 4:30 now. It is about 25km from Anlu. It lies in the south of Xiaogan city. It is 40°C ! You got a high fever! It is quiet here.


it 可 以 用 作 非 人 称 代 词 , 表 示 _____,_____, ______, ______,

______, ______,_______等。

Situation 4 It is used for subject in form Group1 eg. It is very important for us to keep balanced diet.
It?s kind of you to help me with the problem. It is a good idea to go for a walk on weekends. Conclusion1: it 用作形式主语,代替____________________

1. _________________________________________ 2. _________________________________________ 3. __________________________________________
Group 2 eg. It?s no use crying over spilt milk.
__________________________ 如此好的天气在教室睡觉是一种浪费。 ____________________________________________. It is a waste of time sleeping in the classroom in such fine weather.

Conclusion 2: it 用作形式主语,代替__________________
此种情况常用于以下结构中: (1)It is a pity (a shame, a fact, an honor, a wonder, one's duty…) t hat (2)It is important (necessary, right, strange, natural, clear, possible…) that (3)It is said (decided, expected, reported,believed, hoped, announced, known, suggested…) that

Situation 5 It is used for object in form I.
作某些动词, 如 think, make, find,feel, consider, feel, suppose 等的宾语。 eg. Many students find it hard to get up early in such a cold morning. In the west, people make it a rule to send Christmas presents to their relatives and friends. They found it difficult that they would finish their work in two days.

Group 1

Conclusion : it II.

用作形式宾语, 常用于以下句型: ________________________

某些表示“喜、怒、哀、乐”的动词, 如 like, enjoy, love, prefer, hate, appreciate

等往往用 it 作形式宾语,再跟上 if,when 等引导的宾语从句。

Group 2 eg. I would appreciate _______if you could come to my birthday party.

I hate_______ when people talk with their mouths full of food. III. that 引导的宾语从句在某些短语, 如 keep it in mind, depend on, see to 等后作 宾语时, 常用 it 作形式宾语。


eg We should always keep it in mind that no knowledge gained is ever waste. 当你外出时,你可以依靠他们照看你的女儿 __________________________________________________________.

Situation 6 It is used for the emphatic pattern
It + be+被强调部分 + that 从句 I met Tom in the park yesterday 1) It was I who met Tom in the park yesterday. 2) It was Tom who I met in the park yesterday. 3) It was in the park that I met Tom yesterday. 4) It was yesterday that I met Tom in the park.

conclusion:此结构强调的成分可以是_______, ______, __________, ________. Tips:
It is not until + 被强调部分 + that ...

eg. I didn?t realize she was a famous film star until she took off her dark glasses. It was not until she took off her dark glasses that I realized she was a famous film star. Not until she took off her dark glasses ___________________________________.

Step 3 Conclusion:
How many usages of “it” have we learn? What are they? ____________________________________________________________________.

Step 4 Writing
今天是星期三,今天也是一个好日子,能在此演讲是我的一大荣幸。我的主题是“高二(四) 班,我爱你。” 我的教室在一楼,到操场很方便。 所以在业余时间,我们经常去那里锻炼身体。众所 周知,一直不停地工作是没好处的。我爱我的教室,而且,我也爱我的同学。同学之间经常 相互帮助,我们认为助人为乐是很重要的。 我们是每天早上 6:30 在教室读英语或语文,直 到晚上十点才离开教室。 总之,信不信由你,高二(四)班是我校最好的班级之一,让我引以为傲。 要点一: 今天是星期三, 今天也是一个好日子, 能在此演讲是我的一大荣幸。 我的主题是“高 二(四)班,我爱你。”

_____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________.
要点二:我的教室在一楼,到操场很方便。 所以在业余时间,我们经常去那里锻炼身体。

_______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________. 要点三:众所周知,一直不停地工作是没好处的。我爱我的教室。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________. 要点四:我爱我的教室,而且,我也爱我的同学。同学之间经常相互帮助,我们认为助人为 乐是很重要的。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________. 要点五:我们是每天早上 6:30 在教室读英语或语文,直到晚上十点我们才离开教室。 _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ ______________. 要点六:总之,信不信由你,高二(四)班是我校最好的班级之一,让我引以为傲。 _______________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________.

Step 5




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