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2014 高考英语完形填空抓分练习精品题(53)及答案
As Christmas is coming, there are presents to be bought, cards to be sent, and rooms to be cleaned. Parents are filed with___1___jobs of hidden presents from___2___ young children. If the gifts are large, this is sometimes a real___3___. On Christmas Eve ,young children find the excitement almost unbearable .They are___4___ between the wish to go to bed early so that Father Christmas will___5___ their presents quickly, and the wish to stay up late so that they will mot miss the fun. The wish for gifts usually proves 6. But though children go to bed early, they of-ten lie awake in bed for a long time, hoping to___7___Father Christmas. Last Christmas ,my wife and I___8___ managed to hide a few large presents in the storeroom. I___9___ the moment when my son, Jimmy, would ask me where the new bike had come from, but___10___ he did not see it. On Christmas Eve, it took the children hours to go to sleep. It must have been nearly___11___ when my wife and I went quietly into their room and began___12___ stockings. Then I___13___ in the bike for Jimmy and left it before the Christmas tree. We know we would not get much___14___ that night, for the children were sure to get up early. A. t about five o’clock the next morning, we were___15___ by loud sounds coming from the children’s room they shouted excitedly!___16___ I had time to get out of bed ,Jimmy came___17___ into our bedroom on his new bike, and his sister, Mary___18___ close behind, pushing her new baby carriage. Early the baby arrived. He moved on the___19___ and knees into the room dragged a large balloon behind him . Suddenly it___20___ .That woke us up completely. The day had begun with a bang. 1. A. . busy B. tiring C. ordinary D.

difficult 2. 3. 4. A. . anxious A. . matter A. . puzzled B. curious B. question B. troubled C. happy C. business C. torn D. content D. problem D.

disturbed 5. A. . provide B. bring C. give D. offer


6. 7.

A. . weak A. . get a look at

B. strong

C. weaker

D. stronger D.

B. get in touch with

C. get along with

get together with 8. A. . hurriedly B. hopefully C. busily D.

successfully 9. 10. A. . expected A. . hardly B.doubled B.surprisingly C. feared C. possibly D. wondered D.

fortunately 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. A. mornign A. mending A. pushed A. break A. woken A. Before A. running A. walked A. kegs A. exploded B. midnight B. wearing B. dragged B. sleep B. shocked B. Until B. laughing B. followed B. feet B. opened C. daybreak C. sewing C. pulled C. rest C. troubled C. As C. climbed C. climbed C. hands C. burst D. evening D. filling D. knocked D. drink D. frightened D. after D. rushed D. rushed D. arms D. lost

4: 1-5 DBDCB 11-15 BDABA 6-10 DAACD 16-20 ADDCC

第二节:完形填空(共 20 小题:每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出可以填入空白处的 最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 (2012·泸州一诊) I was thirteen years when Dad called my two younger brothers and me into the game room of our house.I was__36__! I thought we would play games or even see movies

together! “Bring a notebook and something to write with,” said my dad__37__we reached the game room.My brothers and I__38__dead in our tracks and stared at each other in horror! His__39__was unusual, and our excitement turned to fear.We__40__that games or movies were not the reason we were called out. As we went back for a notebook and pencil, we__41__to think about the reason for this gathering.We thought family meeting was not__42__because Mom was out shopping.In the game room, we__43__three chairs facing a huge blackboard.Dad asked us to sit down.“I want your full__44__.We are going to have a weekly meeting every Saturday morning.That is why I've called you here,” he said,__45__businesslike.“I'm going to teach you what I've learned about__46__.So take it seriously.” For the next five years, rain or sunshine, in sickness or in health.Dad__47__us once a week.He instructed (教导) us on a variety of__48__—manners, the importance of education, respect for others, home repairs, and the__49__goes on.We filled one notebook after another, which we all__50__well. As I came to my eighteenth birthday, the lessons became__51__ lessons and then every other month, until they slowly drifted away.My brothers and I were older, and we had school activities, sports activities and job responsibilities that became very__52__ to manage. It's been years now since we had those classes with Dad.We are__53__with careers (事业) and wives of our own.Very often,__54__, one of us has a situation where we need help from Dad.At this time, we__55__take out our notebooks; we needn't call home. 文章大意:父亲的教育方式很特别,但是很有用。 36.A.surprised C.disappointed B.excited D.anxious

答案:B 由该空后的“I thought we would play games or even see movies together!” 可知,我们以为要去打游戏或者看电影,所以是“激动”。该空也与 39 空后的“our excitement”对应。 37.A.before C.until B.unless D.since

答案:A 在到达游戏室“之前”,父亲要我们拿笔记本。 38.A.turned C.felt B.fell D.stopped

答案:D 听到父亲的话,哥哥们和我都“停下了脚步”,面面相觑,内心很害怕。 39.A.reaction B.idea



答案:C 父亲的“要求”是不寻常的。request“需求,要求”。 40.A.decided C.hoped B.realized D.admitted

答案:B 我们“意识到”父亲叫我们不是打游戏或者看电影。 41.A.wanted C.continued B.refused D.forgot

答案:C 在我们回去拿笔记本和笔的时候,我们“还在”思考父亲要我们聚在一起的原 因。continue“继续”符合语境。 42.A.convenient C.interesting B.important D.possible

答案:D 我们觉得家庭会议是“不可能的”,因为母亲外出购物了。 43.A.found C.put B.took D.shared

答案:A 在游戏室内,我们“发现”了三张椅子,面对着一张大黑板。find“发现,找 到”。 44.A.imagination C.attraction B.attention D.consideration

答案:B 父亲授课要求我们集中“注意力”。attention“注意力”;imagination“想 像”;attraction“吸引,吸引人的事物”;consideration“考虑”。 45.A.going C.getting B.becoming D.sounding

答案:D 父亲和我们说的话“听起来”很有商业味道。sound“听起来”。 46.A.nature

答案:C 由后文可知,父亲教我们“人生”道理。 47.A.taught C.visited B.helped D.joined

答案:A 父亲每周“教”我们一次。teach“教”。 48.A.methods C.problems B.contents D.subjects

答案: 父亲教导我们各种各样的“课程”。 D subject“科目, 课程”; method“方法”; content“内容,所含之物”。 49.A.list B.goal



答案:A list“清单”。父亲教授我们的课程各种各样,有礼仪、教育的重要性、尊重 别人、家庭修理而且课程“清单”还有很多。 50.A.used C.understood 答案:B 我们的笔记本都“保持”得很好。 51.A.weekly C.monthly 答案:C B.regular D.informal B.kept D.knew


monthly“每月的,按月的”。 52.A.foolish C.necessary B.difficult D.unusual

答案:B 我和哥哥们都长大了,我们要面对学习、体育活动和职场职责这些“难”以处 理的事物。 53.A.grown C.bored B.familiar D.careful

答案:A 我们“长大成人”,有了自己的事业和家庭。grown“长大成人”。 54.A.instead C.however B.therefore D.besides

答案:C “然而”,我们经常有时需要父亲的帮助。 55.A.even C.still B.seldom D.just

答案:D 这时,我们“只”需拿出我们的笔记本。just“只,仅仅”。

Brownie and Spotty were neighbor dogs who met every day to play together. Like pairs of dogs you___1___ find in most any neighborhood, these two loved each other and played___2___ so often that they had worn a path through the grass of the field between their own houses. One evening, Brownie’s family___3___ that Brownie hadn’t returned home. They went looking for him with no___4___ .Brownie didn’t appear the next day, and, despite


their___5___ to fing him, by the next week he was still miss-ing. Curiously, Spotty___6___ at Brownie’s house alone, barking. Busy with their own lives, they just ignored(不理睬)the___7___ little neighbor dog. Finally, one morning Spotty___8___ to take“no”for an answer. Spotty followed Ted about, barking strongly, then running towards a nearby wood, as if to say “ 9 me!It’s urgent!” Finally, Ted followed the anxious Spotty. The little dog led the man to a___10___ spot a half mile from the house. There Ted found his beloved Brownie___11___ ,one of his hind legs stuck in a steel leghold trap. Horrified,Ted now wished he’d taken Spotty’s earlier requirement___12___ .Then Ted noticed something quite remarkable. Spotty had done more than simply___13___ Brownie’s human owner to his trapped friend.In a circle around the___14___ dog. Ted found some dog food---which was later___15___ as the remains of every meal Spotty had been fed that___16___ ! Spotty had been visiting Brownie___17___ ,in a single-minded quest to keep his friend alive by offering his own comfort. Spotty had obviously stayed with Brownie to protect him from being hurt, snuggling(依偎) with him at nigh to keep him___18___ and touching him gently with its nose to keep his spirits up. Brownie’s leg was treated by a veterinarian and he re-covered. For many years afterward, the two___19___ watched the faithful friends frolicking(嬉戏) 20 chasing each other down that well-worn path between their houses. 1. 2. 3. 4. A. . must A. . together A. . watched A. . hope B. should B.wildly B.heard B.success C. con C. separately C. feared C. failure D. need D. happily D. noticed D.

information 5. 6. 7. 8. A. . wishes A. . showed up A. . nervous A. . decided B.demands B.showed off B.eager B.refused C. efforts C. turned out C. angry C. wanted D. worries D. turned off D. clever D.


9. 10. 11. sleepy 12.

A. . Love A. . beautiful A. . alive

B.Hit B.distant B.dead

C. Forgive C. wild C. brave

D. Follow D. clean D.

A. . immediately


C. directly


honestly 13. 14. worried 15. 16. 17. A. . regarded A. . month A. . particularly B.determined B.regularly C. recognized C. evening C. usually D. showed D. week D. A. . asked A. . injured B.ordered B.defeated C. informed C. fightened D. led D.

especially 18. hopeful 19. 20. and A. families A. . but B.parents B.or C. neighbours C. so D. friends D. A. . fearless B.well C. warm D.

5: 1-5 CADBC 11-15 ABDAC 6-10 AABDC 16-20 DBCAD


6 People used to say “The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world ”and “86 every successful man there is a woman .”Both these ___1___ mean the same

things .Men rule the ___2___ ,but their wives rule them . ___3___of the A. merican women like making their husbands and sons successful ,but

some of them want ___4___ for themselves .They want good ___5___ When they work they want to ___6___ better paid .They want to be as ___7___ as men . The American women`s liberation___8___ was started by women who don`t want to same 10 11 behind successful men .They want to stand beside them ,with the for success .They don`t want to be told that certain jobs or 12 13 are work

closed to them .They refused to work side by side with men who do the for higher pay . A. liberation woman must be 14

of being a woman and have confidence in herself. 15 ,baby”,she will 16 and

If somebody says to her ,“You have come a long answer ,“Not nearly as This movement is quite 17 18

as I am going to go ,baby ”. ,and many A. merican women do not agree. 20 in women`s lives . C. Behind C. letters C. earth C. All D. None C. anything C. food C. make D. everything D. Beside D. writings D. world 19 it

has already made some important 1.A. . Before 2.A. . sayings 3.A. . family 4.A. . most 5.A. . nothing 6.A. . jobs 7.A. . be 8.A. . good 9.A. . activity 10.A. help 11.A. . work 12.A. . offices 13.A. . better 14.A. . proud 15.A. . place 16.A. . cry 17.A. . long 18.A. . new B.Near B.words B.society B.Few

B.something B.clothes B.have

D. houses D. receive

B.wonderful B.movement B.job B.schools B.same B.afraid B.walk B.far B.good

C. successful C. affair C. work C. position C. shops C. less C. fond C. way C. laugh C. soon C. important

D. much D. incident D. stand D. chance D. places D. important D. tired

D. journey D. sob D. much D. pleasing

19.A. . So 20.A. . progress

B.A. nd

C. But

D. Or C. decisions D. changes




6-10 AACBD

11-15 DABAC

16-20 BBACD




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