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unit 6 Lesson 1 a matter of taste

北师大 高一 (2) Unit 6

Which kind of Chinese art do you like?


paper cut china



Look at the three Chinese paintings. Do you know the names and the painters of the paintings?

Who drew these pictures?


Racing Horse

Match the paintings with the names and the painters.
paintings names

Chen Yifei


Xu Beihong

Racing Horse

Qi Baishi

Task 1
Read the text and answer the questions. 1. Who is famous for drawing pretty women?

Chen Yifei. He is famous for his soft portraits of beautiful women.

2. Who is more good at drawing simple pictures we often see in our life? Qi Baishi. He drew simple pictures from everyday life, such as vegetables, flowers, birds and insects.

3. Why did Chen Yifei use black as the background of Poppy? To emphasize the woman. 4. Who held exhibitions abroad to promote Chinese art? Xu Beihong.

5. What is Xu Beihong’s master piece? Racing horse.

Task 2
What characters do these pictures have?

The moving hair on the horse’s mane and tail shows a horse running at high speed. Using different shades of grey shows the sweat along the horse’s body. The painting of dark and light colors is a favorite of many art lovers.

To emphasis the woman even more, Chen adds lots of detail to her dress and fan, and choose to paint the background black.

Leave the audience

guessing and make
audience use their


Test your appreciation. Guess who drew it, Xu Beihong

or Qi Baishi? Xu Beihong.

Guess who drew it, Xu Beihong or Qi Baishi?
Qi Baishi. Why? Is there any difference in style?

Guess who drew it, Xu Beihong, Qi Baishi or ChenYifei?

Qi Baishi.

Let’s appreciate their works. Qi Baishi

Xu Beihong

Read the texts again and complete the notes.
Place of exhibition Dates of exhibition

Newman Gallery, in Dinham
1 July to 15 September

Name of artists Xu Beihong, Qi Baishi and Chen Yifei

Names of well-known paintings

Racing Horse, Cabbage, and Poppy

a horse running at high speed; a tiny insect fixing Subjects of its eyes on the cabbage paintings nearby; a young woman sitting alone, deep in thought, her hand holding the fan above her knees. Colors used black, grey, dark, light

Complete the passage below with words in the box. shade, artist, painter, painting, exhibition, gallery, detail, emphasise, elegant

I had the most interesting afternoon yesterday. I met an (1) _____ artist and

she showed me some of her gallery She paintings in an art (2) _______. also told me about how she started to draw at a very young age and painter when decided to be a (3) _______ she was ten! This is her first (4) _________ exhibition and it is going really

well. So far, she has sold six paintings I really love her (5) _________! work because her paintings are

detail She always filled with (6) ______.
elegant women in paints (7) _______ gardens.

Her use of many different (8) _______ __________ shades of colour (9) emphasises the women’s beauty. I wish I could have bought a painting, but they are too expensive for me!

Language points
1. This exhibition starts on 1 July at the …

exhibition n. 展览, 展示 e.g. There will be an exhibition of abstract paintings by Picasso next week. Visitors to the exhibition came in an endless stream.

hold an exhibition 开展览会 make an exhibition of oneself 出洋相,丢人现眼 on exhibition 陈列中,展览中

exhibit v. 展览,展出 exhibitor n. 展览者,参展者

2. Its black eyes, which are fixed on the cabbage, show … fix one’s eyes on / upon 把双眼集中在…... fix one’s mind / attention on / upon 把思想、注意力集中在… e.g. She fixed her eyes on Mr. Brown’s face and waited for his answer. Jack tried to fix his mind on the work.

[拓展] fix 构成的其它相关短语: fix on 确定, 选定 fix one’s attention on 注意 fix up 安排;给……安排住处;修理, 安装

e.g. Please let me know if you fix on a date for the party. He fixed his attention on the work; he didn’t hear our talking. We have fixed up a visit to the museum for next Sunday. The kind old couple fixed me up at their house. One of my best friends helped me fix up the garden.

fixed his eyes / attention on 1. The boy ________________________ the picture on the wall just now. fixed up to protect us 2. A screen was _________ from rain. 3. We have ________ fixed on Jimmy as the monitor of our class.

3. Qi Baishi’s style of painting often leaves the audience guessing and makes them use their imagination. leave 表示“使/让(某人/某物)处于 某状态。后面接现在分词,形容词, 过去分词做宾语补足语。 e.g. Don’t leave her waiting outside in the rain. 别让她在外边雨中等着。

Leave the door open, please.
让门开着吧。 Little Tom ran out of the door, leaving the homework undone. 小汤姆跑了出去,留下了没写 完的作业。

4. His soft portraits of beautiful women are very valuable. valuable adj. 贵重的;有价值的 e.g. Real friendship is more valuable than money. Thank you for your valuable service. He bought me a valuable diamond ring as a birthday present. This experience is valuable to me.

valuable, precious均有“贵重的,有 价值的”之意。 valuable指有相当价值,可高价出售 的,或有用、有益的东西。 precious 指因稀罕、不易得到而很值 钱,或因本身的品质而具有极大的价 值。

5. In the painting, a young woman sits alone and is deep in thought. be deep /lost in thought 陷入沉思 e.g. Dick was staring out of the window, lost in thought. 迪克盯着窗外,陷入了沉思。 She sat there deep in thought. 她坐在那里沉思。

lost in thought 沉思 (神往, 呆呆地想着) e.g. My sister sat silent for some time, lost in thought. 我的妹妹坐在那里沉默了一段时 间,陷入了沉思。

1. There is an _________ exhibition (exhibit) of oil paintings at the museum. 2. Shakespeare is a master of English ______ poetry (poem). Youths (young) today are so different 3. _______ from those of the last century. 4. The works of that ______ artist (art) were shown at the museum last week.

valuable (value) 5. She bought me a __________ diamond ring as a birthday present. 6. My host family is taking me out for a typical (type) American breakfast. ________ elegantly 7. She is a woman who is always ________

(elegant) dressed. emphasises (emphasis) the 8. He often ___________ importance of education in poor areas.

Prepositions of Time, Place and Movement

Copy and complete the following table with these prepositions from the text:

during his lifetime near the cabbage between 1933 and 1940 above her knees across this painting behind the woman along the horse’s body

Expressions Expressions Expressions of time of place of movement during between behind near between above across


Grammar Summary 6, on page 93.

Prepare questions to ask your partner about: a) when their birthday is b) what time they went to bed last night c) when they last went to the cinema

d) when they usually have lunch

e) when they are going to go
away for a few days

Complete this description of the picture with the correct prepositions.

This was probably painted
(1) ___ in (in /at) the nineteenth

century and shows people
(2) ___ in (in /between) a park,

(3) ___ on (in/on) a Sunday afternoon.
Some people are sitting (4) ___ on

(on/in) the grass

under (under/on) the trees and (5) ______ in (in/to) others are just walking (6) ___ In (In/On) the the park. (7) ____ background, (8) ___ on (on/in) the left, on there are a few boats (9) ___ (above/on) the shallow lake. Some people are standing on the shore (10) _____ near (across/near)

the water looking at the boats.

(11) ___ In (In/On) the centre of the
picture there is a woman and a girl. The woman is holding an umbrella (12) ______ above (above/on) her head.

(13) ___ In (In/On) the foreground, (14) ___ on (in/on) the left, a woman is sitting (15) _________ between (between/above) two men. A black dog is standing (16) _______ behind (during/behind) them.

1. A great person is always putting others’

interests _________ his own.
A. below B. B above C. in D. on

2. He invited me to a dance after the show
____ Christmas Eve. A. at B. B on C. in D. by

3. Sean has formed the habit of jogging _____ the tree-lined avenue for two hours every day. A. between B. along B C. below D. with

4. I’m sorry I don’t phone you, but I’ve been very busy _________ the past couple of weeks. A. beyond B. with C. among D. D over

5. Graduation is a good time to thank those who have helped you ______ the tough years. A. through B. up A C. with D. from

Learn to describe the paintings.

How to describe a painting?
The painting was painted by Qi Baishi who was one of China’s greatest painters. Across the painting, we can see a dragonfly flying above the river. Its eyes are fixed on the lotus, showing its interest in the lotus. I think that this painting is vivid.

蜻蜓: dragonfly 荷花: lotus

This painting was painted by … who … Across this painting, we can see … The front horse is … The painter drew in black ink to show … I think that/In my opinion/ I feel that …

This painting was painted by … who … Across this painting, we can see … It’s eyes … I think that/In my opinion/ I feel that …

This painting was painted by … who … In the painting, a beautiful young woman … She is … She is dressed in … A cat … I think that/In my opinion/ 梳头发 comb the hair I feel that …

Describe it to your classmates.

Describe your favourite paintings (6-8 sentences).

1) Preference

2) Description

Painter Title Style Subject Colors/shap /More es/lines detail

3) More information

Preference: one of my favourite

Lily Rose

Painter: John Singer Sargent an American artist Name: Lily Rose Style: realistic Subject: two kids Color: white dress/lilies/pink roses More detail: doing sth. feeling: remind me of happy childhood


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