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【开学大礼包】2013届高考英语一轮复习 Unit4Earthquakes限时训练 新人教版必修1

Unit 4
(时间:40 分钟 满分:45 分) Ⅰ.单项填空(共 15 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 15 分) 1.On hearing the news that her son had won the game, she ________laughter. (2012·浙江宁海正学中学高三测试) A.burst out C.burst upon B.burst

with D.burst into

答案 D [答案 Burst into laughter“大笑起来”,为固定搭配,等于 burst out laughing。句意: 听到她儿子赢了比赛的消息,她大笑起来。] 2.I have ________my husband to do regular exercise again and again,but I can't________him. A.persuaded; advised B.advised; persuade C.suggested;persuade D.suggested; advise 答案 B [考查动词短语的辨析应用。advise sb to do sth 建议某人干某事,但对方不一定接 受;persuade sb to do sth 说服某人干某事,且事件已成功;suggest 后不接 sb to do sth。句意: 我不止一次的建议我丈夫进行有规律的锻炼,但是我说不服他。] 3.China won't be a fast?growing but fragile country.It has to develop its military strength in order to make any power think twice ________ trying to offend China's key interests. (2012·奉新三中高三周考) A.before B.when C.while D.until

答案 A [考查状语从句。句意:中国并不是一个快速发展却容易被人欺凌的国家,她必须 发展其军事力量,以便让任何想侵犯其核心利益的国家都三思而后行。] 4.It rained continuously for seven days, completely________ our holiday. (2012·福建南平市高三适应性考试) A.ruined C.ruining ruin D.ruins

答案 C [考查非谓语动词的用法。动词 ruin 与主句内容之间为逻辑上的主谓关系,故应用 现在分词形式,在句中作结果状语。句意:连续下了好几天的雨,把我们的假期全毁了。]





5.Broadly speaking, I would agree with Shirley, though not________. A.entirely B.widely C.extremely D.eventually

答案 A [考查副词词义的辨析。entirely 完全地;widely 广泛地;extremely 极端地; eventually 最后。句意:我大体上同意 Shirley 的话,尽管不完全同意。] 6.—Jack fell off the bike yesterday, but he is all right now. —What a lucky dog! He________himself badly.(2012·江西抚州市高三模拟) A.should injure C.should have injured B.might injure D.could have injured

答案 D [考查情态动词的用法。由语境可知,空格处表示对过去情况的推测,故 D 项正确, 意为“可能会??”;should have done 意为“过去”应该干某事而没有干”。句意:——昨天杰克 从自行车上掉下来了,但现在没事了。——真幸运!他可能会受伤的。] 7.Don't touch________live wire, or you will get________shock.(2012·山东实验中学高三模拟) A.the; the C./; a B.the; a D./;/

答案 B [考查冠词的使用。第一空由形容词 live 可知应表示特指,即“通电的电线”,应用 定冠词 the;第二空 get a shock 被电击,为短语搭配。句意:不要触摸火线,要不然你会被 电击的。] 8.—Mike, our team will play against the Rockets this weekend.I am sure we will win. —________! A.Congratulations C.Never mind B.Cheers D.Good luck

答案 D [考查情景交际。第一句话中用了一般将来时,表示该比赛还没有举行,故应用 Good luck (祝你们好运)来表示对对方的祝福。句意:——迈克,这周末我们队要和火箭队进 行比赛了,我肯定我们能赢。——祝你们好运。] 9.A good story does not necessarily have to have a happy ending, but the readers must not be left________. A.unsatisfied be unsatisfying B.unsatisfying D.being unsatisfied

答案 A [考查形容词作补足语。leave +宾语+宾补,意为“使??处于某种状态。 Unsatisfied 感到不满意的,常用来指人;unsatisfying 令人不满意的,常用来指物。句意:一 个好的故事不一定有一个好的结尾,但一定不要让读者觉得不满意。] 10.A poweful earthquake________Yushu,which caused great loss. A.happened C.frightened B.seized D.hit

答案 D [考查动词词义辨析。happen 发生;seize 抓住;frighten 使害怕;hit 袭击。句意:
用心 爱心 专心 2

强烈的地震袭击了玉树并造成了巨大的损失。] 11.Among the competitors, there are three little girls,________is Mary. A.the smallest of whom B.the smaller of whom C.the smallest of them D.the smallest one 答案 A [考查定语从句的用法。由 three little girls 可知,small 应为最高级形式,排除 B 项; C、D 两项为并列句的主语,两个分句之间缺少并列词,故 A 项正确。句意:在这些参赛选 手中有三个小女孩,其中最小的那个是玛丽。] 12.By the end of last week, the price of garlic(蒜) ________13.5 yuan per kilo, quite beyond most people's consumption ability. A.had risen to C.has got to B.has risen to D.had reached to

答案 A [考查时态及短语的搭配。rise to 上升到;get to 达到;reach 后不接介词 to;由句 中的时间状语 by the end of last week 可知,空格处应用过去完成时。句意:到上周末为止, 大蒜的价格上升到每公斤 13.5 元,远远超出了大部分人的消费能力。 ] 13.108 hours after the earthquake in Turkey,a 19?year?old boy was________from under the fallen buildings ,which excited many people. A.dug out C.held out B.taken out D.found out

答案 A [考查动词短语辨析。 dig out 挖出;掘出;take out 取出;拿出;hold out 伸出; find out 查明,发现(事情的真相)。由语境可知 A 项正确。句意:土耳其地震发生 108 个小时 之后,一个 19 岁的男孩被从倒塌的房屋下救出来,这使得许多人感到很兴奋。] 14.________in the newspaper,I didn't notice the bus had left. A.Having buried C.Buried B.Burying D.To be buried

答案 C [考查非谓语动词的用法。be buried in 专心致志于;埋头于,作状语时常省略 be 动 词。若选 B 项,则其后应加 myself。句意:由于专心致志的看报纸,我没有注意到汽车已开 走了。] 15.________the happy look on her face,she must have known the news that her son had been admitted to Beijing University. A.Judged from C.To judge from B.Judging from D.Judge from

答案 B [考查独立成分作状语。judging from 根据??来判断,是一种固定的表达方式。句
用心 爱心 专心 3

意:从她脸上幸福的表情来判断,她一定已经知道了她儿子被北京大学录取了这一消息。] Ⅱ.完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 20 分) Four years ago,I felt lucky after escaping one of those terrible 2?mile runs.I hated __16__; it was just something that __17__ came easily to me.At that time,if you had told me that I would one day run a marathon,I'd have told you in all honesty that I had a better __18__ of winning the lottery(彩票). The turning __19__ came when I met Mrs.Green.She was fifty years old,going through chemotherapy(化学疗法)for her cancer,and still __20__ to run 30 miles a week.I __21__ that if Mrs.Green could run 6 miles at a time,I could run at least two.In February,in cold weather, I started to walk a 2?mile __22__ around my neighborhood.Two months later,I __23__ the whole route,running for the first time.I felt exhausted,__24__ I felt happy. Over the next several years , I continued to push each run for a few __25__ minutes , slowlybuilding my endurance(耐力).I didn't need to __26__ against other runners, for my most important competitor was myself. After continuing to __27__ myself,I knew it was time to step my training up.I __28__ I would train for the Detroit Free Press/Flagstar Marathon. The race day __29__ came,and I was filled with excitement and worry.It was final time to see what I was made of.The __30__ ended up incredibly.I did __31__ through the last few miles, but after my journey,there was no doubt in my mind that I'd finished.As I __32__ the finish line, I experienced the strongest sense of __33__ and happiness I had ever had in my life.I am now a marathoner. As John Bingham once said,“The __34__ isn't that I finished.The miracle(奇迹)is that I had the __35__to start.” 【解题导语】 本文作者一开始讨厌跑步,但看到得了癌症的格林太太一个星期跑 30 英 里,于是自己也每天坚持跑步,最后竟然参加了马拉松比赛。 16.A.studying B.thinking C.running D.teaching

答案 C [考查语境理解。由上下文的语境可知作者讨厌跑步,故选 C。] 17.A.never B.always

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答案 A [考查上下文语境。由前文的“felt lucky after escaping”及“hated”可知,跑步对作者 来说从来不是件容易事,故选 A。] 18.A.chance B.belief C.suggestion D.hope

答案 A [考查语境。此处表示作者更可能会买彩票中奖,故选 A,chance 意为“机会”。] B.point C.situation D.stage

答案 B [考查上下文语境。由后文可知作者遇到格林太太后情况便有了转机。turning point 意为“转折点”,为固定短语。] 20.A.devoted B.applied C.led D.managed

答案 D [考查上下文语境。此处指尽管她生病了,但仍然一个星期跑 30 英里。manage to do sth“设法做成某事”,符合句意。devote to“专心致力于”;apply to“应用,运用”;lead to“导 致”。] 21.A.figured B.agreed C.proved D.ordered

答案 A [考查上下文语境。作者认为格林太太一次能跑 6 英里,那么作者就能跑至少 2 英 里。figure 意为“认为,以为”,符合语境。] 22.A.race B.route D.test

答案 B [考查上下文语境,由第 23 空后的“route”及空前的“2?mile”可知此处指 2 英里的路 程,故选 B。] 23.A.closed B.changed C.finished D.considered

答案 C [考查上下文语境。此处指作者第一次跑完了 2 英里的路程,故选 C。] 24.A.and B.or D.but

答案 D [考查上下文语境。由“exhausted”和“happy”可知前后分句之间为转折关系,故选 D。] 25.A.perfect B.extra C.actual D.basic

答案 B [考查上下文语境。由下文讲述的作者慢慢提升耐力可知,此处表示作者每一次跑 步的时间增加几分钟,故选 B。] 26.A.compete B.take C.rely D.argue

答案 A [考查上下文语境。由后半句“for my most important competitor was myself.”可知此 处应该是说作者不用与其他的跑步者竞赛。] 27.A.treat B.entertain C.march D.challenge

答案 D [考查上下文语境。由前文提到作者一次次地增加跑步的时间可知作者是在挑战 (challenge)自己。] 28.A.forced B.decided C.doubted D.seemed

答案 B [考查上下文语境。后文提到作者要去参赛,此处应该是作者的决定,故选 B。] 29.A.certainly B.instantly C.finally D.regularly

答案 C [考查上下文语境。由语境可知,此处指出赛的日子最后(finally)到来了。] 30.A.moment B.atmosphere

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答案 C [考查上下文语境。由 33 空前面的“experienced”可知这是作者的一次体验。] 31.A.struggle C.break D.go

答案 A [考查上下文语境。由语境可知,在最后的几英里路程上,作者的确努力了。Struggle 意为“奋斗,努力”,符合语境。] 32.A.toured B.moved C.crossed D.stopped

答案 C [考查常识。由常识可知,比赛时我们通常说穿过终点线,故选 C,cross 意为“穿 过”,符合语境。] 33.A.touch B.pride C.humor D.award

答案 B [ 考查常识。穿过终点线后,作者应该感到自豪(pride),故选 B。] 34.A.miracle B.habit C.method D.plan

答案 A [考查上下文语境。由最后一句话中的“The miracle”可知此处意为“奇迹不是我完成 了(某事)”。] 35.A.ability B.choice C.thought D.courage

答案 D [考查上下文语境。此处意为“奇迹是我有勇气(courage)开始”,故选 D。] Ⅲ.阅读理解(共 5 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 10 分)

The Ministry of Health has called for more awareness from the public on the mental health of the young,as part of efforts to mark World Mental Health Day. More than 15 percent of the Chinese youth have been found with mental problems,and about 30 million young people under 17 are suffering from depression,the Shanghai?based Wenhui Daily reported. The World Health Organization estimated that before 2020,the rate of children with mental problems will increase to 50 percent,and mental problem will become a major factor behind death and illness in the young worldwide. Deng Xiaohong,the spokesperson for the Beijing municipal health bureau,said rapid social change is one of the reasons behind the rising number of youngsters with psychological problems. If these mental diseases are not addressed on time,occurrence of crime,drug?taking and other dangerous behavior is expected to rise. Experts said mental disease could be caused by many factors,such as the inability to handle interpersonal relations well,unstable emotions and pressure from the overload of study.A number of experts have also said the one?child policy is another reason leading to poor mental health
用心 爱心 专心 6

in the young. Children were said to be too “spoiled” and “selfish” in one?child families.Schools in many cities were reported rolling out measures to help students maintain their mental well?being, Yin Jingmiao,a teacher of the Beijing No.105 Middle School,told China Daily that the school invites psychologists to provide counseling to students three times a month.“Students can be arranged to have 40?minute counseling sessions,”Yin said.The school also gives lectures on mental health to senior grade students before they take the national college entrance exams,to help ease any anxiety arising from the tests. 36.What is the purpose of the passage? A.To urge awareness on mental health of the young. B.To give the details of the problems the Chinese youth are facing today C.To recommend that schools should invite more psychologists to help solve the mental problems among the youth. D.To show us the causes of the mental problems among students. 答案 A [考查写作意图。参照文章第一段中“The Ministry of Health has called for more awareness from the public on the metal health of the young,”可知,作者写作的意图是希望人们 对青少年的心理健康引起高度的重视。] 37.The underlined word “addressed” in the fifth paragraph most probably means “________”. A.talked about C.satisfied B.dealt with D.introduced

答案 B [考查词义猜测。根据后半句提到犯罪、吸毒等不良行为会有所上升,可推断出上 半句意为“如果青少年的心理疾病得不到有效的处理。”address 意为“deal with”。] 38.From the passage we can know that the causes of mental problems are mainly the following EXCEPT ________. policy B.lack of ability to handle interpersonal relations well C.lack of special training in mental health D.heavy burden from study 答案 C [考查细节理解。参照文章第六段可知引起青少年心理问题的原因包括独生子女问
用心 爱心 专心 7

题,不能处理人际关系,学业负担过重,不包括缺少心理健康方面特殊培训。] 39.Which of the following statements is TRUE according to the passage? A.By 2020,about 50 percent of the students in China will have mental problems. B.Mental problems mainly appear among the youth while they are seldom seen among adults. C.China has the largest number of youngsters with psychological problems. D.Many schools have realized the problem and taken measures 答案 D [考查细节理解。结合文章第三段可知,到 2020,青少年心理问题的比率在世界范 围内将达到 50%,而并非在中国,判断 A 项错误;B、C 两项文中无判断依据,故错误;根 据文章最后一段中“Schools in many cities were reported rolling out measures to...”可判断 D 项正 确。] 40.We can infer that to bring down the occurrence of mental problems among the youth, ________. A.attention should be paid to the education of the only child B.psychologist must be a necessary part of school C.the government will cancel tests to ease the pressure on the students D.rapid social change plays the leading part in causing mental problems 答案 A [考查推理判断。结合文章最后两段,可知专家强调独生子女政策是引起心理健康 问题的主要原因,以及在城市 中许多学校针对青少年心理健康所采取的一些措施,从而推断 出要特别关注青少年的教育问题,所以答案选择 A。] 写作素材集锦 单词 赢 2.incredibly 令人难以置信 短语 filled with 充满 2.turning point 转折点 all honesty 说实话 句子 I felt exhausted,but I felt happy. 我感到很累,但是我感到很快乐。






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