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1. I will appreciate if I am accepted and I will work hard to do my work good for the company. 2. Girls usual like red, so I believe the wallet was belonged to a girl student. 3. I

was wondering what to do with it while suddenly my classmates Chen Yang passed by. 4. With such stories it makes people think about life,but therefore attracts the audience. 5. It is also a window which we can learn about American society. 6. Li Ming often sleeps in class instead of listen to the teacher. 7. Because this, she spends less time doing her homework,which makes it is possible for her to go to bed early. 8. I went up and found the two drivers bad injured, bleeding and trap in the taxi. 9. As was clear that the taxi drivers were so eager to take more passengers that they drove too fast. 10. Mostly I like to write about things what are happening in the school. 11. Seen my words in print makes me extremely pride. 12. I am always interested in what others in the school are concerning about. 13. It was amazed that those robots could do a great number of things just like real people. 14. At addition, that excited me most was the show given by the robots. 15. Maybe the following advices can help you. 16. As long as we keep on trying and practice, we will do a good job at the end. 17. To some degree, it is no easy way in doing everything since the key to succeed lies in “Practice makes perfect”. 18. I noticed mother looking at a nearby table take by an old woman and young couple. 19. I also shared with my friends many photos take in Beijing. 20. On the box was a card say:“25 cents each”. 21. We even made a big card for her, on it we wrote all our names. 22. Comparing with other teachers, Ms. Kevin pays more attention to her way of teaching. 23. With her help, we have made a great progress and learn how to analyze and settle problems.

24. Yesterday morning, he went to a big gardening company, knowing as Green Fingers, for an interview. 25. I used to read so much about a movie with advance that often I ended up not go to see it at all. 26. I like my history teacher, and so are my classmates. 27. Last of all, I have also been longed to take you to the countryside. 28. We can stay there for a few days and visit to some relatives of me. 29. I had to look for a place along the street to get my bicycle repairing. 30. With the entrance exam comes near, I am worried about what my life will be like. 31. Recently, as the development of the Internet, there is a kind of language calling the Web language. 32. Web language maybe popular, but you may also make yourself be misunderstood. 33. I’m really sorry about my using the mobile phone in your lecture the last week. 34. I had no other choice but try sending them a text message in class. 35. The other day, our class had a discussion about if we should welcome the Web language. 36. Unluckily, there were not any bicycle repair shops open in the early morning. 37. A disabled person who wants to go shopping in this city will find difficult to do so. 38. Mr. Turner, that liked to help his grandfather grow flowers in the garden, looking forward to the job offered by the company. 39. “Excuse me”she said, put her arm around the unhappy old women. 40. I was at Shanghai Railway Station buy a ticket to Hangzhou. 41. I came across a crew make a new film with one of my favourite actor. 42. ---But I didn’t think she looked like Grandma. 43. I was cooking in the kitchen as the telephone rings. 44. It was my careless cooking which caused the heavy smoke. 45. It has been five years when we graduated but those memories are as sweet as never before. 46. But she encouraged me to have a try, says it didn’t matter even if I failed. 47. In the meantime, she offered to help me make full preparation for it. 48. Everybody sleeps in tents, that is very exciting. 49. The sports meet was holding on Oct. 10th, that was a fine day. 50. This special experience made our trip was unforgettable for it proves that kindness ---Neither did me.

still exists in today’s world. 51. For the reasons mentioning above, I enjoy to studying in the library. 52. That was because of a lot of factories along the river always poured its waste water and rubbish into the river. 53. I suggest that we stopped smoking in our school. 54. Next, it is waste of money buying cigarettes. 55. I hope our school takes strict measures to ban smoke in our school. 56. Mr. Turner turned over in bed from time to time in last night, for he was very excited to fall asleep. 57. It’s been a week after we left your family and we are now back home. 58. Thank you for providing us for the wonderful meals.

59. There are many difference between spoken English and _________ (write) English. 60. People _________ (live) in different countries made different kinds of languages. 61. One day, I was waiting for a taxi in the street _________ a clean taxi pulled up. 62. He felt he was worthless and _________ no one loved him. 63. Obviously, you take pride _________ your work. 64. Nothing could be _________(value) than your happiness. 65. The boy felt confident _________ his study again. 66. If I had seen land, I might _________ (make) it. 67. If I hadn’t received his letter, it would _________(ruin) our friendship. 68. There is no doubt that more precious historical relics( 历 史 文 物 ) _________(disappear) if people keep destroying them. 69. It was in the afternoon _________ the weather turned fine. 70. It was not the cold water_________ defeated her. 71. A true friend can always_________(trust), loved and respected. 72. Compared with _________ languages, English is quite simple. 73. It is _________(extreme) necessary to make preparations before a fire starts. 74. In a word, _________ is our duty to spare no effort to protect the cultural relics. 75. Nothing, _________ a car, no suggestion of headlights, but there I sat,_________(wait) for the light the change. 76. Almost_________(freeze), the old man could not get_________ the ground. 77. Just _________ (dip) into the music books briefly, I could sing or play well.

78. I formed my first band _________(call) “Rolling Frog”. 79. _________ was painful that the band broke up finally. 80. Well to him, happiness means_________(be) able to make scientific _________(achieve). 81. Why do you want to leave your current position and come to apply _________ this job? 82. What are you _________ (particular) good at? 83. We will inform you _________ the result within one week. 84. Nowadays, computers are _________(wide) used in many kinds of jobs. 85. People imagined that she might_________(kill) herself. 86. Strength training can be extremely _________(benefit), especially for women. 87. _________(build) strength around an injury is the _________(good) way to ensure that the muscle can be used normally after an injury. 88. It was in this very room that I gave birth _________ Lina seventeen years ago. 89. We must practice speaking and _________(write) the language whenever we can. 90. As far as I am concerned, my _________(suggest) is that we should always have a notebook. 91. In short, I believe that it is _________ great use to keep a diary in English for the development of our writing skills. 92. Most Americans don’t like to get advice_________ members of their family. They get advice from_________(strang). 93. Some of these writers are doctors,_________ are layers or educators. 94. I got on the bus and found a seat near the back, and then I noticed a man_________(sit) at the front. 95. Jane paused in front of a counter(柜台) _________ some attractive ties were on display. 96. She found some good quality pipes _________ sale. 97. “Your father has at last decided to stop smoking” Jane _________(inform). 98. He spit it out,_________(say) it was awful. 99. He _________(pretend) that a tiger toy was real and giving it a voice. 100. He must be _________ (mental) disabled. 101. “But such a small thing could’t _________ (possible) destroy a village.” 102. He walked in as if he _________(buy) the school.
103. Mary felt _________(please), because there were many empty seats in the room.


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