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Module 1
重点单词讲解及写作相 关单词和词组的练习 unit 1

? 1. matter
1)I can’t say which is better. It’s a matter of taste and preference. 词性:n. 词意:有关…的问题 结构:a matter of sth. 2) M

atter is the opposite of mind. 词性:n. 词意:物质 3)What matters is how you respond to the difficult situations. 词性:v. 词意:有重要性 结构:What matters is that… / It’s n. that matters 翻译练习: 在完成一项困难的任务时重要的是要有信心和毅力。 It’s confidence and determination that matter when carrying out a difficult task.

? 2. suppose:
1)I suppose your presence(出现) here today is not entirely
coincidental(偶然的) . 词性: v 结构:sb suppose 词意:某人认为 2)Her new book is supposed to be very good. 词性: v 结构:is supposed to be 词意:应该 3)They were supposed to have been here an hour ago. 词性: v 结构:is supposed to do 词意:被期望或要求做某 事 4)—Will she come with us? —No,I suppose not./I don‘t suppose so. 词性:V 词意:猜想

? 注意,使用动词 suppose 加 that 从句表达 否定的意见或看法时,通常否定 suppose 而 非 that 从句中的动词。 例如,通常说 I don't suppose he ever saw it (我认为他从没见过),而不说 I suppose he didn't ever saw it。 同样的句型也适用于其他含义相近的动词, 如 believe, consider 和 think



(2)在教室里是不准踢足球的。 You ___________________________football in the are not supposed to play classroom. (3)我猜不会下雨吧。 I don't suppose it will rain. ___________________________________tomorrow. (6)要是下雨的话,我们在室内比赛行吗? __________________________, Supposing (that) it rains can we play the match indoors?


3. complain:
1)My family complains about it.
词性:v 结构:complained about/of sth 词意:抱怨某事

2 ) Neighbours complained to the police about his breaking the window. 词性: v 结构:complained to sb about sth 词 意 : 向某人抱怨/投诉某事 3 ) People complain that they can‘t get enough information. 词性:v结构:complained that clause词意:向某人抱 怨/投诉某事

4) I have made a complaint to the police about the noise. 词性:n结构:make a complaint to sb about词意: 向某人抱怨/投诉某事 翻译练习: 他向老师控诉班里同学欺负他。 He made a complaint to the teacher after his classmate bullied him. He complained to the teacher that …

4. suffer: ? 1) Those who suffer from headache will find they get relief from this medicine. 词性:v结构:suffer from 词意:受…之苦,患… 病 ? 2) He made a rash decision and now he is suffering for it. 词性:v结构:suffer for 词意:因……而受苦 ? 3) The basketball team suffered a sharp defeat in last Friday’s match. 词性: v结构:suffer defeat /pain/punishment/hunger 词意:遭受失败/痛苦/惩罚/饥饿

? 4)I will never forget all the sufferings during war time. 词性:n结构:suffering词意: 种种痛苦,苦 难的经历 ? 5) Almost 50 percent of cancer sufferers are treated successfully. 词性:n结构:sufferers词意:受苦者;受难 者;患病者


? ? ? ?

翻译练习:1)我饱受休息不足之苦。 I suffered most from lack of rest. 2) 许多公司苦于缺乏熟练员工。 Many companies are suffering from a shortage of skilled staff. ? 3) It suffered from agricultural depression(萧 条)and it offered neither enough work and wages,nor much social life.(2011· 江西卷阅 读理解C)


1) In French lessons I can’t stand talking in front of the class. I get nervous and makes lots of mistakes. 词性:v 结构:stand doing 词意:表示“忍受” 2) True friends are those who will stand by you. 词性:v 结构: stand by 词意: 支持 3)How could you just stand by and watch? 词性:v 结构: stand by 词意: 袖手旁观 4) Painted red,the building stands out among the rest and looks very attractive. 词性:v 结构: stand out 词意: 突出 5) What do the five rings on the Olympic flag stand for? 词性:v 结构: stand for 词意: 代表

? 套写:(1)他坐牢的那几年里妻子一直支持他。

His wife stood by him during his years in prison.
? (2)我受不了吃饭时有人在我附近吸烟。

I can't stand people smoking around me when I'm eating.
? 用stand的相关短语填空 (1)Zhang Ziyi,a famous out among the film stars. actressstands ,________ stand for the People's ? (2)The letters PLA .________ Liberation Army by ? (3)Don't juststand ________.Can't you lend a hand?

6. support But we had a long talk, and finally won their support. n. 支持; 支撑物 (1)If you raise it at the meeting, I’ll support you. 词性:vt 结构: support 词意: 支持 (2)The chair won’t support his weight. 词性:vt 结构: support 词意: 支撑 (3)It is not fair to let Mary support the family. 词性:vt 结构: support 词意: 养活 (4)The suggestion got much support. 词性:n 结构: support 词意: 支持

get/win support from/of sb.得到某人的支持 ? offer support 提供支持 ? in support of=in favour of 支持 翻译练习: 我本来计划独自游览那个国家,但是我的父母不支 持这个想法。

I had planned to travel around the country alone, but neither of my parents supported this idea. / offered support to me. / were in support of me. / came to my support.

7. challenge
Maybe it will be very cold and maybe I will only have a small room with a bed and a basin to wash up with but I really enjoy meeting new challenges.

n. 挑战 v. 向……挑战; 强烈建议(某人做某事) 搭配:指出下列各个词组的汉语意思。
挑战书 (1)a letter of challenge ____________

(2)give a challenge ____________
接受挑战,应战 (3)accept/take a challenge_________________ 面临挑战 (4)face a challenge ____________
迎接挑战 (5)meet a challenge ____________


运用:根据汉语提示完成下列英文句子。 (1)It is _______________________ (对他来说是个挑 a challenge for him 战) to learn swimming in a month. (2)Last Sunday he ______________( 向……挑战) me challenge to a game of ping—pong, and I __________________________ (接受挑战). accepted the challenge (3)Schools must ___________________( meet the challenge 迎接挑战) of new technology.


翻译练习: 面临挑战时我们要相信自己不能失去信心。 We should believe in ourselves and never lose heart while facing challenges.


8. otherwise 1) I have to get up very early every day because I may not catch the first bus otherwise. 词性: adv. 词意: 要不然的话,如果不这样 2)All photographs are by the author unless otherwise stated. 词性:adv。 词意:与之不同的 3)You'll have to go now,otherwise you'll miss your bus. 词性:连词 词意:否则


注意:otherwise 用于虚拟语气中的含蓄条件句。 I was ill that day. Otherwise, I would have taken part in the sports meeting. (2013山西,21)The children ________ lost in the woods; otherwise, they would have been at the lakeside camp as a scheduled. A. must have got B. must get ? C. should have got B. should get

9. serve
1) The job of a politician is to serve the whole community. 词性: vt. 词意: 为…服务 2) He volunteered to serve as the manager of our department store. 词性:v. 结构:serve as… 词意:以…身份为…服务 3)Serve this dish with some lemon juice. 词性 :v. 词意(以…搭配)上菜 翻译练习: 古为今用,洋为中用. Make the past serve the present and foreign things serve China.

10. get changed 换衣服

? It takes me less than fifteen minutes to wash, get changed, have breakfast, leave home and get on a bus. 结构:get changed 词意:换衣服 ? 1) Unluckily,I got caught in the rain on the way there. ? 结构:got caught 词意:被抓;遭到;淋雨 ? 2) That night I drank a lot,and for the first time in my life I got drunk. ? 结构:got drunk 词意:喝醉

? 3) The young couple had to rent a house when they got married. ? 结构:got married 词意:结婚 ? 4) He got hurt in the leg when he fell down.结 构:got hurt 词意:受伤


其他常用get + p.p. 结构 ? get caught被抓;遭到 get stuck卡住;陷入 ? get separated分离 get dressed穿衣服 ? get drunk喝醉 get injured受伤 ? get hurt受伤 get paid被付款 ? get burnt烧伤 get married结婚 ? get misunderstood被误会



1. 我们的高三生活应该是充满挑战的。

? The life of Senior Three is supposed to be full of / be filled with challenges. 2. 乌鸦用许多小石子把瓶子填满了。 ? The crow filled the bottle with many small stones. 3. 面临挑战时我们要相信自己不能失去信心。 ? We should believe in ourselves and never lose heart while facing challenges.

4. 每天早上我用不到15分钟洗漱,换衣服,吃饭, 出发,上公交车。 ? It takes me less than fifteen minutes to wash, get changed, have breakfast, leave home and get on a bus. 5. 她总是第一个到校,最后一个离校的学生。 ? She is always the first student to get to school and the last to leave. 6.呼吸运动能帮助减少压力 Breathing exercises can help reduce stress.

7.这个篮球队因为缺少合作而惨败。 ? The basketball team suffered a sharp defeat owing to the shortage of cooperation. 8. 这个建议得到很多支持。 ? The suggestion got much support. 9.没有他老师的帮助他不可能这么出色。 ? He couldn’t stand out and get ahead without his teacher’s help.

写作练习: 我校越来越多的学生近视(short sighted),为了了 解原因并采取相应措施,学校针对此问题进行了 问卷调查(survey, questionnaire)。结果如下:接 近90%的认为作业量太大是主要原因,他们表示 每天晚上他们写作业3-4个小时(take up)。得不 到充分休息,根本没有放松的时间(relax)。有时 他们太困了(so that),不换衣服就睡着了(get changed)。对此有人已经受不了了(stand)。除了 作业量大, 使事情更糟的是(matter),学生缺乏锻 炼身体的时间。我认为学校需要采取措施,例如 他们应该(be supposed to)减少学生的作业量 (reduce),缓解学生压力(pressure, stress)。

an increasing number of students in our school have become short-sighted, in order to find out the reasons and take appropriate measures/take relevant action, the school conducted a survey based on a questionnaire. The result was as follows.

注意: 1 short-sighted

2 in order to do sth.
3 get the reason; to find out the reason;

4 conduct a survey based on a questionnaire /make a questionnaire to survey…

Nearly 90% of the students think too much homework is the main reason and they say doing homework takes up much of their time which is about three to four hours every night. They also complain that they haven’t enough time to have a rest, let alone/much less/ to say nothing of the time to relax themselves. Sometimes/at times they’re so sleepy that they go to sleep without getting changed. Some students can hardly stand the considerable amount of homework . To make matters worse, some students become weak for lack of exercise .
注意:1. too much homework(不可数) the large amount of …, the number of …,

2. take up: 占据,sth. takes up 时间
3. It takes sb. some time to do sth.



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