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学案相关错题汇总(必修一) 1.________ it is to jump into cool water on a hot summer day! A.How a fun B.How fun 答案: 解析: 2. I am moving to the countryside because the air there is much fresher than ________ in the city. A.ones 答案: 解析: 3. I don’t think this park can be finished by the end of this month,________? I 答案: 解析: 4..That girl ________Ann was an orphan.She lost her parents in a car accident. A.calling herself B.called 答案: 解析: 5. Mr. Smith is sure to be ________ as his father. good a worker a good worker a good worker D.a as good worker 答案: 解析: 6. The thing that________ is not whether you fail or not,but whether you try or not. A.matters 答案: 解析: 7. The students are busy making preparations for the lecture because they will ________ the competition. A.attend 答案: 解析: 8. By the time the police arrived,the thief ________. A.had disappeared B.was disappeared C.had been disappeared D.has disappeared 答案: 解析: B.join C.take part in D.attend to B.cares C.considers D.minds C.who was called D.all the above B.don’t I C.can it D.can’t it C.that D.those C.What a fun D.What fun

9. .The moon is ________ the earth. big as fortynine times big as one third 答案: 解析: 10. —We are having a party this evening. —________. A.For fun 答案: 解析: 11. Though iPhone 4 is such a hit product,I won’t buy one unless its afterservice ________. A. was improved 答案: 解析: 12. After the Antiterrorist War,the American soldiers returned home,________. A. safe but tired 答案: 解析: 13. The father as well as his three children ________ skating on the frozen river every Sunday afternoon in winter. going 答案: 解析: 14.As you can see,the number of cars on roads ________ rising these days. A.are keeping 答案: 解析: 15. —Look at the timetable.Hurry up!Flight 4062 ________ off at 18∶20. —I will. A.takes 答案: 解析: 16. I don’t believe that ________ little children can finish ________ much work in ________ short time. B.took C.will be taken D.has taken B.keep C.keeps D.were keeping B.go C.goes D.are going B. safely but tired C. safe and tiring D. safely and tiring B. gets improved C. is improving D. had got improved B.Make fun C.Have fun D.Get a fun B.fortynine times bigger than

D.onethird the size of;so;so

B.such;such;such a C.such;so;such a;so;such a

17. Cathy was afraid of being scolded,so she ________ say what she thought. A.dare not to B.doesn’t dare 答案: 解析: 18. They built a wall to avoid soil________. C.dared not to D.didn’t dare to

A.being washed away B.washed away be washed away wash away 答案: 解析: 19. I always hate ________ when reviewing lessons and appreciate ________ alone. A.disturbing;staying disturb;to stay be disturbed;to stay

C.being disturbed;staying 答案: 解析:

20.John received an invitation to dinner,and with his work ________,he gladly accepted it. A.finished 答案: 解析: 21. We haven’t settled the problem of________it is necessary for him to study abroad. A.if 答案: 解析: 22. Some of you may have finished Unit One.________,you can go on to Unit Two. A.If you may 答案: 解析: 23. His hard work will eventually ________. for 答案: 解析: 24. The professor ________ giving lectures to students ________ invited to meetings at times. A.preferred;to being C.preferred;than being 答案: B.preferred to;rather than D.preferred;than to being off out up B.If you do C.If not D.If so B.where C.whether D.that B.finishing C.having finished D.was finished

解析: 25. It is time for the final exam,so you should get down to ________ your lessons. A.go over 答案: 解析: 26. I hear they’ve promoted Tom, but he didn’t mention ________when we talked on the phone. promote 答案: 解析: 27.Nobody can prevent the goods from ________ to Hong Kong immediately. A.shipping 答案: 解析: 28. We know that if one is left behind in study means ________ harder than others in the future. A.his/her study 答案: 解析: 29.The discovery of new evidence led to ________. A.the thief caught B.catch the thief C.the thief being caught D.the thief to be caught 答案: 解析: 30. Your shirt needs ________.You’d better have it done today. A.iron 答案: 解析: 31. —Do you regret ________ up your opinion that every child should take part in service learning? —No.On the contrary,I think it is very necessary. A.bringing 答案: 解析: 32. You can enjoy the magnificent ________ from the summit of the mountains. A.sight B.scenery C.views D.scene bring be brought D.being brought iron C.ironing D.being ironed B.him/she studying C.his/her studying D.he/she studying B.ship C.being shipped ship B.having been promoted C.having promoted be promoted B.going over C.go on D.going to

答案: 解析: 33. 21st Century is ________ a newspaper.It helps us to improve our English a lot. less than more than 答案: 解析: 34. It was foolish of him to ________ his notes during that important test,and as a result,he got punished. A.stick to B.refer to C.keep to D.point to 答案: 解析: 35. He was just about to cross the street when a car raced by________. a high speed 答案: 解析: 36.It was not until________that________to prepare his lessons. A.did his father come in;the boy began B.his father came in;the boy began D.his father came in;did the boy begin great speed the rapid speed D.with a low speed C.less than D.more than

C.did his father come in;did the boy begin 答案: 解析:

37. ________ from the top of the hill,we can find that the city looks more beautiful. A.Seeing 答案: 解析: 38.—Would you mind lending me a pen? —I’m very sorry,________ I have none myself. A.and 答案: 解析: 39. A great number of students ________ said they were forced to practise the piano. question be questioned C.questioned D.questioning 答案: 解析: 40. .Mrs.White showed her students some old maps ________ from the library. B.but D.for B.Seen C.To see D.To be seeing borrow be borrowed C.borrowed D.borrowing 41. Can those ________ at the back of the classroom hear me? 答案: 解析: 42..—That must have been a long trip. —Yeah,it ________ us a whole week to get there. A.takes 答案: 解析: 43. He ________ football regularly for many years when he was young. A.was playing 答案: 解析: 44. —Has your father returned from Africa yet? —Yes,but he ________ here for only three days before his company sent him to Australia. A.was 答案: 解析: 45. .________ with the size of the whole earth,the biggest ocean doesn’t seem big at all. A.Compare C.Comparing 答案: 解析: 46..It ________ three years since we last ________ each other. A.has been;have seen C.has been;saw 答案: 解析: 47. A new ________ to teaching languages is being used here,and it has turned out to be very helpful to the students. A.approach C.method 答案: B.means D.way B.will be;saw;have seen B.When comparing D.When compared B.has been C.will be D.would be B.played C.has played D.had played B.has taken C.took D.was taking B.sit C.seated D.sat

解析: 48.It is the second time that I ________ to Shanghai. What great changes!It’s ten years since I ________ there last time. A.have been;went B.had been;went;had been D.come;had been 答案: 解析: 49. —The weather forecast says it is sunny tomorrow. What about going out for a picnic? —________ good. A.Sound C.Sounding 答案: 解析: 50. She ________ a notice about the school trip to France just now. A.put away C.put up 答案: 解析: 51. With the prices ________,parents are not able to afford many goods,even the necessities. A.going down C.brought down 答案: 解析: 52. We had great difficulty building the stadium within three months,but we finally ________ it. A.made B.put D.said 答案: 解析: 53.Now he was dead,we could not ________ our sadness. A.get close to C.get off 答案: 解析: B.get away from D.get down to B.going up D.rising up B.put off D.put on B.To sound D.Sounds

54.I’d like to have a holiday with you for the weekend,but with two exams to take I can’t ________ the time at present. A.waste B.spend C.offer D.afford 答案: 解析: 55. —Mom,I can’t see any point in working hard at all the subjects at school. —Come on,dear. Years of hard work will surely ________ in the future. A.make sure for 答案: 解析: 56. —Are Li Yan and Wang Mei still living in Tianshui? —No,they ________ to Shanghai. A.had moved C.will move 答案: 解析: 57. —Our country ________a lot so far. —Yes,I hope it will be even________. A.has changed;well C.has changed;better 答案: 解析: 58. By the time he realizes he ________ into a trap, it’ll be too late for him to do anything about it. A.walks C.has walked 答案: 解析: 59.Every year a flood of farmers arrive in Shenzhen for the moneymaking jobs they ________ before leaving their hometowns. A.promised C.have promised 答案: B.were promised D.have been promised B.walked D.had walked B.changed;good D.changed;better B.moved D.have moved off back

解析: 60. When you are home,give a call to let me know you ________ safely. A.are arriving C.had arrived 答案: 解析: 61. —Ann seems to be upset. What’s up? —She ________from the voice on the line that her mother is not satisfied with her test scores. A.includes C.suggests 答案: 解析: 62. Most students in our class prefer taking pains in our studies to ________ with a better education. A.equip equipped 答案: 解析: 63.The education program ________combining brain work with manual labor is being widely spread throughout the country. aim at C.having aimed at 答案: 解析: 64. The company had about 20 laptops but only onethird ________ used regularly. C.was 答案: 解析: 65. The train was ________ to arrive at 10∶30,but it was one and a half hours late. A.certain C.supposed 答案: 解析: B.likely D.about B.are D.were B.aims at D.aimed at B.equipping D.being equipped B.concludes D.contains B.have arrived D.will arrive

66..Alice is one of the students who,I’m sure,________ of ________ English teacher. be proud;their C.are proud;their 答案: 解析: 67. A local radio station said that several eruptions ________ in the past twenty years. A.take place C.have taken place 答案: 解析: 68. I’m surprised to see you smoking. You ______,I remember. A.are not used to C.didn’t use to 答案: 解析: 69. This kind of dance show is very ________ on TV and is popular with ________ young people,especially with high school students. A.common;usual C.common;ordinary 答案: 解析: 70. The Mississippi River is longer than ________ in the United States. A.any river C.any other river 答案: 解析: 71.Of the two coats,I’d choose ________ to spare some money for a book. A.the cheapest C.the more expensive 答案: 解析: 72.He can’t afford the dress. He has ________ thirty yuan in his pocket. more than less than B.not any more D.not less than B.the cheaper D.a cheaper B.other rivers D.all the rivers B.usual;ordinary D.ordinary;usual B.were not used to D.used not B.took place D.had taken place proud;his D.proud;his

答案: 解析: 73. —Tom is wise enough to achieve his success. —But in my opinion,he is ________ than wise. A.luckier C.much lucky 答案: 解析: 74. Telephone makes ________ convenient for us ________ in touch with our friends.;to get;getting 答案: 解析: 75.Whenever I met her,________was fairly often,she greeted me with a sweet smile. A.that 答案: 解析: 76. Nowadays when people talk about magicians,the first one ________ comes into their mind is Liu Qian. A.whom C.that 答案: 解析: 77.Keep on practising. You will play the piano ________,if not better than,Lang Lang. good well as 答案: 解析: 78. I like the television programme ________educate not merely entertain. A.designed to designed to 答案: 解析: B.designed for designed for well well as B.which D.what B.what D.which B.this;getting D.this;to get B.more lucky D.rather lucky

79. Michael’s new house is like a huge palace,________ with his old one. A.comparing compare 答案: 解析: 80. He agreed ________ what I said at the meeting,but we didn’t agree ________ how to do it. A.on;on;with 答案: 解析: 81. I agree with most of what you said,but I don’t agree with ________. A.everything C.something 答案: 解析: 82. ________ twice a year, whether it is a car or a bus or a truck, is the rule that every driver must obey in this city. A.Examining B.Examined C.Being examined D.Having been examined 答案: 解析: 83. We all think ________ our duty to tidy the lab after the experiment. A.this B.that C./ 答案: 解析: 84. When you finish reading the book,you will have ________ better understanding of ________ life. A.a;the C./;the 答案: 解析: B.the;a D.a;/ B.anything D.nothing B.with;with D.with;on B.compares D.compared


6—10 ACADC

11-15 BACCA 16—20 CDACA 21—25 CDBAB 46-50CAADC 71-75 BABAD

26—30 BCCCC 31—35 ACDBA 36—40 BABCC 41—45 CCBAD 51-55BABDB 76-80 CDA DD 56-60 DCCDB 81-84 ACDD 61-65BCDDC 66-70 CDCCC



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