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人教英语必修4 unit2 work the land 教案1

Ⅰ.Warming up
Q1. Do you like playing the game Happy Farm ? Why ?

The happiness a player gets from Happy Farm: 1. Playing the part of a farmer 2. Stealing others’ harvest 3. Escaping the pressure from work or busy life 4. Communicate with friends through stealing their harvest and helping them with their farming ……

Q2. If you are given a piece of real land, what will you grow on it? Give your reasons.

Student A: I prefer to grow fruits and flowers on it, because I like to enjoy fruits and flowers will make my fruit garden beautiful. Student B: I choose to grow vegetables on it, because vegetables in the market are expensive and eating them will help us keep fit and healthy.(答案因人而异)

Food is the paramount necessity of the people. (民以食为天)

Mr. Yuan Longping choose to grow rice on his land.

Yuan Long Ping

Ⅱ.Pre-reading:What do you know about Yuan Long Ping ?
Which statement is Not True? a. He is regarded as the “Father of Hybrid Rice”. b. He has stopped studying rice now. c. He has made great achievements on studying rice.

Task 1: Skim over the passage and find out its main idea. The passage tells about the life of Yuan Longping, the pioneer for all people.

Task 2:

read the passage carefully and finish the following chart.

Name Yuan Long Ping Birth born in 1930 Education Graduated from Southwest Agricultural College Achievement In 1974,developed hybrid rice which can produce one-third more than normal rice. Hobbies listening to violin music, play mahjong, swimming and reading. Occupation scientist and farmer

Task 3 Read the text carefully and answer the following questions.
1. How much rice could Chinese farmers produce in 1950? Only fifty million tons of rice. 2. Why is Dr.Yuan circulating his knowledge in India, Vietnam and many other less developed countries? To increase their rice harvests. 3. What’s Dr.Yuan’s new dream? To export his rice so that it can be grown around the world.

Task4:Work in pairs and find out the important and useful sentences you think.
1. Although he is one of China’s most famous scientist, Yuan Longping considers himself a farmer, for he works the land to do his research. consider sb./sth. as/to be… 认为某人/物是…… 2. At that time, hunger was a disturbing problem in many parts of the countryside. disturbing 令人烦恼的,令人不安的 3. Thanks to his research, the UN has more tools in the battle to rid the world of hunger. thanks to 多亏了;由于=because of

4. Dr.Yuan is quite satisfied with his life. be /feel satisfied with =be content with

5. He would much rather keep time for his hobbies. would rather 宁可;宁愿 would rather do sth. =prefer to do sth. 宁愿(可)做某事 would rather do… sth. than do… =would do… rather than do … 宁愿做…而不做…

6. Spending money on himself or leading a comfortable life also means very little to him. Lead a …… life 过着……的生活 7. Just dreaming for things, however,costs nothing.
6. 7句中,动词-ing形式作主语,往往表示经常性、 习惯性的动作,谓语动词通常用单数。

Task5: Fill blanks using these expressions above.
She is satisfied with what she has got, so she never complains anything. 2. You should try to rid yourself of the habit of lying to others. 3. Thanks to my teacher’s help, I managed to pass the final exams. 4. Mary would rather stay at home than go shopping with her boring sister. 5. We need to take necessary measures to solve this disturbing problem. 6. Doing exercise is (be) good for our health. 1.

Task 6. Read the whole text again and fill blanks with words and expressions ocurred in the text. Yuan Longping, one of China’s most famous scientists, was born into a poor family in 1930. In 1953, he graduated from Southwest Agricultural College. Since then, he set a goal to find ways to produce more rice without expanding the area of the fields because hunger was a disturbing problem in many parts of the countryside. In 1974, he became the first agricultural pioneer in the world to grow rice that has a high output . Thanks to his research, farmers are producing harvests twice as large as before.

Now he is circulating his knowledge in many less developed countries to increase their rice harvests, and therefore the UN has more tools in the battle to rid the world of hunger. Dr. Yuan is satisfied with his life and leads a simple life. He doesn’t care about being famous. Instead, he considers himself a farmer. Spending money on himself or leading a comfortable life means very little to him. He is dreaming about exporting his rice so that it can be grown around the globe.

v. Discussion
1. What do you think of Yuan Longping?

2. Would you like to be a person like him?

Ⅵ. Homework
Write an introduction to The Person

I Admire Most ( about 100-120
words long)


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