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外研版必修三 Module 6Laguage


Module 6 Old and New
Language points

4. At the time it was built, Chek Lap Kok Airport in HongKong was the biggest civil engineering project of all time. 赤 civil adj. 民用的, 国内的=national 腊 角 1. The American Civil War broke out in 1861. 2. After the war, he left the army and lived a civil life. engineering n. 工程技术;工程学 He is studying engineering at college.

5. The terminal building is the largest covered space in the world. terminal n. 1. (火车、公共汽车等的)终点站,总站 2. adj. 学期末的,期终的;最后的 在上次的期末考试中,我们考得很 差。 We did very badly in the terminal exam.

6. cost vt. Sth. cost sb. some money Eg: The dictionary cost me 100 yuan. Careless driving cost his life. Sb. spend money on sth/ (in ) doing sth. Sb. pay money for sth. It takes/ took sb sometime to do sth

7. design v. 设计,计划 design sth for /to do sth 为…设计某物 be designed for sth/ to do sth be designed as 把…设计成,打算把…当作
eg. 该街道不是为载重车设计的。 The street is not designed to run heavy trucks. The street is not designed for heavy trucks.

8. The airport is designed to accommodate 80 million passengers a year. 辨析:accommodate 与 hold hold 指“能容纳” 这房子能住下20人。 The house holds 20 people. accommodate 指“舒适地容纳”、“接纳” 提供住宿(膳食) 这家旅馆可以舒适地住下3000人。 The hotel can accommodate over 3000 people.

accommodate v.容纳(乘客);能提供……膳宿
【归纳拓展】 (1)accommodate sb with sth 帮忙;给……提供方便 accommodate sb for the night 留某人过夜

We can accommodate him for the night. 我们能供他住一夜。
(2) accommodate to sth 适应,顺应 accommodate oneself to sth 使自己适应于… eg. Wherever he goes, he can accommodate himself to new circumstances (3)accommodation n.膳食供应;住宿


Would you be kind enough to ________us for the night in your home? A.provide C.offer D.accommodate 解析 accommodate sb for the night意为 “留某人过夜”,故选D,其他选项均有 “提供”,但无“留宿”之意。 答案 D

9.Yangtze River is the world’s third longest river. 序数词+最高级 表示位列顺序/排行 1. 中国是世界第三大国。 China is the third largest country in the world. 2. 黄河是我国的第二长河。 The Yellow River is the second longest river in China.


1. Did Sun-Yat-sen think of the idea himself or
hear it from someone else? think of 想起,想到,打算 think of sb. as 把 某人当作。 ① 我想起过去看他但是那时我太忙了。 I had thought of visiting him, but I was too busy then. ② 我们把他当做我们最忠实的朋友。 We think of him as our faithful friends.

think up 想起,想出(办法)

think over 考虑
think out 想出

think back to 回想,回忆
think highly/well of 高度评价

think little/badly of 认为……不好
think to oneself 心里想

2. Mao zhedong wrote a poem in which he dreamed of … dream (1) n. 梦想,愿望 常见短语: have a dream 做梦 have a dream of 有……的 梦想 be awake from a dream 从梦中醒来 beyond one’s dream 超越某人的想像 ① 他的梦想实现了。 Her dream has come true. He realized his dream.

(2) vi. 做梦,梦想 dream about 梦到, dream of 梦想, 渴望 dream away 虚度光阴 ① 他有时候梦到他的家乡。 He sometimes dreams about his hometown. ② 他经常梦想着成为一名演讲家。 He often dreamed of becoming a statesman. ③ 她只是坐在屋子里虚度光阴。 She would just sit in her room dreaming away hours.

(3) vt. 做梦, 梦想, 其后通常接that从句, 也可接同
源宾语, 构成dream a … dream结构。

I dreamed (that) I was flying in the sky.

② 我做梦都没想到我会在这儿见到你。
I never dreamed (that) I should see you here. ③ 他昨天晚上做恶梦了。 He dreamed a terrible dream last night.

3. …walls of stone to hold back clouds and

rain till a smooth lake rises in the narrow
gorges. hold back 阻挡, 忍住, 抑制 (情感、情

绪), 隐藏

①Jim能抑制住自己的怒火,从而避免了打架。 Jim was able to hold back his anger and therefore avoided a fight. ② 没人能阻止历史的车轮。 No one can hold back the wheel of history. ③ 告诉我一切-不要有任何隐瞒。 Tell me all about it – don’t hold anything back.

hold up 耽搁, 妨碍(交通)

hold down 镇压
hold on 坚持下去;( 电话用语) 请等一下

hold out 坚持下去;不动摇
hold one’s view 持有……观点

hold one’s breath 屏住呼吸
take/get/catch hold of 握住;掌握;控制

4. Now his dream has come true.
come true (希望, 梦想)实现、达到

come true 相当于 realize, 但前者不用于被动,
come为连系动词, 主语常是“希望、理想、梦

想”, 而realize主语一般是人, 可用作被动。

We’ll realize our dreams.
Our dreams will be realized/come true.

5. The power of the Yangtze River, has been harnessed by the three Gorges Dam. harness vt. 利用(河流、瀑布等) 产生动力 (尤指电力) 有些科学家正在努力研究怎样利用潮汐发 电。 Some scientists are working hard at how

tide can be harnessed to produce

6. The Dam is nearly 200 meters high and 1.5 kilometers wide. 表示物体的“长、宽、高”

(1). 物体+be+数词+量词+long/wide/high

The river is 63,00 kilometers long. 这座桥长200米。 The bridge is 200 meters long. (2). 物体+be+数词+量词+in length/width/ height
这堵墙宽100米。 The wall is 100 meters in width.

(3). The length/width/height of +物体 +be + 数词+量词 这座塔高88米。 The height of the tower is 88 meters.

7. Sun-Yat-Sen, who was the leader of the 1911 Revolution, first suggested the idea of a dam across the Yangtze River in 1919. (1) suggest+n. / V-ing/that从句 + (should) do/疑问词 + to do 医生建议做一个全身的检查。 The doctor suggested a complete test.


Did he suggest what to do next?

We all suggested that he (should) be taken to hospital as soon as possible.

(2) Suggest v. 表明,暗示

eg. The expression on his face suggested that he was not satisfied with the result.

8. The dam will generate electricity equal to about 40 million tons of coal without causing so much air pollution. equal to n. / v. / adj. 等于,相同的,胜任的 他来不来对我来说一样。 It’s equal to me whether he comes or not. 他能胜任这项工作。 He is equal to this task. He is equal to doing this task.

二加二等于四。 Two and two equals four. 作为舞蹈家,我们谁都比不上她。

None of us can equal her as a dancer.

He is equaled by no one in kindness.

9. …and the project has flooded some of China’s most famous historical sites. historical 与 historic historic 指历史上有重要意义的,也用于形容那 些因与历史事件或人物有联系而有名或有趣的 事物;historical是指不管重要与否而在过去存 在的所有事物,也指与历史或对过去的研究有 关的事物。 但这两个词并不是截然不同的。它 们经常可换用:

historic times 或 historical times.

10. Some of them are being removed and some are being put into museums. 有关put的常见短语 put into 放入; 翻译 put aside 搁置一旁; 把 (钱,时间) 留 起来 put forward 提出 put through 完成; 接通电话 put up with 忍受 put away 收拾;存钱

remove 1. 迁移,移居

Our company has removed from Qingdao

to Shanghai.
2. 拿走,移动

Remove your hand from my shoulder.

3. 脱掉,摘掉 他摘掉了帽子和手套。 He removed his hat and gloves. 4. 除掉,排除 这些改革并不能完全消除贫困和不公正。 These reforms will not remove poverty and injustice. 5. 免职,解雇 这位经理昨天晚上被免职了。 The manager was removed from his post yesterday.

D 1. How many people can this hall ________? A. be seated B. containing C. held D. accommodate C year for China. 2. 1841 was a ______ A. history B. historic C. historical D. historian 3. — __ do you _____ D this plan? — Very practical. A. How, think of B. What, think of C. How, like D. B and C

4. The whole town _____ C by the flood after it has been raining for 3 days nonstop. A. was buried B. had submerged C. was submerged D. flooded 5. The young must be responsible for their parents and _______ C them. A. provide B. provide to C. provide for D. provide with

6. I never dreamed of _____ such a beautiful B place in such a wild area. A. there to be B. there being C. it to be D. it being 7. Mother tried to express herself in English, A all wrong. but it ______ A. came out B. work out C. gave out D. put out

A the 8th century 8. The custom ______
when people knew little about the earth where they lived. A. dates back to B. is dated to

C. is dated from him his life.

D. dates to

9. John’s careless driving nearly _____ A A. cost B. caused C. took D. lost

10. At last, his dream of studying IT in B Beijing University ______. A. realized
C. was true

B. came true
D. came truly

11. In the dark street, there wasn’t a single
person ________ she could turn for help. D

A. that
C. from whom

B. who
D. to whom

Word Spelling
1. Most of the Great Wall dates back to

the Ming D______. ynasty
2. He is seriously ill, so he can’t take the

erminal exams. t_______
ccommodate up to 500 3. This hotel can a___________ guests. 4. She’s studying __________ engineering (工程学) at university.

5. The railway is still under _________ construction (建设). 6. The road was too _______( narrow 窄的) for cars to pass. 7. There’s an o__________ bservatory at the top of the tower. 8. What a _________( ridiculous 荒谬的) idea it is! 9. The power of the Yangtze River has harnessed 利用) by the Three been _________( Gorges Dam.

Fill in the blanks with proper phrase
a ____ large _______ amount of 1.They need _ __ (大量 的) money to buy a new house. 2.What does this sentence mean? It sense (有意义) to me. doesn’t make ____ _____ 3.The truck is loaded ______with ___ (装满了) bananas. 4.Today more and more people are suffering from ________ ____ (患/忍受) cancer.

5. This temple dates _____from ____ (追溯到) the Qin Dynasty. dreamt ___( of 梦想) becoming a 6. He ______ famous film star when he was very little true and his dream has now ______ come _____ (实现了). crashed____( into 撞到) 7. The military plane ______ a mountain in Mongolia. 8. The drop of A-bomb _______ brought __ an ___ end to (结束了) the second World War. __

9. The Great Wall is ________________ the longest manmade structure ever built (曾经修建的 ______________________ 最长的人工建筑). 10. At the time it was built, Hong Kong the biggest civil Airport was ___________________ ____________________________( engineering project of all time 有史以 来最大的民用建筑工程项目).

11. The dam will generate electricity equal to 等于) about 40 million tons ________( of coal__________________________ without causing so much air pollution ________(而不造成这么多空气污染). Unfortunately 不幸的是), burning 12. _____________( coal causes serious air pollution and increases global warming 加快全球变 ______________________( 暖). 13. The dam will provide electric power central region of China 华中). for the _______________________(

? Revise What you have learned during this period of class. ? Get ready for the next period of class.

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