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2014 年北约自主招生英语全真模拟试题
Part 1.cloze (20%)

and I spent all my spare time (10) the countryside in search of fresh specimens to (11) to my collection of pets. (12) on I went for a

year to the City Zoo, as a student (13) , to get experience of the large animals, such as lions, bears, bison and ostriches, (14) were not easy to keep at home. When I left, I (15) had enough money of my own to be able to (16) my first trip and I have been going (17) ever since then. Though a collector's job is not an easy one and is full of (18) , it is certainly a job which will appeal (19) all those who love animals and (20) . 1. A. how B. where C. when D. whether 2. A. region B. field C. place D. case 3. A. clarity B. emotion C. sentiment D. affection 4. A. except B. but C. except for D. but for 5. A. recite B. recognize C. read D. repeat 6. A. volume B. noise C. voice D. pitch 7. A. close B. shut C. stop D. comfort 8. A. grew B. was growing C. grow D. grown 9. A. many B. amount C. number D. supply 10. A. living B. cultivating C. reclaiming D. exploring 11. A. increase B. include C. add D. enrich 12. A. later B. further C. then D. subsequently 13. A. attendant B. keeper C. member D. aide 14. A. who B. they C. of which D. which 15. A. luckily B. gladly C. nearly D. successfully 16. A. pay B. provide C. allow D. finance 17. A. normally B. regularly C. usually D. often 18. A. expectations B. sorrows C. excitement D. disappointments 19. A. for B. with C. to D. from 20. A. excursion B. travel C. journey D. Trip


Part 2 grammar (15%) 21.______, I must do another experiment. A. Be it ever so late B. It is ever so late C. It be ever so late D. So late it be ever 22. America will never again have as a nation the spirit of adventure as it______before the West was settled. A. could B. was C. would D. did 23. I______ this book in a secondhand bookstore on Nanjing Road. A. came into B. came about C. came round D. came across 24. As teachers we should concern ourselves with what is said, not what we think______. A. ought to be said B. must say C. have to be said D. need to say 25. The people at the party were worried about Susan because no one was aware______ she had gone. A. where that B. of where C. the place where D. the place 26. The Managing Director said that improving relations with the association would not be easy, but that they ______to try. A. would have decided B. decide C. have decided D. had decided 27. We must______ that the experiment is controlled as rigidly as possible. A. secure B. ensure C. assure D. issue 28. At no time______ other countries. A. China will invade B. will invade China C. will China invade D. invade will China 29. This is an ideal site for a university______ it is far from the downtown area. A. provided that B. now that C. so that D. in that 30. Although Asian countries are generally more ______in social customs than Western countries, there have been several notable examples of women leaders in both China and India. A. conservative B. confidential C. comprehensive D. consistent 31. Statistics is a discipline ______all the other sciences. A. affected B. affecting C. to be affected D. being affected 32. On turning the corner, we saw the road ______steeply. A. departing B. descending C. decreasing D. depressing 33. As a salesman, he works on a (an)______basis, taking 10% of everything he sells. A. income B. commission C. salary D. pension


34. It is not so much the language ______the cultural background that makes the book difficult to understand. A. but B. nor C. as D. like 35. After______ seemed an endless night, it was time for them to open the boxes of presents. A. it B. that C. what D. there 36. Because Edgar was convinced of the accuracy of this fact, he ______his opinion. A. struck at B. strove for C. stuck to D. stood for 37.______it is you' re found, you must give it back to the person it belongs to. A. That B. Because C. Whatever D. However 38. There are nations whose lack of contact with the outside world has______ poverty. A. fallen into B. consisted in C. resulted in D. come up to 39. Although he refused to act on my suggestion, he had to admit that______ what I said. A. it was something in B. there was something in C. it was something as for D. there was something upon 40. The pressure ______causes Americans to be energetic, but it also puts them under a constant emotional strain. A. to compete B. competing C. to be competed D. having competed 41. Because of the unexpected changes, they postponed ______us an answer. A. giving B. have given C. to give D. to have given 42. There ought to be less anxiety over the perceived risk of mountain climbing than______in the public mind today. A. exists B. exist C. exiting D. to exist 43. As a ______actor, he can perform, sing, dance and play several kinds of musical instruments. A. flexible B. versatile C. sophisticated D. productive 44. He was ______to steal the money when he saw it lying on the table. A. dragged B. tempted C. elicited D. attracted 45. The new teacher was very nervous ______she was well prepared. A. despite B. unless C. even D. even though 46. The pollution question as well as several other issues is going to be discussed when the Congress is in ______again next spring.


A. assembly B. session C. conference D. convention 47. Christmas is a Christian holy day usually celebrated on December 25th______the birth of Jesus Christ. A. in accordance with B. in terms of C. in favor of D. in honor of 48. Since it is too late to change my mind now, I am______ to carrying out the plan. A. obliged B. committed C. engaged D. resolved 49. It was a bold idea to build a power station in the deep valley, but it______ as well as we had hoped. A. came off B. went off C. brought out D. make out 50. To survive in the intense trade competition between countries, we must______ the qualities and varieties of products we make to the world-market demand. A. improve B. enhance C. guarantee D. gear Part 3 reading comprehension (40%) Passage 1 It is not often realized that women held a high place in southern European societies in the 10th and 11th centuries. As a wife, the woman was protected by the setting up of a dowry (嫁妆). Admittedly, the purpose of this was to protect her against the risk of desertion, but in reality its function in the social and family life of the time was much more important. The dowry was the wife’s right to receive a tenth of all her husband’s property. The wife had the right to with hold consent, in all transactions the husband would make, and more than just a right; the documents show that she enjoyed a real power of decision, equal to that of her husband. In no case do the documents indicate any degree of difference in the legal status of husband and wife. The wife shared in the management of her husband’s personal property, but the opposite was not always true. Women seemed perfectly prepared to defend their own inheritance against husbands who tried to exceed their rights, and on occasion they showed a fine fighting spirit. A case in point is that of Maria Vivas. Having agreed with her husband Miro to sell a field she had inherited, for the needs of the household, she insisted on compensation. None being offered, she succeeded in dragging her husband to the scribe to have a contract duly drawn up assigning her a piece of land from Miro’s personal inheritance. The unfortunate husband was obliged to agree, as the contract says, “for the sake of peace.” Either through the dowry or through being hot-tempered, the wife knew how to win herself, with the context of the family, a powerful economic position. 51.Originally, the purpose of a dowry is to_________. A give a woman the right to receive all her husband’s property B help a woman to enjoy a higher position in the family


C protect a woman against the risk of desertion D both A and C 52.According to the passage, the legal status of the wife in marriage was__________. A higher than that of a single woman B higher than that of her husband C lower than that of her husband D the same as that of her husband 53. Why does the author give us the example of Maria Vivas? A To show that the wife shared in the management of her husband ? s personal property. B To show that the wife can defend her own inheritance. C To prove that women have powerful position. D To illustrate how women win her property. 54.The compensation Maria Vivas got for the field is____________. A some of the land Miro had inherited B a tenth of Miro’s land C money for household expenses D money form Miro’s inheritance 55. The author’s attitude towards Maria Vivas is_____________. A sympathetic B disapproval C indifferent D objective Passage 2 A few common misconceptions. Beauty is only skin-deep. One' s physical assets and liabilities don' t count all that much in a managerial career. A woman should always try to look her best. Over the last 30 years, social scientists have conducted more than 1,000 studies of how we react to beautiful and not- so-beautiful people. The virtually unanimous conclusion: Looks do matter, more than most of us realize. The data suggest, for example, the physically attractive individuals are more likely to be treated well by their parents, sought out as friends, and pursued romantically. With the possible exception of women seeking managerial jobs they are also more likely to be hired, paid well, and promoted. Un-American, you say, unfair and extremely unbelievable? Once again, the scientists have caught us mouthing pieties (虔诚) while acting just the contrary. Their typical experiment works something like this. They give each member of a group--college students, perhaps, or teachers or corporate personnel managers a piece of paper relating an individual' s accomplishments. Attached to the paper is a photograph. While the papers all say exactly the same thing the pictures are different. Some show a strikingly attractive person, some an average-looking character, and some an unusually unattractive human being. Group members are asked to rate the individual on certain attributes, anything from personal warmth to the likelihood that he or she will be promoted.


Almost invariably, the better looking the person in the picture, the higher the person is rated. In the phrase, borrowed from Sappho, that the social scientists use to sum up the common perception, what is beautiful is good. In business, however, good looks cut both ways for women, and deeper than for men. A Utah State University professor, who is an authority on the subject, explains: In terms of their careers, the impact of physical attractiveness on males is only modest. But its potential impact on females can be tremendous, making it easier, for example, for the more attractive to get jobs where they are in the public eye. on another note, though, there is enough literature now for us to conclude that attractive women who aspire (追求) to managerial positions do not get on as well as who may be less attractive. 56. In "Beauty is only skin-deep", "skin-deep" can be replaced by______. A. decorating B. superficial C. expressive D. demanding 57. "One's physical assets and liabilities don' t count all that much in a managerial career."(paral) can be interpretated as______. A. whether or not one looks good or bad, it doesn' t affect much one' s managerial career B. in one' s managerial career, he may deal with cases like assets and liabilities C. in one' s managerial career, he may rarely deal with cases like assets and liabilities D. whether or not one looks good or bad, it may affect much one' s managerial career 58. The result of research carried out by social scientists show that______. A. people do not realize the importance of looking one' s best B. women in pursuit of managerial jobs are not likely to be paid well C. good -looking women aspire to managerial positions D. attractive people generally have an advantage over those who are not 59. "Good looks cut both ways for women" (Para.5) means that______. A. attractive women have tremendous potential impact on public job B. good-looking women always get the best of everything C. being attractive is not always an advantage for women D. attractive women do not do as well as unattractive women in managerial positions 60. It can be inferred from the passage that in the business world______. A. handsome men are not affected as much by their looks as attractive women are B. physically attractive women who are in the public eye usually do quite well C. physically attractive men and women who are in the public eye usually get along quite well D. good looks are important for women as they are for men Passage 3 In 1935, the clarinetist and bandleader Benny Goodman, aged just twenty ? six, left New York with his fourteen ? piece “swing” band and, traveling in a ragtag group


of cars, headed for the huge Palomar Ballroom in Los Angeles. It was not an easy trip. ? There were half a dozen dismal, sparsely attended one ? nighters and three weeks at a dance hall in Denver, where the band was forced to play waltzes, tangos, and novelty numbers. On the opening night at the Palomar, the band played ballad numbers in the first set, and there was little response from the dancers. Then one of the musicians said, if they were going to bomb again they might well do it in style. So Goodman called for his hot, often uptempo arrangements, many of them by the ingenious black bandleader and arranger Fletcher Henderson, and the kids stopped dancing, clustered around the bandstand, and began roaring. ? Before the weeks at the Palomar were over, it was clear that Goodman had suddenly made jazz—still a suspect and largely subliminal American folk music, despite the brilliant inventions during the previous decade of Jelly Roll Morton and others—into a popular music. Goodman ? s surprising ways continued. In 1936, he shook up the white entertainment establishment by hiring two black musicians — the elegant pianist Teddy Wilson and the plunging vibraphonist Lione Hampton. (To be sure, Wilson and Hampton did not play in the band; instead, they appeared with Goodman and the drummer Gene Krupa during intermissions.) A year later, when the band went into the Paramount Theater in New York for three weeks, legions of kids appeared, and a screaming, dancing riot nearly took place. ? It was the first great American show frenzy, and it prepared the way for the Sinatra frenzy of 1947, and for all the Beatles frenzies, and for all the mindless rock ? borne frenzies of the Seventies and Eighties. Then, on the night of January 16, 1938, Goodman, challenging the long ? hairs, took his band into a sold ? out Carnegie Hall. The big band played a dozen numbers, the trio two numbers, and the quartet five numbers. ? Despite the immediate rumblings from Olin Downes, the Times ? s classical music critic (“The playing last night, if noise, speed and beat, all old devices, are heat, was “hot” as it could be, but nothing came of it all, and in the long run it was decidedly monotonous”), Goodman ? s concert moved jazz even further up the American popular register. [412 words] 61. This passage is mainly A a general review of Jazz music. B a biography of Benny Goodman. C about the origin of American folk music. D about how jazz became popular in America. 62. Which of the following statements is true according to the passage? A The band ? s first music show in Los Angles was an immediate success. B Goodman is considered the father of Jazz music. C Benny Goodman was unknown to public when he left New York. D The band scheduled to play waltzes, tangos and novelty numbers at a dance hall in Denver. 63. It could be inferred from the passage that A Jazz is a style of music native to America. B Classic music had become outdated at Goodman ? s time. C Morton and Goodman were contemporaries.


D Goodman was the first bandleader who hired Black musicians in 1930s. 64. The phrase “shake up” (Line 1,Paragraph 2) in the context probably means A to give a very unpleasant shock. B to make changes to an organization. B to get rid of a problem. D to point out, designate. 65. Towards Goodman ? s music show frenzy, Olin Downes, the classical music critic has A approving attitude. B satirizing attitude. C regretting mind. D exaggerated tone. Passage 4 Development of a widely accepted chronology for the arrival of humans has been equally difficult, and it was only with the development of optically stimulated luminescence dating that a human presence in Australia was confirmed at 53,000 to 60,000 years ago. Older dates for a human presence in Australia have now been shown to be erroneous . The importance of Australia as a separate natural laboratory in which to test extinction theories lies in the fact that humans arrived there much earlier than they arrived in the other continental areas (the Americas and northern Eurasia) that experienced substantial megafaunal extinction. What Miller et al. have shown is that the extinction of Genyornis occurred simultaneously across southeastern Australia (indeed probably right across the continent) about 50,000 years ago. This is very close to the presently accepted time of arrival of humans in Australia. It was also a period of modest climate change, well before the dramatic climatic fluctuations of the terminal Pleistocene. The data of Miller et al., therefore, support those who see human hunting rather than climate as causing the extinction of the megafauna. Genyornis was a ponderous bird, around 80 to 100 kg in weight, about twice as heavy as the living emu and cassowary. It was an inhabitant of Australia ? s inland plains and some coastal regions, but its legs were relatively short and thick, suggestion that it was a slower runner than the emu. Proponents of human ? caused extinction suggest that it is just such characteristics that made the megafauna vulnerable to human hunting. A new school of thought has recently established itself in the extinction debate. It advocates the idea that a combination of human impact and climate change was responsible for the extinction of the world ? s megafauna. The new Genyornis data also weaken that argument, for the following reason. Fifty thousand years ago, Australia was experiencing mild cooling; 11,000 to 12,000 years ago, the Americas were experiencing rapid warming. These disparate climatic conditions, all coincident with megafaunal extinction, suggest that whatever was happening with climate, it was bad for the big animals. Under these conditions, the hybrid model becomes indistinguishable from the human ? caused extinction model for the influence of climate becomes extremely weak, and only the arrival of humans is important in predicting extinction.


66. The last word “megafauna” in Paragraph 2 most probably means A birds. B plants. C big animals. D small animals. 67. Genyornis was vulnerable to human hunting because it was A a delicacy. B very weak. C very small in size. D clumsy. 68. How many models have been put forward for the extinction of Genyoris? A One. B Two. C Three. D Four. 69. That Australia experienced mild cooling and the Americas rapid warming suggests that A the climatic conditions were unfit for Genyornis to live. B Genyornis were highly adaptable to different climatic conditions. C The two climatic conditions were both bad for Genyornis. D The climatic conditions had nothing to do with the extinction of Genyoris. 70. The selection is mainly about A the debate over the time of the human presence in Australia. B the relationship between the human presence and magafaunal extinction. C the relationship between human activities and climatic changes. D the debate over factors causing megafaunal extinction. Part 4 word choice (10%)

In this section, there is a passage with ten blanks. You are required to select one word for each blank from a list of choices given in a word bank following the passage. Read the passage through carefully before making your choices. Each choice in the bank is identified by a letter. You may not use any of the words in the bank more than once.
What is it about Americans and food? We love to eat, but we feel 71 about it afterward. We say we want only the best, but we strangely enjoy junk food. We’ re 72 with health and weight loss but face an unprecedented epidemic of obesity. Perhaps the 73 to this ambivalence lies in our history. The first Europeans came to this continent searching for new spices but went in vain. The first cash crop wasn’t eaten but smoked. Then there was Prohibition, intended to prohibit drinking but actually encouraging more 74 ways of doing it. The immigrant experience, too, has been one of in harmony. Do as Romans do means eating what “real Americans” eat, but our nation’s food has come to be 75 by imports-pizza, say, or hot dogs. And some of the country’s most treasured cooking comes from people who arrived here in shackles. Perhaps it should come as no surprise then that food has been a medium for the nation’s defining struggles, whether at the Boston Tea Party or the sit-ins at southern lunch counters. It is integral to our concepts of health and even morality whether one refrains from alcohol for religious reasons or evades meat for political 76 .


But strong opinions have not brought 77 . Americans are ambivalent about what they put in their mouths. We have become 78 of our foods, especially as we learn more about what they contain. The 79 in food is still prosperous in the American consciousness.It’s no coincidence,then,that the first Thanksgiving holds the American imagination in such bondage(束缚).It’s what we eat—and how we 80 it with friends. [A]answer [B]result [C]share [D]guilty [E]constant [F]defined [G]vanish [H]adapted [I]creative [J]belief [K]suspicious [L]certainty [M]obsessed [N]identify [O]ideals Part 5 error correction(10%) If someone asks you how you can make you always 81. ________ happy, you will perhaps find rather difficult to give him 82. ________ a proper answer.Did you remember the old saying“No 83. ________ human being can really happy who is not giving or trying 84. ________ to give happiness to others”? If you will always think of 85. ________ taking more from others and give them less,you won’t be 86. ________ able to have happiness in your life even you are very rich. 87. ________ Here’s an article for you. If each of you follow it, there 88. ________ will be all end of many unhappy days of yours.So you should 89. ________ learn to give up your own interests when necessarily to do so. 90. ________ Part 6 Translation (5%) 91. I should say Henry is______________(与其说是个作家不如说是) as a reporter. 92.In the Chinese household, grandparents and other relatives______________(起 着不可缺少的作用) in raising children. 93. Mr. Johnson made full preparation for the experiment____________________(以 便实验能顺利进行). 94. Prices are going up rapidly. Petrol now __________________________(价格是 几年前的两倍). 95. How close parents are to their children __________________(有很强的影响) the character of the children.


1. A 【解析】根据下一句及随后的内容,作者讲的是怎样成为动物爱好者的 (从小就喜 欢动物) ,应当选择 A. how。 2. C 【解析】in the first place 是固定短语,意思是“首先” 。此句意思是:别人经常 问到的问题之一,是当初我是如何爱上动物的。 3. A 这句话的意思是:作者在呀呀学语之时,最早发清楚的音是“zoo” (动物园) , 而不是“妈妈” , “爸爸” , 因此 , 应选 clarity “清晰” 。填入其他选项 emotion (感 情) ,sentiment (多愁善感) ,affection (友爱) 不合逻辑。 4. B 【解析】but 在此处连接另一个句子 (it was the word“zoo”,“it was”被省 略) ,表示转折,意为“而是” ,Except, except for, but for 的用法接近,表示“除 了??” 。 5. D 【解析】根据后面的 over and over again,应选“repeat” 6. C 【解析】小孩想去动物园,便不停地发出尖叫声,故选“voice” 。A shrill voice 与 scream 的意思接近。volume (音量) ;noise (噪音) ;pitch (音调) 均不合要 求。 7. B 【解析】shut sb. up 是指让某人住口,为了让孩子停止尖叫,只好带他去动物园。 8. A 【解析】根据后面主句的时态,此处只能用一般过去时。 9. C 【解析】a great many 后直接跟可数名词的复数形式;a great / large amount of 后跟不可数名词;只有 a great /large number of 后可以跟可数名词的复数形式。 10 D 【解析】living 后必须接介词 in,意为“居住” ;cultivating 耕种;reclaiming 开垦;只有 exploring 有探察的意思。 11. C 【解析】add to 相当于 increase,增加。其余选项后面都不接 to。 12. A 【解析】later on 为固定短语, “后来” 。 13. D 【解析】attendant 仆人;keeper 可理解为“饲养员” ,但是 a student- keeper 容易被误解为“收留学生的人” ;aide 有“助手”之义。作者一边上学,一边在动物园里打 工,只能当助手。 14. D 【解析】which 在此引导定语从句,修饰前面列出的动物。 15. D 【解析】因为钱是在动物园打工挣的,选 successfully 更能体现其含义。 16. D 【解析】finance my first trip 意为“支付我的旅行费用” ;pay 后应接介词 for; 其他选项的意思相差甚远。 17. B 【解析】此句为现在完成进行时态,选 regularly 比较贴切。 18. D 【解析】此句是由 though 引导的让步状语从句,应与主句意思相对立。选项中, sorrows 和 disappointments 与主句的 appeal to 相对立,但 sorrows 的分量太重。 19. C 【解析】appeal to 为成语,意思是“吸引” 。


20. B 【解析】excursion 短途旅行;journey (从一地到另一地的) 旅途;travel 旅行,旅游,海外旅行;trip 旅行,远足。


21.[答案 l A。Be it ever so late 是表示让步意义的虚拟倒装句,它是由 Though it (may) be ever so late 这一句省略 though 再将 be 移至主语“之前而来。 即 使??,(其实??未必??)意为“虽然??” 、 22.[答案 D。as 作为连词,引导方式状语从句,其意为“像??一样” 。根据平行结构原 则,从句中应填入实义动词 had (有)。为了避免重复,用助动词 did 代替 had,因此 D 正确。 23,[答案 D。come into 进入??状态。come about 发生,产生。come round 顺便来访。 而 come across 碰到,找到,尤指意外地或偶然地碰到,符合题意。 24.[答案 A。从句子结构我们可以看出,介词 with 后面接两个 what 引导的名词性从句。 在前一个从句中,what 作主语,is said 作谓语:在后一个从句中,what 也是主语,谓语 也同样应用被动语态,其中的 we think 是插入语,对句子成分不造成影响。所以 A 正确。 C 虽也用了被动语态,但 what 作主语时,后面的谓语动词一般应用单数,B 和 D 不是被动 语态。 25.[答案 B。此题考查 aware 的用法。aware 是表语形容词,后边常接介词 of 或 that 从 句,据此,B 项为正确答案。 26.[答案 D。根据句意和句子结构,我们可以看出宾语从句的谓语动词 decide 发生在主句 谓语动词 said 之前,因此,从句谓语动词只能使用过去完成时。 27.[答案 B。此题考查动词词义。ensure 确保。issue 为无关干扰词,发行:分配。 28.[答案 C。表示否定意义的状语(包括短语和从句)位于句首时,主谓倒装。B 虽是倒装, 但是全部谓语都提到了主语之前,违背规则。由此可见 C 为正确答案。 29.[答案 D。此题考查连词的用法。provided that 假使:主句常用将来时态,与题干时 态不符,应排除。now that 可用来引导原因状语从句,主要用来说明一种新情况。so that 引导结果状语从句,把题干的因果颠倒了,也应排除。in that 是书面语。 30.[答案 A。conservative 保守的。confidential 秘密的。comprehensive 广泛的:综 合的。consistent 一致的:符合的。 31.[答案 B。此题考查现在分词作定语的用法。affecting 表示与其先行词为主动关系。 余项所表示的都是被动关系的不同态。 32. [答案 B。 depart 离开, 出发。 descend 下降, 下倾, 下斜。 decrease 减少, 减小。 depress 使??沮丧,使??消沉。 33.[答案 B。commission 佣金。income 收入。salary(通常按月领取的)薪水。pension 养 老金,抚恤金,退休金。 34.[答案 C。not so 是一个比较句型,表示“与其说(是语言)还不如说(是文化 背景)(使这本书难以理解)” 。 35.[答案 C。此题考查 what 引导的名词从句做介词 after 的宾语。 36.[答案 C。stick to 坚持。Strike at 攻击,企图伤害。Strive for 争取,力求。Stand for 是. .的缩写:主张,支持。 37.[答案 C。连接代词 whatever(=no matter what)除引导一个让步状语从句外,在从句 中还做表语。However 也能引导让步状语从句,但它是连接副词,其后须跟形容词或副词。 38.[答案 C。result in 终归,结果是。fall into 归入:掉入:陷入。consist in 在于: 存在于。come up to 达到:接近。 39.[答案 B。句型“There is something in...”意思是“??有一定道理” 。


40.[答案 l A。英语中有很多名词可以接不定式作定语,pressure 就是其中之一,常用的 还有 ambition,campaign,chance, courage,decision,determination,drive,effort, intention,need,opportunity, reason,right,struggle,tendency, time,way, wish 等。 41.[答案 A。postpone 延缓,耽搁,后接动名词作宾语。 42.[答案 A。表示比较的 than 在这里是一个关系代词,在从句中作主语。 43. [答案 B。 versatile 多才多艺的。 flexible 意为 “灵活的, 可变通的” , 例如: My holiday plans are very flexible.我的假期计划很灵活。sophisticated 意为“复杂的,尖端的” 。 productive 意为“富饶的,多产的” 。 44.[答案 l B。tempt 意为“引诱,诱惑” 。attract 意为“吸引” 。drag 意为“拖,拉” 。 elicit 意为“引出,推导出” 。 45.[答案 D。此题考查从属连词的使用。从题干中可以看出此空应有“尽管:虽然”之意, A 项 despite 有此意,但它却是一个介词,不能引导一个从句。B 项 unless 用来引导一个条 件状语从句,相当于 if not,与题意不符。C 项 even 是一个副词,不能引导从句,只有 D 项 even though 可以引导让步状语从句,符合题。 46.[答案 B。in session 议会开会期间。 47.[答案 D。in honor of the birth of Jesus Christ 为了庆祝基督的诞生。 48.[答案 B。be committed to doing sth.致力于做某事。 49.[答案 A。came off 实现,went off 消失,brought out 生产,make out 进展。 50. [答案 D,根据??调整??, improve, enhance 两个单词与 varieties 搭 配都不恰当,guarantee 也不能与 varieties 搭配, Passage1 欧洲南部的妇女在 10 和 11 世纪时享有较高的社会地位, 这并未获得广泛认识。 作为一个妻 子,女性的地位受到其嫁妆的保护。诚然,嫁妆最初的目的是防止女性被抛弃;但是,它在 当时家庭和社会现实生活中起着更重要的作用。 妻子的嫁妆使她有权获得其丈夫十分之一的 财物。妻子有权利拒绝丈夫所做的任何交易,但这不仅仅只是一项权利而已;文件表明她与 丈夫一样平等地享有真正的决定权。文件没有表明丈夫和妻子在法律地位上有任何差别。 妻子享有管理丈夫私人财产的权利,但是反之则不然。如果丈夫要越权侵犯她们的利益, 女性们会时刻准备着捍卫自己的利益,有时她们还会表现出一种坚强的斗争精神。 Maria Vivas 就是一个典型的例子。为了家庭的需要,她同意其丈夫 Miro 出售一块属于她的土地, 但是她坚持要求获得补偿。但是丈夫没有给她提供补偿,于是她把丈夫拖到一个文书处,起 草了一份合同,成功地把他丈夫的一块私人土地划归自己。正如合同所写的, “为了和平” , 这个不幸的丈夫不得不同意。要么借助嫁妆,要么通过发脾气,妻子知道如何在家庭中为自 己赢得强大的经济地位。 51. 【解析】[C 推断题。本文介绍了欧洲南部 10 和 11 世纪嫁妆对女性在婚姻中地位的 重要性。虽然嫁妆最初的目的是防止女性被抛弃,但实际上它的作用远远不止于此。它使妻 子在婚姻中的地位与丈夫平等,并保障了妻子的经济利益。女性在维护自己的利益上,是很 坚定果敢的,Maria Vivas 就是一个例子。见第一段第三句, “Admittedly, the purpose of this was to protect her against the risk of desertion...” ,虽然在实际生活中嫁妆 有更重要的作用,但最初它的作用只是为了防范女性被丈夫抛弃,所以 C 为正确答案。 52.【解析】[D 细节题。根据本文,妻子在婚姻中的法律地位和丈夫是平等的。见第一段 最后一句, “In no case do the documents indicate any degree of difference in the legal


status of husband and wife”文件中并没有表明丈夫和妻子在法律地位上有任何的差别, 也就是说他们的地位是平等的,所以 D 为正确答案。 53.【解析】[B 推断题。作者举 Maria Vivas 的事例,是为了说明妻子是能够捍卫自己的 利益的。见第二段第二句, “ Women seemed perfectly prepared to defend their own inheritance...they showed a fine fighting spirit.”如果丈夫要侵占自己的利益,女 性们就时刻准备着捍卫自己的利益, 有时她们还表现出很强的斗争精神。 接下来作者就举了 Maria Vivas 的例子,说明女性是有能力捍卫自己的利益的。所以 B 为正确答案。 54.【解析】[A 细节题。Maria Vivas 得到的一份作为补偿的土地,本来是属于 Miro 的 个人财产。见第二段第五句, “None being offered, she succeeded in... assigning her a piece of land from Miro ? s personal inheritance”由此知 A 为正确答案。 55.【解析】[D 推断题。作者对 Maria Vivas 所持的态度是客观的。作者客观地介绍了 Maria Vivas 的事例,并没有表示出同情、不满或者是漠不关心,所以 A、B、C 都是错误答 案。 Passage 2 56.[答案 B。词汇题。skin-deep 是“肤浅的,表面的”意思,与 superficial 意思相近。 57.[答案 A。理解题。主要是考察对“physical assets and liabilities”的理解,意为 “长相的优劣” ,整句的意思为“长相的优劣对于一个人的事业影响不太大” 58.[答案 D。细节题。根据第四段“Almost invariably, the better looking... what is beautiful is good. ” ,可知 D 为正确答案。 59.[答案 C。归纳题。在文章第五段中,作者指出,妇女一方面可以借助美貌比较容易地 找到工作, 另一个方面因为人们一般会觉得美丽的妇女不如长相一般的妇女有能力而使美丽 的妇女不容易得到经理之类的职位,不难看出“Good looks cut both ways for women”的 意思与 C 中内容相符。 60.[答案 A。推理题。根据文章最后一段不难推理出正确答案是 A。 Passage 3 61. 【正确答案】 [D about how jazz became popular in America. 【本题考点】主旨大意题。 【试题精解】 本文主要讲述音乐家 Benny Goodman 如何使爵士乐成为一种美国通俗音 乐。选项[A “爵士乐概观”和[B “Benny Goodman 传记”都涉及面太宽,所以不选。 选项[C “美国民族音乐的起源”与本文大意无关。 【考点出处】 62. 【正确答案】 [C Benny Goodman was unknown to public when he left New York. 【本题考点】 细节判断题。 【试题精解】 此题可利用排除法来做。文章第一段提到在洛杉矶巴罗默演奏厅的演出 是一次艰难的跋涉,因此可排除选项[A 。文中还提到在此前 10 年中其他人在爵士乐方面 也有卓越的创作, 故排除 [B 项。 文章还提到乐队不得已演奏了华尔兹、 探戈及新奇的乐曲。 由此排除[D 。而选项[C 中说 Benny Goodman 悄悄离开纽约恰合题意,故选[C 。 【考点出处】 文中第一段。 63. 【正确答案】 [A Jazz is a style of music native to America. 【本题考点】 推理暗示题。 【试题精解】 根据文章第一段末句“...still a suspect and largely subliminal American folk music...”可以推断:爵士乐是源于美国一种音乐风格。


【考点出处】 第一段末句。 64. 【正确答案】 [B to make changes to an organization. 【本题考点】 主旨大意题。 【试题精解】 shake up 在语境中意为:大力整顿,重组,使受到变动很大的安排或组 织。分析四个选项可知只有[B 项合乎题意,故选[B 。 【考点出处】 根据语境及上下文联系推断词组意思。 65. 【正确答案】 [B satirizing attitude. 【本题考点】 语义归纳题。 【试题精解】 文章所引用的 Olin Downes 的话,显然是一段针对 Goodman ? s 乐队演 出的讽刺性的评论。因此本题的正确答案是[B 。 【考点出处】 通过对全文的归纳总结来分析人物的态度,关键信息在最后一段。 ■核心词汇 1.clarinetistn.单簧管演奏者 2.bandleadern.伴舞乐队的指挥 3.ragtagn.平民,穷人 [例 ragtag and bobtail 下层社会 4.numbern.乐曲 [例 My sister sang several numbers from the musical. 我姐姐 唱了歌舞片里的几部选曲。 5.subliminala.下意识的,潜在意识的 6.legionn.大批,一大群人 [例 a legion of admirers 一群仰慕者 7.frenzyn.狂暴,狂乱 [例 In a frenzy of hate he killed the boss and revenged his friend.在一阵痛恨的狂乱中,他杀死了老板,为朋友报了仇。 8.trio 三人一组,三件一套;三重奏,三重唱 ■难句注释 (1)There were half a dozen dismal, ? and novelty numbers. 【解析】 复合句。关系副词 where 引导定语从句。 【译文】 有六、七场沉闷的夜间演出,观众寥寥无几。乐队又在丹佛的一家舞厅演出 了三个星期,不得已演奏了华尔兹、探戈及一些新奇的舞曲。 (2)Before the weeks at the Palomar were over, ? and others—into a popular music. 【解析】 注意此处 make sth. into sth. 的结构表示“将??变成了??” 。 【译文】 很清楚,在帕罗玛几个星期的演出结束之前,Goodman 突然间将爵士乐—— 一种尚不明确的很大程度上是潜意识的美国民间音乐,尽管有早先十年中 Jelly Roll Morton 和其他人的卓越创造——变成了一种通俗音乐。 (3)It was the first great American show frenzy, ? frenzies of the Seventies and Eighties. 【解析】 句中三个介词 for 后接三个并列成分。 【译文】 那是美国第一次由于演出引发的狂热现象,后来又出现了 1947 年的 Sinatra 狂热,披头士合唱队狂热及七十年代和八十年代忘我的摇滚演出狂热。 (4)Despite the immediate rumblings ? even further up the American popular register. 【解析】“if noise, speed and beat, all old devices, are heat” 是插入语。 despite: 介词,意为:不管,不顾;the Times: 美国《时代》杂志;in the long run: 最后,终究; register 此处意为:记录。


【译文】 尽管美国《时代》杂志古典乐评论家 Olin Downes 立即发出批评怨言, ( “如 果噪音、快速的音乐节奏和节拍以及所有的旧乐器就意味着热烈,昨天晚上的演出很‘热’ , 却毫无意义, 终究无疑是单调乏味” ) , Goodman 的音乐会推进了爵士乐在美国通俗乐中的地 位。 ■全文精译 爵士乐的流行 1935 年,只有 26 岁的单簧管演奏者兼乐队指挥 Benny Goodman 率领由 14 件乐器组成 的“摇摆”乐队,乘坐不甚显耀的车队离开纽约,前往(head for)洛杉矶巨大的巴罗默演 奏厅。这是一次艰难的跋涉(be not an easy trip) 。有六、七场(half a dozen)沉闷的 (dismal)夜间演出,观众寥寥无几(sparsely attend) 。乐队又在丹弗的一家舞厅演出了 三个星期,不得已(be forced to)演奏了华尔兹、探戈及一些新奇的乐曲。在巴罗默首场 演出晚会上,乐队首先演奏了芭蕾曲,却没有得到舞友的回应。一位乐师说:要想制造爆炸 性效果就制造点新花样吧!Goodman 便要求(call for)乐队演奏狂热、快速的改编乐曲, 其中许多曲子是这位天才的黑人乐队指挥和乐曲改编者 Fletcher Henderson 演奏的。年轻 人们都不跳舞了,他们全欢呼着围到了演奏台周围。很清楚,在帕罗马几个星期的演出结束 前,Goodman 突然将爵士乐——尽管在此前 10 年中 Jelly Roll Morton 和其他人都有卓越 的创作, 爵士乐当时仍然没有为人们所接受、 在很大程度上仍然是潜意识的美国民间音乐— —变成了一种通俗音乐。 Goodman 令人惊奇的方式继续着。 1936 年, 他邀请两位黑人乐师——优雅的钢琴演奏家 (the elegant pianist)和专注的(the plunging)电颤琴演奏家 Lione Hampton——加 盟,这极大地影响了(shake up)白人娱乐圈。 (而事实上(to be sure) ,两位黑人乐师都 没有在乐队中演奏, 只是在演奏间歇时同 Goodman 和鼓手 Gene Krupa 一起露露面。 ) 一年后, 当乐队入驻纽约市派拉蒙剧院演奏三周,大群年轻人到场,他们尖叫着、狂舞着,几乎发生 了混乱。那是美国第一次由于演出引发的狂热现象(show frenzy) ,它为后来出现的 1947 年的西纳特拉狂热、 披头士合唱队狂热和 70、 80 年代忘我的摇滚乐产生的狂热铺平了道路。 接着,1938 年 1 月 16 日晚,Goodman 率领乐队进入已卖出的卡耐基大厅,对古典音乐 发起挑战。庞大的乐队演奏了十多首乐曲、两曲三重奏、五曲四重奏。尽管美国《时代》杂 志古典音乐评论家 Olin Downes 立即提出批评( “昨天晚上的演奏,如果噪音、快速的音乐 节奏和节拍以及所有的旧乐器就意味着热烈, 昨天晚上的演出很 “热” , 却毫无意义 (nothing come of it all) ,终究无疑是单调乏味(monotonous) ” ) , Goodman 的音乐会进一步提高 了爵士乐在美国通俗乐中的影响。 Passage 4 66. 【正确答案】 [C big animals. 【本题考点】 词语释义题。 【试题精解】 考生如果有一定的构词法知识一眼就可看出该题的答案。 “mega”在英 文中指 “big” ;fauna 指 “animals” ,显然[C 为正确答案。考生如果没有这方面的知 识,也可以利用上下文来判断。作者在提到 megafauna 后紧接着提到了 Genyornis,在第三 段开始对其进行了描述: “Genyornis was a ponderous bird, around 80 to 100kg in weight, about twice as heavy as the living emu and cassowary.” 足见其大。 【考点出处】 第二段末句,但对该词的推断却应联系上下文。 67. 【正确答案】 [D clumsy. 【本题考点】 细节判断题。


【试题精解】 第三段中指出 “it is such characteristics that made the megafauna vulnerable to human hunting” “such characteristics” 指的是其 “heavy, short and thick”, 即 “clumsy” 。 【考点出处】 根据第三段第二句可知它的腿短而粗,跑得慢, [D 项 clumsy“笨拙的” 与句意一致。 68. 【正确答案】 [C Three. 【本题考点】 细节判断题。 【试题精解】 文中共提到了三种: (1) Human hunting; (2) Climate; (3) Human impact and climate change。 【考点出处】 第二、三、四段中。 69. 【正确答案】 [D The climatic conditions had nothing to do with the extinction of Genyoris. 【本题考点】 推理暗示题。 【试题精解】 澳大利亚经历了 “mild cooling”, 美洲经历了 “rapid warming”, 而 两个地方都出现了 Genyornis 的灭绝, 说明气候对其灭绝并未产生什么影响。 在文中最后一 段作者也指出 “the influence of climate becomes extremely weak, and only the arrival of humans is important in predicting extinction.” 【考点出处】 第二段和第四段。 70. 【正确答案】 [D the debate over factors causing megafaunal extinction. 【本题考点】 主旨大意题。 【试题精解】 本文重点介绍了造成 “magafaunal extinction” 的三种原因, 所以 [D 为 正确答案。 【考点出处】 考察对全文的理解能力,实际上从第三题的做答中我们就可得出解答该 题的部分相关信息。 ■核心词汇 1.chronologyn.年代学 2.luminescencen.发光 3.erroneousa.错误的 [同义 false, incorrect, inexact 4.megafaunan.巨型动物 5.fluctuationn.变化 [同义 oscillation, rolling 6.ponderousa.笨重的 [同义 heavy, weighty, massive, bulky 7.cassowaryn.食火鸡 ■全文精译 澳洲古代巨鸟灭绝探因 要创建人类是何时到来的、 且为人们所广为接受的年代表同样也是困难的。 并且只有在 光学模拟发光测定年代的方法发展起来后,人们才确定 53,000 年到 60,000 年前澳洲有了 人类,现在已证明更久远的年代是错误的。 之所以把澳洲称为试验种族灭绝理论的天然实验室,其重要性在于(lie in) :人类到 达这儿的年代要远远先于到达经历过巨型动物灭亡的其他大陆 (如欧洲和欧亚大陆北部) 的 年代。Miller 等人向我们说明, “巨鸟”于 50,000 年前在澳洲南部同时灭绝,这和人们普 遍接受的人类到达澳洲大陆的时间相当接近。 这也是气候温和的时期, 随后很久才发生了更 新世晚期灭绝性的气候剧变。Miller 的资料支撑了认为人类捕猎而非气候变化是巨兽灭绝 的原因的观点。


“巨鸟”是远古时期一种巨型鸟类,重约 80 到 100 公斤,是鸸鹋和食火鸡的两倍重。 它是澳洲内陆和沿海地区的动物,但它的腿相对短而粗,证明它不如鸸鹋跑得快。坚持人类 导致这种鸟灭绝的人说,它们的这种特性使它们很容易受到(be vulnerable to ...)捕杀。 在这一“灭绝争论”中,新的学派又建立了。他们赞成人类及气候因素结合导致( be responsible for ...)了世界范围巨型动物的灭绝的观点。新的巨鸟资料也削弱了这种争 论,原因如下:50,000 年前,澳洲气候逐渐变冷;11,000 到 12,000 年前,美洲气温迅 速上升。这些完全相异的气候条件正好与巨鸟灭绝时期相吻合(be coincident with) 。这 说明, 无论气候怎样变化, 巨型动物还是难逃厄运。 在这种情况下 (under these conditions) , 这种结合两种说法的观点就变得与人类导致其灭绝的观点难以区别了。 因为在他们看来, 气 候影响是那么微弱,只有人类的到来才预示了巨型动物的灭绝。 Word choice 71. 【解析】[D] feel 是一个系动词,可以判断此处应填入一个形容词,通过上下文意思, 以及后面介词 about, 可以确定选项为 D 项 guilty, 短语 feel guilty about sth. “对?? 感到有愧” 。全句的意思为“我们很爱吃,但是往往在吃完之后又有负罪感” 。 72.【解析】[M] be obsessed with 为固定搭配,原意为“被??附上/缠住/迷住心窍” , 放在本句表示“十分重视” 。全句的意思为“我们很重视健康和减肥,但肥胖却又空前地在 蔓延” 。 73.【解析】[A]本句缺一个名词作主语,并且根据和介词 to 的搭配,可以推断出正确选 项 answer。 74.【解析】[I]本句根据 more 和 ways 可以判断出需要填入一个形容词构成比较级,根据 上下文,表示“旨在禁止酗酒的禁酒令,却激发了更多新奇的方法来酗酒” ,可以确定 I 为 正确选项。 75. 【解析】[F]本题较难。根据 be 和 by 确定应填入一个过去分词。再根据上下文,上 文表示“应该吃典型的美国人吃的食物” ,下文通过 but 转折,表示实际上“美国的食物已 经被诸如比萨和热狗这样的舶来品所诠释了” ,因此可以确定 F 为正确选项。 76.【解析】[B]政治结果,可根据宗教原因 religious reasons 来推断此处填政治结果。 77.【解析】[L]由于横线后面没有宾语,可以确定不是形成 bring 的短语,这样本句所缺 的为一名词, 作 bring 的宾语。 根据下文解释, “美国人对他们所吃的食物的态度是矛盾的” , 可以推出本句意思为“坚定的观点也不是确定不变的” 。因此可以确定 L 为正确选项。 78.【解析】[K]系动词 become 后应填入一个形容词,和后面介词 of 形成短语 be/become suspicious of “对??感到怀疑” 。 79.【解析】[J]本句缺一个名词作主语,并且根据和介词 in 的搭配,可以推断出正确选 项 belief,(have)belief in sth.“ 相信??” 。 80. 【解析】 [C]本句是一般现在时, 缺一个动词, 且和 with 搭配, 确定选项 share, share sth. with sb., “与某人分享某事” 。 81. 将 always 前的 you 改为 yourself 考查反身代词的用法。此处需掌握短语 make oneself happy 使自己高兴。 82. find 后加 it 考查 it 作形式宾语。此处 it 是形式宾语,真正的宾语是后面的不定 式短语。 83. Did-Do 考查动词时态。根据文意应用一般现在时。 84. really 前加 be 考查谓语动词。此处形容词 happy 前缺谓语动词 be。 85. 删除 will 考查动词时态。在条件状语从句中用一般现在时代替一般将来时。


86. give—giving 考查动名词。此处 and 前后为并列关系,故改为动名词。 87. even 后加 if / though; 或者 even—though / although 考查状语从句的连接词。 根据文意应改为 even if 或 even though。 88. follow—follows 考查主谓一致。此句的主语是 each 故用单数形式。 89. 正确 经分析此句正确。 90. necessarily—necessary 考查 be necessary to do 的结构。 91.【答案】not so much a writer 92.【答案】play indispensable roles 93.【答案】so that it could be conducted smoothly 94.【答案】is twice as expensive as it was a few years ago 95.【答案】has a strong influence on




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