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广东省佛山市顺德区罗定邦中学高一英语《unit 4 lesson 4 reading》课件

Lesson 4 Virtual Tourism
Auckland * New Zealand

Do you like travelling ? Have you been to New Zealand ? What do you need if you go there?



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Can you go there in several minutes?

So we can use the virtual tourism today.

Before reading, let’s try task 1 and widen your knowledge of New Zealand.

Task 1 How much do you know about New Zealand ? Let’s have a competition. ? 1. What languages do New
Zealanders speak? ? A. English and French ? B.French and Maori C. English and Maori D.German and French

Maoris arrived in New Zealand in 10 boats from an island near Tahiti in the 1100s. Now, Maoris make up 13 percent of the New Zealand’s population.

Maori’s culture is very rich. They love wooden carving, and they are famous for their Skills of tattoos(纹 身).

? 2. What’s New Zealand’s National
Day? ? A. February 6th ? C. August 3rd 1st
B.April 8th D.September

?3. What’s New Zealand’s national bird?





? 4. How many RBM is a New Zealand
dollar equal to ? ? A. About 4 yuan ? C. About 6 yuan B. About 10 yuan D. About 8 yuan


Pictures of New Zealand

? 5. When is New Zealand’s winter?
A. June to August B. December to February C. September to November D. April to July

? 6. Which city in New Zealand is called
“ the Most British City Outside UK” ? ? A. Wellington B. Auckland ? C. Queenstown D. Christchurch

? 7.Which one is the National flag
of New Zealand? ? A. B.

? C.


Mt Eden

It’s known as its volcanic hills. Mount Eden is a 200 metre high volcanic structure that is the highest point in Auckland

Parnell village (帕内尔文化区)

There you can see the first settlers' houses, church, and cemetery.

Auckland Harbour Bridge (奥克兰海港大桥) This is one of the
city's most distinctive landmarks(里程碑).

Auckland museum

It has a great display of objects relating to New Zealand's natural history.

Sky Tower(天空塔)

Listen to the tape and then finish task2 .

Task 2 Listen and answer the two questions
? 1. What is the population of
Auckland ? The population of Auckland is just under a million people.

? 2. What is Auckland called ?
It is called “ the city of sails”.

Read the passage quickly and then finish task 3.

Task 3 Find the topics of each paragraph. Read each paragraph carefully. Pay attention to the first sentence of each paragraph as it often introduces the main idea.

Identify 3-5 of the most important words and underline them with a pencil.

? Match the topics a-f with the five

paragraphs in the text. There is one extra topic.

2 a) the history of the city 5 b) travel links 3 c) things to see in Auckland 4 1
d) night-life in Auckland e) for water lovers f) New Zealand’s largest city

Read the passage carefully and finish task 4.

? Read the text and do exercise 3 on P14
Population Location History

Task4:Intensive reading
less than a million On North Island Maoris settled 650 years ago

European settlement began in 1840 Famous *Mt Eden; * Parnell village;


* Auckland Harbour Bridge; * Sky Tower; *Auckland museum; Warm, plenty of sunshine

After reading the text, let’s finish task 5.

Suppose you are tour guides, I’m a visitor here (as you know , I’m a new-comer here). Would you please introduce your hometown to me ? What subjects can you describe to me? You can discuss in groups.
location size geography

Task 5

Group work


Travel link life

Describe an area

history sights





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