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高一英语必修4Unit2课件-language points

Poor rice

Super hybrid rice

listen to get the main idea and answer: In what ways is Yuan Long-ping talked about in the passage?
His appearance His occupation (his job) his achievements his education his childhood his way of living his hobbies his wish his weakness

Fast reading ( 5ms ) Read the text fast and answer the following questions:

1.What does Dr Yuan look like? 2.What’s his achievement? 3.What do you think of him?

1.What does Dr Yuan look like?

He has a sunburnt face and arms and a slim, strong body. He is more like a farmer than a scientist.

2.What’s his achievement?
He grows what is called super hybrid rice, which makes it possible to produce one-third more of the crop in the same fields. Using his hybrid rice farmers’ producing harvests twice as large as before.

3.What do you think of him?
He doesn’t like money because he gives millions of yuan to equip others for their research in agriculture. He doesn’t like fame too though he has made great contributions to the world. He’s really respectable. father of hybrid rice

Read the text more carefully, then answer the following questions. 1. Why did Dr. Yuan want to increase the rice output when he was young? 2. How does he help rid the world of hunger? 3. What kind of life is Dr. Yuan leading? 4. Use a few words to describe Dr. Yuan’s personality.

1.Why did Dr Yuan want to increase the rice output when he was young? Dr Yuan wanted to increase the rice output because he saw many people go hungry when he was young.

2.How does he help rid the world of hunger?
He helps the world get rid of hunger by producing a hybrid strain of rice which increase the harvest.

3. What kind of life is Dr Yuan leading?
Dr Yuan is leading a simple life, doing his research, listening to his music and riding his motorbike.

4. Use a few words to describe Dr Yuan’s personality. Dr Yuan is a simple, academic man who is more interested in helping others than being famous.

? Born: 1930 ? Graduate: Southwest Agriculture College sunburnt face and arms. His body is ____ slim ? Appearance: He has _________
but _______. strong farmer All this makes him look as a real _______.

? Achievements: He succeeded in ________________________. growing supper hybrid rice
He became the first agricultural _______ pioneer in the rice whose output is high. world to grow ___ He helped the government highly increasing output of grain. the _______

money ? Personality: 1. Cares little for _______.

simple life. 2. Would like to lead a __________

? Hobbies:

Listening to violin music, playing mah-jong, swimming, reading, walking to his rice fields, riding his motorcycle.

Describe the rice in Dr. Yuan Longping’s dream.
? As tall as sorghum ? As big as a broom ? As huge as a peanut

Explanations vt. 耕种(土地);使工作;开动;创造(奇迹);经营 (工厂、农场等) vi. 工作;(机器等)开动;(办法、计 划等)行得通 They are working the land together. I don’t think that your suggestion will work.

2 …he has struggled for the past five

…… 过去 50 年来他一直在努力帮助他们。 1)struggle for 为争取…而斗争 struggle with/against 为反对…而斗争 struggle to one’s feet 挣扎着站起来

2)for (during / in / over) the past
five decades等词组常和现在完成时态 连用。另外,lately, recently, so far, up to / till now及since引导的状语或状语 从句常和现在完成时态连用。

I have known him since he was a boy.





have heard ________________


nothing from him up to now.
have been I ________________ (be) in the

army for more than 5 years.

3.Yuan Longping grows what is called super hybrid rice. 袁博士种植了被人称作超级杂交水稻的稻谷。 意为“所谓的;人们常说的”

What =the thing(s) that
e.g. I don’t quite understand what you are explaining. Please watch what I am doing carefully.


(1) 最后,他们到达了被称为新美洲大陆的地

what is called At last, they reached________________the New America. (2)他毕业于一所所谓的重点高中。 what was called He graduated from____________________a key high school.

1.______the emperor saw was quite different from_______ the old minister told him. A. What, that B. That, what C. Which, that D. All, all 2. It is pretty well understood _______controls the flow of carbon dioxide in and out the atmosphere today. A. that B. when C. what D. how

1974 , he became the first agricultural pioneer in the world to grow rice that has a high output.1974 年,他成为世界上第一位种植高产水 稻的农业先锋。 句式分析 the first+n.+to do...意为“第 一个要做??的??”。 句式仿写 我是我们家第一个大学生。
I was the first in my family to go to college.

4. In

5. This special strain of rice makes it possible to produce one-third more of the crop in the same fields. 这种特殊的稻种使得同样的田地多收获三 分之一的产量。 it 在句中作形式宾语,真正的宾语为to produce…, 结构为: 动词(make, feel, think, regard…)+it +adj+ to do. e.g. We think it important to learn English well.

6.Born in a poor farmer’s family in 1931,Dr. Yuan graduate from Southwest Agriculture College in 1953. 袁博士1931年出身于一个贫苦农民的家庭, 1953年毕业于西南农学院。 graduate n. a person who has completed a university degree course. 毕业生 undergraduate 本科毕业生 post-graduate 硕士毕业生,研究生

graduate vi. complete an educational course. 常跟介词from,表示“毕业于” graduation n. 毕业 e.g. After his graduation from college, he went to work as an engineer in a company. =After he graduated from college, he went to work as an engineer in a company. bachelor’s degree 学士学位 master’s degree 硕士学位 doctor’s degree 博士学位

7. Dr Yuan searched for a way to increase rice harvest without expanding the area of fields. 袁博士寻求一种在不扩大种植面积的情况下提高 水稻产量的方法。 注意:search强调搜查,一般表示目标明确范围 较小。search sb 搜身;search pl 搜查某地

search for 强调寻找,一般表示范围较大。

search for sb 寻找某人 The police searched the woods for the lost child Scientists are still searching for a cure to the common cold.

search/search for/in search of to search 1.The officer went up ______________the murder. searching for 2.The thieves are ____________________the hidden treasure in the museum. in search of 3.Birds fly to the south ______________the winter sunshine.

8.Thanks to his research, the UN is trying to rid the world of hunger. 由于他的研究,联合国正在努力清除世界饥饿。

thanks to=because of ;owing to由于,多亏了 Thanks to your support we e.g.__________________________, won the game. 由于你的支持,我们赢得了比赛。 rid…of… = get rid of除掉,摆脱 to rid the town of rats

9.Using his hybrid rice farmers are producing harvests twice as large as before.

倍数词(twice/half/three times/a quarter etc.)+as + 形容词原级 +as …表示“是…的多 少倍

e.g. The number of the students in as large as that our school twice is ___________________________ in their school. 我们学校学生的数量是他们学校的两倍。


(1) 倍数 + 形容词/副词的比较级 + than...
(2) 倍数 + as +形容词/副词的原级 + as...

(3) 倍数 + the + 名词+ of...
This building is five times higher than that one.

This building is six times as high as that one.

This building is six times the height of that one.

1. It is reported that the United States D energy as the whole of Europe. uses ___ A. as twice B. twice much C. twice much as D. twice as much

2. (NMET 2001, 28) It is generally believed D that teaching is ______ it is a science. A. an art much as B. much an art as C. as an art much as D. as much an art as

10. However, he cares little about spending the money on himself or leading a comfortable life. 但是他很少想到要把钱花在自己的身上,或享受 舒适的生活。 lead a …life 过……生活。英语中少数动词,包 括一些不及物动词的宾语可能是与它同源的名词 类似的短语动词有:die a …death, smile a …smile, dream a … dream, live a …life, sigh a …sigh etc.

11. He would much rather keep time for his hobbies. would rather: 宁可; 宁愿 would rather do sth. They would rather go fishing than stay at home. 他们宁愿去钓鱼, 也不愿待在家里。 I would rather fail than cheat in the examination. 我宁愿考不及格, 也不愿意考试作弊。

[用法1]: would rather…than… 宁愿?? 而不??, 与其??不如??

I would rather watch TV at home than
go to the cinema.

[用法2]: would rather have done sth.

I’d rather have left a note on her desk.
我本想留张字条在她的书桌上。 (事实上没有)

[用法3]: would … rather than…
=would rather…than… Facing the enemies, our soldiers would die rather than surrender. 面对敌人, 我们的战士宁死不屈。 Rather than refuse to help you, I would borrow money from my friends.

我宁可向朋友借钱, 也不愿拒绝帮助你。

[用法4]: would rather后面也可跟从句
表示主语宁愿某人做某事。这时, 从句 谓语应用虚拟语气, 即用一般过去时表示 现在或将来要做的事; 用过去完成时 表示已经做过的事或过去要做的事。 I’d rather you hadn’t told him the news that day.

---Shall we go skating or stay at home?

---Which ____ do yourself ? (05 全国)
A. do you rather B. would you rather C. will you rather D. should you rather 答案B would rather do sth. 更喜欢做…

[用法1]: would rather…than… 宁愿…… 而不……, 与其……不如…… [用法2]: would rather have done sth. 表示主语要做某事,而结果却事与愿违。
[用法3]: would … rather than… =would rather…than…
[用法4]: would rather 从句【sb. + (should) +do 原形】

12. Dr Yuan is more a farmer than a scientist. 与其说袁博士是一个科学家不如说他是一个农民。 be more than=not only 不仅仅,超过

e.g. Learning is more than reading.
be more +A +than +B 与其说是B还倒不如 说是A e.g. He is more an ordinary person than a leader.

1尽管 (引导什么从句) 2中国最著名的科学家之一(-----之一) 3认为自己是个农民 4因为 (引导什么句子) 5耕耘土地(work 及物还是不及物) 6进行科学研究 7他黝黑的脸庞和和手臂 8他那瘦削而又结实的身躯 9跟其他千百万中国农民一样 10 过去50年来 11为他们努力奋斗( for whom中的whom代指什么)

12被称为“超级杂交水稻的”的稻种(what 引导) 13成为世界上第一位种植水稻的农业先锋( to do 充当何种成分)[,pa??'n??(r)] 14有着高产量 (that 引导何种从句, 当何种成分) 15这种特殊的稻种 16使做某事成为可能 17使多收获百分之二十的产量成为可能 18在同样的田地里 19中国每年出产的稻米 (produced短语在句中做 何种成分,请把它改成句子) 20出自 21这种杂交稻种

1毕业于 2西南农学院 3从那时起 4找到种植更多大米的方法( finding 在句子中充 当何种成分) 5他一生的目标 6年轻时 7稻米增产的巨大需求 8当时 9许多农村地区 10一个严重问题 10寻求达到增收稻谷的途径 12不增加土地面积

13生产五千六百万吨稻谷 14近来丰收中 15将近两亿吨稻谷 16这一增加的粮食产量(increased 在句子充当何 种成分) 17意味着 18仅仅7%的耕地 19养活了 20世界22%的人口 21传播提高水稻产量的知识 (to do充当何种成分) 22很多其他欠发达国家 (developed在句子充当何种 成分) 23多亏了他的研究

24联合国 25在消除世界饥饿的战斗中 ( to rid 短 语在句子充当何种成分) 26有了更多的办法 27用他的杂交水稻种子( using短语在呢) 28 种出的粮食比以前多了一倍

1很满意他的生活 2不在意成名 3搞科研的自由(to do充当何种成分) 4宁愿把时间花在自己的业余爱好上 5喜欢听小提琴乐曲(enjoy的用法) 6打麻将、游泳和读书 7在自己身上花钱 (spending在句子充当何 种成分) 9或者 10享受舒适的生活(leading在句子充当何 种成分)

11对他来说意义不大 12事实上 13一个有了太多钱人 14有麻烦事 15更多而不是更少的麻烦事 16于是 17好几百万元 18帮助其他人进行农业科学研究

1梦想是不花本钱的 (dreaming从句中充当 何种成分) 2很久以前 3做了一-----的梦 4水稻长得像高粱一样高(该句在句中充当 何种成分) 5稻穗 6跟玉米穗一样大 7每粒稻谷 8像花生米一样大 9从梦中醒来

10希望能种植一种水稻 11养活更多人 (that引导什么从句,在 从句中充当何种成分) 12在很多年后 13有另外一个梦想 14出口他的稻谷 15长遍全球 16一个梦想总是不够的 17热爱和关心人民 (who 引导什么从句, 在从句中充当何种成分)


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