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外研社 高一英语 必修二 Module 2 教案

附件 2:实习教案模板

Lesson Plan
Practice teacher’s Name: Ren Baiyun Teaching Date: Nov. 28, 2012 Supervisor’s Name: Lu Yuncui 上课班级情况概述 班级气氛较活跃,大部分学生上课都很认真。但在互动这一环节仍需 Class Description

强化,很多时候学生因为种种因素不愿意站起来说出对某个问题的理 解。 教 材 依 据 和 内 容 Module 2 Teaching Materials and Teaching Introduction, Cultural Corner. Content 教学目标 Teaching 1. 语言知识目标 Vocabulary and structure: objectives/aims Vocabulary: cancer, bronchitis, cigarette, death, die, heart disease, injured, tobacco. 2. 语言技能目标 Function: a、To master the vocabulary related to smoking. For example: cancer, bronchitis, cigarette, death, die, heart disease … b、To train students’ ability to freely discuss the danger and harm of smoking by using the vocabulary we have learnt and the previous knowledge. c. To develop students’ ability to talk about the suggestions given to smokers so as to help them stop smoking. 3. 情感态度目标 Emotion: To make students have a better and clearer understanding of the danger and the harm of smoking in order to encourage them to keep far away from smoking. Besides, students can use what we have learnt in class to persuade the smokers around them to stop smoking for the sake of

附件 2:实习教案模板

our and their health as well as the harmony of society. 4. 学习策略目标 Learning strategy: The Task-based Language Teaching(Discussing the danger and harm of smoking, do a research about the ways of how to make smokers stop smoking.)

教 学 辅 助 手 段 Multi-media Teaching Aids 教学重点与难点 重点:a、To master the vocabulary: Cancer, bronchitis, cigarette,… Difficulties and Key Points
b、To understand the harm and danger of smoking.

难点: Freely talk about the ideas of stopping smoking. 教学过程 Teaching Step 1 Procedures 1. Greeting. (Allocation of Time) 2. Presentation. Step 2 1. Lead-in by introducing the “No Smoking Day”. 2. Show some pictures about “no smoking”. Step 3 Talk about the harm and the danger of smoking. a. Finish Activity 1 on Page 11. b. Learn words: bronchitis, cancer, cigarette, death, die, heart disease, injured, tobacco. c. Show some pictures to help students finish the task. d. Talk about the danger and the harm of smoking. e. Sum up the danger and the harm of smoking. Step 4 Discussion 1. Why do young students still smoke cigarettes? 2. What measures can you take to prevent smokers from smoking?\ a. To scan the passage of Cultural Corner firstly.

附件 2:实习教案模板

b. Find out what the four Ds refer to? c. Talk about the other ideas of helping people to give up smoking. Step 5 Suggestion We have learnt so much danger and harm of smoking, so we should keep far away from it and if there are smokers around us, we should use what we have learnt to persuade them from smoking in the sake of the health of ourselves and our family as well as the harmony of society. Step 6 Summary 课 后 作 Assignment 板 书 设 Board-writing design 业 1. What other ideas can you think to help the smokers? 2. Preview Reading And Vocabulary part. 计 Some difficult words that students have problems in understanding.



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