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高中英语:Unit 4 Body Language 单元综合评估测试(新人教必修4)

Body Language

高一英语同步练习: 必修 4 Unit 4
(100 分 一、单项选择(20 分) 1. The government plans to bring in new laws__________parents to take more responsibility for the education of their children. A. forced forced 2. Peter received a letter just now________his grandma would come to see him soon. A. said B. says C. saying D. to say B. forcing C. to be forced D. having


45 分钟)

3. I smell something________in the kitchen. Can I call you back in a minute? A. burning burnt 4. I hear they’ve promoted Tom, but he didn’t mention________when we talked on the phone. A. to promote to be promoted 5. It is worth considering what makes “convennience” foods so popular, and________ better ones of your own. B.having been promoted C.having promoted D. B. burnt C. being burnt D. to be


A. introduces introduced
C. introducing D.

B. to introduce

6. The visiting Minister expressed his satisfaction with the talks, ______ that he had enjoyed his stay here. A. having added B. to add C. adding D. added

7. The groups acted ______ their story before the class. A. up B. as C. out D. on

8. ______ with fire is dangerous. A. Play B. Playing C. Played D. To play

9. ______the radio — the baby's asleep in the next room. A. Turn down B. Turn up C. Turning down D. Turning up

10. If we can't find a house to live in, we'll have to______ without it. A. supply B. manage C. support D. stand

11. Whenever I see this photo, I______ my mother. A. think up B. think over C. think of D. think about

12. He could hardly move a step further. You can't imagine how he ______ to escape from the desert. A. succeeded. B. tried C. kept D. managed

13. Are all Chinese textbooks ______ in your ______ house? A. publishing … publishing C. publishing … published B. published … published D. published … publishing

14. His actions ______ his love more than any words could.


A. tell B. express
C. show D. mean

15. You should keep a secret of the things ______ here. A. discussing discussing 16 They don't allow ______ in the building, but they allow me ______ out of it. A. to smoke … smoking C to smoke … to smoke B. smoking … smoking D. smoking … to smoke B. being discussing C. being discussed D. to be

17. Never ______ faith in himself, the scientist went on with his research. A. to lose B. lost C. losing D. lose

18. When Lu Xun saw that many people in China suffered diseases, he decided ______ a doctor. C. to turn D. turning

A. to become B. becoming 19.

you want to do in your life, you must believe that you can be successful. A. What B. How C. Now matter what D. No matter how the

20. The travellers preferred to stay in their own tent (帐篷) night in the expensive hotel on the top of the mountain. A. rather than to spend rather than spend 三: 完形填空(20 分)

B. to spending C. rather than spending D.

It was an early morning in summer. In the streets, sleepy-eyed people

21 . This was the beginning of

were moving quickly, heading towards their another 22 day in New York City. 24

23 this day was to be different. 25 110 stories high, 26 a tightrope


the crowded streets, on top of a

was Philippe Pettit. This daring Frenchman was about to

(绷索) between the two towers of the World Trade Center. Philippe took his first 27 was 28 he could do it. 30 29 with great care. The wire held. Now he only a balancing Polar, Philippe walked his

way across, a

of 131 feet. 31 33 began to notice. What a figure was walking on air. 32 ! There, 1350

Soon the rush-hour feet above the street, a

Philippe made seven 34 , back and forth (来回). He wasn't satisfied with just 35 . At times, he would turn, sit down, and 37 36 go on his knees.

Once, he had the astonishing thousands of 38

to lie down on the thin thread. And

watchers stared with their hearts beating fast.

After the forty-five-minute _39 , Philippe was taken to the police station. He was asked 40 he did it. Philippe shrugged (耸肩) and said,“When I see two tall

buildings, I walk.” 21. A. jobs 22. A. working 23. A. And 24. A. for B. homes B. hot B. So B. in C. buses C. same C. But C. by D. offices D. ordinary D. Thus D. above


25. A. roof 26. A. throw 27. A. act 28. A. sure 29. A. Through 30. A. distance 31. A. streets 32. A. height 33. A. great 34. A. experiments 35. A. walking 36. A. almost 37. A. spirit 38 A. patient 39. A. show 40. A. how B. position B. walk B. landing B. uncertain B. Against B. height B. crowds B. pleasure B. strange
C. wall C. climb C. step C. glad C. With C. space C. passengers C. wonder C. public D. building D. fix D. trip D. nervous D. On D. rope D. city D. danger D. tiny D. movements D. showing D. rather D. courage D.enjoyable D. program D. when

B. circles C. trips B. staying B. even B. result B. terrified B. trick B. why C. acting C. often C. strength C.pleased C. try C. whether

四: 阅读理解(20 分) A We often hear people say, “I have a good memory for things like that” or “I can never remember names”. But do you know memory is the single most important thing and it has played a very important part? For early men, there were dangers all around them — bad weather,


wild animals. The keys to keep on living lay in man’s ability to remember these dangers and the ways he had dealt with them in the past. In order for memories to be stored, the human brain became more complex. And as man learned how to deal with them, he became civilized (文明). Surprisingly, scientists today understand little about memory and how it works. They have not yet found a way to open up the brain and observe its function without destroying it. Perhaps there are two types of memory — short-term and long-term. Short-term refers to those facts that stay with us for a few seconds to a few hours. For instance, when you stay at a hotel, you remember the room number and forget it as soon as you leave. Long-term memory, on the other hand, means you remember things for a long period of time. If you spend your honeymoon in a particular hotel, it’s likely that you’ll remember your stay quite clearly. Scientists also believe that a short-term memory can become a long-term memory through consolidation (巩固). A lot of chemical and physical changes take place in the part of the brain. Although the human brain weighs three pounds, it contains 30 billion nerve cells (神经细胞) acting like a computer. When those changes strengthen the links (联系) in certain nerve cells, a thought becomes a part of the long-term memory. 41. According to the author, without the development of man’s memory there would be ____. A. no modern world recorded history C. no animals D.


no dangers

42. Scientists’ knowledge about the function of brain is ______. A. interesting B. not enough C. great D. encouraging

43. Short-term memory can change into long-term memory on condition that ______. A. memory is good C. people do more exercise by certain changes 44. So far the great discovery scientists have made about the function of brain is ______. A. the weight of brain C.30 billion nerve cells B. two types of memory D.chemical and physical changes B. it acts like a computer D the links in nerve cells are strengthened

45. Which of the following is TRUE? A. The heavier the brain is, the better memory it has. B. Scientists can open the brain without destroying it. C. Memory is very important for early men. D. Early men’s memory was better because they could remember a lot of things. B “Passengers for Paris, Berlin, Moscow, Peking, Nanking, Shanghai, Canton and Hong Kong, please go to Platform One.” The travellers were now getting on the Central Kingdom Express at



the Victoria Station. They were going to travel 142 days over 9 000 miles from London to Hong Kong. Among the passengers some were old people. Mrs Baily was the oldest in the party. She was a retired worker. “It’s no good sitting back if you retire,” she said, “One must do things one had no time to do. A trip like this will be very interesting .Won’t you think?” The trip was organized by Sunquest Holidays. It would cost each traveler almost $ 2600. From Hongkong they would fly back to London. Many of the passengers were interested in China. “I’ve always wanted to see China,” said Mr Haviland. “So I don’t mind spending six weeks on trains.” Another passenger, Mr Barber, said, “We wanted to go straight to see China and to eat Chinese food, which we love.” 46. The train wouldn’t go to ______. A. Berlin B. London C. New York D. Nanking

47. Mrs Baily believed that______. A. the retired people should leave home B. a long journey would do good to the retired workers C. she should go on working rest 48. Which of the following is true? A. All the travellers were not retired workers. B. All the passengers would take the train for the whole trip. C. All travel agents organized this trip. D. It’s a free trip for D. the retired people should have a good


the old people.

49. They chose China as the main place to travel because ______. A. their friends asked them to do so C. China is unknown to them B. China is very big

D. they show great interest in China

50. We can know from the passage that ______. A. this journey would be very tiring B. China is the most marvelous place to travel C. old people are more interested in traveling than the youngsters D. some people cannot bear such a long trip 五:短文改错 (10 分) I went to see the film after supper. On my way to the 51_______________ cinema. I met an English woman, who lost her way. 52_______________ I gave up the chance see the film and took her to her 53_______________ hotel. While go there, I told her about great changes 54_______________ that had been taken place here in the past few years 55_______________ and she had told me something about her country. 56_______________



Although I missed the film, but I still felt very happy, for 57_______________ I had not only helped her out of trouble but practiced 58_______________ my spoken English. If I had not worked hard on 59._______________ English, I would not have been able to help him. 60_______________ IV:单词拼写(15 分) 61. They asked me so many questions that I got c_______________. 62. In order to a____________ meeting him, I turned around and walked away. 63. While staying in a five_ star hotel, you will feel completely at e_____. 64. All the soldiers decided to_____(保卫)their country. 65. The two men have different______(面部的) expressions. 66. Yesterday he made a speech at the meeting, ______(代表)our school. 67. 68. 69. He is _____(可能的) to win the match. In _____(总的来说), Mr. Wang is an honest man. She b___________ (over) to pick up a book from the floor.

70. Mr. Black p__________ the boy on the shoulder and encouraged him. 六: 根据课文填空(10 分)



Body language is one of the 71._______ 72.______ 73.______ of 74.______, often even more powerful than 75.______

76.______.People around the world 77.______all kinds of 78.______, wishes and 79.______that they might never speak aloud. It is 80.______ to read others around us.

检测卷答案: 一 : 单 项 选 择 1 — 5: BCABC 20:DCACD 二 : 完 型 填 空 21---25:ADCDD 26---30:BCACA 6 — 10: CCBAB 11 — 15:CDDBC 16 —

31---35:BCDCA36---40:BDBAB 四: 阅读理解 41—45:ABDDC 五: 短文改错: 51. film 前 的 the 改 为 a ; 52. lost 前 加 had ; 53. see 前 加 to ; 46—50:CBADA

54. go 改为 going;55. 去掉 been;56. 去掉 had;57. 去掉 but; 58. 正确;59. on 改为 at;60. him 改为 her; 六: 单词拼写: 61. confused ; 62. avoid ; 63. ease ; 64.defend ; 65. facial ;66. representing;



67. likely ;68. general;69. bent;70. patted; 七:课文填空: 71. most; 72. powerful; 73. means ;74. communication; 75. spoken ; 76. language; 77. show;78. feelings; 79. attitudes; 80. possible;



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