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说课 learning a foreign language

Learning a Foreign Language

Main Contents

Analysis of the material


Analysis of the students


Teaching &learning methods


Teaching procedures


The design of the blackboard

Part 1 Analysis of the Material



My understanding

Teaching objectives

Focus and Difficulty

Hard work Eagerness Frustration Difficulties

Junior Senior

College Online study

Learning a language

1. My understanding

This article is a good material to teach Ss the Value of hard work and the significance of learning a foreign language.

2. Teaching Objectives
The New Curriculum: Develop students’ comprehensive language competence
Language Skills Language Knowledge

Cultural Awareness Learning Strategies

Attitudes to learning

Objectives of this lesson
Of knowledge: 1、 Understand the text. 2、 Master some words and expressions.


Build up reading skills

Of abilities:
Develop skills of main idea, word-guessing, paraphrase.

Of emotions: Develop love of learning

Understand long sentences.

Part 2 Analysis of the students Students

1. Have a good vocabulary. 2. Have basic reading skills.

1. Have trouble in remembering words. 2. Afraid of complex structure and long sentences.

Part 3 Teaching/learning methods
Teaching methods Learning methods Teaching aids

Task-based Student-centered Activity-based

Co-operation Communication


Part 4 Teaching procedure
5 Consolidation 4 Read for mind 3 Read for language 2 Read for information

1 Warming-up

Step 1 Warming-up

Watch a video

The speech of the 21st Speech Contest champion Ask: What problems do you have in learning English?

Do you think computer can help learn English?


Arouse interests Recall memories

Lead to the topic

Step 2 Read for information

Activity 1:

The main idea & structure
Learning a foreign language was one of the most difficult yet _______________________ ___________________
(1) Junior middle school (2) __________________. (3) College (4) __________________ Learning a foreign language has been _____________experience for me, but_____________ ______________________

Part One Introduction (Para. 1)

The author’s 4 stages Part Two of language learning (Para. 2-7) experiences

Conclusion Part Three (Para. 8)

Activity 2:

Guess the meanings
1.I began to feel intimidated. I’m afraid to speak.
A. frightened B. courageous C. shy D. confident

2. I had finally reaped the benefits of the hard work. A.relieved B. realized C. obtained D. recognized

Activity 3:

Fill in the Information card

1 ) What made the author’s English learning in junior middle school very successful?
2)What is basic to online English learning? 3)What interested the author most about English?

Difficult : a. in Senior School________. (Para. 3) b. at college ___________ (Para. 4) Rewarding : a. _________________. (Para. 2) b. _________________. ( Para.5-7 )

Students’ activity 1: Divide the passage into three parts and summarize the main idea;
Students’ activity 2: Guess the words according to the context. Students’ activity 3:

Complete the information card.
Build skills of summarizing main idea, word-guessing, scanning detailed information

Step 3 Read for language

Activity 1: Find useful expressions:
A 1. I was at the top of my class for two years. 2. However, the situation was far from perfect. 3. … it requires much time, … to keep up with the flow of the course. 4. … I cried out of frustration, and sometimes I felt like giving up. 5. I am able to reach out to others and bridge the gap between my language and …

1)很值得去努力/付出时 间/付出金钱/值得我们去 冒险 2)在班里名列前茅 3)失去说英语的欲望 4)远不尽人意/远远不够

to be well worth the effort/the time/ the money/ our risk (L 3) to be at the top of the class(L8) to lose the desire to say anything in English (L16) to be far from perfect /satisfactory/ enough (L21) to get access to the necessary equipment (L 29-30) to keep up with the flow of the course /to keep pace with(L33)

5)接触到必要的设备 6)跟上课程进度

Activity 2: Explain the sentences in English.
1.Because of the positive method, I eagerly answered all the questions I could, never worrying much about making mistakes.

2.But I didn't feel intimidated by students who spoke faster than I did because I took all the time I needed to think out my ideas and wrote a reply before posting it on the screen

Activity 3: Discover useful structures.
Not only did learning another language ……, but it also gave me insights into another culture


1. He not only easily accepts other people’s opinions, but he is also patient. 2. She not only sings beautifully but she also dances wonderfully. 3. We not only lost all our money, but we also came close to losing our lives.

Step 3 Read for language
Students’ activity 1 Find useful expressions. Students’ activity 2 Explain some sentences in English. Students’ activity 3 Discover useful structures. Purpose: Collect useful language,
build abilities of using language

Step 4 Read for mind

Talk freely

Work in groups: What makes a good teacher? What are good ways to learn English? What does learning English mean for you?

patient/impatient gentle

father-like too serious

punish shout

sincere humorous easy-going

too talkative
cold confident too strict

criticize praise …

Purpose: Set the Ss’ deep thinking for future study and life

Step 5 Consolidation
Learning a foreign language is one of the most frustrating yet most (1) with English ____________ experiences for me. My experience (2)_____ rewarding junior middle school. Because of a patient teacher and began in (3)_______ his (4)positive _______ method, I was eager to study English and stayed at the top of my class. While in (6) ______ senior middle school, however, the (8) (5) ____ __________ __________ to impatience of my teacher totally drained me of the (7) eagerness say anything in English. That state lasted (8) _____ until I went to college, across in the senior middle school, where unlike the problem I came (9) ______ my class was very large and some students spoke better than I did. So, afraid once again, although for different (10) reasons _______, I was (11) _______ to speak and felt that my English would (12) _____ stay at the same level online course and participated in the forever. Only when I took the (13) _______ virtual classroom study did I come to reap the (15) (14)_______ _______ benefits from English learning. To begin with, such an experience taught me the ( insights into 16 ) _____ value of hard work. Besides, it gave me ( 17 ) _______ thus another culture, ( 18 ) ______keeping my mind ( 19 ) _____ open to new ways of seeing things. And most important of all, it enabled me to make exchange of ideas across cultures. an (20)_________


Yu Minhong talk about English learning and life.

Purpose: Motivate Ss to learn more online

1.Write a passage about your own experience of learning English. 2. Do more online learning: detail.asp?id=20(英语词汇记忆法)


Evaluate your study
I can understand the passage I’v learned some good ways to learn English. I learned some useful words and expressions and I’ll try to use them. I understand the significance of learning English better. I will try to learn online. Yes Yes Yes No No No




Self- evaluation

Part 5 Blackboard design

Learning a foreign language A good teacher should be: …… …… …… Good ways to learn English:
…… …… ……

Group work
…… …… ……

The Objectives of this lesson:
Of abilities: Develop skills of main idea, word-guessing paraphrase..
Comprehensive Competence

Of knowledge: Understand the text; Master some words, expressions.

Of emotions: Develop Ss’ love of learning; Build cultural awareness


3. Focus and difficulty



Build up reading skills

understand long sentences

Step 2 Read for information
Students’ activity 1: Divide the passage into three parts and summarize the main idea;
Students’ activity 2: Guess the words according to the context. Students’ activity 3:

Complete the information card.
Build skills of summarizing main idea, word-guessing, scanning detailed information

Step 4 Read for mind
Talk freely

Work in groups: What makes a good teacher? What are good ways to learn English? What does learning English mean for you?




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