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新课标人教版必修一 Unit1-3 词汇练习
一、根据括号里所给单词、单词首字母或汉语提示,用单词的正确形式填空。 1. Russia used to be a very ______(power) country. 2. You have put your family through much ______ (suffer). 3. It was expected that there would be strong ______ (disagree) about this thing. 4. Naturally we were ______(concern) about him when we heard of the accident. 5. We all want to know what ______(actual) happened. 6. His ______(express) became serious as he listened to her story. 7. Buses run ______(frequent) from the city to the airport. 8. Machines in that factory will wear out under improper ______(use) soon. 9. His ______(graduate) will never take place if he fails the exam again. 10. No one can shake China’s ______(determine) to build socialism. 11. The manager thought he was a ______(rely) person and told him all about the new plan. 12. This morning, my little sister told me that she got a l______ tooth. 13. I r______ Mary by her red hat from the crowd. 14. We lived in Thailand, then Singapore, and finally s______ in Hong Kong. 15. He is g______ to us for our timely help. 16. Nobody can ______(忽视) the fact that the experiment is a success. 17. My best friend collected a ______(一系列) of new stamps. 18. I have every confidence that she’ll ______(康复) soon. 19. He speaks English with a strong foreign ______ (口音). 20. I got seasick during my first ______(航海) to France. 二、选择适当的词组,完成下面句子。 add up, go through, on purpose, face to face, suffer from, get along with, ever since, care about, give in, make up one’s mind, as usual, at present, make use of, because of 1. We had better ___________ something inexpensive instead of this kind of material. 2. She is eager to meet her favorite pop star ___________. 3. Children from families with a low income are more likely to ___________ poor health. 4. When he was a child, he ___________ one hardship after another. 5. Tom explained to his mom that he hadn’t done it ___________. 6. My uncle said that he didn’t ___________ money. 7. In the end, I had to ___________ to dad — he’s usually right anyway. 8. She wrote down the weight of each bag and then ___________ all the weights. 9. He is sincere and easy to ___________. 10. I can’t ___________ whether to buy this dark suit or that colored one? 11. I went back not ___________ the rain, but because I was tired. 12. My aunt has been doing badly ___________ her operation. 13. ___________ she holds the position as company manager. 14. After supper, Jim dived into his work ___________. 三、下列句子中各有一处错误,找出并改正。 1. It is natural that he should disagree to you on this thing. 2. I prefer writing a term paper than taking an examination.

3. In the hospital, the mother cared about the sick child day and night. 4. As you get older, your attitude about death will change.

参考答案: 一、1. powerful 2. suffering 3. disagreement 4. concerned 5. actually 6. expression 7. frequently 8. usage 9. graduation 10. determination 11. reliable 12. loose 13. recognized 14. settled 15. grateful 16. ignore 17. series 18. recover 19. accent 20. voyage 二、1. make use of 2. face to face 3. suffer from 4. went through 5. on purpose 6. care about 7. give in 8. added up 9. get along with 10. make up my mind 11. because of 12. ever since 13. At present 14. as usual 三、1. to 改为 with 2. than 改为 to 3. about 改为 for 4. about 改为 towards 或 to


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