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英语:Unit 2《The Olympic Games》测试(3)

I. 选择填空

The Olympic Games 单元同步测试

1. Father is too busy to have any entertainments. If he ____me to go to the concert, I will be very glad. A. suggests B. advises C. promises D. agrees

2. When the mother heard a bomb exploded _____ his son was working, her heart _______, wondering if her son was safe. A. where; sank B. in which ; broke C. that; was broken D. at which; sank

3. The competition to ______ the program is very fierce among the candidates. A. have B. hold C. host D. own

4. He wanted to ____ the National Team to compete in the Summer Olympic Games for his country but he was disappointed that he failed at the qualifying stage. A. attend B. take part in C. join C. join in

5. There were not so many _____ in the ancient Olympic Games as ______ today. A. events; are B. competitions; there have C. events; there are D. competitions; there are 6. The aim for athletes to take part in the Olympic Games is not _____medals _____ to promote or develop friendship. A. winning; except B. to win; but C. winning; but D. to win; besides

7. Admitting ______ wrong should not be the reason for our not admitting those who want to join the League _____ the organization. A. to have done; to B. having done; for C. doing; to D. to do; for

8. ______ you have become slaves of your money, you won’t be able to live a happy life. A. While B. Once C. As D. As soon as

9. It was foolish _____ the French princess to ______ the English prince, who cheated on her without mercy. A. for; believe in B. of; believe C. for; believe D. of; believe in

10. The Chairman of the National Table Tennis Committee is _____ the gold medal, the silver medal and the bronze medal to the winners of the game ______. A. giving; one by one C. presenting; one by one B. presenting; one after another D. giving; one after another

11. These flowers should not be watered too ______, once _____. A. long; every other day C. soon; every two days B. often; every fourth day C. frequently; each five days

12. ---I won’t go in for mountaineering. It is too dangerous.
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----_____, you told me that you would. A. But B. Since C. For
D. As

13. ---How would you like to find a secretary for your office? ---________. A. Advertising B. By advertising C. To advertise for D. Advertise

14. It worries the parents a lot that their only daughter doesn’t study hard as she ______and is not so active as she ______. A. used to; used to B. would; would C. used to; used to be D. used to study; used to be 15. The manager as well as his whole team _______ determined to do the work as_____ as they can and promises to get it completed in time . A. are; well B. is; well C. are; good D. is; good

16. Winning the bid to host the Olympic Games means not only a great honor to a nation ________. A. but a great responsibility B. as well as a great responsibility B. but as well as a great responsibility D. but a great responsibility as well

17. On their way to the reception building, all the athletes were amazed _______ so many volunteers ____their help. A. finding; politely offering C. finding; politely to offer 18. Work hard or you will __________by someone else. A. be replaced B. be taken the place of C. be instead of D. be removed B. to find; polite to offer D. to find; politely offering

19. ---What can I do for you, sir? ---I’d like to see the manager ______ of sales department. A. in the charge B. under charge C. is in charge D. in charge

20. ---How much did you spend on such a nice jacket? --About 5 dollars. ---What a ______! I thought it would cost 20. A. price B. buy C. bargain D. cheat

21. ---Have you moved into your new house? ---No, the rooms _______. A. have been painted B. are painted C. are painting D. are being painted

22. If city noises _____ from increasing, people _____ shout to be heard even at dinner table 20 years from now on. A. are not kept ; will have to B. are not kept; have to
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C. don’t keep; will have to
D. don’t keep; have to

23. Fresh fruit and vegetables _______ long on hot summer days. A. can’t be kept C. don’t keep C. won’t be kept D. are not kept

24. Don’t leave the room until you ______. A. tell to B. are told to C. will be told to D. are being told to

25. While driving into the city, he didn’t notice the road sign that _____ “ Turn left.” A. read B. was read C. reads D. is read

II. 完形填空: As I had my first child, I promised myself never to be a push parent. I was going to be a very 26 and understanding mother. Five years later my little boy was about to five-year-old child, he wasn’t taking it 28 27 for his yellow belt in karate(空手道 ). As a ,because it was mom trying to help him. I found 29

myself yelling and telling him he would never get the belt acting like that. I was trying to

him his back-flip. He 30 to play and I continued to yell. Finally I had made him feel like he couldn’t 31 anything, just as I promised myself I wouldn’t do. Still mad and stubborn I couldn’t 32 . I had to teach him this flip. He was doing fine with would

it by the time we had to leave to go to karate. While taking the test, he did great. His 33 ask him to do something, and it became He had passed his yellow belt test. We got into the car to 34

for him. He never asked him to do the back-flip.

35 when he looked at me and said “Mom, why did you make me 36 it wasn’t even on the test.” The words wouldn’t have 37

do that back-flip so many times,

anything to anyone else, but it was a loved him.

38 in my face. That night while lying in bed, I told him I

He was 39 and didn’t say anything, just giggled. I said, “I really do love you baby.” I was still feeling 40 and also 41 if he had forgiven me. Finally he replied in the 42 voice, “I

know you do, but I love you more.” He had forgiven me and I had decided that his feelings were more would ever take. I made a new 26. A. patient 27. A. look 28. A. easy 29. A. help 30. A. started 31. A. accomplish 43 than any test he

44 to be a better mother and to 45 that he was only a child. C. polite C. play C. seriously C. make C. continued C. try
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B. good B. practise B. happily B. teach B. kept on B. feel

D. affectionate D. test D. fairly D. tell D. prevented D. pass

32. A. give up 33. A. father 34. A. quick 35. A. go home 36. A. when 37. A. expected 38. A. wind 39. A. working 40. A. guilty 41. A. knowing 42. A. saddest 43. A. true 44. A. promise 45. A. accept B. give in B. teacher B. normal B. go shopping B. once B. reached B. moment B. moving B. happy B. puzzling B. sweetest B. sincere B. gift B. help
C. give away C. doctor C. common C. rest ourselves C. while C. demanded C. smile C. playing C. upset C. wondering C. happiest C. faithful C. plan C. know D. give out D. instructor D. natural D. enjoy ourselves D. if D. meant D. slap D. crying D. stubborn D. believing D. biggest D. important D. experiment D. agree

III. 阅读理解: A Paula Radcliffe, chasing(角逐)a third London marathon title(冠军),says she has become a stronger person after her terrible experience at the 2004 Athens Games. Radcliffe, who failed to complete the Olympic marathon and the 10,000m last August, said: “Athens made me a stronger person and it made me care about criticism(批评).” “In the past I wanted to please everyone, but now I am going to listen even more to the people around me.” She didn’t care about criticism made at the weekend by Liz McColgan, who felt Radcliffe should have rested and let her body recover after her failure in Athens. “Liz is someone I look up to but she hasn’t spoken to me last year and if she really cared for me, I’m sure she would have contacted(联系)me.” Instead Radcliffe won the New York City marathon just 11 weeks after Athens. “In New York I wasn’t in my best state but I did know I was good enough to win the race.” Radcliffe insisted her only goal in Sunday’s race would be winning a third title and not chasing world records. However, Radcliffe has not ruled out(排除)in the future chasing her “final” world record time and questioned sayings that marathon runners have the ability in their career to produce only four or five world-class times. “I don’t think that---although I can’t put a number on it,” said Radcliffe. “That changes from
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person to person.”

Radcliffe is sure she can better her winning London 2003 performance some point in the future. Following a successful three-month training period in the United States, the 31-year-old will chase a third title on Sunday after her first victory in 2002 and again 12 months later. Radcliffe clocked a time 2:18:56 in her first 42.2-kilometre race three years ago. Afterwards she set a “mixed course” mark of 2:17:18 five months later in Chicago before lowering that to a time of 2:15:25 in the 2003 London event. 46. Radcliffe’s failure in Athens made her ______. A. face criticism calmly C. love people around her more B. rest for five months D. develop respect for Liz

47. Which of the following is true according to the passage? A. Radcliffe broke the world record in the New York City marathon. B. Radcliffe didn’t fully recover before the New York City marathon. C. Radcliffe won her first marathon title in the New York City marathon D. Radcliffe had a 3-month training before the New York City marathon. 48. By saying “I can’t put a number on it “ , Radcliffe means she’s not sure ______. A. if she has the ability to set a new world record B. if she can win another race though she has won many times C. how many times a marathon runner can set the world record D. if she has the ability to produce four or five world-class times 49. According to the text, Radcliffe has won_____ London marathon title(s). A. one B. two C. three D. four

50. What can we learn from Radcliffe’s story? A. Practice makes perfect. B. Well begun is half done D. Where there is a will, there is a way.

C. A friend in need is a friend indeed

B Athens will welcome the 2004 Olympic Games with open arms. Not only will the Games be returning to their birthplace, but they’ll also be entering a new period of Olympic history. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has been looking for ways to make the world’s largest sporting event a bit smaller and easier for cities to host. Mexico is the only Latin American nation to have hosted the Olympics. And the games have never been held in Africa. It costs well over$4 billion t host the Olympic Games. And this is stopping many poorer countries from trying to win the bid. Cities in Africa and Latin America, with great social and money problems, cannot even begin to make the bid.
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So, the IOC has suggested 117 ways to make the Games smaller and easier for cities across the world. These ideas are to be put into practice soon---maybe in time for the Beijing 2008 Olympics. The IOC wants to save up to $400 million. The suggestions include limiting the number of sports to 28 and the number of athletes to 10,500. “Imagine a bus with 28 seats and some sports need to get off to give their places to other sports,”said an IOC official. Sports that might not appear in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games included baseball, softball and the modern pentathlon( 五 项全能 )(shooting, fencing, horse, jumping, swimming and running). “We think that the Olympic Games have to be made smaller, and the less costly so that they can be organized by all continents and subcontinents(次大陆),”said IOC president Jacques Rogge. “Our dream is that a continent such as Africa will be able to organize the Olympic Games.” 51. What’s the main idea of the passage? A. The Olympic Games have to be made smaller and less costly B. The Olympic Games have to increase the number of sports. C. The Olympic games have to increase the number of athletes. D. The Olympic Games have to enlarge their global attraction. 52. From the passage, we can know that the Olympics have been held in four continents EXCEPT ____________. A. Asia B. America C. Europe D. Africa

53. The events which are most probably limited include ______ according to the passage. A. basketball, baseball and football B. baseball, softball and volleyball C. softball, baseball and the modern pentathlon D. softball, fencing and pentathlon 54. The purpose of writing the article is to ______. A. think highly of the Athens Olympic Games B. make many poorer countries be able to organize the Olympics. C. increase the events of the Athens Olympic Games D. make Athens enter a new period of Olympic history

C It seems that some people go out of their way to get into trouble. That’s more or less what happened the night that Nashville Police Officer Floyd Hyde was on duty. “I was on the way to a personal-injury accident in West Nashville. As I got onto Highway 40, blue lights and siren(警笛) going, I fell in behind a gold Pontiac Firebird that suddenly seemed to take off quickly down the highway. The driver somehow panicked at the sight of me. He was
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going more than a hundred miles an hour and began passing cars on the shoulder.” But Hyde couldn’t go after him. Taking care of injured people is always more important than worrying about speeders, so the officer had to stay on his way to the accident. But he did try to keep the Firebird in sight as he drove, hoping another nearby unit would be able to step in and stop the speeding car. As it turned out, keeping the Firebird in sight was not that difficult. Every turn the Pontiac made was the very turn the officer needed to get to the accident scene. Hyde followed the Pontiac all the way to his destination(目的地). At that point he found another unit had already arrived at the accident scene. His help wasn’t needed. Now he was free to try to stop the driver of the firebird, who by this time had developed something new to panick about. “Just about that time,” Hyde says, “ I saw fire coming out from under that car, with blue smoke and oil going everywhere. He’s blown his engine. Now he had to stop.” “After I arrested him, I asked him why he was running. He told me he didn’t have a driver’s license That accident cost the driver of the Firebird plenty—a thousand dollars for the new engine—not to mention the charges for driving without a license, attempting to run away, and dangerous driving. 55. The meaning of “panicked” in paragraph 2 is related to _______. A. happy B. fear C. anger D. hate

56. Why did the driver of the Firebird suddenly speed down the highway? A. Because he was racing with another driver on the road. B. Because he realized he had to hurry to the accident scene. C. Because he thought the police officer wanted to stop him. D. Because he wanted to overtake other cars on the shoulder. 57. Which of the following statements is true? A. Someone else was taking care of the injured person. B. The Pontiac reached its destination at the accident scene. C. Hyde knew where he was going by following the right car. D. The policeman was running after a speeder on Highway 40. 58. The driver of the Firebird _________. A. took a wrong turn on the way C. was stopped by the police officer B. had some trouble with his car D. paid for the expenses of the accident

59. What is probably the best title for the article? A. Losing His Way? C. Fun All the Way? B. Going My Way? D. Help on the Way?
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IV. 短文改错:

High school in the United States is usually dividing into Two periods—the first two and three years is called “junior high school” and other is “senior high school”. In China, children enjoy free education of nine year, but in the United States, the students enjoy free education until they are of eighteen years old. American children have little difficulty go to senior high school. American high school students could take part in a lot of activities outside of the classroom. The school organize the activities such as joining a music group or a sports team. Certainly, just like we students in China.

60._________ 61.__________ 62.__________ 63.__________ 64.___________ 65._________ 6.__________ 67.__________ 68.__________ 69.___________

V. 书面表达: 第二节:书面表达(满分 25 分) 假设有一批英国中学生将来你校就读,校方要求你在开班典礼上介绍一下学校的有关要求。 请按以下要点写一篇发言稿。 ◎上学要穿戴整洁 ◎上课不迟到、早退 ◎保持校园清洁 ◎走路靠右行;若要骑车上学,请办自行车许可证 注意: 1. 词数: 100 左右; 2. 可适当增加细节,以使行文连贯; 3. 开头和结尾已为你写好。 参考词汇:许可证—permit ************************************************************************** Good morning, dear friends. Welcome to our school. Thanks. 一、内容要点 1、上学要穿戴整洁 2、上课不迟到 、早退 3、保持校园清洁 4、走路靠右行 5、若要骑车上学,请办自行车许可证
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Unit two 答案: 单项选择: 1-5CACCC 完形填空: 26-30ADCBC 阅读理解: 46-50ABCBD 改错: 60.dividing—divided 61.and—or 62.other---the other 65.go---going 66.could---can 书面表达: One Possible Version Good morning, dear friends. Welcome to our school. Now please allow me to introduce you to so me of our school rules here. As high school students, firstly, we are expected to be neatly dressed when at school. Secondly, it must be made clear that we should never be late for class or leave sch ool before it is over. The school is a place for us to live and study in, so we must keep it clean. Las tly, when you are walking on the road, please remember to keep to the right, and, if you want to go to school by bike, you must have a bicycle-permit. Thanks. 63.year---years 64.drop “of” 51-54ADCB 55-59BCABB 31-35ABDDA 36-40ADDCA 41-45CBDAA 6-10BBBAD 11-15BBACB 16-20ADACB 21-25DACBA

67. right 68.organize---organizes 69.we—us

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