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湖南省隆回县第二中学高中英语 Module 1 Unit1 School Life Period3导学案 牛津译林版必修1

Module1 Period 3

Unit 1 School life Language points ( 1 )

Studying task: Language points. Studying aims: Mastering the important language points in the text. Sel f educa

tion(自主学习): Underline the phrases in each paragraph (在相应的段落标出下列短语) P 1: 对??很满意; 比平常晚一个小 时; 做某事的最佳方式; 取得高分; 赢得尊敬; 听起来像

P 2: 与?相邻; 投身于,致力于; P 4: 有点挑战性 Team work(合作探究): Key points:

1. Going to a British high school for one year


a very enjoyable and exciting

experience for me. (Line 1—2;课文 注释 P61,(参考“同步讲解与测评”P3-4 并 参考“词汇同步手册”P5-8)) Tips: 1. 该句子 的主语是_____________________________; 动名词短语作主语,谓语动词用单数还是复数? 2. experience 作可数名词和不可数名词,意思有何不同? 3. 与 experience 有关的短语有哪些?(参考“词汇同步手册”P5-8) 4. 辨析 Britain 与 Eng land 前者指英国,等同于 UK,而 England 指英格兰,它只是英国的一部分。 国名 America France Germany China Japan Britain Spain 国家的 American French German Chinese Japanese British Spanish 语言 English French German Chinese Japanese English Spanish 国人 American Frenchman German Chinese Japanese 国人复数 Americans Frenchmen Germans Chinese Japanese

2. This means I could get up an hour later than usual as schools in China begin before 8 a. m. (Line 4—5)(参考“同步讲解与测评”P17 并参考“词汇同步手册”P44) Tips: 1. mean doing sth. 和 mean to do sth. 分别表示什么意思? 2. 翻 译 : 对 不 起 我 伤 害 了 你 ; 我 不 是 有 意 的 。

______________________________________ 3. mean 的过去式和过去分词分别是什么?怎么读? 4. 句中的 as 是什么意思? 3. On the first day, all of the new students attended an assembly?(Line 6) Tips: join/join in/take part in/attend 的区别; (见《重点单词和短语》 ) 4. He also told us that the best way to earn respect was to devote ourselves to

study and achieve high grades. (Line 9—11; (参考“同步讲解与测评”P17 并参考“词 汇同步手册”P,8-12,18,45)) Tips: 1.“赢得某人的尊敬”有几种表达方式? 2. devote ourselves to study 中的 to 是不定式还是介词?句中的 study 是动词还 是名词? 3. “将某人的时间/精力/金钱用于(做)某事”怎么表达? 4. achieve one’s goal/purpose; achieve success 分别如何翻译?

5. This is about the average size for British schools. (Line 15—16;(参考“同 步讲解与测评”P6 并参考“词汇同步手册”P13)) Tips: 1. 翻译下列短语和句子: 平均_____________; 平均水平之上_____________; 平均水平之下____________ 他平均每个星期打两次网球。 _____________________________________________________________ 6. ?the homework was not as heavy as what I used to get in my old school. (Line 20—21;课文注释 P 61) Tips: 1. 某人过去常常做某事(现在已经不做了)______________________ 2. Sth. be used to do sth. ________________________________________ 3. 某人习惯于做某事 _____________ ____________________________ Target detection(目标检测): 1. 那个有经验的登山者经历了许多,他从自己的冒险经历中获得了许多经验。 The _______ mountain climber __________a lot, and he gained much __________from his own adventurous _________. 2. Our English teacher has _________in teaching. A. many experience C. much experiences B. much experience D. few experience

3. 翻译:I used to go to school by bike and now I am used to walking to school.


Notes for key points:



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