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人教新课标知识点复习-必修二 Unit 2 The Olympic Games[2]

Unit 2 The Olympic Games
短文填空 Before they began to build the dam,people already knew that there were going to be several .As a result of the dam, problems the water of the lake was going to by 63 metres.It levelbe to move 53,000 people from rise would their villages.Also, around necessary the area of Aswan there are a lot of important old temples, date from about 1250 BC.These temples were in ; danger which when the dam was finished,many of them would be by the covered waters of the new lake.One of the most important temples was the at Abu Simbel.It was carved in rock and had on the outside one four large stone statues, of which was 20 metres each and made several different plans high.Engineers studied the problem for the temple. rescuing



An oil lamp is twinkling with a happy smile in the
dark.Around it are some words “Love is similar to a light shining brighter in the dark”.

寓意理解 Love is considered more precious in more difficult situations

and more needed by those who are in urgent need of help.

Ⅰ.词义辨析 1.The Olympic winner will receive a gold B as an award.





2.A new A.regular


bus service to Tianjin Airport started to operate B.physical C.usual C D.former of research and D the Olympic

two months ago.
3.We drew this conclusion on the

A.motto B.glory C.basis 4.We all know that the Great Britain will

Games in 2012.
A.charge 5.It is my A.doubt 6.Taking A.physical A C B.volunteer C.admit to check that all doors and windows are locked B.poster C.responsibility D.evidence D.fluent

after everybody leaves. exercises regularly will do good to our health. B.stubborn

7.The taxi driver was A.replaced B.fined


$50 for ignoring the red light. C.debated D.removed D a rest.

8.You’ve been working all morning—I think you




into the pub in this

9.Children under 18 will not be country. A.designed

B.decorated C.competed C

D.admitted in the sales. D.motto

10.I might buy a TV,if I can find a A.medal B.pain


take part in;stand for;as well;in charge;one after another; on a regular basis;compete against;as a matter of fact;pick up; apart from 1.As a fulltime student,you should attend classes on a regular basis . 2.We’re going to the cinema tonight,why don’t you come along as well?

3.No,I wasn’t annoyed.As a matter of fact,I was very glad to see
them. 4.She soon picked up some French when she went to live in France. 5.Do you know how many countries took part in the last Olympic Games?

6. Apart from the injuries to his face and hands,he broke both
legs. 7.“My name is Dean E.Beller.” “What does the E stand for?” 8.In my opinion,this firm is too small to compete against large ones in trade.

9.Who will be in charge here when the manager is away?
10.It was the time of break and students came out of classroom

one after another.

Ⅲ.完成句子 1.Our Greek cities used to compete against each other (过去常常互相比赛) just for the honour of winning.(compete) 2.Only athletes who have reached the agreed standard for their event will be admitted as competitors (才能参加比赛).(admit) 3.She said to her father that she would not marry anyone who

could not run faster than her (嫁给没她跑得快的人).(marry)
Ⅳ.模仿造句 1.I lived in what you call “Ancient Greece” and I used to write

about the Olympic Games a long time ago.
[翻译]我们生活在所谓的“信息时代”。 We live in what we call “the Information Age”.

2.How often do you hold your Games? [翻译]你多长时间接到你姐姐一次信? How often do you hear from your sister? 3.How can the runners enjoy competing in winter? [翻译]这对兄弟喜欢去听音乐会。 The brothers always enjoy going to the concert. 4.It’s in the Summer Olympics that you have the running races, together with swimming,sailing and all the team sports. [翻译]现代奥运会是于1786年开始的吗?

Was it in 1786 that the modern Olympics started?
5.No other countries could join in,nor could slaves or women! [翻译]她那天晚上没有回来,也没有打个电话。

She did not return that night,nor did she make a phone call.

1.admit vt. 承认;准许……进入或使用;接收;容纳 The narrow window admits little light into the room. 窗户狭窄,只有少量光线可以照进房间。 The theatre only admits 1,000 people. 这个戏院只能容纳1 000人。 搭配 admit to sth.承认…… After questioning he admitted to the murder. 经过盘问后他承认自己是凶手。 句型 admit (to) doing/having done承认做过某事 be...承认……是……

She admits to being strict with her children.
她承认对自己的孩子很严厉。 A quarter of all workers admit to taking time off when they are not ill.

You must admit the task to be difficult.你必须承认这个任务很难。 提示

admit后可接that从句,还可构成it’s generally admitted that...句式。
He admitted that he had taken the money away. 他承认他拿走了那些钱。

It was generally admitted that the government had acted too quickly.
普遍认为,政府行动过急。 搭配允许……进入……
be admitted to/in/into被录取;被接收;参加

This ticket will admit three to the concert. 这张票可使三个人进去看演唱会。 You will not be admitted to the theatre after the performance has started.演出开始后不许进入剧场。 He was admitted to the hospital Tuesday morning with stomachache.他是星期二上午因胃痛被送进医院。

acknowledge承认 confess供认,承认 2.charge vt. 充电;要价;控诉;告发

charge sb.some money for sth.为某东西向某人索要多少钱 charge sb.with sth./doing sth.控告某人做了某事

be charged with充满……

The restaurant charged us £40 for the wine.
饭店收了我们40英镑的酒水钱。 The man they arrested last night has been charged with murder. 昨晚他们逮捕的那人被控犯有谋杀罪。 The air was charged with excitement.空气中充满了兴奋的气息。

n. 费用;索价;掌管;管理
识记 free of charge免费地(的)

in charge of管理;负责
in the charge of sb./in one’s charge由某人管理 take charge of管理

Your order will be delivered free of charge within a tenmile limit. 在10英里范围之内,您的定货将免费送货上门。 I’m leaving the school in your charge.我这就把学校交给你掌管。 He took charge of the farm after his father’s death. 父亲去世后他掌管了农场。 3.bargain n. 协议;交易;廉价货

It’s/That’s a bargain.这就成交了。
识记 a good/real bargain便宜的物品

You should be able to pick up a few good bargains.
你应该能够买到几件不错的便宜货。 I might buy a TV,if I can find a bargain in the sales.


搭配 make a bargain做交易;订合同 We’ve made a bargain that he’ll do the shopping and I’ll cook.

He and his partner had made a bargain to tell each other everything.他和他的合伙人约定,要互通信息,毫无保留。 v. 讲价;订协议;谈条件 搭配 bargain with sb.about/over sth.就……与某人讨价还价;就……与 某人谈判 In the market dealers were bargaining with growers over the price

of coffee.在市场上商人正和种植者就咖啡的价格进行商谈。

4.deserve v. 值得……,应得

deserve it罪有应得;活该;名至实归 Yeah,I hit him but he deserved it.对,我打了他,但是他该打。 He was rewarded with a gold medal.He certainly deserved it. 他获得一枚金牌,这是理所应当的。 句型 deserve doing/to be done应该……;值得…… The man deserves punishing/to be punished.那个人应该受到惩罚。

The two books deserve to be read.这两本书真值得读。

1.stand for 代表;指的是;象征;支持;容忍 The candidate says she stands for more aid to education.

“I won’t stand for any nonsense,” the teacher said. 老师说:“我不能容忍任何胡闹。” The letters ERM stand for ExchangeRate Mechanism. 字母ERM是汇率机制的缩写。 I hate them and everything they stand for. 我讨厌他们以及他们主张的一切。


stand out突出,引人注目,卓越
stand by支持,遵守 stand up起立,耐久,耐用 2.take part in 参加;参与 Women were not allowed to take part in the Olympic Games. 那时不允许妇女参加奥运会。 He takes an active part in many school activities. 他积极参加学校的许多活动。 3.apart from 除了……之外;且不说 Apart from English,we study Russian and Spanish. 除了英语以外,我们还学俄语及西班牙语。 It’s a good piece of work,apart from a few slight faults. 除了一些小缺点之外,这不失为一件漂亮的作品。

1.I lived in what you call “Ancient Greece” and I used to write about the Olympic Games a long time ago.我生活在你们所说的 “古希腊”,我曾经写过很久以前奥运会的情况。 【要点指南】 used to “过去惯常做某事;以前是(暗含现在不做了 或不是了之意)”,后接动词原形,既可表过去的动作,亦可表过 去的状态。 He used to read in the sun.他过去常在阳光下读书。

There used to be a restaurant here.从前这里有一家餐馆。
I don’t smoke these days,but I used to. 我现在不抽烟,但我以前抽。

拓展 be used to do sth.意为“被用于做某事”,其中不定式表示目的。 be/get/become used to (doing) sth.意为“习惯于(做)某事”,其中

to是介词。 Wood is used to make paper.木材被用来造纸。 But I was used to driving in all kinds of weather. 但我已习惯于在各种天气里开车。 You will soon get used to our way of life. 你将很快习惯于我们的生活方式。 提示


2.It’s just as much a competition among countries to host the Olympics as to win an Olympic medal.国与国之间竞办奥运会的 激烈程度不亚于获取奥运奖牌。 【要点指南】 一般情况下,as意为“和……一样多; 尽 可能多的……”,much后多接不可数名词。与此用法类似的有as。但此处as意为“情况(程度)与……相同; 既是……又是……”,此时,as much后除了接不可数名词外,还 可接a/an+可数名词单数。 He didn’t collect as much information as he needed for his book.

They used as many tools as they found within their reach. 凡能找到的工具,他们全都用上了。

He is as much a stranger in the village today as he was the first summer he arrived. 他今天在村里仍是个陌生人,就象他来到村子的第一个夏天那样。

It is generally believed that teaching is as much an art as it is a


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