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江苏省新沂市第二中学高中英语必修五《Unit 3 Grammar and usage(3)》教案

主备人:何莉 课题 用案人: 授课时间:____________ 课型 总第 9 课时

Unit 3 Grammar and usage(3)
Enlarge students’ to learn something about V-ed form



Let them know the functions of V-ed form Enlarge students’ to learn something about V-ed form Let them know the functions of V-ed form




Talking , Practicing 教 学 内 容
学生主体 活动



Practice 1.I cannot understand _____ such a well-paid job. A. him to give up B. him to have given up C. his giving up D. his being given up 2.Jane’s summer vacation in England led to _____ an Englishman. A.her marry B. her to marry C. her being married D. her marrying 3.She was sad because of _____ any chance left. A.there being not B. there not being C. not there being D. there was not 4.If you think a letter is too slow, why not _____ a telegram? A. try to have sent B. trying to send C. to try to send D. try sending 5.There is no chance _____ him today. A. in seeing B. to seeing C. of seeing D. about seeing 6.I know you like _____ . Would you like _____ with me now? A. to swim, to swim B. swimming, swimming C. swimming, to swim D. to swim, swimming 7.Before _____, the machine must be checked. A. being used B. using it C. being used to D. using 8.To give up _____ means _____ .


A. smoking, stopping smoking B. smoking, to stop smoking C. to smoke, to stop to smoke D. to smoke, stopping to smoke 9. — What do you think of the book? — Oh, excellent. It’s worth _____ a second time. A. to read B. reading C. to be read D. being read 10. “What has made you so upset?” “________ my new bike.” A. Lost B. Because of losing C. Since I lost D. Losing 11. I still remember _____ to Beijing when I was six. take B. taking C. having taking D. having been taken 12. Some foreigner used to _____ on the left in their own countries, but now they have got used to _____ on the right in our country. A. driving, drive B. drive, drive C. drive, driving D. driving, driving 13. He remained ____ there, for he grew ____ in many there. A.staying, interesting B. staying, interested C. to stay, interest D. stayed, interested 14. It is important for parents and young people to learn how to get through to each other and develop skill in understanding and _____. A. being understood B. to be understood C. understand D. understood 15. _____ more trees is good for health and it is also important to stop waste from factories _____ our surroundings. A. To plant, pollute B. Planting, to pollute C. Plant, polluting D. Planting, polluting 16. I would appreciate _____ back this afternoon. A. you to call B. you call C. your calling D. you’re calling 17. How about the two of us _____ a walk down the garden? take B. take C. taking D. to be taking 18. “The light in the office is still on.” “Oh, I forgot _____ .”


A. turning it off B. turn it off C. to turn it off D. having turned it off 19. “I must apologize for _____ ahead of time.” “That’s all right.” A. letting you not know B. not letting you know C. letting you know not D. letting not you know 20. It happened ______ when I left the station, so I had to wait until the rain stopped. A. to be raining B. to have rained C. to rain D. raining 21. ____ more attention, the trees could have grown better. A . Given B . To give C . Giving D . Having given 22. Climbing mountains was ____, so we all felt ____. A.tiring ; tired B. tired ; tiring C. tiring ; tiring D. tired ; tired 23. The ____ morning, the father came into the lonely house , ____ by his naughty boy . A. following ; following B. followed ; followed C. following ; followed D. followed ; following 24. ____ these pictures, I couldn’t help thinking of those days when I was in Beijing and ____ from the top of a thirty-storeyed building, Beijing looks more magnificent. A.Seeing ; seen B. Seen ; seeing C. Seeing ; seeing D. Seen ; seen 25. Mrs White was glad to see the nurse ____ after her son and her daughter and was also pleased to see children well ____ care of in the nursery. A. looked ; taken B. looking ; taken C. looked; took D. looking ; taking 26. I was fortunate to pick up a wallet ____ on the ground on the way home, but unfortunately for me, I found my colour TV set ____ when I got home. A. lying; stolen B. laying; stealing C. lay; stolen D. lying; stealing 27. ____ better attention , the vegetables could have grown better with the sun shining brightly in the sky and ____ them light. A. Giving; given B. Given; given C. Giving; giving D. Given; giving 28. ____ his head high , the manager walked into the room to attend the meeting ____ then .


A. Holding ; being held C. Having held ; held

B. Held ; holding D. Held ; to be held

29. ____ he still could not understand it. A. Told many times B. Having been telling many times C. He has been told many times D. Since he had been told many times 30. On hearing the ____ news, I was too ____ to sleep. A. exciting ; excited B. excited; exciting

C. exciting ; exciting D. excited ; excited

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