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zhou Book 5 Unit 3 Life in the future 语言点

? expect ? The journey was not as nice as we had expected. ? I will do what is expected of me. ? I (don’t) expect I will be back on Sunday. ? I expect to be back on Sunday. ? I expected her to be back on Sunday ? I’m expecting a telephone call from her.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

face v. 面向,面对;摆在…面前;正视, 面向,面对;摆在…面前;正视, Our kitchen faces north. What problems are you facing? =What problems are facing you? face to face 面对面地 in (the) face of 面对着 save one’s face保全面子 lose (one’s) face 丢面子 make a face / faces 做鬼脸 wear a long face 正面看某人, 板着面孔 look in the face 正面看某人,正视

? impression [C] 印象,感觉 印象,

? What is your first ~ of our school? ? The headmaster made a bad impression on / upon the parents. impress vt. 使留下深刻印象;让明白(…重要性),强调 使留下深刻印象;让明白(…重要性) (…重要性 ? I was very impressed by / with / at his performance. ? My father impressed on me the importance of hard work. ? impressive adj. 给人留下深刻印象的

? He dropped medicine and took up physics.
开始学习(某课程) 开始学习(某课程),选修

? He has taken up photography as a hobby.
对…产生兴趣,发展某种爱好 产生兴趣,

? She took up her first teaching post in 1950.
开始从事 开始承担

? The meeting took up the whole morning. ? The table took up too much room.
占用(时间、空间) 占用(时间、空间) 接受(建议或挑战) 接受(建议或挑战)

? Do you intend to take up his offer of a job?

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

呈现, 呈现,具有 His face took on a worried look. The situation begins to take on a new light. Dan is taking on too much work. 接受(工作等) 承担(责任等) 接受(工作等),承担(责任等) The college is taking on more staff. 雇用 The boy could not take in his meaning. The article takes in all aspects of the problem. He took me in with his story.

unsettled adj. 不稳定;(动荡)不安,未解决 不稳定; 动荡)不安, My life is still unsettled. the unsettled times during the war The settlement of North America by Europeans began in the 16th century. ? We wondered why he settled in Australia. ? ? ? ?

suffer from 患(病);因…受困扰,为…所苦 受困扰, The doctor suffers from headache. They suffers from poverty. suffer 感到疼痛、痛苦;承受,遭受 感到疼痛、痛苦;承受, He died very quickly, he didn’t suffer much. You must be prepared to suffer consequences. previous to 在…之前 =before They paid us a visit two days previous to National Day. ? Previous to coming here, I worked in London. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

flash v. (使)闪光/闪亮;飞驰,闪现; 闪光/闪亮;飞驰,闪现; The red warning lights flashed on and off. A couple of police cars flashed past. Janet’s eyes flashed with anger. flash back 追述;回想; 追述;回想; My mind flashed back to last summer holiday. flashback n. flash n. 闪光,闪现物 闪光, flashes of lightning a flash of wit / inspiration in a flash.一会儿,马上 一会儿, a flash in the pan昙花一现的人物,一时的成功 昙花一现的人物,

开口处, ? There was an opening in the wall. 开口处,洞隙 ? As soon as I saw an opening, I hit him on the 有利)机会, head. (有利)机会,时机 空缺, 空缺,就业机会 ? We have an opening for a salesman. ? The book’s opening is dull, but the last chapters are interesting. 开头 ? The opening will be at three o’clock tomorrow.

surroundings n. 环境 The surroundings are pleasant. surrounding adj. 周围的,附近的 周围的, The village and the surrounding scenery are very pretty. ? surround…with… 用..把..围住 让四周都是… 围住,让四周都是 把 围住 让四周都是… ? He surrounded the castle with a high wall. ? The castle was surrounded with a high wall. ? ? ? ?

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

lack vt. 没有,缺乏 没有, John’s real probable is that he lacks confidence. be lacking in… 缺乏.不够… 缺乏.不够… He is not lacking in intelligence. lack n. 缺乏,没有,不足 缺乏,没有, I cannot buy it because of my lack of money. The plants died through / for lack of water. There was no lack of willing helpers.

赶快, ? You’d better hurry or you’ll be late. vi. 赶快, ? 和介词或副词连用,表示“匆忙到某处” 介词或副词连用,表示“匆忙到某处” 连用

? ? ? ? ?

He hurried across the bridge. We hurried upstairs to see what was going on. They hurried the sick child to the doctor. vt. 催促,使赶快做, 催促,使赶快做, Hurry up, or we’ll miss the train. n. 匆忙 I tried to hurry him up, but he wouldn’t walk 匆忙的/ faster. 匆忙的/地 不急于做… ? There’s no hurry. Let’s have a rest. 不急于做… ? You needn’t be in a hurry./ in no hurry

? He is now back on his feet after a bad cold. ? The medicine helped her get back on her feet. ? The medicine will soon have you on your feet (be) on one’s feet 站着;站起来; 站着;站起来; ? No sooner had the question been put than he was on his feet to reply. ? bend (bent, bent) v. 使弯曲,屈身 使弯曲, ? She bent towards me and whispered in my ear. ? She was bending over the basin, washing her hair.

? ? ? ?

? ? ? ?

press v. 按,压;督促,使劲让(某人做某事) 督促,使劲让(某人做某事) Press the button. He pressed me to come with him. We must continue to press for full equality. 急切地要求/ 急切地要求/得到 Time is pressing. press n. 新闻界;新闻人员;出版社 新闻界;新闻人员; the freedom of the press a press conference 记者招待会 Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press

? ? ? ? ?

I lost sight of Mary in the crowd. 看不见 catch sight of 看到 at the sight of 看到…时 看到… at first sight in / within sight 在视线内,可以看见 在视线内, out of sight 看不见

I had my first sight of the city from the ____ river. sight Sunset over the lake is a beautiful ____. From the top of the tower I had a view wonderful ________of the city. sight /view There was no one in __________

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

sweep up 打扫干净,收拾干净 打扫干净, Did you sweep up all the broken glass? This place needs a bit of sweep-up. imitate vt. 模仿,仿效 模仿, His handwriting is difficult to imitate. We ought to imitate great and good men. imitation n. 模仿;仿制品 模仿; Children learn by imitation. This is not a real gun, but it is a good imitation. in imitation of 仿效,模仿 仿效, They are in imitation of D. H. Lawrence.

? ? ? ?

dispose vt. 布置,安排,编排,整理 布置,安排,编排, They disposed troops along the river. Man proposes, God disposes. dispose of 处理掉(扔掉/卖掉等);成功地处理/解决 处理掉(扔掉/卖掉等) 成功地处理/
(问题等);战胜,打败(对手) 问题等) 战胜,打败(对手)

? Dispose of these old newspapers. ? The problem was quickly disposed of. ? The champion disposed of the other fighter

disposal n. 安排,处理 安排, His disposal of the difficulty pleased everybody. at one’s disposal 供某人使用/支配 供某人使用/ A very comfortable room was placed at the disposal of the visitors. ? disposable adj. 一次性的 ? We should use disposable products less often. ? ? ? ?

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

She learned to master her anger. v. 控制,驾驭 控制, He never mastered the art of public speaking. v. 掌握,精通 掌握, You are not my master. Don’t order me about. n. 主人 Hitchcock was an acknowledged master of suspense. n. 大师 master plan 总计划 master key 总电键;万能钥匙 总电键; station master 站长 headmaster / schoolmaster 校长 Master of Arts 文学硕士 Master of Science 理学硕士

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