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高考英语词汇辨析单项选择105题 完形填空

1. It rained continuously for a week, completely _______ our holiday. A. troubling B. bothering C. ruining D. damaging 2. When I _______ my shopping list, I found I’d forgotten

to buy pork and eggs. A. checked B. examined C. tested D. measured 3. The president wanted to _______ him about filling the post of the sales department. A. accept B. cooperate C. approach D. demand 4. He lay in bed, listening to the rain _______ the window. A. hitting B. defeating C. beating D. striking 5.What a _______ that dress makes! She looks very pretty now. A. transplant B. transportation C. translation D. transformation 6. A(n) _______ will be paid to anyone who brings back the money Mr. Brown lost, according to the advertisement. A. award B. prize C. reward D. profit 7. The world has twice as much shipbuilding _______ as it needed in the 1980s. A. capacity B. potential C. ability D. possibility 8. The next morning Mr. Smithson spoke his mind to his wife in a very straightforward _______. A. route B. method C. manner D. pattern 9. —Why are you so frightened? —I saw two dark _______ enter the building. A. shades B. appearances C. shadows D. figures 10. Mike’s temper and personality show that he can become a soldier of the top _______. A. circle B. rank C. category D. grade 11. Although Miss Black began her _______ by singing in a local pop group, she is now a famous singer in the world. A. employment B. career C. occupation D. profession 12. Although I liked the appearance of the house, what really made me decide to buy it was the beautiful _______ from the window. A. look B. picture C. view D. sight 13. The law that farmers don’t need to turn over agricultural tax to the state has come into _______. A. effect B. season C. view D. power 14. Mary was praised by the headmaster in public and on that _______ she was simply proud. A. position B. circumstance C. occasion D. situation 15. There are a number of words in the English language that were French in ______. A. root B. base C. bottom D. origin 16. The Browns stood staring at the happy _______ of children playing in the park. A. scene B. landscape C. scenery D. view 17. You’d better put the milk in the fridge, which has a _______ to go bad in hot weather. A. currency B. tendency C. trend D. way 18. He has a _______ knowledge of animals. A. brief B. folk C. flat D. broad 19. Is your ring _____ gold?
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A. real B. true C. actual D. factual 20. It was a _____ evening and I really had a good sleep. A. calm B. silent C. quiet D. still 21. We share a_________ purpose, so let’s help each other. A. common B. ordinary C. general D.ordinary 22. The huge picture looks more beautiful _____ the blue sky. A. against B. to C. over D. under 23.The doctor bent _____ the boy and checked his wound. A. up B. on C. above D. over 24.The spring breezes gently _____ her cheeks and everything is clothed in green. A. brushed B. moved C. rushed D. touched 25. May I ____ your dictionary for a while? A. borrow B. use C. lend D. look up 26. She _____ the children round him and asked them to listen to her attentively. A. gathered B. collected C. told D. drew 27.He, out of breath ,_____ himself along the street. Perhaps he was badly ill. A. drew B. pulled C. dragged D. pushed 28. --- How do you _____ your spare time? --- Travelling, fishing and surfing through the internet. A. employ B. elect B. choose D. cost 29.It is raining cats and dogs. Don’t go out, otherwise you will ____ all wet. A. become B. turn C. get D. grow 30. She was afraid that unless the train speeded up she would lose her _____ to Scotland. A. ticket B. place C. seat D. connection 31.My camera can be _____ to take pictures in cloudy or sunny conditions. A. treated B. adopted C. adjusted D. remedied 32.A university is an educational institution which _____ degrees and carries out research. A. rewards B. awards C. grants D. presents 33.The workmen made so much _____ that Mrs. Walker had to spend three days cleaning up afterwards. A. trouble B. damage C. mess D. difficulty 34.This book gives a brief _____ of the history of the castle and details of the art collection in the main hall. A. outline B. reference C. article D. outlook 35. The child enjoyed _____ up the wooden bricks then knocking them down. A. adding B. pushing C. piling D. forming 36. John was very upset because he was _____ by the police with breaking the law. A. accused B. arrested C. sentenced D. charged 37. It gave me a strange feeling of excitement to see my name in _____. A. news B. print C. publication D. press 38. She said she was glad the difficulty had been _____. A. cleared away B. cleared up C. broken away D. broken down 39. I used to be able to play well but I'm _____ now. A. out of date B. out of touch C. out of practice D. out of place
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40. Her display of bad temper completely _____ the party. A. harmed B. damaged C. spoilt D. hurt 41. We forgave his bad temper because we knew that his son's illness had put him under great _____. A. emotion B. excitement C. crisis D. stress 42. People who live in a small village are bound to see a good _____ of each other. A. sum B. quantity C. deal D. amount 43. They always kept on good _____ with their next-door neighbors for the children's sake. A. friendship B. relations C. intentions D. terms 44. High interest rates _____ people from borrowing money. A. discourage B. decrease C. disturb D. disgust 45.A completely new situation is likely to _____ when the school leaving age is raised to 16. A. arouse B. rise C. arise D. raise 46. Thomas Edison considered genius to be _____ one per cent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration. A. composed of B. constituted in C. consisted of D. made up 47. There are three basic ways of _____ language to writing, and all known graphic systems use one or a combination of these. A. committing B. attaching C. comparing D. relating 48. American women were _____ the right to vote until 1920 after many years of hard struggle. A. ignored B. refused C. neglected D. denied 49. The lawyer was expected to _____ some proposals after reading all those documents. A. come up with B. put up with C. look up to D. keep up with 50. If he refuses to _____ my plan, I can probably find someone more cooperative. A. put up with B. fall in with C. do away with D. get along with 51. His landlady gave him a week's _____ to leave the flat. A. threat B. notice C. announcement D. caution 52. When I took his temperature, it was two degrees above _____. A. average B. ordinary C. regular D. normal 53. These plastic flowers look so _____ that many people think they are real. A. beautiful B. natural C. true D. similar 54. The most important _____ of his speech was that we should all work whole-heartedly for the people. A. element B. spot C. sense D. point 55. His _____of the aeroplane was correct in every detail and could really fly. A. shape B. pattern C. design D. model 56. Don't _____ the news to the public until we give you the go-ahead (许可,准许). A. release B. print C. relieve D.publish 57. Jack almost fell off the cliff, but managed to _____ until help came. A. keep on B. catch on C. count on D. hang on 58. Mary had taken _____ to see that her guests had everything that they could possibly want. A. efforts B. pains C. attempts D. try 59. No one imagined that the apparently _____ businessman was really a criminal. A. respectful B. respectable C. respective D.respected
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60. What makes the space shuttle _____ is that it takes off like a rocket but lands like an airplane. A. exceptional B. strange C. unique D. rare 61. It was _____ by the railway board that the cost of rail fares would be increased by ten percent. A. noticed B. stated C. suggested D. noted 62.The map was drawn to the standard _____ of 1/100,000, so there was not much detail. A. area B. range C. rate D. scale 63. It was clear that the small grocer was _____ people he owed money to. A. at the expense of B. at the risk of C. in the way of D. at the mercy of 64. The microphone enabled them to keep in touch, in other words, it made it _____ for them to contact each other. A. likely B. capable C. possible D. probable 65. He put in a special _____ for an extra day's holiday so that he could attend his daughter's wedding. A. request B. demand C. requirement D. proposal 66. The _____ of his clothes indicated too clearly that he had been playing football. A. state B. condition C. occasion D. situation 67. Circus tigers, although they have been tamed, can _____ attack their trainer. A. unexpectedly B. hopefuuly C. reluctantly D. willingly 68. There was a good _____ of the countryside from the front of the bus. A. sight B. view C. scene D. scenery 69. In aerospace devices the weight of the necessary power producing equipment is _____. A. vital B. possible C. capable D. reliable 70. It is not profitable to provide bus services in districts where the population is widely _____. A. scattered B. dismissed C. separated D. spread 71. The book seems to have been _____ from various books and articles. A. pieced together B. taken off C. broken away D. pulled out 72. I could tell he was surprised from the _____ on his face. A. appearance B. view C. sight D. expression 73. Jim's close _____ to his brother made people mistake them for one another. A. confusion B. similarity C. resemblance D. imitation 74. What a terrible experience! _____ , you are safe, that's the main thing. A. Somehow B. Anyhow C. Somewhat D. Anywhere 75. There is not much time left; So I'll tell you about it _____. A. in detail B. in brief C. in short D. in all 76. The rain was heavy and _____ the land was flooded. A. consequently B. constantly C. continuously D. consistently 77. Magnificent views over the countryside have often _____ people to write poems. A. convinced B. inspired C. invited D. attracted 78. He hated the war so much that he decided to leave the army _____. A. for long B. once in a while C. for good D. once upon a time 79. If we can _____ our present difficulties, then everything should be all right. A. get off B. come across C. come over D. get over 80. Because of the poor harvest, wheat prices have _____ in the last six months. A. added B. jumped C. amounted D. developed
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81. Radium salts, which have been found to _____ in bones, give rise to cancers of the bone. A. pile up B. build up C. keep up D. pull up 82. You will get to the church more quickly if you take this _____ across the fields. A. track B. passage C. method D. journey 83. Don't go too far into the sea, children, or the waves will _____ you off your feet. A. flow B. cut C. press D. sweep 84. The store had no more red shoes _____, so Mary chose brown ones instead. A. in demand B. in store C. in need D. in stock 85.The current political _____ of our country is favorable for foreign investments. A. climate B. weather C. state D. occasion 86. It was with great delight that I read in your February _____ the letter to the Editor written by Prof. Johnson. A. issue B. item C. magazine D. copy 87. What I'm telling you is strictly _____. Do not let anyone know of it. A. secretive B. special C. individual D. confidential 88.She is so _____ that she cried for days when her pet rabbit died. A. sensitive B. sensible C. expressive D. impressive 89. All too _____ it was time to go back to school after the glorious summer holidays. A. often B. fast C. soon D. late 90. When there's doubt the examiner's decision is _____. A. right B. final C. definite D. fixed 91. The old man got into the _____ of storing money under the bed. A. tradition B. habit C. use D. custom 92. Children are likely to get _____ if no one cares about their upbringing. A. out of hand B. out of order C. out of place D. out of work 93. There was a large box behind the door and Peter couldn't _____ falling over it in the darkness. A. help B. resist C. avoid D. prevent 94. If you put too many potatoes in that paper-bag it will _____. A.blow B. explode C. crack D. burst 95. As soon as Charles had _____ a little from his surprise, his one thought was to get away. A. returned B. absorbed C. dissolved D. recovered 96. The two dogs started to fight, so we tried to _____ them. A. split B. separate C. tear D. divide 97. Many people complain of the rapid _____ of modern life. A. rate B. pace C. speed D. step 98. I'm sorry but what he thinks is not of the _____ importance to me. A. merest B. lowest C. last D. least 99. The authorities declared that because of the war petrol was _____ and had to be rationed (定量 供应). A. inadequate B. rare C. lacked D. scarce 100. I broke my relationship with John because he always found _____ with me. A. error B. mistake C. fault D. failure 101. When the teacher told the boy to sit down, he _____ to her and said she couldn't make him. A. gave way B. talked back C. looked up D. got down
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102. Walking down the street, she noticed a long _____ of houses, all exactly alike. A. queue B. rank C. train D. row 103. The president has told his friends that he is sick but will not admit it _____. A. in private B. in secret C. in public D. in detail 104. Sugar is not an important element in bread , but flour is . A. unique B. essential C. natural D. adequate 105.Try not to start every sentence with “the”. _____ the beginnings of your sentences. A. Vary B. Decorate C. Form D. Describe

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