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【2014届高三一轮复习英语精品资料 题库强化练习(新课标专用)Book 2 Unit5 Word版含解析

Unit 5


1.Does the name on the envelope________the name on the letter? A.appeal to C.respond to B.correspond to D.rely on

答案 B [考查动词短语的辨析。 appeal to 呼吁; 对……有吸引力; correspond to 与…… 一致;respond to 对……做出答复;rely on 依赖;依靠。由语境可知 B 项正确。句意:信封 上的名字与信里的名字一致吗?] 2.The spokesman said that this was a(n)________negotiation (谈判) because it solved a lot of problems between the two sides. A.attractive C.protective B.defensive D.productive

答案 D [考查形容词的辨析。attractive 吸引人的;有吸引力的;defensive 防御的; 保护的;protective 保护的;productive 生产的;富有成效的。由从句内容可知 D 项正确。句 意:发言人说这是一次富有成效的谈判,因为它解决了许多双方之间存在的问题。] 3.It's pretty________of Peter to know what happened at once.________, he is only five years old.; After all C.eager; After all B.enthusiastic; In all D.aware; Above all

答案 A [考查形容词及介词短语的辨析。sharp 锋利的;灵敏的;enthusiastic 热情的, 常与 about 连用;eager 热切的;渴望的,常与 for 连用;aware 意识到,常与 of 连用;after all 毕竟;in all 总共,共计;above all 最重要的是;首要的是。由语境可知 A 项正确。句意: 彼得马上就知道发生了什么,这太灵敏了,毕竟他才只有五岁。] 4.— This film is very good.Do you think so, Jack? —________.I think the plot is too simple. A.To be honest, I think it's a fantastic film B.But I don't like it at all C.It's my favorite film D.I'm sorry to disagree 答案 D [考查情景交际。由答语可知,A、C 两项与其相矛盾;B 项意为“但我根本 不喜欢它。”语境中没有任何提示;D 项意为“很抱歉我不同意你的看法。”符合语境。] 5.— Heard that many people turned off their lights during Earth Hour? — Yes. Great importance has been________to climate change from rising greenhouse gas emissions, which is a good thing about the public. A.adopted C.applied B.appealed D.attached

答案 D [考查动词短语的辨析。appeal to 呼吁;对……有吸引力;apply to 向……提

出申请;应用到;attach to 把……固定(在……上),attach importance to 认为……很重要。句 意: ——你听说在地球日这一天许多人都关了灯吗?——是的。 人们已经认识到了由于温室 气体的排放而导致的气候变化的重要性,这对于公众来说是一件好事。] 6.This new model of car is so expensive that it is beyond the reach of those with ________income. A.frequent C.extra B.traditional D.average

答案 D [考查形容词词义的辨析。frequent 频繁的;traditional 传统的;extra 额外的; average 平均的;普通的。由语境可知 D 项正确。句意:这种新型的汽车很贵以至于它超出 了收入仅为平均水平的人的购买能力。] 7.—Tom, why are you late again? —Sorry, manager. My car________on my way to the office. A.broke up C.broke out B.broke down D.broke off

答案 B [考查 break 短语的辨析。 break up 解散; 分手; break down 出故障; break out(战 争、火灾等的爆发);break off 停顿;中断。由语境可知 B 项正确。句意:——汤姆,你为 什么又迟到了?——对不起,经理,我的车子在来办公室的路上坏了。] 8.________the extremely hot weather, we continued having classes. A.Thanks to C.In defence of B.In addition to D.Regardless of

答案 D [考查介词短语的辨析。thanks to 多亏了;幸亏;in addition to 除……之外; in defence of 保护;regardless of 不管;不顾。句意: 不管天气有多么炎热,我们继续上课。] 9.________to their separate jobs, Linda's parents spend little time talking with her about her studies. A.Devoting C.Devoted B.Devoted a lot of efforts D.Having devoted

答案 C [考查非谓语形式作状语。 be devoted to 致力于, 相当于 。 若选 A、 D 两项,则应在 devoting 后接宾语。句意:由于致力于他们各自的工作,琳达的父母几乎没 有时间与她讨论她的学习。 ] 10.Nobody but doctors, nurses or those_____by Dr. Hu______to enter the patient's room. A.invited; are allowed C.are invited; is allowed B.are invited; are allowed D.invited; is allowed

答案 D [第一空考查动词的非谓语形式作定语,invite 与其修饰词之间为逻辑上的动 宾关系,故用过去分词形式;第二空考查主谓一致,but 连接并列主语时,谓语动词与前面 的主语保持一致,故 D 项正确。句意:除了医生、护士和那些被胡医生邀请的人外,任何 人不准进入病人的房间。] 11.Don't be worried about his safety.________, he is an eighteenyearold young man. A.In all C.Above all B.After all D.First of all

答案 B

[句意: 不用担心他的安全。 毕竟他是十八岁的成人了。 after all“毕竟, 别忘了”;

in all“总共”;above all“最重要的是”;first of all“首先”。] 12.Many experts hold the view________protection awareness is________the key to better environment lies. A.that; where C.which; where B.which; in which D.that; in which

答案 A [句意: 许多专家认为增强保护意识是环境变好的关键。 第一空是同位语从句, 由句意可知用 that;第二空 where 引导表语从句,in which 引导定语从句。] 13.He climbed silently________of seizing the thief________. A.on purpose; by surprise C.for the purpose; surprised 答案 D B.on purpose; surprisingly D.for the purpose; by surprise

[ 考查短语。第一空 for the purpose of...“ 目的是 ……” ;第二空

surprise“出其不意地抓住”。句意:他悄无声息地爬行,目的是突然把小偷抓住。] 14. The course will give a general introduction. _____, it also provides practical experience. A.In fact C.Apart from B.Above all D.In addition

答案 D [句意: 这门课程会给你一个大体介绍, 此外, 它还提供实用经验。 in addition“此 外,除此之外”;in fact“事实上”;above all“最重要的是,首先”;apart from“除……之外”。] 15.He broke________a piece of chocolate and gave it to me before he broke the rest ________into pieces. A.up; down C.down; up; up D.through; down

答案 B [考查动词短语。句意:他掰了一块巧克力给了我,然后又把剩下的掰成了碎 片。第一空 break off“折断”;第二空 break...up into pieces“拆成碎片”。] Ⅳ.完形填空 阅读下面短文,理解大意,从题中所给的 A、B、C、D 四 个选项中选出一个最佳答案。 “I couldn't survive without music,” says fifteenyearold Steve. In the morning, Steve wakes up__1__his favorite radio station. He listens to rock on the radio while he eats his__2__. He puts on his personal stereo before he leaves the house and listens to cassettes on the bus to__3__. “Last week I put my headphones on in the maths__4__, ” admits Steve. “The teacher was really__5__.She took my headphones away and I couldn't use them for a week. It was__6__.” At home Steve does his homework to music—loud music. “My mother__7__shouts ‘Turn it down!'” says Steve. “She can't__8__how I can

work__9__music on, but music__10__me to fix my attention upon my studies.” Steve would like to make music himself. “I'm learning to play the guitar.__11__, it doesn't sound too good at the__12__. But I'm going to keep practising!” For__13__like Steve, music is a very important part of__14__. Music is social; it brings people together at discos, parties and concerts. Fast, __15__music is full of energy; it helps people to__16__their problems and have__17__. Music talks about love, freedom and imagination. There are always new songs and new styles. __18__Steve's mother agrees that music brings some problems. “Steve is a sensible(明智的) boy,” she says. “I don't think he would ever take drugs hearing rock. But I__19__worry about his hearing with all that loud music. And it__20__me crazy!” 1.A.from B.for C.with 答案 D [wakes up to his favorite radio station,to 表示一种方向或者结果。] 2.A.breakfast B.lunch C.supper D.dinner 答案 A [根据 wakes up 及时间发展次序,这里应该是“早餐”。] 答案 C [Steve 是学生,所以选择“上学”。] 4.A.workshop B.class C.lab D.dormitory 答案 B [maths 提示是上数学课。] 5.A.excited B.worried C.angry D.tired 答案 C [学生上课做其他事情,老师生气。] 6.A.terrible B.hopeless C.poor D.surprising 答案 A [一周不能听音乐,对痴迷于音乐的 Steve 是一件可怕的事情。] 7.A.usually B.seldom C.frequently D.always 答案 D [always 表示母亲一直以来对此事的反对。] 8.A.expect B.bear C.understand D.believe 答案 C [表示母亲对 Steve 开着音乐做作业不能理解。] 9.A.while C.for D.with 答案 D [with 的复合结构,表示音乐开着。] 10.A.helps B.leads C.causes D.force 答案 A [Steve 的辩解是音乐能帮助集中注意力。] 11.A.Unluckily B.Actually C.Disappointingly D.Necessarily 答案 C [实际上演奏得还不好。] 12.A.first B.last C.moment D.time 答案 C [at the moment“当前,此刻”。] 13.A.grownups B.parents C.friends D.teenagers 答案 D [文中的 Steve 是青少年。]

答案 B [音乐可以说是 Steve 生活的一个组成成分。] 15.A.classical C.light D.loud 答案 D [loud 能与 fast music 并列,而且是充满激情的。] 16.A.forget B.settle C.remove D.leave 答案 A [通常说,音乐能让人忘记忧愁、不快乐的东西。] 17.A.smiles B.future D.sense 答案 C [音乐给人带来乐趣。] 18.A.And B.Therefore C.Meanwhile D.But 答案 D [上下文的逻辑关系是转折,Steve 的母亲因为 Steve 沉迷音乐而非常担忧。] 19.A.can C.will D.should 答案 B [do 表示强调。] 20.A.causes B.results C.drives D.leaves 答案 C [drive sb.crazy 意思是“使人发疯,发狂”。] III.阅读理解 A A music festival is a festival determined towards music that is sometimes presented with a theme such as musical type, nationality or locality of musicians, or holiday. They are commonly held outdoors, and are often inclusive of other attractions such as food and merchandise vendors(卖主), performance art, and social activities. The Pythian Games at Delphi included musical performances, and may be one of the earliest festivals known. During the Middle Ages festivals were often held as competitions. Many festivals are annual, or repeat at regular interval. Some, including many rock festivals, are held only once. Some festivals are organized as forprofit concerts and others are benefits for a specific cause. Another type of music festival is the educative type, organized annually in local communities, regionally or nationally, for the benefit of amateur musicians of all ages and grades of achievement. While entrants(参加竞赛者) perform prepared pieces in the presence of an audience which includes competitors, the essential feature of this type of festival is that each participant receives verbal and written feedback(反馈), there and then, from a highly qualified, professional adjudicator(判决者)—someone who they might never meet in any other way. They also usually receive a certificate, classified according to merit, and some may win trophies. The competitive element is often played down, however, as the important aspect is that participants can learn from

one another. Such festivals aim to provide a friendly and supportive platform for musicians to share in the excitement of making music. For many they provide a bridge between lessons & examinations and performing confidently in public. 文章大意:本文主要讲了有关音乐节的一些情况。 1.What is TRUE about a music festival? A.It must be performed with a theme once a year. B.A common music festival is held outdoors. C.Some may not only include musical performances. D.Music festivals date from the Middle Ages. 答案 C [ 正 误 判 断 题 。 根 据 第 一 段 的 第 二 句 “...and are often inclusive of other

attractions...”可知, 音乐节不仅包括音乐表演。 A 项错在不一定“一年举办一次”; B 项错在“A common music festival”(公共的音乐会);D 项错在最早的不一定在中世纪。] 2.The music festivals can be held as the following EXCEPT________. A.competitions B.forprofit concerts C.benefits for a specific cause D.rockmoving games 答案 D [细节理解题。在一、二段中不难找出 A、B、C 的根据,而 D 项译成“搬岩石 比赛”,与原文的“rock festivals” (摇滚音乐节)不符,且也不是举办的目的。] 3.Which is NOT the characteristic of an educative music festival? A.It can be held in a community or in a whole country. B.Some competitors can also enjoy others' performance. C.It can be beneficial for all kinds of musicians. D.Each participant can receive judgments from a specialist. 答案 C [细节判断题。从第三段可找出 A、B、D 的根据所在。在第三段第一句后半

句提到:对各个年龄段和不同成就的业余音乐家有益,并非各种各样的音乐家,所以 C 项 是偷换了概念。] 4.What's the most important significance for holding a music festival?

A.Musicians can communicate and benefit from one another. B.Performers can get guidance from professional adjudicators. C.Participants can receive classified certificates. D.The competitive element is often played down. 答案 A [细节理解题。 从第三段最后一句可知: 最重要的因素是参加者可以互相学习, 即从竞争中互相受益,所以 A 项符合。其余三项本段也都提到,但不是“最重要的意义”。] 5.A music festival can mainly provide________. A.a platform for participants to perform their works B.a stage to share the excitement of making music C.a bridge between music lessons and examinations opportunity to perform in public with confidence 答案 B [细节判断题。根据最后一段第一句判断:举办音乐节主要是为音乐家分享创 作音乐的快乐搭建一个友好和支持的平台(platform)或舞台(stage)。] B Today,at 28, the young German Violinist AnnerSophie Mutter is at the top. “She gives radiance (光辉) to the music, ” wrote Geoffrey Norris in The Daily Telegraph, London. Mutter was also one of the world's youngest professors. Born in Rheinfelden on June 29, 1963, AnnerSophie grew up in Wehr, a small town just five kilometers from the Swiss border. Her father, Karl Wilhelm Mutter, and her mother, Gerlinde, considered music lessons part of a good education. Thus, their first son, Andreas, began practicing the violin at eight, and his younger brother, Christoph, had piano lessons. It came as no surprise when AnnerSophie said she wanted a violin for her fifth birthday. Her parents thought she was too young for the violin, and persuaded her to start on the piano. But AnnerSophie has always had a mind of her own. “I longed to play the violin,” she said.“It seemed to me a much more interesting instrument.” After six months, her parents gave in. The famous violin teacher Erna Honigberger, who lived nearby, became AnnerSophi's tutor(家庭教师). After only nine months of lessons, she entered the sixyearold in a nationwide competition for young musicians. With Christoph accompanying her(为她伴奏)on the piano, AnnerSophie's won first prize. In 1974, Erna Honigberger died.AnnerSophie's new teacher was Aida Stucki. She taught AnnerSophe to develop her own ideas on how a piece should be played, not just to imitate(模 仿)others. This is one of the violinist's strongest, most distinctive characteristics(与众不同的特 点)today. Though the Mutters were short of money at times, they limited their daughter's performances to one or two a year. “We are glad we went the family road,” said her father. “No outsider(外 人)can ever have an effect on our daughter's career(生涯) or push her into playing more concerts

than she wants to.” Later she was allowed to give six to eight concerts a year and make some recordings. Only when she turned 18 did she begin her professional career. 【解题导语】 安· 索菲自小便表现出了对演奏小提琴的渴望。在家庭和教师的正确教育 引导下,她得到了健康的发展并一步步取得成就。 6.It was________when AnnerSophie asked for a violin. A.surprising C.usual B.great D.possible

答案 C [细节考查题。由第二段中 It came as no surprise when AnnerSophie said she wanted a violin for her fifth birthday.可推知。] 7.AnnerSophie's career dates back to________. A.the late 1960's C.the late 1970's B.her family education D.her fifth birthday

答案 A [推理判断题。从文章第二段可知:安· 索菲生于 1963 年,在她五岁时想要一 把小提琴作为生日礼物,从这个时候起,她的艺术生涯就开始。由此可推知:她的艺术生涯 开始的时间为 20 世纪 60 年代后期。故选 A 项。] 8.AnnSophie's concerts are________. to one or two a year B.accompanied at the piano by Christoph C.highly praised throughout the world D.appreciated by professors London 答案 C [细节考查题。此题可用排除法解。文中讲到:由于缺钱,父母把她的表演限 制在一年 1~2 次,后来她被允许一年举行 6~8 场音乐会,故 A 项错误;文中仅提到:在 一次全国比赛中,Christoph 为她伴奏,并非每场音乐会都由 Christoph 伴奏,故 B 项也错 误;D 项在文中并未提及,也可排除,只有 C 项为正确答案。] 9.Which sentence shows Annersophie's strong point as a violinist? A.She wanted a violin for her fifth birthday. B.She has always had a mind of her own. C.She had two famous violin teachers. D.Violin seemed to her a much more interesting instrument. 答案 B [推理判断题。 根据文中的: develop her own ideas on how a piece should be played, not just to imitate others...可见她作为一个小提琴家最大的优点就是有自己的思想,不 是一味模仿他人。故选 B 项。] Ⅳ.书面表达 2012 年 12 月 31 日,新华中学在校音乐厅举办了迎新晚会。在晚会上全校师生同台演

出,例如唱歌、跳舞、演小品、变魔术等,最后齐唱歌曲《明天会更好》 。假定你是校英语 报的记者,请按下列要求用英语写一则 100 词左右的新闻报道。 1.时间、地点、人物、活动; 2.师生们的反应; 3.简短评论。 ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 【参考范文】 XinHua High School Celebrated the New Year On the evening of December 31, 2012, the party to celebrate the New Year was held in the Concert Hall of XinHua High School. Working together on the stage, the teachers and students presented us with a lot of wonderful and interesting performances. For example, they cooperated with each other to perform witty skits as well as singing and dancing. They also played magic tricks, which came as a surprise. What amazing programs! All the evening the audience couldn't help laughing ! At the end of the party, all the performers sang the song “tomorrow will be better”. All the people present at the party thought highly of it ,saying that they would never forget it. The New Year party is a great success. Undoubtedly, the party conveys us the message that this is a whole brand new year.