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英语:高三一轮复习超级课件 Unit2《The United Kingdom》(新人教版必修5)

英语:高三一轮复习超级课件 Unit2《The United Kingdom》(新人教版必修5)

? ?佳作选登 ? (2010·江苏高考) ? [话题] 介绍自己的英语学习情况并对学校 今后的英语教学提出建议。 ? [体裁] 发言稿

? Dear teachers and schoolmates,it's a great

pleasure for me to be here today and share my experience of learning English with you.I'm interested in English and hope to be an interpreter in the future.

? Naturally it's very important for me to learn English well.As
everybody knows,vocabulary is an important part of language,just like bricks in a building.I usually memorize

twenty new words a day and put them to use whenever
possible. After class,I often listen to English programs on TV and on the radio. Besides,I've learned a lot from the Internet

and other sources.

? Now,I'd like to make some suggestions on English teaching and learning in our school.Firstly,we should be given more opportunities to use what we've learned in order to have a better grasp of it. ? Secondly,I hope our teachers can recommend more interesting books and magazines and give us more free time to read them.Finally,I suggest we have more English activities, such as English contests and festivals. ? Thank you for listening.

? ? ? ? ?

? 经典例句 [亮词] 1.share sth.with sb.与某人分享某物。 interested in... 3.put use运用 4.make some suggestions on建议?? 5.recommend...推荐??

? [典句] 1.As everybody knows,vocabulary is an important part of language,just like bricks in a building.众所周知,词 汇是构成语言最重要的一部分,就像一座大楼离不开砖头 一样。 ? (变式)?What everybody knows is that vocabulary is an important part of language,just like bricks in a building. ? 2.Firstly,we should be given more opportunities to use what we've learned in order to have a better grasp of it. ? 首先,为了更好地掌握英语,我们应当给予更多的机会去 运用我们所学到的东西。

? 1.(2011·上海高考)Graduation is a good time to thank those who have helped you ________ the tough years. ? A.through B.up

? C.with


? [解题指导] 句意:毕业时是向那些在艰难岁月里帮助了 你的人表示感谢的好机会。考查介词辨析。句中who引导 的定语从句中时态是现在完成时,所以用through表示贯穿 这些年始终。其他介词不符合句意。 ? [正确答案] A

? 2.(2011·江西高考)You can't predict everything.Often things don't ________ as you expect. ? out B.break out ? out D.put out ? [解题指导] 句意:你不可能预测所有事情, 通常事情并不像你所想象的那样发生。本 题考查动词词组辨析。work out成功地发展; run out跑出,用完;break out突然爆发;put out扑灭,生产。 ? [正确答案] C

? 3.(2011·西安质检)The plan ________ just because people were unwilling to cooperate. ? A.broke down B.pulled down ? C.turned down D.put down ? [解题指导] 考查动词短语意义。break down失败,崩溃;pull down拆除,拉下; turn down调小,拒绝;put down记下。由题 意可知A项正确。 ? [正确答案] A

? 4.(2012·上海模拟)Be careful not to ________ any letter when you spell the word. ? A.leave off B.leave out ? C.leave behind D.leave alone ? [解题指导] 考查动词短语意义。句意:拼 读单词时,不要漏掉任何字母。leave out“遗漏”,符合句意。 ? [正确答案] B

? 5.(2012· 吉林二模)Would it be ________ for you to pick me up at four o'clock and take me to the airport? ? B.vacant ? C.handy D.convenient ? [解题指导] 考查形容词词义。句意:你四点的时候接我 去机场方便吗?convenient方便的,便利的;某人方便做 某事常用“It is convenient for do sth.”。free自由的, 免费的;vacant空的,未被占用的;handy“手边的”,均 不合题意。 ? [正确答案] D

? ? ? ? ? ?

Ⅰ.重点单词 1. consist v.组成;在于;一致 2. consist vt.澄清;阐明 3. accomplish vt.完成;达到;实现 4. conflict n.矛盾;冲突 unwilling 5. adj.不愿意的;不乐意的→ unwillingly adv.不愿意地

? 6. nationwide adj.全国性的;全国范围的 ? 7. enjoyable adj.令人愉快的;使人高兴的 ? 8. description n.描写;描述→ v.描写; describe 描述 furnished ? 9. adj.配备好装备的;带家具的 furniture ? → n.家具 possibility possible ? 10. n.可能性→ adj.可能的 quarrel ? 11. n.争吵;争论 vi.争吵;吵架

? 12. wedding

n.婚礼→(近义词) marriage 婚烟

? 13. splendid adj.壮丽的;辉煌的;(口语中)极 好的 communism ? 14. n.共产主义→ communist n.共产 主义者 thrill ? 15. vt.使激动;使胆战心惊→n.激动;刺激a big thrill thrilling → 一个惊喜 adj.令人毛骨悚然 的 consistent ? 16. adj.一致的→consistency n. 一致(性) ? 17. vt.吸引;引起注意→attraction n. 吸引力 →attractive adj. 吸引人的 ?

? 18. arrange vt.安排;筹备;整理→arrangement n.安排 delight ? 19. n.快乐;高兴vt.使快乐;使欣 喜→delighted adj. 高兴的 ? 20. convenience n.便利;方便→ convenient adj. 方便的→conveniently adv. 方便地

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Ⅱ.重点短语 1.consist of 由??组成 into ?把??分成 2.divide? 3. in a peaceful way 以和平的方式 4. to one's credit 值得赞扬的 for 5. convenience 为方便起见 away 6.break from脱离;

? ? ? ? ? ?

7.leave out 省略;遗漏 furnished with 装备有;配备有 alikein ...在??方面相像 10.take the place of 代替;取代 11.break down (机器等)损坏 at/by thrilled ...对??感到兴奋/激 动 with ? consistent 与??一致

? Ⅲ.重点句型 ? 1. It seemed strange that man who had the developed communism should have lived and died in London.这似乎是一件怪事:这位发 展了共产主义的人竟然在伦敦生活过,并 且在伦敦去世。 keep your eyes open if you are ? 2.You must going to make your trip to the United Kingdom worth-while enjoyable and .
? 如果你想要使你的英国之旅愉快并且值得, 你就必须留心观察。

? 1.consist of 由??组成;包括 ? consist in在于??;存在于?? ? consist with与??协调;一致 ? consistency/consistence n.坚固性;浓度; 固守;协调;一致 ? consistent adj.协调的;一致的;固守的 ? be made up of由??构成/组成

? ①The group consists of four students. ? 这个小组是由四个学生组成。 ? ②Happiness does not consist in how much money you have. ? 幸福不在于你拥有多少金钱。 ? ③What you say is not consistent with what you do.你言行不一。

? 2.attract vt. 吸引;引起注意 ? attract one's attention/interest吸引某人的注意 /兴趣 ? attract sth.把某人吸引到??(to为介词) ? be attracted to为??所吸引 ? attraction吸引人的事物;吸引力 ? attractive adj.有吸引力的;迷人的

? ①What attracted me most to the job was the chance to travel. ? 这份工作最吸引我的是有旅行的机会。 ? ②There are a lot of attractions in Beijing. ? 北京有许多名胜。 ? ③The new cartoon is attractive to children. ? 这部新卡通片对孩子们有吸引力。

3.delight n. 快乐;高兴;喜悦 vt.使高兴;使欣喜
?delightful adj.令人高兴的;使人快乐的;讨人喜欢的 ? ? ?delighted adj.高兴的;快乐的 ?

?take/find delight in以??为乐 ? ?to one's delight使人高兴的是 ?with delight高兴地;乐意地 ? ?be delighted at/with对??感到高兴 ? ?be delighted to do sth.很高兴做某事 ?be delighted that...乐意?? ?

? ? ? ? ? ?

①The boy takes delight in helping others. =The boy delights in helping others. 这个男孩以帮助他人为乐。 ②Much to our delight,everything goes well. 使我们高兴的是,一切进展顺利。 ③Thanks for the invitation.I'd be delighted to come! ? 谢谢你的邀请。我很乐意前来!

? ? ? ?

4.divide??into?? 把??分成 divide between (among) 在??之间分配 divide by 用??除(尽); 因??分裂 divide up 分开;划分

? ①The apple was divided into two. ? 苹果被一分为二。 ? ②The children divided up the candy among themselves. ? 孩子们自己分吃糖果。 ? ③The fence divides the garden into halves. ? 篱笆把花园分成两部分。

? ? ? ? ? ?

5.convenience n. 便利;方便 at one's convenience在某人方便的时候 for convenience为了方便起见 convenient adj.方便的;便利的 it is convenient for sb.某人方便的话 be convenient for对??是方便的

? ①For convenience I always keep my reference books near my desk. ? 为了方便我总是把参考书放到桌旁边用。 ? ②With my own car,I can stop at my convenience. ? 开着我自己的车,我可以随意停下。 ? ③Will the 3∶50 train be convenient for you? ? 3∶50 的火车你方便吗?

? ? ? ? ? ?

6.leave out 省去;遗漏;不考虑 leave alone不管;不理会 leave aside(把某事)搁置一边 leave behind留下;忘带;遗留 leave for动身去?? leave off停止,中断

? ①Whenever you say something,never leave out others' feelings. ? 无论何时你说什么,决不要不考虑别人的 感受。 ? ②You shouldn't leave the girl alone,she is too young. ? 你不该把这个女孩单独留下,她太小了。 ? ③Hasn't the rain left off yet? ? 雨还没停吗?

? 1.(2012·莱芜模拟)The company is starting a new advertising campaign to ________ new customers. ? A.attract B.stick ? C.strike D.appeal ? 解析:attract吸引,指吸引新顾客。 ? 答案:A

? 2.Then we ________ ourselves ________ small groups to ________ our tasks. ? A.divided;into;get on ? B.divided;into;carry out ? C.separated;from;carry on ? D.separated;from;carry out ? 解析:divide...into...把??分成;carry out 执行。 ? 答案:B

? 3.(2012·金华联考)________,he won the first prize. ? A.To his much delight ? B.Much to his delight ? C.To his much delightful ? D.Much to his delightful ? 解析:much to one's delight或to one's great delight令人高兴的是。 ? 答案:B

? ? ? ? ? ?

4.Come and see me whenever ________. are convenient will be convenient is convenient for you will be convenient for you 解析:it is convenient for sb.对某人是方便的 convenient方便的it作主语,不能用人作主语。 ? 答案:C

? 5.The film named The Love of the Hawthorn Tree has a lot of ________ for young people. ? A.attractions B.attraction ? C.interest D.attack ? 解析:attractions.吸引人的事或之处,常用 复数。 ? 答案:A

? 6.(2012·保定调研)While copying this paper, be careful not to ________ any word. ? A.leave behind B.leave aside ? C.leave off D.leave out ? 解析:leave out漏掉;省去,leave behind落 后,leave aside放在一边,leave off中断。 ? 答案:D

? 1.It seemed strange that the man who had developed communism should have lived and died in London. ? 这似乎是一件怪事:这位发展了共产主义 的人竟然在伦敦生活过,并且在伦敦去世。 ? It seems/is strange that...??有点奇怪,that 从句常用虚拟语气,谓语动词用(should+) 动词原形,如果主句是过去式,从句谓语 动词用should have done形式。此处should意 为“竟然”。

? 在下列句型中,也常用这种形式的虚拟语气: ? It is natural/important/necessary/a pity/a shame that... ? should在这些句型中,表示惊奇、气愤、惋惜、 理应如此等意思。 ? ①It was strange that he should have done like that. ? 他竟然那样做,真是奇怪。 ? ②It's a pity that he should fail to grasp the chance when it arose.机会出现时,他竟然没能抓住,真是 遗憾。

? 2.Now when people refer to England you find Wales included as well.如今只要有人提 起英格兰,你就会发现威尔士也是包括在 内的。 ? find+宾语+宾语补足语,意思是“发 现??处于??状态”,在此结构中,宾 语补足语除用过去分词外,还可用现在分 词、副词、介词短语、形容词等形式。

? ①When she came to life,she found herself surrounded by many people. ? 当她苏醒过来时,她发现很多人围着她。 ? ②When finding the small green flag flying peacefully in the sky,he knew that everything was OK.

? 当发现小绿旗在空中平静地飞舞着时,他 就知道一切正常。

? 1.(2012·济南模拟)When he came to,he found himself ________ on a chair,with his hands ________ back. ? sit;tied B.sitting;tying ? C.sat;tied D.sitting;tied ? 解析:第一空用现在分词sitting,与himself 构成主动进行意义,第二空用过去分词作 宾补,与hands构成被动关系。 ? 答案:D

? 2.It is strange that he ________ so much about me. ? A.knows B.know ? C.should know D.shall know ? 解析:It is strange that sb.should do...为固定 句型。 ? 答案:C



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