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book3 unit3词汇学案

高三英语一轮复习词汇学案 Module 3 Unit 3
【学习目标】 认读课文中词汇,掌握词义和词性; 正确拼写部分词汇 : 理解课文内容,能正确翻译课文中的句子,能熟练朗读课文。 能把课文中部分词汇、短语运用到写作中。

1 He is best known for his novels set in his boyhood world on the river, such as The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. 2 Oliver believes that with a million pound bank note a man could survive a month in London. 3 It is Henry Adams, an American businessman, who is lost in London and does not know what he should do. 4 May we ask what you’re doing in this country and what your plans are? 5 His eyes stare at what is left of the brother’s dinner on the table. 6 The fact is that I earned my passage by working as an unpaid hand, which accounts for my appearance. 7 Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I’ll be on my way. 8 We know you are hard-working. That’s why we’ve given you the letter. 9 Why don’t you explain what this is all about? 10 I did hear that the Bank of England had issued two notes in this amount. 11 You must come whenever you want and have whatever you like. 【课文语块背诵】 make a bet, be lost in, go ahead, as a matter of fact, by accident, stare at, It was all my fault. account for, American embassy, seek help, to be honest, clap his hands, on the contrary, a large amount of money, take a chance, in a rude manner, pay too much attention to, He is in rags. whenever you want, whatever you like, as for, from the bottom of my heart

【课文单词分类】 动词 漫游 漫步 许可 允许 准许 凝视 盯着看 发现 认出 认为 说明 总计有 寻找 搜索 寻求 ( ) 尖声叫 鞠躬 弯腰 发行 发布 出版 生存 存活 承诺 答应 形容词/副词 penniless unpaid genuine fake 在前 向前 相反的 难以置信的 粗鲁的 无礼的 真正地 确实 实在 富有的 名词 birthplace boyhood phrase author pavement businessman bay nightfall passage embassy charity steak pineapple dessert rag barber 小说 奇遇 冒险 一场 现场 场面 景色 赌 打赌 通行证 许可证 过错 缺点 故障 斑点 污点 说明 理由 账目 耐性 忍耐 信封 数量 礼貌 举止 方式 外表 外貌 短语 抚养 培育 提出 打赌 前进 可以 往下说 偶然 无意中 不小心 凝视 盯着看 导致 做出解释 与此相反 冒险 衣衫褴褛 关于 至于 实际上 事实上 都是我的错 寻求帮助 说实话 坦白地说 一大笔钱 以粗鲁的方式 发自内心地 从心底地 【回归课文】 Ⅰ复习课文,做到熟练朗读,理解课文内容,认识课文中词汇。 Ⅱ翻译下列句子

【课文再现】在熟读课文的基础上,完成下面完型填空。 It was in the summer of 1903. Two old and brothers , Roderick and Oliver, had . Oliver believed that with a million pound bank note a man could a month in London. His brother Roderick it. At this moment, they saw a young man on the pavement outside their house. It was Henry Adams, an American , who London and did not know he should do. They asked him he was doing in this country and his plans were. He said that he landed in Britain . About a month ago, he was sailing out of the and found himself carried out to sea a strong wind and the next morning he was by a ship. He earned his by working an unpaid hand, which his appearance. He went to the American to but failed. While telling his story, his eyes what is left of the brother’s dinner on the table. Hearing this, the two brothers together and gave the young man an and asked him to keep his that he mustn’t open it until 2 o’clock. Henry looked at the envelope opening it and decided to go in a restaurant. Seeing Henry’s poor , the owner put him in the back of the restaurant. Henry so much food that the owner warned him that would cost money. After the dinner, the waiter asked Henry to pay the bill .(粗鲁地) Henry waited until 2 o’clock and opened the envelope. Henry was surprised and the waiter was at the million pound bank note in the envelope. The hostess even . They don’t know whether the bank note was . The owner didn’t think it can be a because people would a bank note of this amount. So he asked Henry to forget the bill and come to his restaurant he wanted and have he liked. They even as Henry left. 补全课文中的句子 1 His eyes of the brother’s dinner on table.(盯着残羹 剩饭) 2 Well, towards nightfall I found myself by a strong wind.(被吹到 了大海上) 3 You can’t open it (直到两点钟) 4 Well, Americans like to eat a lot.(众所周知) 5 You must come and have . (你想什么时 候来就什么时候来) 【学以致用】 用课文所学句子来完成下面练习。 1 中学生不允许吸烟。(permit sb to do sth)

2 公共场合不允许吸烟。(permit doing sth) 3 他未经许可私自离校。(without permission) 4 他因生病缺席。(account for) (其它表达方式) : 5 他昨天生病了,所以今天没来上课。(fall sick) 6 他是由爷爷奶奶抚养大的。(bring up) 7 女同学支持这个决定,相反,男同学反对这个决定。(on the contrary) 8 至于那些不遵守校规的同学, 学校是不会让他们这样逃过去的。 for; get away with) (as 9 当我醒来的时候,我发现老师正站在我旁边。(find +宾语+宾补) 10 当我醒来的时候,我发现自己被很多人围着。 11 无论你想要什么,我都会给你。(whatever/ no matter what) 12 无论你去哪里,我都会跟着你。(wherever/ no matter where)

【达标练习】 一、单项选择 1 Seeing the happy of children playing in the park,I'm full of joy and confidence in the future of our country. A. sight B. scene C. view D. sign 2 I'll look into the matter as soon as possible. Just have a little . A. wait B. time C. patience D. rest 3 The driver shall be fined if he drives without the . A. permission B. permit C. allowance D. admittance 4 She is a very gentle child,so she will never do anything that is not of by her parents. A. admitted B. reminded C. permitted D. approved 5 He is such a man who is always fault with other people.

A. putting B. seeking C. finding D. looking for 6.When the thief found the police had already him,he ran away quickly. A. realized B. known C. spotted D. stared 7 Lack of money her not continuing her studies. A. accounts for B. cares for C. explains to D. approves of 8 (2008· 全国卷Ⅱ)—Could I ask you a rather personal question? —Sure, ________. A.pardon me B.go ahead C.good idea D.forget it 9 Phelps was ________ by his mother after his parents divorced when he was young. A.brought in B.brought about C.brought up D.brought out 10.—Does it rain a lot in this area? —________,it hardly ever rains;the climate is like that of a desert. A.What's more B.In other words C.On the contrary D.As a result 11 (2007· 陕西高考)—Could I use your computer for a few moments, please? —________. I'm not using it myself. A.Come on B.It depends C.Go ahead D.That's great 12 (2007· 重庆高考)—I've studied growing plants as one of my interests. Could I make some suggestions? —________. A.You will make it B.Go right ahead C.Don't mention it D.Take it easy 13 (2009· 福建高考)She had just finished her homework________ her mother asked her to practise playing the piano yesterday. A.when B.while C.after D.since 14 He was about to tell me the secret ________ someone patted him on the shoulder. B.until C.while D.when 15 I had finished my homework and ________ watch the Olympics when the power was cut off. A.was going to B.was about to C.was to D.would 16 (2008· 浙江高考)________ wants to stay in a hotel has to pay their own way. A.Anyone B.The one C.Whoever D.Who 17 The magnificent tower must be saved,________the cost is! A.however B.whichever C.whatever D.wherever 18 ________ we gave him something to eat, he would save it up for his little sister. A.Whatever B.However C.Whichever D.Whenever 19 The book will be given to ________ wins the first prize. A.anyone B.who C.whoever D.whomever 20 —Would you tell me ________ you want your tea,with sugar or milk? —Sugar,please. A.whether B.when C.what

21 Go and get your coat. It's just ________ you left it before you took a bath. A.why B.there which D.where 22 When he looked up, he suddenly found himself by a group of teenagers, looked at him curiously. A to be surrounded; which B surrounded; who C be surrounded; who D having been surrounded; which 23 – Do you both agree with me about the arrangement of the meeting? -- He quite agrees with you. , I am not so satisfied with it. A As a result B As follows C As for me D As usual 24 A cook will be immediately fired if he is found in the kitchen. A smoke B smoking C to smoke D smoked 25--- Why can’t I smoke ? --- At no time in the meeting room. A does smoking permit B is smoking permitted C smoking is permitted D permits smoking 26 Our experiment had got into trouble, so we decided to take chance to add more water, and luckily we made it. A/ ; / Ba;a C the ; a D/;a 27 You can’t judge a person by his dressing because not all who are are beggars, some even are millionaires. A in rags B in short C in public D in black 28 When the man was trying to break into the bank, he was caught by the police A in a spot B on the spot C off the spot D to the spot 29 A great deal of science and technique has been since China carried its reform and open policy. A brought down; on B brought in; out C brought out; out D brought up;on


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