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Where is Fujian province?

Fujian province is in the southeast of China.









Fast Reading
1.What is this island in the picture called? Gulangyu Island 2. Which city does ‘A Lively City’ refer to? Xiamen

Choose the correct answer. a 1.John Martin is visiting ___________. (a) Xiao Li’s hometown (b) a town near where Xiao Li lives (c) a shopping mall 2. Xiao Li lives _________. b (a) on the island of Gulangyu (b) in Xiamen (c) in a town to the northwest of Xiamen 3. John and Xiao Li are_____ b (a) at Xiao Li’s home (b) driving around the city in a car (c) on a train

Read the conversation again and get some information about Xiamen
Location on the coast Climate pretty hot and wet in the summer;quite cold in winter business district, harbour(westen district), Gulangyu Island, architecture

Tourist Spots

Language Points
? 1.It’s great to see you again. ? 再次见到你太好了。 ?= It’s nice to see you. ?= It’s a pleasure to see you.

I am pleased to see you . ?= I am glad to see you.

? 2.It's been six years since we last saw each other ? 自从我们上次见面已有6年了 ? It is/has been+段时间+since从句(一般过去 时) ? It is 3 years since he became a doctor. ? It is 3 years since he smoked. ? It was+段时间+since从句(过去完成时) ? It was some years since the war had broken down.

? 3 This is the first time (that) I have visited your himetown ? 这是我第一次来你家乡。

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

This/It is the first time +that从句(现在完成时) 这是某人第一次…… that引导定语从句,that 在口语中常省略。 This/It was the first time +that从句(过去完成时) It was the first time that he had visited Beijing. -Is this the first time you __ (visit)Chengdu? -No.But the first time I __ (come)here, the city wasn't so beautiful.

4…,but this is one of the most attractive places (that) I have been to.
? ……但这是我们到过的最迷人的地方之一。
?have been to 到过某地(该人现已不在不在那 个地方) ?have gone to 已经去某地(该人已不在说话现场 ) ?(1)他到过纽约。 He has been to New York. ? ? (2)他去纽约了。 ? He has gone to New York.

5.It’s one of the most interesting cities on the coast, everyone says so.
? 人们都说这是最有趣的沿海城市之一。

? ? ? ?

on the coast 在海岸上 off the coast 沿海(有一定的距离) 沿海有上千岛屿。 There are thousands of islands off the coast.

6.What’s the climate like?
? 天气怎么样?
? How is the climate? ? What do you think of the climate?

7.Now we are leaving the business district and (we are) approaching the harbour.

? 现在我们正离开商业区走进海港。

? Approach :come near to

? ? ? ?

8. quite a lot .很多 by the seaside .在海边 put up=build over there 在那边


Retell the Text:
Xiao li is showing John around his hometown---Xiamen in a car. has ____six been years since It _____ _____ they last saw each other. And this is ____ the first time John ____ has ______ visited Xiao li’s hometown. John ___ _______ beautiful has seen quite a lot of China and ___ has _______some visited but he believes this is one of the most _________places attractive cities,____ he living in the city____ ____ ____ ____. has been to Xiao li feels very fortunate _____ on the coast and he loves living by ___ the seaside. pretty hot and wet in the summer but it The climate ______ in Xiamen is ______ can be _____ quite cold in winter. district the Xiao li showed _____ John to an apartment block ______, a business _______, harbour and the ________ western district, and then they went to a _____ nice ____ _____ restaurant ____ little fish for lunch.


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