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Where is Fujian province?

Fujian province is in the southeast of China.





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Fast Reading
1.What is this island in the picture called? Gulangyu Island 2. Which city does ‘A Lively City’ refer to? Xiamen

Choose the correct answer. a 1.John Martin is visiting ___________. (a) Xiao Li’s hometown (b) a town near where Xiao Li lives (c) a shopping mall 2. Xiao Li lives _________. b (a) on the island of Gulangyu (b) in Xiamen (c) in a town to the northwest of Xiamen 3. John and Xiao Li are_____ b (a) at Xiao Li’s home (b) driving around the city in a car (c) on a train

Read the conversation again and get some information about Xiamen
Location on the coast Climate pretty hot and wet in the summer;quite cold in winter business district, harbour(westen district), Gulangyu Island, architecture

Tourist Spots

Language Points
? 1.It’s great to see you again. ? 再次见到你太好了。 ?= It’s nice to see you. ?= It’s a pleasure to see you.

I am pleased to see you . ?= I am glad to see you.

? 2.It's been six years since we last saw each other ? 自从我们上次见面已有6年了 ? It is/has been+段时间+since从句(一般过去 时) ? It is 3 years since he became a doctor. ? It is 3 years since he smoked. ? It was+段时间+since从句(过去完成时) ? It was some years since the war had broken down.

? 3 This is the first time (that) I have visited your himetown ? 这是我第一次来你家乡。

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

This/It is the first time +that从句(现在完成时) 这是某人第一次…… that引导定语从句,that 在口语中常省略。 This/It was the first time +that从句(过去完成时) It was the first time that he had visited Beijing. -Is this the first time you __ (visit)Chengdu? -No.But the first time I __ (come)here, the city wasn't so beautiful.

4…,but this is one of the most attractive places (that) I have been to.
? ……但这是我们到过的最迷人的地方之一。
?have been to 到过某地(该人现已不在不在那 个地方) ?have gone to 已经去某地(该人已不在说话现场 ) ?(1)他到过纽约。 He has been to New York. ? ? (2)他去纽约了。 ? He has gone to New York.

5.It’s one of the most interesting cities on the coast, everyone says so.
? 人们都说这是最有趣的沿海城市之一。

? ? ? ?

on the coast 在海岸上 off the coast 沿海(有一定的距离) 沿海有上千岛屿。 There are thousands of islands off the coast.

6.What’s the climate like?
? 天气怎么样?
? How is the climate? ? What do you think of the climate?

7.Now we are leaving the business district and (we are) approaching the harbour.

? 现在我们正离开商业区走进海港。

? Approach :come near to

? ? ? ?

8. quite a lot .很多 by the seaside .在海边 put up=build over there 在那边


Retell the Text:
Xiao li is showing John around his hometown---Xiamen in a car. has ____six been years since It _____ _____ they last saw each other. And this is ____ the first time John ____ has ______ visited Xiao li’s hometown. John ___ _______ beautiful has seen quite a lot of China and ___ has _______some visited but he believes this is one of the most _________places attractive cities,____ he living in the city____ ____ ____ ____. has been to Xiao li feels very fortunate _____ on the coast and he loves living by ___ the seaside. pretty hot and wet in the summer but it The climate ______ in Xiamen is ______ can be _____ quite cold in winter. district the Xiao li showed _____ John to an apartment block ______, a business _______, harbour and the ________ western district, and then they went to a _____ nice ____ _____ restaurant ____ little fish for lunch.



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