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实例剖析 [例 1]…the proverb, “plucking up a crop 32 (help) it grow”, is based on the following story. (2008 年广东) 思路分析:因句中已有谓语 is based,而“plucking up a crop 32 (help) it grow”是

the proverb 的同位语,是一个名词短语而非同位语从句,因此,help 应是谓语动词;“帮 助禾苗长”是“将禾苗拨起来”的目的,作目的状语,用动词不定式,故填 to help [例 2]While she was getting me ___34___ (settle) into a tiny but clean room…(2007 年广东) 思路分析:因句中已有谓语 was getting,所以 settle 应是非谓语动词;又由 settle sb. into/in/on…(使某人舒服地处于某处)可知,me 与 settle 是被动关系,要用过去分词用宾 补,故填 settled。 考点突破 一、单句填空:用括号中所给动词的适当形式填空。 1. ___walking_________ (walk) is a good form of exercise for both young and old. (全国) 2. Eugene's never willing to alter any of his opinions. It’s no use __ arguing________(argue) with him. (上海) 3. Please remain __seated_______(seat); the winner of the prize will be announced soon. (辽 宁) remain 在这里是一个系动词,后面要接形容词做表语,CD 明显不对,可以排除,AB 都是分 词形式,可以充当形容词,但是主语是人,和 seat 应该是被动关系,所以用过去分词而不 用现在分词.Please remain seated .请坐着不要动。Be seated 请坐着不要动

4. — Can I smoke here? — Sorry. We don’t allow ___smoking________(smoke) here. (江苏) Sb allow sb to do sth 某人允许某人做某事 Sb allow doing sth 某人被允许做某事 5. It is difficult to imagine his __accepting_____(accept) the decision without any consideration. (陕西) imagine one‘s doing sth 固定搭配 6. I can’t stand _working________(work) with Jane in the same office. She just refuses ___to stop_____(stop) talking while she works. (北京)
stand(sb.)doing,“忍受(某人)做什么”;refuse to do“拒绝做

7. As a result of the serious flood, two-thirds of the buildings in the area need _repairing____________ (repair). (陕西)
Need(需要) 的用法 1.Need 作为实义动词 有人称、数和时态的变化(在变为否定句和疑问句时需借助于助动词) (1)当主语是人时,后可接名词和动词不定式,

即:need sth./ need to do sth. Eg: He needs some help. It's cold outside. You need to wear more clothes. Need 后跟不定式且用于否定句中时,表示“不必”,指没义务或没必要做某事。 Eg: You don't need to do it at once.你不必马上做那件事情。 (2)当主语为物时,后接名词或 v-ing. Eg: The flowers need water. 这些花需要水。 The flowers need watering.这些花需要浇水。 2.need 作为情态动词 (注:情态动词不能独立作谓语,必须和动词原形一起构成谓语,即 need 作为情态动词时,后面必 须跟动词原形) 无人称、数和时态的变化,常用于否定句和疑问句中。 Eg: You needn't go this week.这周你不必去。 由 need 引导的一般疑问句,肯定回答一般用 must, 否定回答一般用 needn't。 Eg: -------Need I come? -------Yes, you must./ No, you needn't 注:由 must 引导的一般疑问句,肯定回答一般用 must, 否定回答一般用 needn't 或 don't have to Eg: --------- Must I go now? -------- Yes, you must. No, you needn't/don't have to.

8. Susan wanted to be independent of her parents. She tried _living_______ (live) alone, but she didn’t like it and moved back home. (湖南) try 这个词后面可以接 doing 和 to do,但是表达的含义不同.Doing 表示试着去做, 但不管是否成功,to do 表示尝试去做,强调结果. 9. — Robert is indeed a wise man. — Oh, yes. How often I have regretted __not taking______(not take) his advice! (安徽)

10. If you think that treating a woman well means always _getting___ (get) her permission for things, think again. (湖南)
Mean doing sth 意味着做某事,

11. At the beginning of class, the noise of desks ___being opened and closed_______(open and close) could be heard outside the classroom. (全国)

being opened and closed 是正在被开或关的意思 12. —They are quiet, aren’t they? —Yes. They are accustomed to _not talking______ (not talk) at meals. (江苏) be accustomed to doing sth.习惯做某事(请注意:to 为介词,并非不定式的 标志,即后面加动词原形) 13. Isn't it time you got down to ________(mark) the papers? (重庆)
get down to doing sth.是固定搭配,“开始做某事”;to 为介词,后面接动名词或名词,

14. Mr. Reed made up his mind to devote all he had to _setting_______ (set) up some schools for poor children. (上海) 学生可能会抓住“he had to”而选择 A,因为他们对 had to do something 的结构太熟悉 了。其实,句中 had to 与 set up 并不构成搭配,因为 he had 为定语从句修饰先行词 all, setup 与 devote all…to 构成搭配,即 devote all to setting up(to 为介词), 15. She looks forward every spring to __walking______ (walk) in the flower-lined garden. (上海) 16. Having been ill in bed for nearly a month, he had a hard time ___passing_____ (pass) the exam. (福建) Have a hard time /difficulty/trouble ?.(in)doing sth.做某事有艰难、困 难或有麻烦. 17. According to a recent U.S. survey, children spend up to 25 hours a week __watching___ (watch) TV. (上海) spend some time (in) doing sth.,中间出现了 up to(达到),增加了选择的难 度. 18. I believe that’s the best way to prevent such a thing from __happening_____ (happen) again. (全国) 19. Did you have trouble in__finding______ (find) the post office? (全国) 20. Sandy could do nothing but ___admit___ (admit) to his teacher that he was wrong. (上海)
介词后接动词通常应是动名词.但是介词 but(except 也一样)却比较特殊,其后接动词时,可 以接不定式,并且这个不定式可以带 to 也可以不带 to: 1.当其前的谓语含有实义动词 do(可以是各种形式)时,其后的不定式通常不带 to: She will do anything but play chess.她除了下棋外什么都愿干. He did nothing all day except watch TV.他一整天除了看电视什么也没做. 2.当其前的谓语没有某种形式的实义动词 do 时,其后的不定式通常要带 to: They had no choice but to obey.他们别无选择只有服从. He wanted nothing but to stay here.他除了想呆在这里外,其它什么也不想. 3.当其前含有实义动词 do 但不是用作谓语时,其后的不定式带不带 to 均可,但以不带 to 为

多见: There's nothing to do but(to)leave.只好离开. There was nothing to do but(to)wait.除了等没有其它的办法. 4.在 cannot(help)but 后习惯上接不带 to 的不定式: I cannot(help)but admire his courage.我不得不佩服他的勇气

21. I smell something _burning_______ (burn) in the kitchen. Can I call you back in a minute? (全国)
something 应该正在烧,而且 something 与 burn 之间是主谓关系,即是其自己烧了起来,所以要用现在分词

22. Don’t

leave the water __running______ (run) while you brush your teeth. (天津)

leave the water running 指的是让水一直流,表状态。水和 run 之间是主动关系。

23. It was so cold that they kept the fire ____burning_______ (burn) all night. (全国) 24. The managers discussed the plan that they would like to see ____carried_________ (carry) out the next year. (全国) 25. To learn English well, we should find opportunities to hear English __spoken_________ (speak) as much as we can. (江苏) 26. He is very popular among his students as he always tries to make them __interested__________(interest) in his lectures. (江苏)` 27. Energy drinks are not allowed __making______(make) in Australia but are brought in from New Zealand. (上海) 28. My advisor encouraged me _to take_______(take) a summer course to improve my writing skills. (北京) encourage do sth.是固定短语,意为“鼓励某人做某事”,不定式在句 中作宾补. 29. My parents have always made me __feel______(feel) good about myself, even when I was twelve. (江苏) Make sb do make sth done make sb.done 使某人被 sb be made to do sth have sb do 让某人干某事 have sth done have sb.done 使某人被 let sb do let sth done let sb.done 使某人被
get sb to do 使某人干某事 leave sb to do sth 让某人干某事 ask sb to do 使某人干某事 get sth done get sb done 使某人被 leave sth done

30. They knew her very well. They had seen her ____grow____ (grow) up from childhood. (全国)
see sb do sth 看见某人做某事 see sb doing sth 看见某人正在做某事

31. The mother felt herself __grow______ (grow) cold and her hands trembled as she read the

letter from the battlefield. (上海) feel 作为感官动词,表示“感觉”,后接动词不定式的复合结构作宾语时,不定时 不能带“to” ,即省略 to,直接加动词原形 32. Paul doesn’t have to be made ___to learn_____ (learn). He always works hard. (全国) 33. —Come on, please give me some ideas about the project. —Sorry. With so much work ____filling____ (fill) my mind, I almost break down. (福建) 34. John received an invitation to dinner, and with his work ___finished_________ (finish), he gladly accepted it. (安徽) 35. With a lot of difficult problems __to settle______ (set), the newly-elected president is having a hard time. (上海) 这是一个 with 复合结构.动词不定式 to settle 做定语表示现在或将来要解决的 难题;过去分词 settled 作定语表示已经解决的难题;现在分词的被动式 being settled 作定 语表 示 正在被 解决 的难 题 . 所提供 的语 境 the newly-elected president is having a hard time 说明新任总统现在和将来都有难以解决的问 题,所以要用 to settle 作定语.这句话的意思是“有很多难题要解决,新任总统 的日子不好过.” 36. The director had her assistant __pick____(pick) up some hot dogs for the meeting. (全国) 37. — Did Peter fix the computer himself? — He had it __fixed______(fix), because he doesn’t know much about computers. (安徽) 38. Jenny hopes that Mr. Smith will suggest a good way to have her written English __improved______ (improve) in a short period. (福建) 39. Helen had to shout to make herself __heard______ (hear) above the sound of the music. (广西) 40. Peter received a letter just now __saying______(say) his grandma would come to see him soon. (四川) 40. Peter received a letter just now ________(say) his grandma would come to see him soon. (四川) 41. As the light turned green, I stood for a moment, not ___moving_____ (move), and asked myself what I was going to do. (湖南) 42. _____walking______(walk) in the fields on a March afternoon, he could feel the warmth of spring. (安徽) 43. ______waiting________ (wait) in the queue for half an hour, the old man suddenly realized he had left the cheque in the car. (福建) 44. _____blamed_____ (blame) for the breakdown of the school computer network, Alice was in low spirits. (福建) 45. He hurried to the booking office only _to be told____________ (tell) that all the tickets had been sold out. (陕西)
only 和不定式连用常构成结果状语,表示与预料相反的结果,意思是“竟然……、结果……”。

46. European football is played in 80 countries, __making__________ (make) it the most popular sport in the world. (全国)

47. You were silly not ____to have locked____________(lock) your car. (湖南)
It's / Sb. is + adj. + to do sth. 该句用不定式的完成时态是因为动作已经完成。

48. I like getting up very early in summer. The morning air is so good ____to breathe_______(breathe). (宁夏) be+adj+to do 是不定式的一个固定用法.比如说,这个工具很好使,你得说:the tool is easy to use.而不是:the tool is easy to be used 或者 the tool is easy using.这里的 to do 可以表达被动的意思,因为是工具被使用,空气被吸入, 也就是所谓的主动形式表达被动意义. 49. ____to complete_________ (complete) the project as planned, we’ll have to work two more hours a day. (湖南) 50. When ___asked_____ (ask) why he went there, he said he was sent there to be trained for a space flight. (江西) 51. The flowers his friend gave him will die unless ___watered____(water) every day. (四川) 52. When __compared___________(compare) different cultures, we often pay attention only to the differences without noticing the many similarities. (浙江) 53. —The last one ___to arrive________(arrive) pays the meal. —Agree! (全国)
固定用法,the last one to do sth, 不光是 Last,其他序数词都用 To Do~ 比如 I am the first to come to school 再比如;he is the third to finish the work

54. The trees __blown_______(blow) in the storm have been moved off the road. (湖南) 55. Can those ___seated______ (seat) at the back of the classroom hear me? (福建) 56. Reading is an experience quite different from watching TV; there are pictures __formed______ (form) in your mind instead of before your eyes. (广西) 57. —It’s a long time since I saw my sister. (全国) —Why not __visit______(visit) her this weekend? 祈使句 不加 to 动词为原型 所以这句话 要么是 Why not visit her this weekend 就是 Why don't you visit her this weekend 58. _________ (search) the website of the Fire Department in your city, and you will learn a lot about firefighting. (湖南)

考查非谓语动词与并列句的区别与选择根据 and 这个特色词可知这是一个很典型的并列句,所以形成并列




59. The children went home from the grammar school, their lessons __finished_____(finish) for the day. (重庆)

60. ________ (give) the general state of health, it may take him a while to recover from the operation. (北京)
given 通常被看作过去分词,但它还可用作介词,意为“考虑到……,假定是”。如:Given his support, I think we'll win the election.“如果获得他的支持, 我想我们会赢得这次选举。 ”Given their in experience, they've done a good job. “考虑到没有经验,他们做得还算不错。”

二、语篇填空 用所给动词的适当形式填空。 Freud was one of the first scientists [1]_______(make)serious research of the mind. The mind is the collection of activities [2]________(base) in the brain that involve how we act, think, feel and reason. He used long talks with patients and the study of dreams [3]___________(search) for the causes of mental and emotional problems. He also tried hypnosis. He wanted to see if [4]________ (put) patients into a sleep-like condition would help ease [5]________ (trouble) minds. In most cases he found the effects only temporary. Freud worked hard, although what he did might sound easy. His method involved [6]________ (sit) with his patients and [7]________(listen)to them talk. He had them [8]________(talk)about whatever they were thinking. All ideas, thoughts and anything that entered their mind had to [9]___________ (express) . There could be no[10]________ (hold) back because of fear or guilt. 1,to make 2, based 3, to search 4, putting 5, troubled 6, sitting 7, listening 8, talk 9, be expressed 10. holding

实例剖析 例 1: This proverb is saying we have to let things go in their natural course. Being too anxious to help an event develop often 40 (result) in the contrary to our intention. (2008 广东) 分析:因句中 Being too anxious to help an event develop 是动名词短语作主语,括号中的 result 应当为谓语动词; 主语与谓语动词是主动关系, 再说短语动词 result in 本身是不能 用于被动语态的,故用主动语态;根据语境,这段话是拔苗助长这个成语故事所说明的 道理,“我们必须让事物沿着它们的自然进程发展。太着急帮助一件事物发展,结果往 往和我们的意图相反(欲速则不达)。”这是客观真理,应当用一般现在时,主语是第

三人称单数,故填 results。 例 2:The policeman’s attention was suddenly caught by a small box which __________ (place) under the Minister’s car. (2005 广东) 分析:替代 the box 的关系代词 which 在定语从句中作主语,place 应当为谓语动词;因 主语 which (the box)与 place (放置)是被动关系,故用被动语态;又因 place 这个动作发 生在 was caught 这个动作之前,即“过去的过去”,用过去完成时的被动语态,故填 had been placed。 考点突破 一、单句填空:用所给动词的适当形式填空。 1.The house belongs to my aunt but she ____________ (not live) here any more. (全国 I) 2. This machine _______________ (not work). It hasn’t worked for years. (浙江) 3. If their marketing plans succeed, they ________________ (increase) their sales by 20 percent. (全国Ⅱ) 4. Population experts predict that most people _____________(live) in cities in the near future. (上海春) 5. He __________(play) football regularly for many years when he was young. (天津) 6. —Have you known Dr. Jackson for a long time? —Yes, since she ___________ the Chinese Society. (宁夏) 7. Teenagers ____________(damage) their health because they play computer games too much. (重庆) 8. I called Hnnah many times yesterday evening, but I couldn’t get through. Her brother __________ (talk) on the phone all the time! (湖南) 9. John promised his doctor he _____________ (not smoke), and he has smoked ever since. (北京) 10. By this time tomorrow, I_____________ (lie) on the beach 11. So far this year we ___________ (see) a fall in house prices by between 5 and 10 percent. (福建) 12. The hotel wasn’t particularly good. But I ____________ (stay) in many worse hotels. (北 京) 13. We first met on a train in 2000. We both felt immediately that we ____________ (know) each other for years. (辽宁) 14. —I’m sure Andrew will win the first prize in the final. —I think so. He _____________________ (prepare) for it for months. (江苏) 15. The telephone ________________ (ring), but by the time I got indoors, it stopped. (四川) 16. —Did you go to the show last night? —Yeah. Every boy and girl in the area _______________(invite). (陕西) 17. —What’s that noise? —Oh, I forgot to tell you. The new machine _______________ (test). (浙江) 18. I like these English songs and they ___________________ (teach) many times on the radio. (安徽) 19. No decision _______________ (make) about any future appointment until all the candidates have been interviewed. (北京)

20. —Do you have any problems if you ______________(offer) this job? —Well, I’m thinking about the salary…. (湖南) 二、语篇填空 阅读下面短文,按照句子结构的语法性和上下文连贯的要求,在空格处 填入一个适当的词或使用括号中词语的正确形式填空,并将答案填写在答题卡标号为 31~40 的相应位置上。(以动词时态为主) (1) It was getting dark when I got home. It was cold and I [1]_______________(wear) a coat. I walked up to the door and put my hand into my pocket [2]________(take) out my key [3]______ I couldn’t find it. I suddenly remembered that I had left [4]______ on my desk in the office. It really didn’t make [5]________ difference. I knew my wife was at home and the children must have come back from school [6]________ now, so I knocked at the door. There was no answer, so I knocked again. I [7]____________(continue) knocking at the door for some time. I was getting angry. Then I remembered something the office boy had told me at noon. He said that my wife [8] ________ (phone) saying that she [9]_____________(go) shopping in the afternoon with the children. There was only one thing for me to do: I had to clime in [10]___________ a window. (2) When he was a little boy, Christopher Cockerell once watched his mother [1]_______________(turn) the wheel of her sewing-machine with her hand. “Wouldn't it work [2]________(quick) if a machine turned the wheel for you?” he asked. “I suppose it would,” said his mother, without [3]________(pay) him any attention. Christopher [4]________(know) she always had a lot of work, and he wanted [5]________ (help) her. Up in his bedroom there was a toy steam-engine which his father had bought [6] ______ as a gift. “I [7]__________________(make) better use of it,” little Christopher said to himself. So, when his mother [8]____________(not use) her sewing-machine, he fixed the toy steam-engine onto it. When the job [9]____________(finish), he was quite pleased, [10]____________(think) his mother [11]____________(like) it. “Very clever,” his mother said, when she saw it. Then she sat down and went on [12] ________ (turn) the wheel by hand. “I [13] ___________(work) like this for too many years,” she explained. This taught Christopher Cockerell the lesson that anyone who tries [14]____________ (improve) anything [15]________(have) to learn: Many people don’t like new ideas.

[例 1]One day, he came up with an idea 35 he would pluck up all of his crop a few inches. He did so the next day. (2008 年广东) 思路分析:因 he came…和 he would pluck…是两个主谓关系,即两个句子,他们之间没 有句号或分号,空格处必定是填连词;又因为“他想把禾苗拔几寸”就是“主意(idea)”的具 体内容,可见后句是同位语从句;由于该从句不缺任何句子成分,并且意义已非常完整 了,故填 that。 [例 2]He was very tired after doing this for a whole day, 37 he felt very happy since the crop did “grow” higher. (2008 广东)

思路分析:因和 he was…和 he felt…是两个主谓关系,即两个句子,他们之间是逗号, 而不是句号或分号,空格处必定是填连词;又因“很累”与“高兴”之间是转折关系,故填 并例连词 but。 [例 3]I realized that the villagers who had gathered around me were arguing as to ___32___ should have the honour of receiving me as a guest in their house. (2007 广东) 思路分析:因 to 是介词,介词后一定是接宾语;又因 should have…可知是一个从句来 作 to 的宾语, 即宾语从句; 由句式结构可知, 空格处一定是填作主语的连接代词, 能“有 幸接待我”的应是人,故填 who。 [例 4]…the head of the village was tying up his horse to my car to pull it to a small town some 20 kilometres away ___36___there was a garage. (2007 广东) 思路分析:因前后两个句子之间没有分号或句号,也缺少连词,一定是填连词;由句子 之间的关系和句意可知,在大约 20 公里远的那个小镇上有修理厂,由此判断后一句是 定语从句,a small town 是先行词,且在从句中作状语,故填关系副词 where。 一、单句填空:用适当的连词填空。 并列句 1. I thought you’d be late for the concert, ______ we ended up getting there ahead of time. (湖 南) 2. Stand over there ______ you’ll be able to see the oil painting better. (全国Ⅱ) 3. He found it increasingly difficult to read, ______ his eyesight was beginning to fail. (山东) 4. The artist was born poor, ______ poor he remained all his life. (重庆) 5. In some places women are expected to earn money _________ men work at home and raise their children. (四川) 6. You have failed two tests. You’d better start working harder, ______ you won’t pass the course. (北京) 7. Reality is not the way you wish things to be, nor the way they appear to be, ______ the way they actually are. (湖南) 8. Between the two generations, it is often not their age, ______ their education that causes misunderstanding. (全国 I) 9. He was about halfway through his meal _________a familiar voice came to his ears. (辽宁) 10. I grew up in Africa _______ at least I should say that I spent much of the first ten years of my life there. (辽宁) 名词性从句 11. The companies are working together to create _________ they hope will be the best means of transport in the 21st century. (北京) 12. __________ was most important to her, she told me, was her family. (山东) 13. Some children want to challenge themselves by learning a language different from ______ their parents speak at home. (浙江) 14. Tomorrow is Tom’s birthday. Have you got any idea ________ the party is to be held? (陕 西) 15. The news ______ our athletes won another gold medal was reported in yesterday’s newspaper. (上海) 16. The last time we had great fun was ______ we were visiting the Water Park. (天津) 17. ____________ wants to stay in a hotel has to pay their own way. (浙江)

18. Having checked the doors were closed, and ________ all the lights were off, the boy opened the door to his bedroom. (湖南) 19. The seaside here draws a lot of tourists every summer. Warm sunshine and soft sands make ______ it is. (天津) 20. Why not try your lick downtown, Bob? That’s _________ the best jobs are. (浙江) 定语从句 21. The Science Museum, _________ we visited during a recent trip to Britain, is one of London’s tourist attractions. (江苏) 22. Chan’s restaurant on Baker Street, ___________ used to be poorly run, is now a successful business. (浙江) 23. All the neighbors admire this family, _________ the parents are treating their child like a friend. (安徽) 24. The growing speed of a plant is influenced by a number of factors, most of _________ are beyond our control. (湖南) 25. The man pulled out a gold watch, the hands of _______ were made of small diamonds. (陕西) 26. The road conditions there turned out to be very good, __________ was more than we could expect. (全国Ⅱ) 27. We shouldn’t spend our money testing so many people, most of ________ are healt hy. (北 京) 28. Occasions are quite rare ______ I have the time to spend a day with any kids. (山东) 29. They will fly to Washington, ________ they plan to stay for two or three days. (重庆) 30. Later in this chapter cases will be introduced to readers _________ consumer complaints have resulted in changes in the law. (江西) 31. The village has developed a lot _________ we learned farming two years ago. (福建) 32. After graduation she reached a point in her career __________ she had to decide what to do. (江西) 33. Those successful deaf dancers think that dancing is an activity __________ sight matters more than hearing. (天津) 34. Last week, only two people came to look at the house, neither of _________ wanted to buy it. (安徽) 35. It is reported that two schools, both of __________ are being built in my hometown, will open next year. (四川) 状语从句 36. Nancy enjoyed herself so much ______ she visited her friends in Sydney last year. (福建) 37. I’m sorry you’ve been waiting so long, but it’ll still be some time __________ Brian gets back. (北京) 38. The field research will take Joan and Paul about five months; it will be a long time ______ we meet them again. (安徽) 39. —Did you return Fred’s call? —I didn’t need to __________ I’ll see him tomorrow. (北京) 40. —Why didn’t you tell him about the meeting? —He rushed out of the room __________ I could say a word. (四川) 41. “You can’t have this football back __________ you promise not to kick it at my cat

again,” the old man said firmly. (广东) 42. You’d better not leave the medicine _________ kids can get at it. (山东) 43. In time of serious accidents, __________ we know some basic things about first aid, we can save lives. (重庆 44. In peace, too, the Red Cross is expected to send help ____________ there is human suffering. (江西) 45. A small car is big enough for a family of three ________ you need more space for baggage. (全国Ⅱ) 46. ______ he had not hurt his leg, John would have won the race. (全国 II) 47. You will be successful in the interview ___________ you have confidence. (福建) 48. His plan was such a good one __________ we all agreed to accept it. (陕西) 49. ______________________________ the Internet is of great help, I don’t think it’s a good idea to spend too much time on it. (湖南) 50. Many of them turned a deaf ear to his advice, even _____________ they knew it to be valuable. (浙江) 51. ____________ hungry I am, I never seem to be able to finish off this loaf of bread. (辽宁) 52. The lawyer rarely wears anything other than jeans and a T-shirt _____________ the season is. (宁夏) 53. All people, ___________ they are old or young, rich or poor, have been trying their best to help those in need since the disaster. (重庆) 54. Engines are to machines __________ hearts are to animals. (山东) 55. Don’t promise anything _________ you are one hundred percent sure. (2008 浙江卷) 二、语篇填空:阅读下列短文,在空格处填上适当的介词。 My mother insisted [1]__________everyone in her life treat her with respect. [2]__________she wasn't wealthy[3] ____well educated, my mother not only understood and appreciated her value, [4]___________believed in it strongly.[5] ______ she learned my father was cheating on her, she insisted[6] __________he move out of our home. Not the next day or the next week. . . . To me, as a child, [7]________she refusal to take my father back seemed harsh, even cruel. As a woman, however, I have come to understand it. For my mother, putting Daddy out of the house [8]________ her life wasn't about pride; it was about principle. The one had always lived by. The one[9] ________________ she believed in with all her heart: No one was going to love and respect you [10]________ you loved and respected yourself. 非谓语动词高考真题应用及操练 语法填空2 They couldn’t help 41 (ask)the Germans what it was. The Germans did not understand the question and answered, “We came from Hamburg. ” One of these Americans owned a restaurant, and had an idea. He made up 42 mind to do something new. He cooked some round pieces of the beef like 43 the men from Hamburg ate and 44 (sell) it quite a few countries around the world. Whether this story is true or not, it certainly is 45 (interest)


语法填空3 They broke through two glass doors,__6__(run) to the museum’s top floor and grabbed the two paintings from different rooms,somehow __7__(avoid) nearby guards. 语法填空4 Then he began to move the stone. He pushed and pulled with all his __9__(strong) to move it,only __10__(find) a bag of money under the stone. Imagine how surprised he was! 语法填空5 In a word,___9____(cry) at wedding is a way by custom to set off the happiness of the wedding through falsely sorrowful words. However, in the __10__(arrange) marriages of the old days of China,there were indeed quite a lot of brides who cried over their unsatisfactory marriage and even their miserable life. 语法填空6 At the same time, we will never forget the united Chinese people worked together , __7__(win)one __8__(victorious) after another:the great flood in 1998; the SARS in 2003; the rare snow disaster __9__ the earthquake in 2008. We firmly believe that the great rejuvenation (复兴)of the Chinese nation on the journey is bound __10__(occur). The rise of the Chinese nation will surely make the world be proud of us! 语法填空7 A real trial began when I stood on the platform with my legs __6__(tremble) and my mind blank. How much time had passed by, I didn’t know. My listeners were still waiting, patiently and without any signs of rushing me. 语法填空8 The side effects of global warming are alarming. __5__ warming global climate melts the ice caps,__6__ (raise) sea levels. What is more,__7__ disturbs weather patterns, causing droughts, severe storms and hurricanes. People suffer a lot from disasters relevant to global warming. __8__ (stop) global warming we should make immediate and __9__(continue) efforts. 语法填空9 She looked up and smiled, “Can I help you?” He said, “I would like to buy a CD.” He picked one out and gave her the money for it. “Would you like me to wrap it for you?” she asked, __8__(smile) again. 语法填空10

Something must be done without delay __8__(save) frogs. If we don’t punish those __9__ sell and kill frogs to make money, then one day all of us __10__(punish) by nature for failing to keep the balance of nature. 语法填空11 Hendrickson’s bowling activity is supported __8__ her 27 grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and great ?great children. She has no plan __9__(stop) and has already signed __10__ to compete in the 2010 event. 语法填空1: 31. why watched 33. thought 38.excitement 39. Waiting 语法填空2: 41. asking 42. his 43. what 44. sold 45. Interesting 语法填空3: 6. ran 7. avoiding 语法填空4: 9. strength。10. to find 语法填空5: 9. crying 10. arranged 语法填空6: 7. winning 8. victory 9. and 10. to occur 语法填空7: 6.trembling 语法填空8: 5. A 6. raise 7. It 8. To stop 9. continual 语法填空9: Smiling 语法填空10: 8. to save 9. Who 10. will be punished 语法填空11: 8. By 9. to stop 10. up




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