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? 一.动词形:
? 1.1).However, he faced the difficulty bravely and 归纳总结:动词运用时的答题技 says no to giving up. ______ Requirements: said ? 巧: 2).He studied hard and admitted to his ideal 1.To show your answers and ∧ university. was 1.___________________ 考虑时态与语态 reasons. ?give 2. He the is a man who are always energetic. ______ 观察主谓一致 2.___________________ is the skills. 2.To conclude

掌握非谓语动词的用法 ? 3.___________________ 3.He found himself interesting ___________ in that program. : interested

? 1.Though failing the exam again and again, he never lost hearts. ______ heart 归纳总结:名词运用时的技巧: ? 2.1).In order to get more informations, he ____________ information worked day and night. 1.___________________ 掌握固定搭配 news,advice,progress, 熟知常用不可数名词 homework,housework ? 2).He does exercises regularly to get rid of his ___________ 2.___________________ exercise illness. 可数名词要考虑单复数 3.___________________ ? 3.He is keen on reading________ book of different books kinds.


________ that nothing can be gained without 1.It is clearly clear great effort. 2.He is a kindly ________ and friendly boy. 归纳总结:形容词副词运用时的技巧: kind 3. Finally, he could speak English as fluent 形容词的基本用法:名词,作表语 1.__________________________ ________as a fluently native speaker. 2.__________________________ 副词的基本用法:动词,形容词,作状语 4.Instead of being defeated by the failure, he is 3.__________________________ 形容词和副词比较级,最高级的用法 much more stronger than before.

1.He works hard to make _____ him more outstanding. himself 2.Mary found difficult to succeed without any ∧ it effort. 归纳总结:代词运用时注意的问题 3.弄清楚代词的基本用法 We should have confidence, because ______ they 1.__________________________ it really matters. 明确指代对象 2.__________________________

五.介词短语需关注,习惯用法要 记住:
1.He devoted a lot ___ for realizing his dream. to 2.He studies very hard for _____ make progress. making 3.Tom is a friend ___ for mine. of 归纳总结: 固定搭配要记牢 1. ___________________ 2. _____________________________ 介词后面要跟动名词、名词 3.____________________ 熟悉介词的基本用法

1.It’s___ an hot topic recently and I would like to

a “dream”as the core of youth. pick 2.Take Ma Yun, CEO of Alibaba Group. ,for an example. 3.He was in dilemma a _______ he 4.He had difficulty with Engish.Therefore, However didn’t give up. 5.He failed several times ___ so he never gave up. but 冠词1.明确 _____________________2._____________ a, an, the的区别 熟记固定搭配 连词 根据逻辑关系 _____________________________

动词形,名词数. 还要注意形和副. 代词格,细领悟 介词短语须关注. 习惯用法要记住. 冠词连词常光顾.

? 1.I couldn’t make a great progress in English. It bothers me a lot. ? 2. We can get along very ___ good with each other well only in this way. ________ is possible to a willing heart. ? 3.Something Everything ? 4.You are poor at Enlish ___ but you should pay more attention to it. so ? 5.When we heard the news, we jump ___ with joy. jumped

Polish the Sentences
1.将句 1整合成一句话: I couldn’t make great progress in —————————————————— English,which bothers me a lot. —————————————————— 2.将句2改成含有倒装结构的句子: Only in this way can we get along —————————————————— very well with each other. —————————————————— 3.将句3改成双否: Nothing is impossible to a willing heart. ——————————————————

Polish the Sentences
4.将句 4变成被动句 You are poor at English so more attention should __________________________________ be paid to it. __________________________________ 5.将句5改成含非谓语动词的句子: __________________________________ Hearing the news, we jumped with joy.

3 .How to organize the sentences?
肯定不如双否好 2. How many paragraphs? 1. What to陈述不如倒装妙 write? usually 3) writing 4( .Good hand (判断体裁,看清要求) 主动不如被动巧 分词结构不能少 行文流畅是法宝 书写规范要记牢 审清题目很重要

? 最近,我校《英语园地》正在开展题为“ 青春是什么”的征文活动。下图给出的是 人们对青春的不同定义,请你用英语写一 篇征文稿。
内容要求: 1.选取其中一至两点阐述“青春是什么” 2.结合 事例 说明; 3.恰当的结尾。

1.Once he was very poor at oral English,which always made us laugh. 2.Every minute was made use of to improve the weakness. 3.So hard did he work that his efforts finally paid off. 4.I come to know that nothing is impossible to a confident and diligent man.

The topic of youth has aroused great concern. Various words are used to describe youth and I would like to pick “courage” as the definition of youth. Take Yu Jiawen, founder of “Super Curriculum”,for example. He keeps trying without any fear of failing. On his way to success,he met a lot of difficulties. Once his company closed down, owing a lot of debts. However, he never lost heart, and picked up the courage to start from the beginning. Finally, through his painstaking efforts, he succeeded. Now he is a successful CEO. From the example, I come to learn that we will succeed as long as we have the courage and keep trying.

What’s Youth?

? 1)Polish your writing ? 2)Recite what we have learned



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