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unit13 healthy eating(课件2)

Unit 13 Healthy eating


What nutrient does the following food give us?

protein 1. fish; meat; beans: 2. eggs; milk; dairy products calcium carbohydrate 3. bread; rice; noodles fibre; vitamin; minerals 4. vegetables; fruits

Action peel; roll up; chop; steam; boil ; mix; slice; dice; stir;

balance; refuel; digest; people vegan; vegetarian

stomach; muscle; brain; fat

bean; dairy; yoghurt; bacon; lettuce; salad; a bar of chocolate; mushroom; peach; chemical; eco-food; organic food; snack;

What is junk food and what is healthy food? food
junk food bacon; chocolate; chemical;snack healthy food bean; dairy; yoghurt; lettuce; salad; snack mushroom; peach; eco-food; organic food

fat; sugar; calcium; carbohydrate; fibre; mineral; protein; vitamin; energy; nutrient; calorie; fuel;

The ingredient they contain
junk food : fat; sugar; energy; calories; healthy food: calcium; carbohydrate; fibre; mineral; protein; vitamin; energy; nutrient; fuel;

See the doctor Steps: doctor 1. Find the problem by asking and seeing 2. Explain the reason 3. Tell the patient what to do. Useful expressions: Lie down and let me examine you. Let me have a look. Where does it hurt? Drink plenty of water and get some rest. -------------------------------------------------I’ve got a pain here.This place hurts. I have a pain in my stomach/... I have a bad headache/ cough/ cold. My head/ back/ knee/ arm hurts. I don’t feel well. There’s sth. wrong with my…

Listening on P2
Part 1
1.What’s wrong with Mike? He has a stomach. 2.What did Mike have for breakfast? Two pieces of chocolate, a glass of coke, and two cockies. 3.Can you give Mike some advice?What shoud he eat less of ? Various answers.

Part 2
1.Which side of Mike’s stomach hurts? His left side hurts. 2.Does Mike have a fever? No, he doesn’t. His temperature is normal. 3.What does the doctor tell Mike to do? Take some pills and call him if there is a problem.

True or false statements:

( F )1.Choosing what to eat is very not easy for people today. fat and too ( F )2.Traditional diets often have too much fibre calories for the 21st-century person. many nutrients Calcium which is found in eggs, milk and other dairy ( F )3.Protein, products, is good for our bones and teeth. ( F )4.The nutrient of calcium vitamin helps our body fight disease. ( F )5. Carbohydrates Vitamins are the main fuel for our body. ( T )6.Organic vegetables are grown without chemicals that can be harmful to human beings or the environment. ( F )7.Because we have so much little to choose from, many stores and companies offer advice about what we should eat. ( T )8.If we eat healthy food in the right amounts, we do not have to buy any supplements. ( T )9.The best way to keep fit is to develop healthy eating habits.

Post-reading on P4(Answers)
1.It means the food we need to keep our bodies healthy and active. Green foods are organic foods, that is, foods that are grown and produced naturally. But not all green foods are actually green in colour. 2.Any food that tastes good; any food that is healthy; any food that is a vegetable; any food that is organic; any food that is safe. 3.We have more foods to choose from and many of the foods are not produced organically; We are busier than in past years so we now have less time to eat than before; More snack foods are available since more people like to eat between meals; now many people are paying more attention to their health because others remind them to; some people refuse to eat foods produced with chemicals because they

believe they are unsafe; some people care as much about the health and safety of animals as people so they refuse to eat meat; people today expect food to taste good and still be healthy, and they now have more choices when they go to market; many people don’t get enough nutrition from their food so they take supplements, especially vitamin pills.
4.Sample answers: ●People go to fast food restaurants because they are quick and convenient.
●Too much sugar and fat will make you as big as a whale. ●Some people start crash diets because they are in too much of a hurry to lose weight naturally. ●To keep a balanced diet, we must first make a list of the foods we most often eat.

Analyzing the following sentences: ? Choosing what to eat is no longer as easy as it and our way of life has changed, too once was. ? Our eating habits have changed, as has our way of life, and the fuel ( we need) for our bodies is also different. ? If we want to keep up with the high pace of modern life, we had better learn to make the right choices about ?what and how we eat?.

Choosing what to eat is no longer as easy as it once was.

? When we choose ? what to buy and eat ?, we had better think?whether the food will give us the (which are) nutrients(we need)?. ? We should also eat carbohydrates, the main fuel for our body, ( which we can get from bread, rice and noodles). nutrients: When we choose to buy and eat, we protein: good forwhat our muscles fish, meat, beans milk and other dairy calcium: eggs, good for our bones and teeth had better think if the food will give us products bread, rice, noodles carbohydrate: the main fuel for our body the nutrients we need. fruit fibre and minerals: vegetables, keep our body vegetables, fruit, fish, milk vitamins: help our body fight disease functioning well

? Many people today make choices about their eating habits based on?what they believe?. ? Eating habits become part of?who we are?. ? Some people become vegetarians [because they believe?it is healthier not to eat meat?] or[ because they think?we should not kill animals for food?]. ? Organic vegetables are those (that are grown without chemicals ( that can be harmful to humanpeople beings or the environment . about )) Many today make choices their eating habits based on what they believe.

? It is probably better, however, if we spend our time and money on buying good food and keeping a balanced diet. ? The same goes for “crash diets” ( that some companies say)will make us lose weight fast . It is probably better if we spend our time and money on buying good food and keeping a balanced diet.

? The best way ( to make sure?that we will feel and look fine?)is to develop healthy eating habits. ? [Only in this way] will we be ready for the challenges and opportunities in life.
Only in this way can we learn English well. Only in this room can I sleep well. The best way to make sure that we will feel and look fine is to develop healthy eating habits.

Integrating skills on P74.
1.A couch potato is a person who spends too much time in front of the TV and eats too much junk food. 2.Junk food gives us too much fat, sugar and other unhealthy things but not enough nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Healthy food, like vegetables and fruits, gives us few calories but lots of vitamins and minerals. 3.A 4.It is better to eat a potato than to be one. It means that we should eat vegetables --- for example, potatoes---and not spend too much time in front of our TV or computer and eat too much junk food. 5.Various answers.


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