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英语:Unit5The power of naturewarming up and pre-reading

Warming up and Pre-reading

Warming up
1. Please name the disasters you know.
See the following pictures.



Tornado Snow


Sandstorm Hailstorm Flood Earthquak e

The power of nature
Landslid e Volcano Tsunam i







2. What do you feel when you see those pictures? Have you ever experienced one? Share you experience and feelings.

3. Have you ever seen a volcano?

Active volcano

Dormant volcano

Extinct volcano


Can you imagine climbing into a live
volcano in order to take the temperature of the boiling rock inside?

imagin e doing such dangerous work as part of your job ?

Do a quiz
Answer “yes” or “no” to these questions to find out if you would

be suitable for this work.


Yes No

Do you like working outside as well as inside? Do you enjoy traveling to unusual places? Do you enjoy taking risks?

Questions Do you dislike doing the same thing every day? Do you like adventure in your life? Are you interested in studying rocks and other things that make up the surface of the earth?

Yes No

If you answered “yes” to all these
questions, then volcanology could

be a good career for you.

Preview new words in this unit and the passage on P34 to find out more about being a volcanologist.


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