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A Matter of Taste

Lesson 1
Teaching aims: :

A Matter of Taste

滨州中学高一英语科组 马丽芳

To practise the sense of beauty of the students’. To read the text To practise using prepositions of time, place and movement To describe a simple scene Teaching difficulties: To practise using prepositions of time, place and movement To describe a simple scene Teaching Aids: computer and cassette Teaching procedures: Ⅰ. Warming up T: Today we read an article named a matter of taste, guess what it is about? S: T: The article is about art. Show these pictures: Cabbage, Racing Horse and Poppy Who drew these pictures? When students give their answers the teacher show the pictures of painters, Qi Beishi, Xu Beihong and Chen Yifei. T: Which one do you like best? Why? About these painters how much you know about them? Ⅱ Reading Read the text, please Task 1 Then answer the questions 1. Who is famous for drawing pretty women? 2. Who is more good at drawing simple pictures we often see in our life. 3. Why did Chen Yifei use black as the background of Poppy. 4. Who held exhibitions abroad to advance Chinese art?

5. What is Xu Beihong’s masterpiece? Task 2 talking What characters do these pictures have? Racing horse: The moving hair on the horse’s mane and tail shows a horse running at high speed. Using different shades of grey shows the sweat along the horse’s body. The painting of dark and light colors is a favorite of many art lovers. Poppy: To emphasis the woman even more, Chen adds lots of detail to her dress and fan, and choose to paint the background black. Morning glory : Leaves the audience guessing and makes them use their imagination. Ⅲ Correct errors 1. Chen Yifei’s works is very valuable, and one of his paintings sold at US$ 503,000. 2. The end of the novel leaves readers guess and imagination. 3. Her hand hold the fan is elegantly positioned above her knees. 4. He traveled cross the country and painted many pictures. 5. It’s back eyes, that are fixed on the cabbage, show the creature’s interest in the cabbage. 6. The painting of dark and light color is favorite of many art lovers. Answers: 1. at 改为 for 为 across 2.guess 改为 guessing 6. favorite 前加 a 3.hold 改为 holding 4. cross 改

5.that 改为 which

Ⅳ Language points 1. be fixed on 用(眼睛等) 盯住,凝视;吸引(注意) He was fixed on the moving snake, full of fear. 他盯着这条蠕动的蛇, 充满了恐惧。 Tom fixed his attention on the picture that he was drawing. 汤姆的注意力都集中在他正在画的图上。 2. leave 表示“使/让(某人/某物)处于某状态。后面接现在分词, 形容词, 过 去分词做宾语补足语。 Don’t leave her waiting outside in the rain.

别让她在雨中等着。 Leave the door open, please. 让门开着吧。 Little Tom ran out of the door, leaving the homework undone. 小汤姆跑了出去, 留下了没写完的作业。 3. be deep /lost in thought 陷入沉思 Dick was staring out of the window, lost in thought. 迪克盯着窗外,陷入了沉思。 4. add …to 增添, 添加 Do you want to add your name to the list? 你想把自己的名字加到名单里吗? add up to 合计,总共 His whole school education added up to no more than one year. 他的整个学校教育加起来总共不到一年。 5. show /take interest in 对…表现出兴趣 David show interest in biology and want to do research in it in the future. 大卫对生物感兴趣,将来想从事这方面的研究。 Ⅴ Taste works Show the three painters’ works according to the character described in the text. Guess who drew it? Xu Beihong, Qi Baishi or Chen Yifei? Then show students more their works to improve art taste Ⅵ Read to learn and vocabulary
Do the exercise 2and 3

Ⅶ Grammar Do the exercise 4 and 5 to learn the use of prepositions of time, place and movement Do the exercise 6 to consolidate grammar Ⅷ Language in Use Show a picture “Qingming Shang He Tu” ask student to describe it using proper prepositions.



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