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intend vt.打算;想要;意欲 intention n.意图,目的;企图 ______ 1._________ intended adj.有意的, 故意的 _________ 2._________n .忧虑,焦虑,不安 ________ anxiety anxious adj.焦虑的;担忧的;急切的; original originally adv.最初;本来 3._

________adj. 原来的,起初的;首创的;非复制的 ________ origin _________ n.起源;原点;出身 judgement .判断力;看法,评价;(法律)判决______ judge n.法官;vt.&vi.判 4.___________n 断;审判;判决

5. ___________n.仔细考虑;必须考虑的因素;体谅,顾及_________ consideration consider vt.考虑
6._________n .饥饿;饥荒 ________ hungry adj.饥饿的 hunger 7._________adj. 可信赖的,可依靠的 ______ reliable rely vi.依靠;信赖 actual actually adv.实际上 8.__________adj. 真实的,实际的 ________ frighten frightened adj.感到害怕的;受惊的; 9.__________vt. 使惊吓,使惊恐 __________ frightening adj.令人恐惧的;引起突然惊恐的 __________ permission n.准许,许可,批准 ______ permit vt.&vi.许可;允许;n.许可证,执照 10._________

ransformed from a family business into one with 5,000 1.The company has been t_________ workforce. 2.The manager thought he was a _________( reliable 可信赖的) person and told him all about the new plan. consequences 3.He broke the law, and now he must face the _________(后果) of his actions. confirmed 证实) that Social networking sites are damaging students’ 4.It has been __________( academic performance. dopted a new method has taken much 5. The head teacher who is thinking about a_______ into consideration already. 6. ----Why are those scientists so happy? reakthrough in cancer research. ---- Because they have made a new b__________ 7. -----Do you know where your students come from? -----Yes. The _______( majority 大多数) of them come from Suzhou city and some others from neighboring cities. onducted in both the U.S.A and Europe well 8. Experiments of this kind had been c________ before the second world war. 9. The incomes ______ (收入) of both rural and urban residents have increased steadily.

2) 3) 4) 5)

戏弄,摆弄;把……当作儿戏 ____________________ toy with
push ahead with 义无反顾地进行,努力推进 ______________________ 供出售,待销售__________________________________ for sale 耗尽体力,累垮__________________________________ be/get burnt out follow in one's footsteps 效仿某人________________________________________

7) 8) 9) 10)

take into consideration 认真考虑_________________________________________
in favour of 赞同,支持_______________________________________ point of view 观点_____________________________________________ on one's way to doing sth 接近做某事,某事即将发生__________________________ in general 一般来说,总体而言________________________________

12) 13) 14) 15) 16) 17) 18) 19) 20)

不尊敬____________________________________________ show no respect for
succeed in doing 成功地做了某事____________________________________ be in agreement with 赞同,与……一致___________________________________ 就个人而言_______________________________________ on a personal note put in place 准备就绪,布置妥当________________________________

in summary 概括地说__________________________________________
be limited to 局限于____________________________________________ rather than 而不是____________________________________________ 对……小心,谨慎__________________________________ be cautious with defend ... against 保护……免受……之害______________________________

1. Do

you have any information about the second-hand house _______? for sale
be in favor of 2. I think all the people at the meeting will __________ your opinion. take into consideration 3. Working in a team, we have to _______________ how each individual member works best.

4. Will you _______ _______ and become a follow in your father’s footsteps politician? 5. After you do the experiments, everything should ____________. be put in place

than trying to do it 6. Why didn’t you ask for help,rather _______ on your own? defend themselves 7. All our officers are trained to _____ against knife attacks. ______ toying with 8. He accused the young man of ___________ his daughter’s feelings.

9. If he doesn’t stop working so hard, he’ll be burnt out ____________.
10.The majority of the people in that country are looking pushing forward with economic reform. forward to _____________

1)中国在任何时候绝不首先使用核武器。 At no time will China be ____ _____nuclear weapons. the _____ first _____ to use

2) 对于学生而言,图书馆是最好的地方了。 Nowhere is _______ better than _____ _______ _______ the library for students to study.
3) 他决定去国外留学,以提高英语水平,并在回国后找到一份更好的工 作。 with ______ the intention He has decided to go abroad to study _____ ______ of _____improving his English and finding a better job when he returns. 4) 我完全赞成她对形式的分析。 I _____ ______ _______ _______ am _____ in complete agreement with her analysis of the situation. 5) 他离成为一名著名歌手已经不远了。 is _____ on his way _______ to He _____ ______ ______ becoming a famous singer.

1. Since the new rules began to work, we students _____ one hour for exercise every day. A. has been permitted having B. had been permitted to have C. have been permitted to have D. have been permitted having 2. ---- So you give Mary your dictionary? ----______. She said she’d return it to me when she could afford her own. A. Not exactly B. My pleasure C. No doubt D. Good idea

3. My bicycle is not as _____ as it used to be, for the chain often locks on my way to school. A. flexible B. sensitive C. admirable D. reliable
4. Experiments on animals _____ long before the medicine was applied to patients. A. have conducted B. have been conducted C. had conducted D. had been conducted

5. The traffic problems we are looking forward to seeing ______ should have attracted the government’s attention. A. solving B. solve C. to solve D. solved 6. Walkwood Church of England Middle School is believed to be the first in England ______ pupils under the age of 13 from wearing skirts. A. stopping B. having stopped C. to stop D. stopped 7. It usually takes many years for the _____ of a society from one system to another to complete. A. translation B. transformation C. transportation D. transplantation

9. _____ by the thunder, the little girl dare not sleep in her bedroom. A. Frightened B. frightening C. Having frightened D. Being frighteded

写作: 在一次班会上,你班同学讨论了是否应该进行克隆的问题。请你根据以下信 息写一篇短文介绍讨论情况以及你自己的观点。 大约35%的同学支持克隆 大约65%的同学反对克隆 1. 克隆治疗疾病 2. 增加农业产量 1.引发道德问题 2.克隆技术被坏人利用就会导致灾难 你的观点1… 2… 注意:1、词数:120左右。短文标题、开头已为你写好,但不计入总词数; 2、内容可适当发挥,注意行文连贯。 3、 产量output 写作提示:应该包含所给内容的全部,适当发挥。 We’ve had a discussion about whether cloning should be carried out. Opinions are divided on the question.



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