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北师大模块二 课文挖空 Unit 6 A Matter of Taste

Unit 6 A Matter of Taste Xu Beihong(1895-1953) was important in modern Chinese folk art. During his lifetime, he . Between 1933 and 1940, he held several exhibitions in Asia and Europe to . Across this painting, named Racing Horse, we can . On the left and right side of the painting, Xu cleverly to show the moving hair on the horse’s mane and tail. He also used to show the sweat along the horse’s body. The painting of dark and light colours is . Qi Baishi( 1863-1957) was . He worked with wood during his early youth. Then between 1902 and 1909, he traveled across the country and . His interest changed later , such as vegetables, flowers, birds, and insects. Cabbage is a well-known example of Qi’s work. The tiny insect near the cabbage has some red on its back. Its black eyes, which . Qi Baishi’s style of painting often Chen Yifei(1946-2005) was a very successful artist. His soft portraits of beautiful women are very valuable. In 1997, one of his paintings US$503,000. The painting, named Poppy, is a typical example of Chen’s style. In the painting, a young woman . Her hand holding the fan is . To emphasise the woman even more, Chen and The folds of her dress are the cloth of her dress, and chooses to very beautifully painted.

The Art of Paper Chen Zijiang is a whom I interviewed for my article on Chinese Art. Paper-cutting is something . “It is a Chinese folk art with a long history,” Mr Chen told me, “Paper cuts of animals have been found in tombs which of the Northern and Southern Dynasty!” He that by the Southern Song Dynasty, paper-cutting had become an important part of everyday life. “A young farmer who wanted a wife would look at a young woman’s paper-cutting skills before marrying her!” explained Mr Chen, . Mr Chen that there are three types of paper cuts which people still make today: paper cuts for decoration, for religious purposes and for design patterns. Paper cuts are often seen on windows and gates. They are usually put up during holidays . They are also used on presents. A present for parents whose child has recently been born might , for example. Paper cuts which show the Chinese character for double happiness are often . Paper cuts for religious purpose are often found in temples. They are also . People to whom the dead person would make these offerings on special days and during festivals. The third kind of paper cuts are those They are also sometimes used to decorate jewellery boxes. Dragons are very popular patterns for these designs. The interview was very useful as I . I was . “See you next week,” I said as I Mr Chen. I was going to meet him again my first paper cut! so that he

The House on Mongo Street Mango Street. Before that we lived on Loomis on the third floor, We didn’t always and before that we lived on Keeler Street. Before Keeler Street it was Paulina Street, and before is moving a lot. Each time it seemed there’d be one that I can’t remember. But more of us. we got to Mango Street we were six--- Mama, Papa, Carlos, Kiki, my sister Nenny and me. The house on Mango Street is ours, and we don’t have to , or , or , and worried about the landlord being angry. But even so, it’s not the house be we thought we’d get. We had to leave the flat on Loomis quick. There were worms in the wooden walls. Then the water pipes broke and the landlord wouldn’t because the house was too old. He so we had to leave fast. We were using the washroom next door and . And everything Mama and Papa looked for a house, and that’s on in the flat was damp. Mango Street, far away, on the other side of town. They always told us that one day we would move into a house, a real house that would be ours so _______________________________. And our house would have running water and a bathtub and pipes______________. And inside it would have real stairs, like the houses on TV. And we’d have a basement and at least three washrooms so _________________we wouldn’t have to tell everybody. Our house would be _________________________, a great big yard and grass growing without a fence. This was the house Papa talked about when he______________ and this was the house Mama ________________________she told us before we went to bed. But the house on Mango Street is not________________________ .It’s small and red with narrow steps in front and windows ________________you’d think they were ____________. There is no front yard, only four little trees the city planted on the side of the street. ________________ for the car we don’t own yet and a small yard that looks smaller between the two buildings______________. There are stairs in the house, but they’re ordinary stairs, and the house has only one washroom. Everybody has to _______________---Mama and Papa, Carlos and Kiki, me and Nenny.

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