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Part-time job WangLi

unintentionally [,?n?n‘t?n??nl?] 非故意的 money-oriented一切向钱看 ,拜金主义的 sales promotion person 促销人 assiduous [?’s?d?u?s] 勤勉的 propagator [‘prɑp?,get?] 发传单的人 bell boy 门童 bellhop ['b?l,hɑp] 旅馆的行李员 binman 清洁工,垃圾工 clown 小丑 desk clerk 接待员 door-to-door salesman推销员 dustman 清洁工 gas station attendant 加油工 waiter 侍应生 waitress 女侍者

Have you ever done a part-time job? (yes/no)

Do you want to find a part-time job? (yes/no)

Have you ever done a part-time job


Main Income Sources of College Students
? parents ? part-time job ? scholarship


scholarship part-timejob

American students









Can you explain the differences between Chinese students and American students?

Main reasons
? American students are taught to be independent when they are very young. ? Chinese students have fewer opportunities to find part-time jobs because of the competitive society .

Here,I would like to invite some of our classmates to share their parttime job experience with us.

Should college students do part-time jobs? (advantages&disadvantages)

1.Doing a part-time job can give us some experience about work. 2. can improve our academic knowledge. 3. can lighten the economy burden of the family. 4.Can help you master your interpersonal skill.

1.Too many part-time jobs will influence our learning time. 2. It’s tired after working and you’ll study unintentionally . 3.It may influence the attitude to money, make Students become money-oriented. 4. Society is very complex, student is easily fooled during part-time job.

How to balance your study and a part-time job?

1.Choose some weekend-jobs.

Such as tutor,propagator, sales promotion person and so on.This can efficiently avoid the conflict between lessons and a part-time job.
2. To limit the total hours per week. Don't spend too much time on the part-time job since we have limited time and energy. 4 to 6 hours per week is OK.

3. Make full use of the time left to our study.
Considering the limited time for study reduced by parttime job, we must work harder and harder on study and make full use of the time.

In my opinion, we can spend some spare time taking part-time jobs, and be much more assiduous on study. Only following this principle can we benefit from these part-time jobs.

Further Thinking
Book knowledge or practical experience which is more important?



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