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高二英语 unit2 回头测试卷 2012.09.05
一、 单项选择(共 15 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 30 分)
1. — Excuse me, can you tell me where the nearest bank is? — _______ Oh, yes! It’s past the post office, next to a big m

arket. A. Mm, let me see. B. Oh, I beg your pardon? C. You asked the right person. D. Be patient. 2. ____ is that the students can’t stand so many various exams. A. What she worries B. What worries her C. As she worries D. It worries her 3. I could have told the whole story to you if you hadn’t ______ so often. A. broken out B. broken in C. broken away D. broken into 4. The two presidents agree with each other on the whole, but much remains ____ at the following meeting. A. discussing B. discussed C. to discuss D. to be discussed 5. I’ve been told that the medical team, ______ five doctors and ten nurses, _______ sent to the flood-stricken area. A. consisted of; are to be B. is consisted of; will be C. consisting of; is to be D. consists of; will be 6. ______ all his friends and money gone, he felt totally hopeless. A. For B. Since C. Because D. With 7. When we got there, he was about to leave, so he only had time to explain _____ to us what he thought of our plan. A. carefully B. impatiently C. roughly D. repeatedly 8. This basketball team had lots of excellent players, so its fans never expected that it ____ have failed in the final. A. must B. might C. should D. need 9. Because all the other classmates had known each other quite well, he found himself, the new comer of the class, ______ whenever there were some class activities. A. stood out B. left out C. picked out D. crossed out 10. As is known to all, it is teachers and parents who will have a big ______ on the

development of children. A. change B. affection C. influence D. impression 11. I don’t like seeing children ______ for making such a slight mistake. A. scolding B. scolded C. to scold D. to be scold 12. From his _______expression, we can guess that the problem maybe was quite _______. A. puzzled ; puzzling B. puzzling; puzzled C. puzzled; puzzled D. puzzling; puzzling 13. Today, bird watchers can log on to www. Bird-line. co. uk or have news of the latest sightings ____ to their cellphones. A. texted B. to text C. text D. texting 14. When we arrived in the deep night, we found there was no food ____ as all the shops were shut. A. left B. available C. remaining D. convenient 15. He had the horse ______ all the way. As a result, he fell off the horse and had his arm______. A. running; break B. running; broken C. run; breaking D. run; broken

二、完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 40 分)
Cecile and I have been friends since college, for more than thirty years. Our friendship has 16 constant. We have seen each other through all the times when we really need a friend. In 17 of our friendship, Cecile and I took our first 18 trip together. The first day of our trip ended in Santa Fe, New Mexico. 19 from the long drive, we decided to go to the restaurant for dinner. We sat down and 20 our meal. As we talked, I noticed a(n) 21 couple sitting a short distance away from us. The look of 22 on the woman’s face attracted me. She stared into the face of the man as he talked, 23 me of a teenager in love! I called Cecile’s 24 to the couple. As we watched, the man reached over to place a 25 kiss on the woman’s cheek. She 26 . “Now that’s what I call real love! I imagine they’ve been married for a long time.” I said. “ 27 maybe,” remarked Cecile, “they haven’t been together long.” “Well, whatever the case, it’s 28 they care much for each other,” I said. Cecile and I watched and listened 29 to their conversation. She smiled and 30 whatever he said. We were touched by the warm scene we were

witnessing. Then the 31 changed. The woman’s wrinkled but beautiful face was suddenly covered with a 32 look. She asked the man in a sweet voice, “Do I know you? What is this place?” “You know me. I’m Ralph, your husband. We’re in Santa Fe,” the man said. “Oh, I 33 to have forgotten. I’m not sure,” she said. “That’s okay, sweetheart. You’ll be all right,” he 34 her, kissing her cheek again. Tears coursed down our cheeks as Cecile and I looked at each other. “We were right,” she said 35 . “It is the real thing. That is love.” 16. A. become B. grown C. remained D. developed 17. A. congratulation B. terms C. favor D. celebration 18. A. air B. road C. boat D. bicycle 19. A. Bored B. Suffered C. Tired D. Excited 20. A. cooked B. ordered C. prepared D. finished 21. A. young B. elderly C. friendly D. rich 22. A. hope B. doubt C. adoration D. envy 23. A. showing B. reminding C. telling D. introducing 24. A. attention B. intention C. time D. idea 25. A. glad B. interesting C. exciting D. gentle 26. A. smiled B. disagreed C. angered D. moved 27. A. Or B. Though C. Therefore D. Otherwise 28. A. natural B. obvious C. important D. moving 29. A. madly B. shamefully C. unashamedly D. casually 30. A. picked up B. stuck to C. agreed with D. questioned on 31. A. place B. scene C. topic D. sense 32. A. frightened B. puzzling C. disappointing D. confused 33. A. need B. feel C. seem D. use 34. A. told B. answered C. comforted D. encouraged 35. A. quickly B. eagerly C. cheerfully D. thoughtfully

3. Our class is d______________ (分成)

_into two groups during the discussion.

4. What he said in the meeting p______________________all of us. (使困惑) 5. The bad ______________(影响)of the flood is that no people dare swim in that river. 6. The c_______________ mountain village(方便). of transportation in this area brings hope to this

7. Her beautiful singing drew the a_____________ 力) 8. The film"Hero"has much a_______________ 9. The habit of c____________________

of the professor. (注意

_for the youth.(吸引力)

stamps benifit him a lot. (收集)

10. The_________________ (工业的) area of this area made more pollution to the air compared with agricultural area. 11. U_____________ _ is a particular type of clothing worn by all the members of a group or organization such as the police, army, the etc. (制服) 12. Most advertisements work through________________ (暗示)。

13. We are_____________ (感到激动) to hear a wonderful piece of news that the people lived in the mainland can go to visit Taiwan in the near future. 14. The second Children's Palace of Guangzhou sits in ______________ (壮丽的)location by the side of Pearl River. 15. There are plans to______________ (建造) a new road bridge across the river to ease the traffic problems in this area.

三、根据下列各句句意及所给单词的首字母或提示,写出该单词的正 确形式。(须用本单元的单词和词汇,共 15 分)
1. The common interests u_________________ 2. The class ___________________ the two countries. (联合)

of (组成)56 members.

第四周测试卷参考答案: 一、单项选择:1-5 ABBDC 6-10 DCCBC 11-15 BAABB 二、完形填空:16-20 CDBCB 21-25 BCBAD 26-30 AABCC 31-35 BDCCD 三、单词拼写: 1. united 2. consists 3. divided 4. puzzled 5. influence 6. convenience 7. attention 8. attraction 9. collecting 10. industrial 11. uniform 12. suggestion 13. thrilled 14. splendid 15. construct



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