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Unit4 Earthquakes Reading教案

公开课教案 Teaching Plan
讲课时间:2014 年 10 月 30 日 讲课地点:广水市文华高级中学高一(2)班 讲课内容:高一英语必修 1 Unit 4 Earthquakes --Reading Comprehension 主讲人:段媛媛 Teaching aims:
1. Get the students to know basic knowledge about natural disasters. 2. Get the students to learn about Tangshan Earthquake and understand the text. 3. Get the students to learn different reading skills.

Teaching important points:
let the students master the following important words: burst, event, extreme, injure, destroy, shock, rescue, trap, right away, as if, at an end, in ruins, dig out

Teaching difficult points: The attributive clause Teaching aids: multi-media, blackboard Teaching steps: Step 1: Lead-in: talk about some natural disasters. Step 2: Review: go over the new words in the text. 【自主学习】Before reading
Pre-view the passage on Page 26 and review the new words we learned.
预习 26 页阅读,复习学过的新单词。

1.disaster 灾害 2. earthquake 地震 4. well 水井 5. crack 裂缝,破裂 7. pipe 管子 8. burst 爆裂 10. event 大事,事件 11. as if 似乎,好像 13. in ruin 处于废墟之中 14. track 轨道 16. dam 堤坝 17. canal 运河 19. dirt 污垢,泥土 20. brick 砖头,砖块

3. quake 震动 6. smelly 难闻的 9. farmyard 农场,农家 12. at an end 终结,结束 15. useless 无用的 18. steam 蒸汽 21. injure 伤害

22. shock 震动,震惊 25. destroy 毁坏,破坏 28. dig out 挖出 31. miner 矿工

23. suffering 痛苦 26. electricity 电 29. trap 困住 32. shelter 避身处

24. extreme 极端的,极度的 27. rescue 援救,营救 30. bury 埋葬 33. survivor 幸存者

Step 3: Listen, read and answer.


Task 1: Fast Reading 1. What is the text mainly about ? (B) A. Soldiers in Tangshan B. Tangshan earthquake C. Love in Tangshan D. People in Tangshan 2. The text is organized in the order of ___. (B) A. places B. time C. events D. importance 3. What does the title “ A Night the Earth Didn’t Sleep” mean? (B) A. The whole earth didn’t sleep that night. B. A terrible earthquake hit Tangshan that night. C. The earthquake happened here and there. D. The whole nation didn’t sleep because of the earthquake. 4. What feelings did the author show about the earthquake in the text? (C) A. Serious and hopeless B. Sad and hopeless. C. Serious but hopeful. D. Angry but hopeful. 5. We can infer from the text that______. (B) A. the whole city was at an end. B. the army’s coming brought hope to the city. C. people lost hope faced with the terrible earthquake. D. the signs before the earthquake weren’t obvious at all. Task 2: Scanning (1) Find out the topic sentence of each paragraph. Para.1 _____________________________________________________________ Para.2 ____________________________________________________________ Para.3 ______________________________________________________________ Para.4 ___________________________________________________________ (2) Divide the passage into three parts and find out the main idea of each part. Match the sentences. Part 1 (Para.1 ) (C) A. What happened during the quake and the damage caused by the quake. Part 2 (Para.2-3 ) (A) B. The rescue work after the earthquake Part 3 (Para.4 ) (B) C. Signs before the earthquake.

Step 4: Task 3: Careful Reading


Before the (1) strange earthquake happened


◆ ◆ ◆

The water in the (2)village wells rose and fell. Animals didn’t eat or ran everywhere. Bright lights could be seen and sounds could be heard. The water pipes in some building cracked and (3) burst. At 3:42 am on July 28, 1976, (4)the greatest earthquake of the 20th century happened. (5)A huge crack cut across houses, roads and canals. In the fifteen seconds, the whole city lay (6) in ruins.

During the Details about earthquake earthquake


After earthquake

More than (8)400,000 were killed or injured. ◆ Hospitals, factories, buildings and homes were (9)destroyed. ◆ Two dams fell and most of the bridges also fell or were not safe for travelling. ◆ The railway tracks became (10)useless pieces of steel. ◆ Animals were killed or frightened. the The rescue workers and soldiers brought hope to people.

The (7) damage

Step 5: Summarize and retelling. 【自我提升】After reading
Task 4:Retell the story An earthquake happened in Tangshan in 1976. For a few days, water in the wells rose and fell. Mice, chicken, pigs and even fish became nevous. And the water pipes in the buildings cracked and burst. But the people in Tangshan thought little of these events. At 3:42 am, everything began to shake. It seemed that the world was at an end. A huge crack cut across the houses and roads, then the city lay in ruins. Two-thirds of the people died or were injured. Then later that afternoon, another big quake shook Tangshan. People began to wonder how long the disaster would last. But all hope was not lost. Soldiers came to help Tangshan people. Slowly, the city began to breathe again.

Step 6: Discussing: What should we do when in face of earthquake? Step 7: Homework.




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