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电子教案必修五模块四 Carnival Reading and Vocabulary


课题:Vocabulary & Reading (Module 4, book5)
滕州七中 高二英语组: 孙金梅、李文龙、华福翠 主备人:华福翠






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Reading & Vocabulary

To learn: 1. New words: Confusion,




relaxing, mark, import Phrases: come to an end, dress up, consist of, on end, date back to, see… as To train:


1. reading skills, such as skimming, scanning & careful reading


2. working cooperatively with others To arouse students:

1. getting to know some western festival 2. Cooperation with others 1. Full understanding of the text by using different reading skills


2. Learn the new words &phrases 3. To develop the students’ reading strategy

任务型教学路子:以学生活动为主,在活动中学习和应用所学的语言 教学方法 知识






Step I. Leading-in
1. Ask students to think of some western festivals. The following may be their answers: Halloween, Carnival, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas and Easter. 2. Today we will learn another festival. It originates fromEurope,and during these days, people often love wearing special clothes and masks for it.Then, what is the festival? Answers: Carnival.

Step II. Pre-reading
Help students to get familiar with these words and phrases, so that the obstacles are cleared away. At the same time, the students can known some important language points in the text. Words: Atmosphere, confusion, costume, crowd, excitement, magic, mask, mystery, tradion Phrases: think of, pretend to do something, in secret, go unpunished, date back to, be put into the prison, the key to

Step III. While-reading
1. Skimming. Match the main idea with every paragraph. Paragraph 1 Paragraph 2 Paragraph 3 Paragraph 4 Paragraph 5
Paragraph 6

A meaning of carnival and how it was celebrated B the law about wearing masks C general impression of carnival D how it is celebrate today in Venice and the feature of it E carnival in Venice and the problem it caused
F the revival of the tradition of celebrating it.


2. Scanning. Read the text carefully and answer the following questions: Read the passage and answer the questions. 1). Where does Carnival come from? What does it mean? “Carnival” comes from two Latin words, meaning “no more meat” 2). When was it celebrated? It began just after Christmas. 3). Where was the most famous Carnival in Europe? The most famous carnival in Europe was in Venice. 4). How long did the first Carnival in Venice last? What about now? At the beginning, it lasted for just one day. 5). Did the government of Venice encourage the wearing of masks? No. 6). Who started the Carnival again, tourists or students? The students started the Carnival.

Step IV. Retelling
Fill in the blanks according what you have learnt and try to retell the text. Carnival is a western festival which is celebrated in many countries. It originates from Europe and was ___________ by a Christian festival Easter. People see it as the last ___________ to have fun at the end of the winter season. People usually enjoy eating, drinking and _________ up on Carnival. The most famous carnival in Europe was in Venice. At the beginning, it ________ for one day. As time passed, the carnival period was __________. People walked around the streets ____________ masks, ________ what they wanted without being __________. Then, the government limited wearing masks because there were some ___________ unpunished. At the end of the 18th century, carnival was completely _________ and became a memory. In the late 1970s the tradition was ________ by students. Now, carnival has become a famous festival which attracts the tourists from all over the world.


Step V. Discussion
1. What is the feature of carnival in Venice? 2. Which is your favourite festival?

三、课时作业 1. Workbook—on Page 87. Read the passage and match the headings with the text. 2. Write a short passage about your favorite festival.

1. 自我评价: 说说学习过程中自己特别感兴趣并有帮助的三项活动, 说出这些活动在哪些方面对自己有能 帮助


What kind of help

2.小组互评 发言的次数 (多于平均 姓名 3, 一般 2,少 于平均 1) 和同学的合 对同伴的启 为小组活动 准备的资料 总分

作意愿 (好 3, 发和帮助 (较 一般 2,不太 愿意 1)

大 3,一般 2, (较多 3,一 几乎没有 1) 般 2,很少 1)


五、 教后记
整节课的教学进展顺利,学生对于文化性文章比较感兴趣,问题的设计也比较简单符 合我班大部分学生的水平,基本达到预想的效果。但有一点感到不足,这也是我们学 校英语课堂中比较难解决的问题:班里仍有一部分学生的学习积极性调动不起来,英 语知识掌握极少以至于跟不上老师的进度。这类学生应在课下再对其进行督促和引 导,使他们能够在以后的英语课堂中学点知识。



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