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【名师一号】2015高考英语一轮复习 Unit 3 Life in the future课时检测 新人教版必修5

Unit 3

Life in the future
(计时:60 分钟)

Ⅰ.词汇知识 1.Since the family often have quarrels with each other, the living ________ is becoming worse and worse. A. surroundings

C. circumstances 答案与解析 A B. setting D. environment 句意:由于这家人经常吵架,生活环境变得越来越糟糕。

surroundings“ 周 围 的 事 物 ; 环 境 ( 强 调 生 活 环 境 )” ; setting“ 环 境 ; 背 景 ” ; circumstances“环境; 境况; 遭遇(尤其指经济状况)”; environment“环境; 客观环境”。 2.As the meeting was on, the man who was late ________ the meeting room without being noticed. A. swept up C. slid into 答案与解析 B. stole D. slid C 句意:由于会议正在进行,迟到的那个人在没被注意的情况下溜进了

会议室。 sweep up“打扫; 横扫”; steal“偷??; 偷偷做”, 其后若加 into 也正确; slide into“溜进”。 3.Those trucks, filled with all kinds of relief supplies, are ________ to the earthquake?stricken areas. A. speeding up C. holding up 答案与解析 up“加速”。 4.Her parents' quarreling with each other ________ led to her family's breaking up. A. strictly C. hardly B. constantly D. occasionally A B. keeping up D. putting up 句意:那些装满各种救援物资的卡车正急速朝地震灾区开去。 speed

答案与解析 B 句意: 她父母之间经常争吵, 这导致了家庭破裂。 strictly“严格地”; constantly“不断地”; hardly“几乎不”; occasionally“偶尔地”。 5 . The old man was very angry when he ________ his daughter dancing with a middle?aged man last night. A. caught the sight of C. caught a sight B. caught sight of D. caught sight

答案与解析 B 句意: 昨天晚上, 当这位老人看到女儿在和一个中年男人跳舞的时候, 他很生气。catch sight of ...“看见??”,符合句意。 Ⅱ.单句语法填空 6.Because of ________ (lack) of construction materials, the project had to be put off. 答案与解析 lacking 句意:由于缺乏建筑材料,这个工程不得不被推迟。lack 在此 处为及物动词, of 为介词,故用 lacking。 7.According to the new law, people ________ (find) putting up “harmful” ads on the streets will be punished. 答案与解析 found people 与 find 之间存在被动关系,故用过去分词作定语。 8. Please tell me the problems ________ (discuss) at yesterday's meeting quickly. The manager is calling me! 答案与解析 discussed 由 at yesterday's meeting 可知问题已讨论完毕,故用过去 分词短语作后置定语,表被动完成。 9.________ (surround) by a lot of newsmen, the newly?elected mayor of the city felt he had to say something. 答案与解析 Surrounded surround 与句子主语 the newly?elected mayor 之间存在 被动关系。此处用过去分词作状语。 10.(2013·西城区二模)— Where are the papers for the Smith project? — They are in the folder ________ (mark) “S”. 答案与解析 marked folder 与 mark 之间存在被动关系,故用过去分词作后置定语。 Ⅲ.语法填空 阅读下面材料,在空白处填入适当的内容(不多于 3 个单词)或括号内单词的正确形式。 Spring festival is the time __11__ family members — no matter how far from home they are — reunite and enjoy a dinner together. Fish and chicken are two examples of certain dishes that can be seen on almost every table in China at the Spring Festival feast. __12__ (serve) these two dishes is believed to bring wealth and good luck to families in the coming year. As for the other parts of this special dinner, traditions vary __13__ region to region. Pig's feet stew (炖猪蹄) and chicken feet are popular in Hunan at the Spring Festival feast, __14__ are considered particularly lucky, as they __15__ (say) to be able to hold onto things you desire in the coming year, like money. The Spring Festival feast in Jiangsu is just like that of most parts of the country. But it is the snacks __16__ make the feast unique.People always have spring

rolls during the feast. It originally involved the custom of “biting spring”, which means to welcome spring by __17__ (eat) spring rolls. In northern China, people eat dumplings at midnight on lunar New Year's Eve __18__ the word for dumplings, jiaozi, is pronounced the same as a word meaning, “the end of the old time and the beginning of the new”. The shape of dumplings also resembles __19__ of ancient gold ingots (锭), so eating them symbolizes people's hope for __20__ plentiful year. 答案与解析 11.when 先行词是 the time,空格后面的从句中缺少时间状语,故填 when 引导定语 从句。 12.Serving 所给词在句中作主语,故填动名词 serving,表笼统的动作。 13.from vary from region to region“各地区不同”。 14.which feet。 15.are said 所给词在句中作谓语,且 say 与 they 为被动关系,故填 are said。be said to be ...“据说是??”。 16.that it is ... that ...强调句式结构。 17.eating by doing sth.“通过做某事”,注意 eat 的?ing 形式不双写 t。 18.because because“因为”,引导原因状语从句。 which 引导非限制性定语从句修饰先行词 pig's feet stew and chicken

19.that that 相当于前面提到的名词 the shape,特指金元宝的形状。 20.a a plentiful year“富裕的一年”。 Ⅳ.阅读理解 Why do some parents tend to hold back their disabled children from experiencing life? Even when they are grown, the parents will not allow certain things to happen.It's true that they do have a certain amount of responsibility in protecting their severely disabled adult child, but at what point do they become overly protective? Parents want to create a safe haven, a place where they know that nothing bad will happen to their beloved child.This seems to be a respectable and notable act in caring for a person with a disability, but it can have a side effect.When protecting their child from suspected hardships, not wanting anything bad to happen to them, they very well may be preventing good things from happening to them. In life we all make mistakes, it is how we are able to grow and strengthen our character.Parents may feel that in certain instances their child will get hurt or

mistreated in some way, so they build walls in their own minds convincing themselves of the need to shelter.However, the disabled, yes even the “severely disabled” deserve to make personal mistakes as well.Even more, they have the right to succeed. Parents should do everything and anything within their power to see their disabled children lead a somewhat “normal” life.Parents should help their children, not hold them down.This could make them think they are unworthy and that their parents do not believe in them. Whatever it may be, let them at least try.If they want to attend college, so be it. Parents should find out all they can, and be involved in every detail.Get to know the aides, experience it with them.If they want to dare and someday marry, so be it.Don't shut them out and form bad or critical opinions about them just because you are afraid.Unite as a family and make it work. 21. According to the passage, if the parents overprotect their disabled children, the children will ________. A. never grow up in the future B. find no shelter when they grow up C. become less confident when facing troubles D. less likely meet with good things happening to them 答案与解析 D 由 第 二 段 的 “When protecting their child from suspected

hardships, ... they very well may be preventing good things from happening to them” 可知,如果父母过度保护自己的孩子,那他们也有可能阻止了好事情的发生,所以选 D 项。 22.What attitude does the author hold towards the parents? A. Supporting. C. Critical. 答案与解析 C 项。 23.The suggestions in the last paragraph imply that parents should ________. A. be a bridge, not a brick wall B. act as their children's best friends C. encourage their children to get married D. live in harmony with their disabled children 答案与解析 A 由最后一段的内容可知, 父母应该转换自己的角色, 要充当一座桥梁, 而不要充当一堵墙,所以选 A 项。 24.What is the best title of this passage?

B. Depressed. D. Uninterested.

C 由文章的内容可知,作者对过度保护孩子的父母持批评态度,所以选

A. Living Within the Parents' Power B. Letting Your Disabled Child Succeed C. Getting out of a Brick Wall in Their Life D. Helping Your Disabled Child out of Trouble 答案与解析 B 如今有些父母过度地保护自己残疾的孩子,然而这并不利于孩子的成

长,作者在文章中建议父母亲要放手,让孩子们走向成功,所以选 B 项。 Ⅴ.七选五 Ways to Create Quality Time with Your Kids Children are a reward from the Lord according to the Bible.I have certainly found that to be true. __25__ In spite of a tight schedule, I do several things to develop my relationships with my kids. 1.Take one child along on a short trip Last year I had a lecture in Kamloops, and I took my daughter Hannah with me.The time we spent together in the car that day was invaluable, and now she always asks me, “Dad, when are we going to go on a trip together again?” __26__ 2. __27__ I try to have regular dates with each of my children.Like my wife, they deserve to have my attention every once in a while.I build the time around them, doing things they enjoy and just talking together. 3.Eat one meal together each day In our home breakfast is chaos, and by lunchtime we are not at home.But as much as possible we try to have dinner as a family. __28__ It's our chance to celebrate victories, and to help each other through the tough things. __29__ I picture myself taking aim, pulling back the bow and sending them into the world.The target that they hit depends largely on the amount that I put in them today.Does it make effort? Yes.Are there tough choices sometimes? Yes.Is it worth it? Certainly! A. Put their activities into your schedule. B. Take them on dates C. Focus on your children D. The Bible speaks of children as arrows. E. This is our time to reconnect and recharge after a busy day. F. I've also found it's important to find the time to give each child the attention they need.

G. A one?or?two day trip like this is a great chance for you to connect with one of your kids. 答案 25.F 26.G 27.B 28.E 29.D Ⅵ.书面表达 假定你是李华,今天上午上英语课时身体不适,课后你的外籍教师 Peter 送你去医院, 之后他因故返回学校。现在 Peter 发短信了解你的病情,请根据以下内容,回复短信。 内容主要包括: 1.感谢; 2.现状(发烧,医生建议留院观察两天); 3.心情(尽快康复,返回课堂)。 注意:1.词数 100 左右; 2.可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯; 3.开头和结尾已为你写好,不计入总词数。 Peter, _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ Li Hua 范文 Peter, Thank you for texting. It's kind of you to take me to hospital when I felt sick in the English lesson this morning. I am quite grateful for what you have done for me. Because of your timely help, I could get treated in time, or I couldn't imagine what it would be like. I am much better now. My doctor thinks I've just got a cold. But I have been told that I need to stay in hospital for two days and receive further examination because I still have a fever. I am looking forward to being well soon and with you again in your lively class. See you then. Li_Hua



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