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必修一unit5 Warming up and Reading


1 Warming up and reading

Men are all alike in their promises. It is only in their deeds that they differ.
人们的承诺不相上下, 只有行动才能显出差异。

? (2012上海卷)35.

Have you sent thank—you notes to the relatives from _ _ you received gifts? ? A. which B. them ? C. that D. whom


? (2012天津卷)7.

I wish to thank Professor Smith, without _______help I would never have got this far. ? A. who B. whose B ? C. whom D. which


Phrase Check
1. 为……献身 2. 渴望做某事 die for

be dying for
believe in sb

3. 信任某人
4. 死于(外因)

die from
fight for …

5. 为了……而战
6. 与……作战

fight against …

7. 脱离

be free from

8. 放弃 10. 在监狱中

give up be in prison

9. 以一种和平的方式 in a peaceful way 11.把…投入监狱 put sb in prison 12. 和……一样 the same as 13. 第一个登上月球的 the first man to 人 land in the moon

Reading strategies: Make a guess according to the title before reading.
What’s the connection between them?

B. Friends
C. Father and son D. Teacher and student


Elias’ Story Elias: a poor black worker in South

The text tells us about his life and what he did with Nelson Mandela to fight for black people.


Para 1
? In

1952, Mandela was a _____ ? A . worker B. president ? C. teacher D. lawyer

? ……的时候 .the time when ? 2.go to sb for advice ? 寻求某人的建议 ? 3.offer guidance to sb? 为……提供指导 ? 在……方面大方 ? generous with ? 感激 ? grateful for ?1

? Why

did Elias have to leave his education? ? Because his family couldn’t continue to pay the school fee and the bus fare.

? 1.have

very little ? 受过很少的教育 ? education ? 2.begin school ? 开始上学 ? 3.three kilometers away ? 三公里远 ? 4.continue to do ? 继续做 ? the school fees ? 支付学费 ? worried about … ? 担心 ? 7.out of work ? 失业

Para 3
? In

Elias’s eyes Mandela was___.

? A.

selfish B. silent ? C. hopeful D. helpful

? 1.get

the correct papers ? 2. be hopeful about my future ? soon as I could ? 4、have almost no right at all

? 获取所需证件 ? 对未来充满信心 ? 尽可能快的
? 几乎没有什么权

Para 4-5
? 得到工作 the jobs ? 事实上 ? fact ? 用暴力反抗暴力 ? 3.answer violence with violence ? a matter of fact ? 事实上 ? 5.blow up ? 爆炸 ? 6.achieve our dream ? 实现我们的梦想 ? 1.get

找出定语从句: 1. The time when I first met Nelson Mandela was a very difficult period of my life. 2. The school where I studied for only

two years was three kilometers away.
3. This was a time when one had got to

have a passbook to live in

4. The day when Nelson Mandela

helped me was one of my happiest.
5. …we have reached a stage where we have almost no rights at all. 6. The parts of town in which they had to live were decided by white people.

7. The places outside the towns where they
were sent to live were the poorest parts of South Africa. 8. …we were put into a position in which we had either to accept we were less important, or fight the government. 9. We first broke the law in a way which

was peaceful.

Please discuss this question:
What can we learn from the text about Nelson Mandela?

Bravery (勇敢)

Persistence (坚持不懈)
Kindness (亲切,仁慈) Determination (坚定) …


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