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高中英语选修6 unit 2 短语

高中英语选修 6 unit 2 短语、重点句子

Ⅰ Important phases: .
1. 2 go over 复习,检查 make sense (Sb.) make sense of sth (Sth.) make sense to sb. 有意义,说得通 理解…… 有意义,说得通 recite / read /

explain sth. to sb. 给某人背诵/读 / 解释…… convey one`s emotions 表达情感 bow to 向鞠躬 / 屈服 stay/sit up 熬夜 take it easy = take things easy 放轻松,别紧张 take one`s time 别着急,慢慢来 (Sb.) run out of sth. 用完,耗尽(及物) (Sth.) run out 用完(不及物) make up 组成 / 编造 / 化妆 / 弥补 be made up of = consist of …由……组成 a few more minutes 再多几分钟 be popular with … = be well received by … 很受欢迎 be brimful of = be full of … 充满 translate A into B 把A翻译成B week in ,week out 一周又一周 day by day 一天又一天 on and on 继续不停地 by chance / accident 碰巧 . hold on 继续 / 别挂断(电话) (Sb. / Sth.) be likely to do sth. 有可能….. try out 试验 try on 试穿 let out 泄漏 / 发出(声音) / 释放 / 放宽(衣服 look forward to 盼望 make a list of 列举 leave/make an impression on sb 给某人留下印象 in particular 尤其、特别 be worth + n / doing sth 值得

3. 4. 5 6. 7. 8 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19 20. 21. 20. 21. 22 23 24 25

II. Sentences
1. There are various reasons why people write poetry. Some poems tell a story or describe something in a way that will give the reader a strong impression. Others try to convey certain emotions. 人们写诗有各种各样的原因。有些诗是为了叙事,或描叙某事给读者以强烈的印 象。而有些是为了传达某种感情。

2. They delight small children because they have strong rhyme and rhythm and have a lot of repetition. 这些童谣能使孩子们快乐,因为它们节奏感强,又押韵,而且重复多遍。 3. We would have won if Jack had scored that goal.(对过去的虚拟) 如果杰克踢进了那个球的 话,我们就赢了。 4.It is not a traditional form of English poetry but it is very popular with English speak ers. 5 它不是英诗的传统形式,但在说英语的人们中间,这种诗是很流行的。 There are various reasons why pop stars are popular with young people. 明星受年轻人的欢迎有各种各样的原因。(why) 6 The beauty of the West Lake in Hangzhou has left a good impression on me. 杭州 西湖的美景给我留下了非常深刻的印象。(impression) 7 If you want to buy a dictionary, there are many to choose from. 如果你要买字典的话,有很多可供挑选。(choose)


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