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2015 届上学期期末与各地一模语法汇总
汕头高三期末调研 As a working mom with three young sons, keeping the house clean is a big challenge. Even 1. we clean the house every week, one hour later our bedrooms and bathrooms are back to their messy(混乱的) look. When 2. (ask), my boys will help neaten their room, clear their plates from the table and pick up their school junk. But I need to remind them house look like a garbage can. This is quite 5. years when I never left any waste in the house. 6. these days back again at my own house. When last week I 7. (find) a program called “Share a Healthy Habit” on a newspaper, I saw a great chance to engage my sons in cleaning chores. Why not encourage these behaviors during the summer, while school is out and their life is 8. (relax)? themselves The goal for my boys is to clean their own dorm room 9. 10. 参考答案: 1. though/if 6. It 2. asked 7. found 3. of 8. relaxing 4. that 9. themselves 5. a 10. Older (old), so I need to start my plan as soon as possible. 3. it again and again. make my seems that I cannot get change from my pre-kid If I don’t remind them, I will step over all the things 4.

when they are free. The rewards for clean habits start young and continue as they get

揭阳高三期末调研 It was already late when we started for the next town, which, according to the map, was about fifteen miles away on the other side of the hill. There we felt sure that we 1. (find) a bed for the night. Soon darkness fell after we left the village, we drove fast along the narrow road which (high), it became colder and the rain difficult to see the road. but luckily we met no one. 2. led to the hill. As our car climbed 3. began to fall, making 4.

After we had traveled for about twenty miles, there was still no sign of the town

which was 5.

(poor) marked on the map. We were beginning to get quick examination showed that (leave), we

anxious when the car suddenly stopped. 6. decided to spend the night in the car.

we had used up the gas. Although we had little food 7.

With our meals finished, I tried to go to sleep at once, but John, who was a poor sleeper, got out of the car after a few minutes 8. were looking for. We at once pushed the car 10. less than a quarter of an hour, we were in the town. 参考答案: 1. would find 6. A 江门期末调研 “Drive My Car” was a popular song from the British band Beetles. 1. song was first released in Britain in nineteen sixty-five on the Beatles' album Rubber Soul. Earlier that same year, the news media reported that John Lennon passed his 2. _____(drive) Within hours, many car dealers showed up outsideome. Each hoped to p ersuade the star that their car was the one for him. John Lennon decided on a bright bl ue nineteen sixty-five Ferrari 330 GT Coupe. Officials say John Lennon owned the ca r for less than a year. It is not clear 4. suggest that work 5. _______(origin)condition, 7. s most famous.He is probably 8. (well) known for his multi-colored Rolls Royce Phantom V limousine. That car is curr ently on display at the Royal BC Museum in Victoria, British Columbia. They put the car on display every year for a few months during the winter. They are unable to keep the car on display all year long because 9. ds that come to see 10. 参考答案: 1.The 2.driving 3.his 4 what 5.was done its large size and the large crow happened to it after that. But records the Ferrari was Lennon's first car, it was not hi in the nineteen nineties to return the car to its 6. 2. as/when 7. left 3. higher 8. and 4. it 9. that/which 5. Poorly 10. to went for a walk up the we the top of the hill. In hill. Soon he found, in the valley below, the lights of the town 9.

6.original 7.although 惠州高三第三次调研

8. best

9. of

Once there were two mice, a city mouse and a country mouse. They were distant relatives. One day the city mouse, 1 country mouse inviting him for a visit. Delighted, the country mouse accepted the 2. was surprised 3. (invite) and came to the . city mouse's house. He was greeted by the city mouse cheerfully. The country mouse big the house was. The city mouse was pleased 4. 5. led the country mouse to the kitchen. When began to eat, they heard 7. The cat 8. 9. climbed up the table, it. But just as they lived in a big house wrote a letter to the

there were a large piece of bread, fruit and cheese 6. (come)!" They ran away quickly and hid.

great noise. The city mouse cried, “Run! Run!

(breath) heavily after hiding in the mouse-hole, the country mice (peace). Why don't you come with me to

said to the city mouse, "I should go back to my house in the country. Even if I eat nothing but beans, I can live 10. the country? It is nicer to be poor and happy, than to be rich and afraid." 参考答案: 1. who 6. on 2. invitation 7. a 3. how 8. is coming 4.and 9.Breathing 5. they 10. Peacefully

东莞期末调研 One day, an old monk named Wisdom, followed by two young monks, was walking from one town to another 1. thirsty, they stopped to have a rest. 2. the 3. they caught sight of a lake. Tired and old monk, pointing to the lake, asked (draw) by an ox

(young) one to get him some water. made the water very muddy. The little monk is

When the little monk reached the lake, a cart 4. started crossing the lake, 5. 6

thought, “How can I give this muddy water to my master to drink!” So he came back any water, saying, “The water is very muddy. I don’t think 7. suitable to drink.”

After a while, the same monk was asked to get water again. When he went back to the lake, he found that the mud 8. the monk, “To make the water clean, 10. and the mud would settle down on its own.” It is also the same with your mind. When it is disturbed, just let it be. Give it a little time and it will settle down itself. 参考答案: 1.when 6.without 2. The 7. it 3.younger 8. had settled 4. drawn 9. happily 5. which 10. what/all (settle) down already, so he collected (happy) and then up at you need to do is just to let it be back a pot of water. Wisdom looked at the water 9.

肇庆期末调研 Nowadays, it is common that more and more high school students open their own micro blogs on the Internet . For one thing, it can provide a colorful platform to show their talent. For 1. , it is a useful way to release their 2. (press). And all these rake it more and more popular with high school students. 3. many parents and teachers hold a different view .They think that managing one’s micro blog will take a lot of time and energy, 4. In my view, I am greatly in favor 5. playing 6. should be used to study. this activity. Today the Internet is .

important and essential role in our life. Therefore as high

school students of the Information Age, we need to learn to make use of this 7. (mean) tool to communicate and display ourselves. What’s more ,opening and organizing micro blogs need various abilities such as writing , designing , being skillful at computer and so on .Only if we master those abilities can we make a successful micro blog. As a result, we improve ourselves while 8. our micro blogs. In fact, micro blog 9. towards it 10. effects.


(oneself) is of little harm. It is your attitude

matters. We should take the advantages and avoid some bad

参考答案: 1.another 6. an 2.pressure 7. meaningful 3. But 8. organizing 4. which 5. of 10. that 9. itself

广州一模 Robert Burns is the most famous poet to write in Scots, the traditional language of Scotland. Born in Ayrshire, Scotland to a poor farming family, his parents made sure that he was well educated as a child. In 1783 he started composing poetry 1. received 2. Chiefly, 3. 4. a traditional style using the Ayrshire dialect of Scots. These poems were well (local) and in 1786 they were published in the volume, Poems, made him famous in Scotland overnight. , his fame was not accompanied by money and he found 5. .

necessary to return to farming. 6. government service in 1789.

this also proved unprofitable, he entered

He died at the age of 37 as a result of a weak heart, brought on by years of poor working conditions on the farm 7. (support) his widow and children. Today, his memory 9. his birthday is 10. celebrate) by Burns clubs across the world and unofficial “National Day” for Scots and those with date) back to his childhood. Within a . short time of his death, money started pouring in from all over Scotland 8.

Scottish ancestry, celebrated with Burns suppers. 参考答案: 1 .in; 6. When; 2. locally;; 3.which; 8. to support; 4. However; 9. is celebrated;; 10. an

茂名一模 When I was a child in 1970s, my family was very poor, just like other average families in the countryside. The second-hand clothes, rain-leaking roof of old house became part of 1. memory. However, the worst 2. (impress) is that I was feeling hungry all the time. Sometimes hunger bit me so severely 3. I regarded dried sweet potato slices as delicious snack. At that time, my dream was getting enough to fill my empty stomach. In the early years of 1980s, as the reform and opening-up policy 4 (carry) out, the children dream came true. And then, backward hometown. I worked classmates, and, after luckily 7. in a city. 8. 9. 6. 5. . dream became

clearer and clearer in my mind. I must try my best to escape out of my poor and (hard) at my study than most of my (succeed) in the national college entrance

examination, I realized my dream again: after graduation, I became a citizen working the first college graduate out of a remote village, my success set example for my folks. They came to realize that schooling is a good way I am proud even today.

to change one’s fate(命运). In the following years, there were fewer drop-outs and more college graduates in my village, of 10. 参考答案: 1. my 6.harder 2.impression 7.succeeding 3.that 8.As 4. was carried 5.another 10.which

深圳一模 After graduating from college, Tom and Bob joined a company together. Both worked very hard. Several years later, the boss promoted Bob to manager, but Tom remained as 1. ordinary worker. Tom couldn’t take it. He handed his (please) guys. resignation to the boss, complaining(抱怨) that the boss didn’t value hardworking workers, but only promoted those 2.

The boss knew Tom worked very hard these years. So he said, “Thank you, 3.

I have a request. I hope you’ll do one more thing for our company 4. you leave. Perhaps you’ll change your mind.” Tom agreed. The boss asked him to go and find anyone selling watermelon in the market. Tom went and returned soon, and said he had found 5. boss asked how much per kg? Tom 7. market and returned 8. (inform) the boss $1.2 per kg. . The (shake) his head, went back to the

The boss told Tom to wait a second. He called Bob to come to his office and asked Bob to do the same. Bob went, returned and said 9. only one person is selling watermelon. $1.2 per kg, and $10 melons in all, 58 of 10. 2 kg. ” Tom was very impressed and realized the difference between himself and Bob. He decided to stay to learn from Bob. 参考答案: 6.shook 2.pleasant / pleasing inform 3.but 8.gently 4.before 9.for 10.which 24 (gentle), “Boss, 10 kg. He has 320

are on the table. Fresh and red, each weighs about

梅州一模 The broken English used by a Chinese journalist aroused attention of the public on English learning in China. Actually, “Chinglish” 1. no see” has become 2. (contribute) 5% to 20% of newly added English words since 1994. The Chinglish expression “long time standard English phrase. There is even a “Save has attracted over 8,000 Chinglish” group on the Facebook website, 3. study, day day up” 4. Chinglish sentence. 5.

members and lists more than 2,500 examples of Chinglish. The phrase “good good (invent) by the Chinese has become a famous Chinese people said in a humor manner that

hearing Chinglish is like receiving an electric shock, native English speakers launched a campaign to save Chinglish. In the eyes of these foreigners, Chinglish is the 6. _ (wonder) result of an English dictionary mixing with Chinese grammar.

However, there are fears 7. _ not 9. culture, 10. 参考答案: 1. has contributed 6. wonderful 2. a 7. that

Chinglish could be killed off because some

people are worried that Chinglish may embarrass foreign visitors. As for attitude 8. Chinglish, some foreigners do not think that Chinglish makes serious native speakers approve. Although rigid translation confuses is an interesting phenomenon caused by cultural differences. mistakes. In their eyes, a language will be absolutely affected by its users whether or foreigners who have just arrived in China, for foreigners familiar with the Chinese

3. which 8. towards / to

4. invented 9. its

5. When / As 10. It

肇庆一模 Now many singers and bands have little to do with good music. They know little about 1. good music means. What is the cause? 2. (see) music as a “job” because it is a (appear) and also Most of these singers so far

good source of making money. And if you have a good 3.

original or expensive clothes to show off at your concerts then your voice is not 4. important as it should be. The public will prefer to admire more the most interesting parts of your body and even forget that you are there level. ks5u Therefore, many young girls on TV choose to wear the most provocative (挑逗 性的 ) clothes to catch attention, but when it comes to singing they are in 6. complete mess and one doesn’t need to have an ear _7. their lack of talent. However, the young generation should understand talent and a good voice matter more in their musical career. All the bands good music fail to be viewed as 9. 10. 8. have little to do with (succeed) on stage. If a young man has _______ improve singing music to notice 5. (show) your music skills, not your dancing, which is important too, but not at such a high

a great voice and wants to become a singer, he should take some special courses in this area, because they will help abilities.

参考答案: 1.what 6. a 2. have seen 7. for 3. appearance 7. that 4. as (so) 9. successful 5. to show 10. him

广雅、执信、六中三校联考 “American Dreams in China,” a comedy based China’s box office (票房) 2. 1. the story of

real-life company New Oriental Education Group, is now the weekly champion of (beat) Hollywood blockbusters (大片) “Iron Man 3” and “The Croods(疯狂原始人).” The movie, media research. The main character in this movie is believed to resemble Yu Minhong,5. chief executive and co-founder of New Oriental.6. Sina Weibo that he has no idea in the first place. (arouse) after some 7. Mr. Yu said on his (invest) in the movie and he was against the 3. cost $9 million to produce, has taken in(收入) 4. it was released on May 17, according to

over $34 million in ticket sales

Heated discussion on the definition of real successes 8. more and more audience came into the cinema for this movie. 9. conveys, others say skeptically that wealth and fame. 参考答案: 1.on 6.However/Nevertheless 2.beating 7..investment 3.which 8.was aroused 10.

among the Chinese audience are cheering for the entrepreneurial spirit the movie equates( 等同 ) success with

4.since 9.while


揭东一中、惠来一中联考 Online shopping is coming into fashion in most cities, where people are able to make full use of the rapidly-developed internet technology. Nowadays, can we find a person 1. has not experienced online shopping? Definitely not. (welcome) by most people due to various reasons. they want while

Online shopping 2.

From the perspective of consumer, it can save some time for people who don’t have much spare time. Just click the mouse, they can get 3. much circulating funds. 4. staying at home. For the retailers, it can cut some costs for those who don’t have (compare) with the traditional trade mode, , there are still some fun they don’t have to spend money in renting a house. 5. less 7. of bargain. 8. relative laws 9. is undeniable that shopping on the internet has become an the rapid growth of online shopping. Only in this way can 10. (convenient) of online shopping without

disadvantages in online shopping. First, a face-to-face deal makes online shopping (rely) and trustworthy. Second, people will lose 6.

irresistible trend in modern society. It’s of great urgency that we need to make the we enjoy the pleasure and the concern of being cheated. 参考答案: 1. who/that 6. reliable 2. is welcomed 3.whatever/what 7. the 4. Compared 5.However 10. convenience 8. It (小写不给分) 9 with



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