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英语阅读理解练习题 1. 2012 年广安市中考 C 篇
You may hear about earthquakes, but do you know what to do before, during and after an earthquake? Here is advice for you. Before an earthquake Before an earthquake, it is necessary to get ready for yourself and your family. All family members should know how to turn off gas ( 气体) and water and know some useful telephone numbers. Don't put heavy things over beds. During an earthquake It's important for each of you not to be nervous. If you are

indoors, quickly move to a safe place in the room such as under a strong desk or a strong table. If you are out doors, move to an open area like a playground. If you are driving, stop the car as soon as possible, staying from bridges and tall buildings. Stay in your car. After an earthquake Once the shaking (摇晃) has stopped, don't run out of the

building at once. You'd better wait and leave when it is safe. If your building is badly broken, you should leave it. If you smell the gas, get everyone outside and open windows and doors. 1. What's the Chinese meaning of the "earthquake"? A.地震 B.海啸 c.龙卷风

2. What should you do before the earthquake? A. Know how to save gas and water. C. Put heavy things over beds. 3. What should you do if you are outdoors during the earthquake? A. Move to an open area like a playground. C. Move to a safe place in the room quickly. 4. What should you do if your building is badly broken after the earthquake? A. Run into the building. C. Leave the building. 5. What's the best title (标题) of the passage? A. Advice for Earthquakes. C. Advice for Driving. B. Advice for Looking After Your House. B. Stay in the building and wait. B. Stay in your car under a bridge. B. Know some useful telephone numbers.

2.2013 年广安市中考英语 A 篇
Raising pets is a popular online game among teenagers. “More than 20 of my classmates have adopted(领养) pets online.” Said Wang Hui from Beijing. If you go to some websites, you can adopt virtual(虚拟的) pets like penguins(企鹅), chickens, dogs and elephants. You can feed, wash, talk to and play with your pet. Dai Yingshuang of Shanghai said, “It’s great fun and I have also learned how to take care of others.” She usually asks her uncle to take care of her pet while she is at school. If you don’t feed and care for the pet, it will become unhappy and unhealthy. So raising an


online pet means spending a lot of time online. This makes many parents worried. They fear it will have a bad influence on the children’s studies. Wang Zhaotong from Anhui has raised a penguin since last year. She said, “My parents know about the penguin and think it’s okay.” If the students can keep the balance between studying and playing, it’s not bad for them to “raise” pets online. 1.Over ______ students in Wang Hui’s class have adopted pets online. A.10 A.It’s great fun. B.20 B.It wastes time. C.half C.It’s not interesting. 2.What does Dai Yingshuang think of raising pets online? 3.Which of the following is Not Right according to the passage? A.Raising an online pet doesn’t mean spending lots of time online. B.If you don’t feed the pet, it will become unhappy and unhealthy. C.Raising pets online makes many parents worried. 4.What does the underline “balance” mean? A.余额 A.It’s bad to raise pets online. B.平衡 B.How to raise pets online. C.结算 5.What does the passage mainly talk about? C.Raising pets online is popular among teenagers.

3.2012 年广安中考试题 B 篇
It was Mother’s Day. A man stopped his car at a flower shop to order(订购) some flowers. He wanted the shopkeeper to send the flowers to his mother, who lived two hundred miles away. As he got out of his car, he found a young girl sitting on the road crying. He asked her what was wrong and she answered, “I want to buy a red rose for my mother, but I only have seventy-five cents. A rose costs two dollars.” The man smiled and said, “Come into the shop with me, and I’ll buy you a rose.” He bought the little girl her rose and ordered his own mother’s flowers. As they were leaving, he offered to drive the girl home. She said, “Yes, please! You can take me to my mother,” She brought him to a cemetery(墓地), where she placed the rose on the grave. The man was moved. He returned to the flower shop, picked up the flowers he ordered, and drove two hundred miles to his mother’s house. Today is the day for your mother. Send a flower to your kind and beautiful mother.


1.The man went to the shop to ______. the girl A.2 kilometres A.she was hungry A.the cemetery B.order some flowers B.200 kilometres B.she couldn’t buy a rose B.the girl’s home some food C.200 miles C.she couldn’t find her way home 2.The man’s mother lived ______ away from him. 3.The girl was crying on the road because ______. 4.After the man bought the girl a rose, they went to______ together. C.his mother’s house B.The girl loved her mother very much 5.From the passage we can infer(推断) that ______. A.the girl loved flowers very much C.The shopkeeper sent the flowers to the man’s mother

Once there was something wrong with a machine in a factory. The workers could do nothing but turn to a German engineer for help, who drew a line on it and then said, “Take off the part where the line is and change it for a new one.” The machine, with a new line on, began running well again. The engineer then asked for $30,000 for what he had done. The following were what he wrote on a bill, “The new part only costs one dollar, and knowing where the problem with the machine is costs $29,999.” One dollar for changing a new part sounds reasonable (有道理的)but the $29,999 is exactly the value (价值)of wisdom (智慧)and knowledge. 1. The factory turned to the German engineer because _______. A. he had nothing to do in the factory B. there were no other people in the factory

C. the workers could not repair the machine D. the workers asked for too much money for repairing the machine 2. The problem of the machine _______. A. was caused by the German engineer C. took the engineer a long time to find B. was found and solved by the workers D. was just a line

3. According to the engineer, the finding of the problem cost _______. A. only one dollar B. $ 29,999 C. nothing D. less than the now part

4. The writer wants to tell us that ________. A. the engineer asked for too much money C. the knowledge is worth money B. the workers should pay the money D. the new part could cost more

5. The best title for the passage should be _______. A. The Value of Knowledge C. The Expensive Machine B. Helpless Workers D. The Lucky Factory


A teacher stood in front of his history class of twenty students just before handing out the final exam. His students sat quietly and waited for him to speak. “It?s been a pleasure teaching you this term,” he said. “You?ve all worked very hard, so I have a pleasant surprise for you. Everyone who chooses not to take the final exam will get a ?B? for the course.” Most of the students jumped out of their seats. They thanked the teacher happily, and walked out of the classroom. Only a few students stayed. The teacher looked at them. “This is your last chance,” he said. “Does anyone else want to leave?” All the students there stayed in their seats and took out their pencils. The teacher smiled. “Congratulations (祝贺),” he said. “I?m glad to see you believe in yourselves. You all get A?s.” 1. This story most probably took place ___________ A. at the beginning of the term C. at the end of the term A. ?A? B. ?B? B. in the middle of the term D. at the beginning of the school year C. ?C? D. ?F?

2. Most of the students got Grade ______.

3. Why did some students stay in their seats? A. Because they wanted to take the exam. B. Because the teacher told them to stay in their class. C. Because they were afraid to leave. D. Because they didn?t have anything to do. 4. The teacher gave the students who stayed in the classroom A?s because ______. A. the teacher liked them C. they believed in themselves B. they were cleverer than the other students D. they studied hard

5. The underlined word “them” in Paragraph 3 refers to “______”. A. students staying in their seats C. their seats B. students leaving the classroom D. all the students

Some people think only school children do not agree with their parents, however, it is not true. Communication is a problem for parents and children of all ages. if it?s hard for you to communicate with your parents, don?t worry about it. Here is some advice for you to bridge the generation gap (代沟). Don?t argue with your parents. Don?t get to your parents when you are angry.Your parents probably won?t consider your ideas if you are shouting at them. And you can?t express yourself well if you are angry. Go to someplace to cool off . Make sure you understand why you are


unhappy. Then think about what you want to say to your parents. If you don?t think you can speak to them at the moment, try writing a letter. Try to reach a compromise (和解). Perhaps you a nd your parents disagree on something. You can keep your disagreement and try your best to accept each other. Michael?s mother didn?t agree with him about buying a motorcycle. They argued over it. But they finally came to a compromise. Michael bought the motorcycle, but only drove it on certain days. Of course, your parents might refuse to compromise on something . In these situations, it is especially important to show love and respect( 尊重)to them. Showing respect will keep your relationship strong. Talk about your values. The values of your parents are probably different from those of your own. Tell your parents what you care about, and why. Understanding your values might help them see your purposes in life. A good relationship with your parent s can make you a better and happier person .It is worth having a try! 1. The passage tells us _____ have a communication problem. A. parents and other people C. teachers and their students B. school kids and their parents D. parents and children of all ages

2. Your parents probably won't consider your ideas if you _____. A. don't get to them often C. don't speak to them politely B. write a letter to them D. express yourself well

3. The underlined phrase "cool off" in the passage means "_____". A. to make yourself happy C. to have a good rest B. to get you quiet and relaxed D. to hide yourself quickly

4. If there's really a generation gap between you and your parents, you'd better _____. A. have a talk with them often C. agree with them all the time 5.The best title of the passage is A.How to be a good child C. How to bridge the generation gap 7 The first teacher-parent meeting would be held in the school. To the little boy's disappointment (失望)his mother said she would go. He felt sorry for her face. She was very beautiful, but there was a big scar (疤痕) on her right face. The boy never talked about it with his mother. At the meeting, the people noticed the mother's kindness and beauty though she had the scar. But the little boy hid himself. After the meeting, the teacher asked his mother carefully. "How did you get the scat on your face?" The mother answered. "When my son was a baby, he was once in a . B. How to be good parents1. D. How to deal with family problems B. keep away from them D. know about your own values


room that caught fire. Everyone was too afraid to go in because the fire was out of control. At that time, I rushed in. As I was running towards his bed, I saw a piece of wood coming towards his bed. I threw myself over him to protect him. I was knocked down. Luckily, a fireman came in and saved both of us. But I got the scar." She touched her face." This scar will be here for ever, but I have never felt sorry for what I did." At that moment, the little boy came out with his eyes wet. He held his mother's hand for the rest of the day. ( ) 1.The boy_____ when his mother decided to go to his first teacher-parent meeting. A. was happy ( B. felt disappointed C. was angry D. cried loudly

) 2.The boy was sorry for his mother because______. A. his mother was not beautiful C. there was a big scar on her face B. he didn't love his mother D. the teacher didn't want to see her


) 3.Which of the following is TRUE? A. The boy knew why his mother got the scar before. B. The boy told his classmates why his mother got the scar. C. The mother told the boy about the scar many times. D. The mother told the teacher about the scat after the meeting.


) 4.The mother got the scar when she_____. A. slept in a room on fire C. rushed out of the room B. put out the fire D. protected her son


) 5.The boy was____ when he knew the truth at last. A. moved(感动) B. sad C. bored 8 The day was like any other day in his life, Tom walked past the shop on the street comer. He D. afraid

stopped to look at the front row of shoes, and he felt happy to see that the pair of shoes he wanted very much were still there. Looking down, he felt sorry for himself. He really wanted to have them for his birthday. He sadly walked away and thought how to tell his mother about it. He knew she would give him anything he liked if she could. But he also knew very well she had little money. He decided not to go home at once, as he looked worried and his mother would notice (注意) it. So he went to the park and sat on the grass. Then he saw a boy in a wheel chair (轮椅) . He noticed that the boy moved the wheel with his hands. Tom looked at him carefully and was surprised to see the boy have no feet. He looked at his own feet. "It's much better to be without shoes than without feet, " he thought. There was no reason (理由) for him to feel so sorry and sad. He sent away and smiled, thinking he was happier. 1.Tom passed the shop______.


A.on foot bus bike a car

2.Why did Tom stop in front of the shop? Because he wanted______. buy the shoes look at the shoes he liked look at the shoes in the shop window look at the shoes on the front row 3.The pair of shoes he liked was ______. A.too expensive B.quite cheap C.not there D.not sold yet

4.Tom went into the park because he______. A.was thinking how to tell his mother about it C.didn't want to make his mother worried 5.From the story we can know that Tom______. A.liked new shoes very much C.didn't want to go to school B.loved his mother best D.didn't want to stay at home 9 University of Oxford is the oldest university in the English-speaking world and it's one of the top university in the world. There is no clear date when the university started, but teaching began at Oxford in some forms in 1096 and developed quickly from 1167. There are 39 independent(独立的) colleges at Oxford, attracting students and learned men from across the world. There are over 100 libraries for the students and learned men to use. At University of Oxford, they also provide a number of money for the best students. Of course, if you want to study here, first you have to reach a certain level of English language. College life at Oxford is very exciting but busy. The groups of college provide a friendly and welcoming home for students while the college are strict with students about their studies. Many Chinese students are studying here. The number of Chinese students at the university has grown quickly over the past 10 years. 1. How many libraries are there at Oxford? A. Only 100 B. Just 100 C. More than 100 D. less than 100 B.wanted to see the boy D.he felt sad

2. What do you have to do first if you want to ask fir studying at Oxford? You have to__________. A. be independent C. study English hard B. pass a certain level test of English language D. be the best students

3. How's the college life at Oxford? It's full of ________ and has ________. A. excitement; much school work to do C. attraction; no school work to do B. excitement; no school work to do

D. attraction; a little school work to do

4. Which of the following is true according to the passage? A. The college aren't strict in studies.


B. Only because of 39 dependent colleges, thousands of students come here to study. C. The university of Oxford is the most important and successful one in the world. D. The university of Oxford provides a number of money for most students. 5. What's the best title for the passage? A. The College Life C. The Chinese Students at Oxford B. The Famous Learners at Oxford D. The University of Oxford 10 People sometimes like to read stories of dogs very much. They think that dogs are much cleverer than cats, sheep, cows or other animals in their homes. One of my close friends, Bob, has a very large police dog named Jack. Every Sunday afternoon, Bob and Jack have a walk in the park nearby. Jack likes these walks very much. One Sunday afternoon, I paid a visit to my friend. I stayed there for a long time and my friend and I had much more talk with each other than ever before. Soon it was time for them to take a walk in the park. We forgot that. Jack became worried about it. He walked around the room several times and then sat down in front of me and looked at me. But I still paid no attention (注意) to him. I went on talking with my friend. At last, Jack could not wait any longer. He went out of the room and came back a few minutes later. He sat down in front of me again. But this time, he held my hat in his mouth. Suddenly, I understood what Jack meant and so did my friend. 1.How many people are there in this story?______. A.One 2.Jack______. a close friend of mine B.enjoys long walks in the park every Sunday afternoon C.has many close friends D.enjoys talks in the room B.Two C.Three D.Four

3.Jack was worried because______. A.he wanted to eat something C. he was not feeling well was Sunday afternoon again D. he wanted his master (主人) to take him for a walk

4.Jack took my hat in his mouth to show that______. A.I should leave the house at once C.he was hungry and he tried to eat it 5.Which of the following is true?______. A.When Jack and I were talking, my friend didn't pay any attention to us B.When I was talking to my friend, Jack didn't pay any attention to us C.When my friend and I were talking, we didn't pay any attention to Jack D.When my friend was talking to Jack, I paid attention to them B.he liked my hat very much D.he wanted to have a rest




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