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2015届高考英语全程复习构想检测:必修二 Unit 4 Wildlife protection

课时训练 9 一、单元扣点训练 Ⅰ.短语填空 Unit 4 Wildlife protection die out; in peace; in danger of; in relief; burst into; pay attention to; come into being; according to; turn around; for sure 1.I wish yo

u'd leave me ________—I've got work to do. 答案 in peace 2.The teacher got angry with me when I didn't ________ his lectures. 答案 pay attention to 3.Are you ________ losing your job in the present financial crisis? 答案 in danger of 4. The scientist explained in his book how the universe ________. 答案 came into being 5.I ________ and saw Jane was sitting directly behind me. 答案 turned around 6.No one knows ________ what happened to this kind of animal at that time. 答案 for sure 7.________ these figures, our company is doing well. 答案 According to 8.No one has come up with a convincing explanation of why dinosaurs ________. 答案 died out 9. I smiled ________ as the last of the children hurried out of the door. 答案 in relief 10.The plane crashed into the hillside and ________ flames. 答案 burst into Ⅱ.完成句子 1. Daisy turned around and found that _____________(她正被一 只大象注视着). (watch) 答案 she was being watched by an elephant 2.Dinosaurs lived on the earth tens of millions of years ago, _______________(比人类的出现要早得多). (being) 答案 long before humans came into being 3.They learned this from __________________(骨骼的连接方 式). (join) 答案 the way the bones were joined together Ⅲ.模仿造句 1.We are_being_killed for the wool beneath our stomachs. [翻译]正在粉刷那所房子以便举行婚礼。 _______________________________________________ 答案 Th

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