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【走向高考】2015春高考英语一轮复习 专题1 名词与冠词

【2015 春走向高考】高三英语一轮复习 专题 1 名词与冠词
Ⅰ.语法单句填空 1.Zhusuan, ________ Chinese traditional calculating method, has been listed as ________ UNESCO World Intangible Cultural Heritage. 答案:a;a 句意为:珠算,一种中国传统的计算方法,已被联合国教科文组织列入世界非 物质文化遗产。第一空泛指“一种传统的计算方法”,应用 a;第二空泛指“一种世界非物质文 化遗产”,用不定冠词 a。 2.The girl got into ________ panic when she heard ________ frightening news. 答案:a;the 句意为:当那个女孩听到那个可怕的消息时,陷入了一阵恐慌。panic 前用 a, 构成短语 get into a panic,意为“陷入一阵恐慌”;news 前有 frightening 修饰,表特指,故第 二空用 the。 3.Having left ________ stage for many years, she is no longer ________ Patty Duke, a famous star who ruled the screen in the 1960s. 答案:the;the 句意为:在离开舞台很多年之后,她不再是帕蒂· 杜克,那个在 20 世纪 60 年代占据荧幕很多年的著名影星了。第一空用 the 特指“人们知道的舞台”;第二空用 the, 表示特指。 4.Qingdao is ________ most beautiful coastal city and I think I'll go there for ________ second time. 答案:a;a 句意为:青岛是一个非常美丽的海滨城市,我想我会再去那里一次。a 与 most 连用,用于形容词前时,意为“非常”;second 为序数词,前用 a 表示“再一,又一”。 5.—Would you mind giving your advice on how to improve our efficiency? —If you make ________ most of fortyfive minutes' classes day after day, there will be ________ switch in grades. 答案:the; a 句意为:——你介意给我提出如何提高学习效率的建议吗?——如果你每天 都能充分利用课堂 45 分钟,考试成绩将有变化。make the most of 为固定短语,意为“充分 利用”;switch 相当于 change,是一个具有动作意义的名词,前面常用 a 表示泛指。 6.________ Chinese character Kong, ________ word that generally means control, has been selected as ________ 2013 character of the year in China. 答案:The; a; the 句意为:汉字“控”,通常意为“控制”,当选为中国 2013 年的年度汉字。 第一空用 the,特指汉字“控”;第二空泛指“一个字”,应用不定冠词 a;第三空后的 character 有后置定语 of the year in China,因此用 the,表特指。 7.It is reported that ________ recently discovered painting may be ________ van Gogh. 答案:the; a 句意为:据报道,最近发现的那幅画作可能是梵高的作品。第一空特指“最近 发现的那幅画”,应用定冠词 the;第二空用 a,此处用在专有名词前,表示“一幅凡· 高的画”。 【方法总结】人名、商标前加不定冠词可表示一件作品、产品。例如:My father gave me a complete Shakespeare as a present.我父亲送给我一套莎士比亚全集作礼物。 8.China's economy and financial market will be on ________ steady path in 2014, Premier Li Keqiang said on Friday during ________ trip to Tianjin. 答案:a;a 句意为:李克强总理在周五的天津之行中说,2014 年中国的经济和金融市场 将走上一条稳定之路。两个空都用 a,均表泛指,第一空指“一条道路”,第二空指“一次天津 之行”。 9.Word came that Ji Haoshuang, ________ student graduating from Lujiang Senior High, figured out to prove the existence of Higgs boson(希格斯玻色子).

答案:a 句意为:有消息称,一名毕业于庐江中学的学生计昊爽计算出了希格斯玻色子的 存在。泛指庐江中学的一名学生,因此用不定冠词 a。 10.Tom works in a company and gets paid by ________ hour, totally 5,000 yuan ________ month. 答案:the;a 句意为:汤姆在一家公司上班并且按小时计酬,每个月总共能赚 5 千元。by the hour 表示“按小时”;第二空用 a,表示“每,一”。 【方法总结】 定冠词 the 可用于“by+the+表示计量单位的名词”结构中, 意为“按……计算”。 11.Money can not take ________ place of our happiness, which is ________ common sense for many of us. 答案:the;a 句意为:金钱不能取代幸福,这对我们很多人来说是个常识。take the place of 为固定短语,意为“取代”;a common sense 意为“常识”。 12.They say that ________ Chinese language is particularly difficult for ________ European. 答案: the; a 句意为: 他们说汉语对于一个欧洲人来说特别难。 the Chinese language 意为“汉 语”;European 以辅音音素开头,因此前面填 a,泛指“一个欧洲人”。 【方法总结】三餐、学科、语言、球类等名词前用零冠词,但当表示语言的名词后面加上 language 一词时,前面需加定冠词 the。 13.As you grow older, you will have ________ better understanding of life. 答案: a 句意为: 随着你年龄的增长, 你对人生就会有更好的理解。 have a better understanding of 为固定短语,意为“对……有更好的理解”。 14.People develop ________ preference for a particular style of learning at ________ early age and these preferences affect learning. 答案:a;an preference 为抽象名词,这里具体化为某一具体的偏好,前面加 a;at an early age 为固定短语,意为“在很小的时候”。 15.— ________ peasantworker wants to meet you. Shall he come over? —Oh, you mean the one with a bag in hand? 答案:A 句意为:——一名农民工想见你,让他过来吗?——你指的是手里拿着一个袋子 的那个人吗?peasantworker 为可数名词,前面加 a,表示泛指“一名农民工”。 Ⅱ.单句改错 1.I know you don't like music very much. But what do you think of music in the film we saw yesterday? 2.After dinner he gave Mr. Richardson the ride to the airport. 3.I knew John Lennon, but not the famous one. 4.All the students in our class made a progress by studying harder this term. 5.One way to understand thousands of words is to gain the good knowledge of basic word formation. 6.A bullet hit the soldier and he was wounded in a leg. 7.I don't like talking on telephone; I prefer writing letters. 8.Alexander Graham Bell invented a telephone in 1876. 答案:1.第二个 music 前加 the 2.the ride 改为 a ride 3.John Lennon 前加 a 4.a progress 去掉 a 5.the 改为 a a leg 改为 in the leg 7.在 telephone 前加 the 8.a 改为 the


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