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辽宁省辽阳市 2014 高考英语二轮复习单项选择训练(6)附答案
单项填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 20 分) 从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。

141. Beds, chairs, tables and desks are ______. A. furnitures C. a p

iece of furniture 142. Let's meet at the school A. gate A. girls B. furniture D. articles of furnitures at nine to morrow morning, shall we?. B. door B. boys C. playground C. generation D. ground don't know what hard work it is!” D. parents

143. We often hear the old man sighed with feeling “The younger

144. The reason why the two _____ cannot speak _____ language is that they were born in America and were brought up in a Japanese family. A. Germans; German B. Germen; the German 145. What on _____ do you mean by saying so? A. earth B. world C. land D. ground 146. Last night one of my classmates took the gloves to me over the answers to the maths problem. The underlined part probably means _____. A. quarreled with me B. talked with me C. took my gloves D. gave me a pair of gloves 147. If a beard is a sign of smartness, the _____ will be a Socrates (苏格拉底). (prov.) A. sheep A. Sky B. lamb B. Heaven C. goat C. God D. god D. Glory 148. _____ helps those who help themselves. (prov.) 149. --- Look, that gentleman is wearing a beautiful _____ watch. --- I don’t think it is real one. Perhaps it is just a _____ one. A. gold; gold B. golden; gold C. golden; golden D. gold; golden 150. --- Would you please tell me how to settle this maths problem? --- Oh, sorry, I can’t. You can go and ask John for help. He has the goods. The underlined part probably means _____. A. He has some goods to sell. C. He has the ability to settle the problem. many other respects. A. people B. nation C. country D. government 152. At the news that 2004 Olympic Games would be held in Athens, the capital of _____, the _____ were very excited. They sang and danced to celebrated it all night long. A. Greeks; Greece

C. Germen; German

D. Germans; the German

B. He wants some goods D. He has bought some goods.

151. In the past few years, the Chinese _____ has achieved many successes in diplomacy, economics and

B. Greece; Greeks

C. Greeks; Greeks

D. Greece; Greece

153. If there has been burglary in your house, you should put investigate the case. A. guests A. customers A. habit A. into half A. a hand ... two hands C. hands of ... the other hands --- Use your _____, and then you will find a way. A. mind A. heart B. heart B. mind C. brain C. spirit B. ladders B. guests B. custom B. into halves C. guards C. callers C. hobbies C. in halves

round it before the police arrive to D. poison D. passengers D. rules D. in the half

154. If a man receives no _____ at home, when abroad he’ll have no hosts. (prov.) 155. It has become the _____ for English families to go to the seaside in summer. 156. He cut the apple ________, and gave the big to his little sister. 157. The student standing there was praised by his teacher on _____, but blamed by his friends on _____. B. one hand ... the other hand D. one hand ... another hand

158. --- Sorry, I don’t know how to work out this maths problem. D. head and soul. D. head ! What on

159. The doctor who cured my friend of cancer always serves others

160. When the teacher found the terrible writing of the naughty boy, he said angrily “Good earth have you written?” A. God 参考答案 141—145BACDA 151—155DBCBA 146—150ACCDC 156—160BBDAB B. heavens C. heaven D. hero


Section A (15 marks) Directions: Beneath each of the following sentences there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the one answer that best completes the sentence. 1. That piece of music sounds very wonderful. Who ______the violin upstairs? A. has played shouted at the judge. A. some of them C. some of that families. A. making

B. played

C. plays

D. is playing

2. Mike’s disappointment was shared by several players who were present, ______ were so upset that they B. some of which D. some of whom

3. House prices are extremely high in Beijing, ____ it hard for young people to move in and build their own B. to make C. made

D. makes

4. The number of foreign friends visiting the Summer Palace _______ rising steadily since 2000. A. is A. are on a new look. A. planted B. planting C. to plant D. having planted 7. Most of us still wonder ______ it is ______ makes those honest peasant workers, without being paid at all, resign themselves to the bosses. A. that, what A. left; Is it C. left; had it been A. in case A. when A. are doing B. even though B. where B. have done B. what, that C. /, that B. had left; Is it D. have left; has it been C. as if C. why C. did D. unless D. whether D. had done D. /, what 8. Good morning. I ____ my watch to be repaired two days ago. _____ ready yet? B. were B. was C. has been C. were D. have been D. is 5. To little Mike’s surprise, lying on the desk____ some of his favorite toy cars he had longed for. 6. Our government will try to beautify the city and with trees and flowers ______ everywhere, our city will take

9. I don’t think Susan will be sad but I’ll go and comfort her ______ she is. 10. Though invited several times, I still have some doubt_____ I can go to his birthday party. 11. Remember that you can reach success much faster, when you actually love what you _____. 12. --- Why didn’t Mary come to John’s birthday party last night? --- She wanted to, but her dad simply ______not let her out so late at night. A. should A. see A. am B. might B. seeing B. would be C. would C. to be seen C. was D. could D. seen D. will be 13. The giant panda, never ____ before in Tokyo, immediately became the center of attraction in the zoo. 14. Thank you for your timely help; otherwise I______ still in great trouble now. 15. ---How do you like the film Arthur 3? ---Well, I have never seen _____one before. A. a good B. a better C. a best D. the best





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