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高中英语导学案 Unit 2 The United KingdomUsing language 新人教版必修5

金 昌 市一 中 英 语 导学 案
课题: Book5 Unit2 Using language
学习目标 学习重点 学习难点

周 第




To know something about the united kingdom How to help the students master the general idea of the passage. 学生活动 二次备课

自 主 研 讨 自 学 与 诊 断 目 标 与 导 入

1. Enjoy the beautiful scenes of in the UK BIG BEN \ LONDON TOWER BRIDGE \ HYDE PARK \ LONDON EYE\ SHAKESPARE’S FORMER RESIDENCE\ LOCH NESS\ ROYAL GREENWICH OBSERVATORY \ How did Zhang Pingyu plan her tour? First: she made a list of the sites she wanted to see. Then:she planned her four-day trip. Make a list of Zhang Pingyu’s tour of London. 1 ____________________2 ____________________ 3 ____________________4 ____________________ 5 ____________________

合 作 互 动 互 动 与 展 示

Make a list of Zhang Pingyu’s tour of London. 1 _______________ 2 _______________ 3 _______________ Make a list of Zhang Pingyu’s tour of London. 1 __________________ 2 __________________


精 讲 与 点 拨

总 结 检 与 升 华 测

4. remain 的用法 remain 用 作 不 及 物 动 词 , 相 当 于 ____, 意 为 “_________________”, 如 : When the others had gone, Joan remained (= stayed) to clean the room. 别人走了, 琼留下来清扫房间。 Only a few leaves remained (= were still) on the tree. 树上只剩下 几片叶子了。 The Smiths remained there all through the year. 史密斯一家人在 那里呆了整整一年。 注意: “呆在那里”可以说 remain / stay there, 但 “呆在家里”只能说 stay (at) home remain ① remain 作名词时, 表示“剩余物”, 一般用其复数形式。如: The remains of a meal can be given to a pig. 残汤剩饭可以喂猪。 They found some remains of the Tang Dynasty. 他们发现一些唐 代遗物。 Key point 1. It is strange (necessary, natural, important, a pity) + that (should) + v. 虚拟语气 (引导主语从句) 2) You can’t imagine that a well-behaved gentleman (should) be so rude to a lady. 3) It is strange that he ___ so much about me. A. knows B. knew C. has known D. know Multiple choice

1._____ in the book, the girl bought it at once. A. Interesting B. Interested 达 C. Being interested 评 标 D. Having interested 检 2.The pilot asked all the passengers on board to remain _____ as 测 the plane was making a landing. 价 题 A seat B seating C seated D to be seating 课后反思: 与



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