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高中英语导学案 unit 4 SharingNew words2 新人教版选修7

课题:SB7Unit 4New words2
学习目标 学习重点 学习难点









The pronunciation and formation of the new words The pronunciation of some new words After finishing each job, students should show them to their partners and then have a discussion to correct them. After that,the students should show their achievements on the blackboard and give some interpretations, the other members can add some.
互 动 与 展

After finishing each job,ask students to show them to their partners And then have a discussion to correct them. After that,each poins must be shown on the blackboard.

目 标 与 导 入


Aim showing(目标展示) : New words: political,distribute,distribution,security,

New phrases: in need,sewing machine,trunk library,choose from Lead-in: Some new words and phrases are necessary. 1. Students try to pronounce the new words by following 1. Ask the students to the recorder two times read the new words 2. Ss check the pronunciation in group. to check their 3. Some ss ask questions about the pronunciation of the preview. new words, while others try to help him or her to solve 2. Ask the students to the problems write down some 单词拼写 formations. 3. Ask the students to draw the usages according to sentences. 4. Ask the students to do the consolidation and application 7. Getting the balance between two________(政治的)forces involves a exercises.
lot of arts. 8 . The children's ________( 门诊部 )was open during school hours. 9 . Having lost his job, he'd begun to interest himself in local________(志愿的)work. 1.angle 2.anniversary 3.donate 5.sewing 6.purchase 7.political 9.voluntary

自 学 与 自 主 研 讨 诊 断

otherwise ① conj: 否则,要不然;(or else) 1)Shut the window, otherwise it’ll get too cold here. 2) We must run, otherwise we’ll be too late. ② adv: 用别的方法/ 用不同的方法 3)You obviously think otherwise. 显然你的想法不同. 4)He should have been working, but he was otherwise engaged. 精 他应该在工作, 可他却干别的事。
讲 与 点 拨

adv. 其他方面;除此以外 5) There was some music playing upstairs. Otherwise the house was silent.除此以外 6) The rent is high,but otherwise the house is satisfactory. 房租虽然高,但是房子其他方面还是令人满意的。 or otherwise 或其他情况 ,或相反 4)I am not concerned with his honesty or otherwise(或不诚 实).

Interpretation must rely on the students; team members can add. Other groups can also correct or add. The teacher properly give instructions.





学生活动 Ss try to finish the exercises in SWSJ on P34, P36.

教学设计 Ask the students

回味与共同成长 Homework 1. Pronounce the new words fluently and correctly
2. 单词拼写(用本单元所学单词的正确形式填空) 1.In this quiet way, the first________(两星期)of her visit soon passed away. 2.Much new knowledge is________(遥远的)from the immediate interest of the ordinary person. 3. There is an active demand for________(作口译的人)during the trade fair. 4.An officer climbed on to the________(平台)and spoke to him. 5.I can not understand so abstract c________. 6.What things do you do w________or monthly, but not every day? 7.He tried to a________his daily plan to leave time for everything. 8.What you said is not r________to the matter in hand. 9.Do you know how a(n)________(宇航员)flies in a spacecraft? 答案:1.fortnight 2.remote 3.interpreter 4.platform 5.concept 6.weekly 7.adjust 8.relevant 9.astronaut

1. write down the new words according to the to do the test and meaning and part of speech.
检 测 与 纠 错 检

then the group

2. Write down the formations and broaden the mark them and formations of the words . give the scores

3. write down the new words according to the English They should get explanation and the first letter. 4. Students try to check the answers in group. the scores should be recoreded in the lift.

总 结 与 升 华

We must focus on not only the meanings but also the functions and forms of the words and phrases.
1. 2.

Students try to pronounce the new words together. Students try to memorize the formations of the new words




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