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东城区 2012—2013 学年度第二学期高三统一练习(一)

第一部分:听力理解(共三节,30 分) 第一节(共 5 小题;每小题 1.5 分,共 7.5 分) 1.A 2.C 3.C 4.A



第二节(共 10 小题;每小题 1.5 分,共 15 分)

6.A 11.C 7.B 12.B 8.A 13.C 9.B 14.A 10.B 15.B

第三节(共 5 小题;每小题 1.5 分,共 7.5 分) 每小题 1.5 分。如出现拼写错误不计分;出现大小写、单复数错误扣 0.5 分; 如每小题超过一个词不计分。 16. Wilson / WILSON 17. 1275 18. credit 19. counter

20. given / provided/ remembered 第二部分:知识运用(共两节,45 分) 第一节 单项填空(共 15 小题;每小题 1 分,共 15 分) 21.B 26.C 31.D 22.A 27.C 32.B 23.B 28.C 33.B 24.D 29.A 34.D 25.A 30.A 35.D

第二节 完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,共 30 分) 36.D 41.A 46.D 51.A 37.C 42.A 47.B 52.C 38.C 43.B 48.D 53.D 39.B 44.C 49.C 54.A 40.D 45.A 50.B 55.B

第三部分:阅读理解(共两节,40 分) 第一节(共 15 小题;每小题 2 分,共 30 分) 56.C 61.A 66.D 57.D 62.B 67.C 58.B 63.A 68.D 59.B 64.C 69.C 60.B 65.A 70.A

第二节(共 5 小题;每小题 2 分,共 10 分) 71.A 72.F 73.D 74.G 75.C

第四部分:书面表达(共两节,35 分)

第一节 情景作文(20 分) 一、评分原则: 1.本题总分为 20 分,按 5 个档次给分。 2.评分时,先根据文章的内容和语言质量初步确定其档次,然后以该档次 的要求来衡 量,确定或调整档次,最后给分。 3.评分时应考虑:内容要点的完整性、上下文的连贯、词汇和句式的多样 性及语言的准确性。 4.拼写、标点符号或书写影响内容表达时,应视其影响程度予以考虑。英、 美拼写及词汇用法均可接受。 5.词数少于 60,从总分中减去 1 分。 二、内容要点: 1. 收到邮件

2. 书店买书

3. 邮局寄书

4. 表弟收书

第一档 完全完成了试题规定的任务。 ·覆盖了所有内容要点; ·运用了多样的句式和丰富的词汇; ·语法或用词方面有个别错误,但为尽可能表达丰富的内容所致;体现 了较强的语言运用能力; ·有效地使用了语句间的连接成分,所写内容连贯、结构紧凑。 完全达到了预期的写作目的。 完全完成了试题规定的任务。 ·覆盖了所有内容要点; ·运用的句式和词汇能满足任务要求; ·语法和用词基本准确,少许错误主要为尽可能表达丰富的内容所致; ·使用了简单的语句间连接成分,所写内容连贯。 达到了预期的写作目的。 基本完成了试题规定的任务。 ·覆盖了内容要点; ·运用的句式和词汇基本满足任务要求; ·语法和用词方面有一些错误,但不影响理解。 基本达到了预期的写作目的。 未恰当完成试题规定的任务。 ·漏掉或未描述清楚主要内容; ·所用句式和词汇有限; ·语法或用词方面的错误影响了对所写内容的理解。 未能清楚地传达信息。 未完成试题规定的任务。 ·明显遗漏主要内容; ·句式单调、词汇贫乏; ·语法或用词方面错误较多,严重影响了对所写内容的理解。 未能传达任何信息;所写内容与要求无关。

18 分-20 分


15 分-17 分

第三档 12 分-14 分

第四档 6 分-11 分

第五档 1 分-5 分 0分

四、One possible version In recent years, learning Chinese has become popular among people around the

world. Last month, I received an email from my cousin Jack in Canada. He said he was enthusiastic about Chinese, and asked me to find him some books intended for Chinese beginners. I was very pleased to do such a favor. So I went from one bookstore to another, hoping to find something suitable for him. Finally I selected a set of Chinese textbooks among a variety of similar ones. Then I went to a post office to have them delivered by air without delay. Several days later, I received Jack’s email, saying that he really appreciated the books I had sent. I’m very glad that Jack is beginning to learn Chinese just like many other foreigners abroad, although I know it may be an enjoyable challenge for him. 125 第二节 开放作文(15 分) 一、评分原则: 1.本题总分为 15 分,按 4 个档次给分。 2.评分时,先根据文章的内容和语言质量初步确定其档次,然后以该档次 的 要求来衡量,确定或调整档次,最后给分。 3.评分时应考虑:文章是否扣题,结构是否完整,内容是否充实、健康, 思 维是否活跃,逻辑是否清晰,语言是否规范,交际是否得体。 4.拼写、标点符号或书写影响内容表达时,应视其影响程度予以考虑。英、 美拼写及词汇用法均可接受。 5.词数少于 50,从总分中减去 1 分。 二、各档次的给分范围和要求:
第一档 完全完成了试题规定的任务。 ·内容充实,体现了活跃的思维和清晰的逻辑; ·交际得体,表达时充分考虑到了交际对象的需求; ·体现出较能力。 完全达到了预期的写作目的。 基本完成了试题规定的任务。 ·内容、逻辑和交际等方面基本符合要求; ·所用语法和词汇满足了任务的要求; ·语法或用词方面有一些错误,但不影响理解。 基本达到了预期的写作目的。 未恰当完成试题规定的任务。 ·表达未能切题; ·所用词汇有限,语法或用词方面的错误影响了对写作内容的理解。 未能清楚地传达信息。 未完成试题规定的任务。 ·写了少量相关信息; ·语法或用词方面错误较多,严重影响了对写作内容的理解。 未传达任何信息;所写内容与要求无关。

13 分-15 分 第二档

9 分-12 分 第三档 4 分-8 分 第四档 1 分-3 分 0分

三、Possible version

Jim, look at this funny picture! One boy has just caught a fish from a shallow

basin in the boat, looking quite content with himself. But it is the only fish in the basin. Obviously, he can’t get more. Compared with him, the other boy, who is fishing from the river, seems not to have tasted the fruits of victory, but he keeps calm and still works hard. We know there are a wide variety of fishes in the lake; if he holds on, he will sure catch more fish than the boy fixing his eyes on the only fish in the basin. In reality, we should be a person with a grand vision. Put our mind to a better harvest and I think extra effort will pay us off in the end. 附:听力录音材料 Text 1 M: Linda, how about going for a bike ride over the weekend? W: Sure, Mike. Where shall we go? M: Let’s call Harry and ask him. He always knows the best places to go. Text 2 W: Dr. Brown’s office. May I help you? M: Yes. This is John Smith. I’d like to make an appointment to see Dr Brown. What time is best for me to see him? W: Well, let me see. Dr. Brown is busy from Monday to Thursday. He is free on Friday afternoon. M: OK, I’ll see him then. Text 3 W: What did you do during the storm, James? M: Stayed in my car. W: Why didn’t you drive back home? I was worried about you. M: My car broke down. Text 4 M: This lunch is on me today. W: I think you got it last time. M: It’s my pleasure. Let me pay the bill. Text 5 M: Lucy, you look nice with that blouse on today. It goes so well with your skirt. W: Thank you. I happened to see it yesterday in a fashion shop and there was only one left in my size. And what’s cool is that it only costs me 18 pounds. Text 6 W: Prof. Mill, may I have a talk with you? I’ve got a problem. M: Oh, yes, Mary. W: I’ve been looking for a job as a translator. I read a job ad in today’s newspaper for an English interpreter. But I am afraid I am not qualified.

M: Why? W: They said they want someone experienced. M: It’s not difficult. If I were you, I would call the company and tell them I’m a quick learner and I would not let them down if they could give me a chance. W: That’s a good idea. Prof. Mill, thank you very much! Text 7 W: Good morning, Mr. Black. I’m afraid that the air conditioning in your room needs repair. We would like to request you to change your room. We are very sorry for the inconvenience. M: OK. Well. I suppose I have no choice. W: What time is the most convenient for you to change rooms, sir? M: I’m going out in about half an hour. W: What time will you be back? M: Oh, around seven o’clock, I suppose. W: We could move your luggage while you are out. But could you take any valuables with you? You may pick up your new room key from the Front Desk when you return. M: I’ll do that. W: Thank you very much, sir. Text 8 M: Hello. Is this People’s Theatre? W: Yes, it is. May I help you? M: Yes. Are the tickets for Nut Crackers still available? W: What date, sir? M: October 16 th or 17 th. W: Let me see. Oh, sorry, the tickets for October 16 th and 17 th are sold out. But we still have some tickets left for October 18 th. M: Let me see. October 18th. Oh, it’s Saturday. I think it’s OK. W: Which performance? M: 7:30 p.m. performance, please. W: OK. We have tickets at 50 dollars, 100 dollars and 150 dollars. M: I’d like to reserve two seats for 150 dollars, please. W: All right. May I have your name, please? M: David Johnson. W: When would you like to collect the tickets? M: Tomorrow. W: We can hold them until one day before the show. M: How do we cancel, just in case? W: Just telephone us. We don’t charge for cancellation. M: All right, thank you very much. Good bye. W: You are welcome.

Text 9 M: Hi, Amy. W: Hi, Tommy. I was just looking for you. M: What’s up? W: Which term should I apply for the schools? M: Usually, American schools start in the fall, about the end of August. You can apply for the spring term as well, but your chance of getting financial aids is lower. W: For the fall term, when should I send the application materials? M: All the application materials should arrive at the schools before the end of February to make sure you get full attention. You’d better start early since it takes 10 days for letters to get there. W: I got the forms for taking TOFEL and GRE. When do you think I should take them? M: It takes a month for the score to get to schools, so you’d better take them before the end of this year if you apply for the fall of next year. W: I’m going to apply for ten schools. It will cost me a fortune to send the scores to every school. M: Plus the application fees, $20 to $50 for each school. Good luck. Text 10 M: Hello. Fourth Street Police Station. Can I help you? W: Yes. I’m calling to report a missing credit card. M: What’s the card number, miss? W: Oh, I don’t remember. M: What’s your name and address? W: Janet Wilson. W-I-L-S-O-N, 1275 Greenlake Road, Florence, Italy. M: I see. Janet Wilson, 1275 Greenlake Road, Florence, Italy. You are not an American citizen, are you? W: No, I’m an Italian. Does that matter? M: Oh, no, no. Did you say your card was lost or stolen? W: Stolen. I left my purse on the counter in the shopping mall while I went to the fitting room to try the dress on. M: When did you discover it was stolen? W: I didn’t discover until I went to pay. Do you think there is anything you could do? Someone may be charging things to my credit this very minute. M: You don’t need to worry, Miss Wilson. Once we get your card number, your card won’t work all over the world within 30 seconds simply by informing the terminal. W: Oh, I’m so relieved to hear that. Thank you very much. M: That’s all right.



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