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Using language人教版必修一 unit3 travel journal

Unit 3 Travel Journal
Journey down the Mekong
Using language

Wang kun and Wang Wei planed to have a travel along The Mekong river from where it begins to whe

re it ends . The river flows through many places. So the sisters could see a lot of beautiful natural scenes like mountains, valleys , waterfalls , plains delta and so on.

? Have you ever been to some places where are very cold? ? Do you know something about Tibetan mountains? ? Can you tell me something about Tibetan mountain? Let’s go to the Tibetan mountain follow Wang Kun and Wang Wei.

? wool (n): fine soft hair forms the coats of animals like goat and sheep. ? reliable (adj.): be good in quality and can be trusted. ? view (n): what can be seen in a place. ? pillow (n): something were used for supporting the head in bed. ? midnight (n): the middle of the night. ? flame (n): red or yellow burning gas seen when something is on fire. ? beneath (prep): below or directly under.

Fast reading:

? Did they enjoy themselves on their way? ? How did the weather change to be when they were going down the hills? ? Where did they go after going through the Tibetan mountain areas? ? Who would take part in this cycling travel later?

The Tibetan Mountains

“Roof of the World”

Traditional clothes

Second reading
? Listen to the tape and read the passage again. ? After reading, four students in one group will finish a form by a group discussion.


1. 2.

4. 5.

hear do
1. 2. 3. 4. 1. 2. 3. 4.

1.children dressed in long wool coat. 2.the lake shone like glass 3.yaks and sheep 4.colourful butterflies 5.clearer sky 6.bright stars

? It was so quiet. ? Only the flame of the fire.

? 1.rode bicycles. ? 2.climbed and went down the mountain. ? 3.changed their caps, coats, gloves and trousers for T-shirts and shorts. ? 4.put on their tent and then we ate.

? 1.legs were heavy and cold, liked a block of ice. ? 2.surprised by the view. ? 3.going down the hills was great fun. ? 4.can hardly wait to see the cousins.

Language points
1. To climb the mountain road was hard

work but as we looked around us, we
were surprised by the view.

爬山很难, 但是当我们环顾四周的时

不定式作主语, 谓语动词用单数, 可 以用形式主语it. e.g. To learn a foreign language is

important for your future work.
=It is important for your future work to learn a foreign language. Is it necessary to complete the design before National Day?

2. We had to change our caps, coats,
gloves and trousers for T-shirts and

我们只好把帽子, 外套和裤子换下, 穿

change “换衣, 更换” Wait, it won’t take me long to change.

get changed 换好衣服

change 可作名词 “零钱”讲
change A for B 用A换B

高考链接 Sara, hurry up. I’m afraid you won’t have time to____ before the party. A. get changed B. get change

C. get changing

D. get to change

3. In the early evening, we always stop to make camp. 傍晚我们停下来宿营。 camp n. [C, U] 野营, 营地, 营帐 [短语] make camp go camping 扎营, 宿营 去露营, 去野营

At weekends many Australians go walking or camping in the countryside, called the bush.

4. We put up our tents and then we ate. 我们先搭起帐篷然后吃饭。
① 举起, 抬起 = raise ② 挂起, 张贴 ③ 建造, 搭起 = build ④ 住宿, 留宿

put up

e.g. He put up his hand to catch the teacher’s attention. A new notice has been put up on the board.

A new theatre will be put up where
there used to be a temple.

Will you put me up for the night?


put away 把……收起来, 存放 put back 放回原处 put down 放下, 写下, 镇压 put forward 提出 put off 推迟, 拖延 put out 扑灭, 伸出 put one’s heart to 全神贯注于 put an end to 使结束

5. We can hardly wait to see them. 我们迫不及待地想看一看 sb. can’t wait for sth. /to do sth. 我们等不及想要常试一下了。 We can’t wait to have a try. 他们等不及想要看看那位歌手了。 They can’t wait for a view of that singer.

? Writing: Write a travel journal about your national holiday.


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